It's that time of year again; GRAMS!

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This year we're only offering one premade gram, but we will periodically open slots for custom colors/markings. There's no set time for these to open, so if you're interested in nabbing those, you'll have to stick around.

The normal, premade grams are free. Yes, FREE. Though we do accept tips in the form of items or gold. If you decide you'd like to tip, please send a trade to this account labeled "Gram Tip"

Please note:

* These do not grow nor can they breed.

* They will be dropped off in THIS thread via quotes, so make sure you give me the correct username.

* I will not be hosting these permanently, so they need saved to your own computer IMMEDIATELY.

* Use the form below, filling it out properly.

* You may order for yourself if you want.

* Orders will be open until the 30th of October.

More added if needed.


Custom slots: CLOSED


Order form is below. Please copy and paste the To: section for EACH person you wish to send one to.

[color=orange][b]From: [/b][/color]
[b]To: [/b]

Example form:

From: Name here
To: Name here
To: Name here
To: Name here