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It's a rather simple shop, not large, and not small, either. Neither does it stand out, with it's plain, natural colour scheme. But what interests you is the strange sign hung on the glass door; the words 'adventure inside' handwritten in a spidery sort of handwriting neatly in black. What's with this weird sign, you wonder. Some sort of lousy attempt at advertisement? Regardless, you reach out, and find yourself pushing open the door; the bell hung on it rings, alerting whoever the owner of the shop is of your presence. You step in, your shoes making 'tmp' sounds on the varnished wooden floor.

"Welcome." A soft, melodious kind of voice greets you as you step inside. The owner of the voice is a young woman, barely twenty, you reckon. Dark bangs frame her pale face, and the rest of her dark blue hair is tied in a high ponytail. Her lips are curved into a wide smile.

You look around; various knick-knacks line the wooden shelves, organized, yet chaotic, making you wonder what kind of shop this is, in the first place. You turn to the lady. "Um, about the sign in front-" you say to her.

"Isn't it nice? I made it myself," The shopkeeper grins. "Go to the back room. It's there you will find your adventure."

You nod, and head towards the aforementioned room.

"And maybe," She smiles mysteriously. "Something more."

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[1.1] Intro/content
[1.2] News/Ann
[1.3] Rules
[1.4] Story
[1.5] Setting
[1.6] Stages
[1.7] Availability
[1.8] Pickup
[1.9] Owner's List
[1.10] Breeding Availability/Info
[1.11] RP info
[1.12] FAQ
[1.13] Customs Availability/Info
[1.14] Affiliate
[1.15] Link out
[2.1] Events Overview
[2.2-2.13] Events Info/Reserved
[2.14] Staff
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[1.2] News and Announcements
[27.7.08] Breeding raffle right here
[05.7.08] Hiring thread open. Head here for a look!
[31.5.08] FS Over! Congrats to the new Owners! Raffle begins today.
[24.5.08] Event START! Free raffle, Berry Collection and Advertising contest up! Flatsale's next >D
[13.5.08] Previews up! See Event overview post! And thank you so much for making S*C a top rated forum topic already! <33
[12.5.08] Shop is officially opened! Look out for opening event…soon!
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[1.3] Rules
! Follow all gaia rules.
! Read the rules and follow them.
! No stealing of any artwork in the thread.
! No bothering (ie. random PMing, harassing, etc) the staff.
! PM Laille or post in the shop any questions you may have.
! No stretching the page/quoting first and second page posts.
! No cheating, lying, rudeness, flaming, guilt-tripping, whining- ie, no drama.
! No advertising other shops in this thread.
! No begging of any kind allowed.
! We have the right to add on to/ edit the rules anytime we see fit.
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[1.4] Story

"Hey, Laille, take a look at what Mom sent this time."

Mere tossed a rather small object to Laille, who caught it deftly in one hand. She looked it over apprehensively, feeling it's smooth surface under her fingers. Her mother tended to send the things she and her husband found on their travels to their daughters to sell in the antique shop that funded their journeys.
The object was spherical in shape,about as large as Laille's hand, and made out of a clear crystalline substance. The inside seemed to be hollow. There wasn't anything worth noting about the sphere; it was simply that-a plain sphere.
"Hey, Mere, what exactly is this?"
"I have no idea."Mere shrugged, unable to provide any answers. " All Mom said on the note attached to this was to 'use magic'."
Laille hmmed. Her mother was not one to beat around the bush, therefore the message was a direct instruction as to how to use the artifact. She shut her eyes, and let the energy that came to her as easily as breathing flow from body to her fingertips to the ball, causing a warm, tingly sensation.

Her fingers were passing through the sphere.
No- rather, it was being sucked into the mysterious object. Her eyes snapped open-she knew it was happening, but she could not let the thing go. It was no longer a solid object, but a vortex of sorts. Thinking quickly, Laille stopped channeling her arcane energy into it, but the effect did not stop. She was falling into it. "Mere! What the he----"

Then light. Sunlight stings her eyes as she tumbles head-first out onto the downy grass. The scent of flowers, their soft white petals fluttering in the cool breeze is rich in the air that hums and chirps with woodland activity.

For a moment her vision is blurry, sparks of light bursting and fading away until she gets used to the brightness and the sunlight filtering through rich green leaves- so this is a forest, she suddenly realizes. Or rather, a glade in a forest. Further off she sees the thick trunks of trees that must be centuries old, still-crisp bark the colour of milk chocolate patched with light fluffy moss and a spattering of amber lichen...But it is the stream with its bubbling laughter and tinkling melodies that calls her closer, its sweet notes ringing in her ears. The water itself is crystal-clear, reflecting the innocent blue of the sky like a calmly flowing mirror. Laille reaches out tentatively, curious yet not wanting to break the liquid glass; but just as the tip of her finger touches the surface she feels something brush past her leg, and shock sends her tumbling into the water.

Sitting in the stream, she comes face-to-face with an odd creature. {Laille wandering around here}

Laille's eyes snap open...

To see herself facing Mere's concerned face. "Thank goodness," Mere breathed, letting out a sigh of relief. "I managed to pull you out pretty quickly. What IS that thing, though?" Laille stares at the older girl dazedly, until her mind registers what her sister had just said- 'pull you out pretty quickly'. She sat up immediately, almost smashing her forehead into Mere's.
"Wait," Laille knitted her brows together, forming a little crease in between them. "How long was I gone?"
"About a minute, or so." Mere replied simply. "Why do you ask?"
"I could've sworn--" Laile started, but then stopped, dumbfounded, when her eyes moved to look at the orb. {TBC...again.}
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[1.4] Setting
[Spiraglades Info]
<Map goes here>

[NPC info]
Laille is the younger of the two sisters, and is seventeen years of age. She is a girl of few words, often speaking in single sentences. While she may come off as cold, with her usually deadpan expression, she is a nice girl. {TBC…}

Mere, or better known as Miriamele, is Laille’s ever cheerful older sister. She is three years Laille’s senior, making her twenty years old. She doesn’t look it, though. Very rarely do you see the smile on her face disappear. Extremely sociable and affable, Mere is the polar opposite of Laille. It’s easy to make friends with her, and immensely hard to make an enemy out of her- there are only a few ways, one of which would be hurting her precious sister. Mere is not as talented as Laille as a mage, despite having the same blood flowing through their veins. However, while she is unable to do the magically-exhausting tasks Laille is able to do, she is capable of things such as minor enchantments and so on.
She's rarely in the Spiraglades herself, often tending to the shop.
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[1.5] Stages/Growth
Stage one: Baiting / newborn
On Baiting:
Mere places three rather small objects on the counter.
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The first is a small orb, about as large as half your palm. It has a perfectly smooth surface, shiny and unblemished. A strange sort of warmth emanates from the sphere, giving you a comfortable, energised feeling. "These orbs are a concentrated form of magical energy. Laille makes them, through processes she won't even tell me. It IS nice, isn't it?" Mere smiles. "The Ceta love them too. They'll have no qualms about coming to you if you carry these. Each Cetus has a different taste, so the appearance of the orb also influences what sort of Gladier you get."
The second is a rough crystal- you find it strange- it has the smooth, crystalline shape of a crystal, but is opaque, like some sort of metal. It IS rather pretty, though, with layers of whatever constitutes it built upon each other to form its complex structure. "Elemental Earth," Mere states, simply. It's a hassle to get hold of, so we don't have plenty of it. It attracts the Circini. Again, the appearance of the 'crystal' affects what sort of Circinus comes to you."
The last item is a bottle, containing a liquid inside- Mere opens the bottle cap and empties the contents into her hand. The liquid swirls about in the air- not her hand, defying both logic and gravity. The water glows abnormally, giving it a mystical sort of appearance. you pass your hand through it- it feels wet and cool but when you retract your arm you see that your hand is completely dry. "This," Mere says, putting the liquid back into the bottle, where it settles back into a pool at the bottom of the container. "is elemental water. More readily available than the elemental earth, considering all I have to do is enchant normal water. It calls the Spicae to you."

In the case of breeding [all crossbreeds included] no bait is required; so long as the person is present during the earliest days of the newborn's life, the [insert creature's name] will trust the person easily. Newborns tend to sleep about 80% of the time.

Stage two: Pup
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{Growth from stage one: 1 week}
"So," Mere smiles, resting her chin on her arm. "You've found a new friend. Most of the time, or much rather, always, the ones that come to you are the kids, driven partly by suspicion and mostly by curiosity. At any rate, at that age, they're rather small, like kittens. Howver, they're full of energy- no, overflowing with it, much rather. How they use this energy is, of course, dependent on the pup's personality. Hopefully, you won't get some mischief maker, hmm?" A smile. "They can mostly fend for themselves, and when they do get hurt, don't worry, its for they're own good- they'll learn from the mistake and won't do it again, probably."
"When they've spent enough time with you, they'll have no qualms about communicating with you- not by spoken tongue, but by telepathy. As they are not human, they don't entirely understand the human language, and prefer sending messages to your brain in pictorial form. They understand you by reading the images or emotions in your mind. Of course- slowly they'll understand our language and will be able to communicate with it, but they'd still rather use these methods instead. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words, no?"

Stage three: Adult
{Growth from stage 2: 10 Days}
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"By the time the [collective]s have reached this stage of growth, they'd be about the size of a medium-sized dog. They're also able to breed, producing two to three pups a time. Like us, they are usually lifemated to a single other, with an occasional exception here and there." Mere pauses, then continues. "The inhabitants of the glade are largely intelligent creatures, so by the time they have matured into adults, they would be able to understand you almost completely- that is, if it wants to, and if you open your mind to it. Being able to delve into the minds of others, the [collective]s are an invaluable sort of companion. Once again, the [collective]s are more empathic than telepathic, and find it easier to sense emotions as opposed to individual thought patterns."
"They are more independent now, often running off on their own. But worry not," Mere shakes a slender finger at you, grinning. "They'll always come back to you. They have this sort of.. connection with people and [collective]s they treasure. I don't really understand it myself. You might want to ask Laille, though. She might know. And she's not telling me."

"I supposed some of you are interested on this, hrmm?" Mere laughs, a tinkly, melodious sort of laugh.
"Crossbreeds are indeed possible! In a litter of about 3 pups, sometimes one turns out to be a mix of the parents' species- considering that the parents are of different species, of course! {Crossbreeds have unique lineart.} Crossbreeds are of course, special, as different species rarely breed together, and the only way to get one is through that method: that is, crossbreeding. Very, very few are found in the wild.
Not all species are cross-breedable! The most common ones definitely are, though.
All in all, this depends on your luck- even children of crossbreeds don't always end up as being of mixed species."
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[1.7] Availability
Flatsales // In a flatsale, usually 4-5 pets will be put up for sale. Each pet costs 5k. Types of flatsales vary, but most will be speed flatsales.

Auctions // Auction pets are usually have more work put into them, or are line art edited/cosplays. All auctions will be held in-thread.

Raffles // Raffle ticket prices vary; but most tickets cost 100-150gold. The winner is decided by a randomizer.

User Image

! All times posted in this thread are in the GMT+8(Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia) time zone; Please use a time zone converter to convert the time to your respective time zones.
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Please save to your own server when your pet reaches stage 3.
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[1.9] Owners List

[in No. // Name // Gender // Owner // Date Found // Species // Attained from // Reward points format]
Legend: - Mated ♀ - Female ♂ - Male

0001 // Veo // ♂ // Tooaya // 07/06/08 // Spica // Flatsale // 0
0002 // Izzie // ♂ // Everskye // 07/06/08 // Spica // Flatsale // 0
0003 // Latté // ♂ // Bjorn-Senpai // 07/06/08 // Cetus // Flatsale // 0
0004 // Ixero // ♂ // The Dark Eternal Rain // 07/06/08 // Spica // Flatsale // 0
0005 // Keiruru // ♀ // Yi`er // 07/06/08 // Circinus // Flatsale // 0
0006 // Hikaru // ♂ // PassionateLunarEIf // 01/06/08 // Spica // Minigame // 0
0007 // Rune // ♂ // o-Kikumaru-o // 14/06/08 // Cetus // Flatsale // 0
0008 // Enkai // ♂ // Raiu-Chan // 14/06/08 // Cetus // Flatsale // 0
0009 // Sa'ruu // ♀ // Pandora Talie // 14/06/08 // Spica // Free Raffle // 0
0010 // Ella // ♀ // [.Snow Angel.] // 14/06/08 // Spica // Flatsale // 0
0011 // Lily // ♀ // Lupine_Warrior // 18/06/08 // Circinus // Auction // 0
0012 // Cronus // ♂ // Psycho_Kyugurl // 21/06/08 // Cetus // Raffle // 0
0013 // Ying // ♀ // Tooaya // 21/06/08 // Cetus // Raffle // 0
0014 // Ziya // ♀ // lumiNight // 21/06/08 // Circinus // Auction // 0
0015 // Rindou // ♀ // Kaju_inu // N/A // Cetus // Auction // 0
0016 // Mello // ♂ // Con // 21/06/08 // Cetus // TreasureHunt // 0
0017 // Eosin // ♀ // fluorescein // 21/06/08 // Cetus // TreasureHunt // 0
0018 // Metacom // ♂ // Con // 21/06/08 // Spica // RP Prompt // 0
0019 // Miriel // ♀ // Leikkun // 24/06/08 // Spica // RP Prompt // 0
0020 // Koribo // ♀ // RLM // 24/06/08 // Cetus // RP Prompt // 0
0021 // Clopin // ♂ // o Micro Ondas o // 27/06/08 // Spica // Ghost Hunt // 0
0022 // Astraios // ♂ // CrackSpade // 27/06/08 // Cetus // Ghost Hunt // 0
0023 // Midnight // ♀ // Saspra98016 // 30/06/08 // Spica // Advertising // 0
0024 // Chouko // ♀ // Fairy Artemis // 30/06/08 // Cetus // Berry Collection // 0
0025 // Traxus // ♂ // RLM // 30/06/08 // Circinus // Berry Collection // 0
0026 // Altair // ♂ // Lillypuff // 30/06/08 // Cetus // Berry Collection Raffle // 0
0027 // Carousel // ♂ // fluorescein // 30/06/08 // Spica // Trivia // 0
0028 // Aeslin // ♀ // Yi`Er // 30/06/08 // Spica // Trivia // 0
0029 // Gemma // ♀ // .angelic.demonic. // N/A // Spica // P1k raffle // 0
0030// Sterlling // ♂ // White Oblivion // N/A // Spica // Custom // 0
0031// Lunatéa // ♀ // Thanassa // N/A // Spica // Custom // 0
0032// Aura // ♀ // Fairy Artemis // N/A // Spica // Bump Contest // 0
0033 // Midori // ♀ // Thanassa // 01/09/08 // Cetus // Raffle // 0
0034 // Raintree // ♀ // Freaksrus // 08/09/08 // Circinus // Raffle // 0
0035 // Aludra // ♀ // Lillypuff // 16/09/08 // Cetus // Raffle // 0
0036 // Otacon // ♂ // Fairy Artemis // 19/08/08 // Spica // Custom // 0
0037 // Fausto // ♂ // The K9 // 20/08/08 // Spica // Custom // 0
0038 // Fervent // ♂ // Appeal // 08/09/08 // Spica // Auction // 0
0039 // Kuuya // ♀ // o-Kikumaru-o // 14/09/08 // Circinus // FYFFS // 0
0040 // Kibeth // ♂ // Jade13 // 14/09/08 // Cetus // FYFFS // 0
0041 // Binshou’ao // ♂ // melodymh4 // 14/09/08 // Cetus // FYFFS // 0
0042 // Kyoukou // ♂ // Raiu-chan // N/A // Cetus // Flatsale // 0
0043 // Deirdre // ♂ // ThreeTailedFox // N/A // Spica // Flatsale // 0
0044 // Aubrey // ♀ // elfmoogle // N/A // Circinus // Flatsale // 0
0045 // Xanthia // ♀ // Omega Sunrise // 04/11/08 // Spica // Costume Contest // 0
0046 // Kail // ♀ // dark_iced_angel // 12/1/08 // Circini // Halloween Raffle // 0
0047 // Flare // ♂ // Kira of Flames // 12/3/08 // Spica // Custom // 0
0048 // Kitsu // ♀ // Kira of Flames // 12/9/08 // Ceta // Game // 0
0049 // Carmella // ♀ // Jade 13 // 12/9/08 // Ceta // Game // 0
0050 // Claus // ♂ // Ameh // 27/12/08 // Spica // Auction // 0
0051 // Kinenbi // ♀ // Raiu-Chan // 4/1/09 // Circini // Free Raffle // 0

0001 // Kona // ♀ // Kona Senpai // 26/05/08 // Cetus // Custom // 0
0002 // Asch and Luke // ♂ ♂ // Ruisuu // 31/05/08 // - // Custom Twins // 0
0003 // Arlana // ♀ // Kurama no Koishi // 14/07/08 // Cetus // Custom // 0
0004 // Izael // ♂ // solitarycross // 15/07/08 // Cetus // Custom // 0
0005 // Irilde // ♀ // solitarycross // 15/07/08 // Cetus // Custom // 0
0006 // e.f.f.i.e. // ♀ // mute rebellion // 15/07/08 // Spica // Custom // 0
0007 // Glyph // ♂ // Konasenpai // ??/??/?? // Circini // Custom // 0

0001 // Shion // ♂ // White Oblivion // 24/08/08 // Spica // - // 0
0002 // Yume // ♀ // Thanassa // 24/08/08 // Spica // - // 0

BeiBei // Ami-chan-LaLaLa // Beijing Olympics
Lucky // Omega Sunrise // Beijing Olympics
Kasai Nisou // Hinata_Hyuuga200 // Beijing Olympics
YingYing // Nanjiing // Beijing Olympics
NiNi // VG cat // Beijing Olympics
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[1.10] Breeding Information & Availability
The gladiers are lifemated, so a single gladier can only breed with one other. When two gladiers decide that they want to produce offspring, they do it the way dogs and cats of our world breed. Of course, this means that only two gladiers of the opposite sex can breed with each other. They give birth to offspring live, so often it is a painful and slow process. Therefore, one must wait a period of time before the female can recover and breed again.

Most parents only have to stay with their children during their youngest years; after several weeks(or, one week real time), the child will be old enough to fend for him/herself, and parents have no qualms about their children wandering off on their own and whatnot.

Traits from the parents are passed down to the offspring, and sometimes, they even come out as crossbreeds!

Breeding info
  • Each regular breeding costs 8k per parent.
  • Each line-art edited/Cosplay breeding costs 10k per parent.
  • Bribes are up to colourists to accept- But they have to be upwards of a set price, and only one bribe can be accepted every other month.
  • Number of offspring produced per breeding ranges from 2-4- decided by the dice system.
  • Breeding fees go directly to the colourist- who will open slots at their own discretion.
  • Colourist will have complete discretion over how the traits are passed down from parent to child.
  • Offspring are up to owners to distribute; If you want to hold an event to give it out, go ahead, but notify us first. Selling them for your profit, is, of course, not allowed.
  • Roleplaying benefits

    • Roleplayed couples get higher priority in receiving slots
    • Sometimes, only role-play couple breeding slots are open.
    • Roleplayed couples have a higher chance of giving birth to more offspring.
    • Roleplayed couples have a higher chance of producing cross-breeds.
  • Please send all information required to the mule after the breeding; name and so on. If nothing is received, the gladier will remain ‘unnamed’ for the rest of its sad life.

Slots open:




User Image
[1.11] RP info
To be updated.
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

[1.12] FAQ
<<Shop info/Attaining one>>
Q: Whats a ‘Gladier’?
A: A creature that inhabits the Spiraglades.
Q: How do I get a Gladier?
A: Event games, Flatsales, Raffles, Auctions and so on. See the Availability and Events posts for more info. [Ctrl-F 1.7/1.8]
Q: How much does one cost?
A: Once again, check the Availability and/or events section for more information. [Ctrl-F 1.7/1.8]
Q: Any chance I can get one for free?
A: Sure<3 There are always free events for those who can’t afford these normally. Free raffles, RP prompts, etc.
Q: Do you accept Pet trades/Bribes/RL commissions?
A: This varies from colorist to colorist, but generally, yes.
Q: Does the shop name have any connection to the plotline/setting?
A: No. Star*Chasers was a working name, and it kinda stuck. To the people at the interest thread.
Q: How about the species names? Do they mean anything?
A: Species are named after stars/constellations.

<<Pet info>>
Q: Are genders predetermined?
A: Only in the case of breeding. Other than that, it’s entirely up to you.
Q: Are some species rarer than others?
A: Yes. From most common to least common, Spica>Cetus>Circinus.
Q: Can you tell what sort of gladier you get from the bait?
A: Sometimes, yes, sometimes, no.

<<Owning a pet>>
Q: Is co-owning allowed?
A: Only for auction pets that go over a certain price.
Q: Am I allowed to give away a Gladier I won/bought to someone else?
A: Why, sure. You’re such a nice person. n_n
Q: Is there a maximum amount I can own?
A: No, but please give others a chance, okay?
Q: Is proxying allowed for flatsales and games?
A: Of course! Please, go ahead and state who you’re buying for.

Q: Is RP mandatory?
A: Heck, no! Just show activity once in awhile. But RPing has benefits, so, please, RP!
Q: What are the Benefits of RPing?
A: Many! You get priorities and higher chance of more offspring/cross-breeds when breeding, The RP reward points can also be used to shop at the item shop- If you garner enough points, you may even use it to get discount tickets for your friends/yourself.
Q: Can I set up a journal for my pet?
A: Sure, go ahead. The journal section’s in the guild.
Q: Where can I RP?
A: The guild. There’ll be a subforum set up for your pet to interact with others.
Q: Who can I RP as?
A: Yourself, your OC, etc. You can’t RP Laille or Mere, though. If you want them in your RP, please notify the mule.
User Image

User ImageUser Image[1.13 Customs]
[Single stage: 50k, Growing: 100k]
No line art edits, choice of either colours or markings. No complex markings, up to 3 colours.

Complex Semicustom

[Single stage: 80k, Growing 140k]
No line art edits, choice of either colours or markings. Anything goes.

[Single stage: 100k, Growing: 200k (may increase depending on complexity)]
MINOR lineart edits(say, a collar, or ribbon), colour and marking choices.

Cosplay/Semi-Heavy Edits
[Single stage ONLY: 300k]
Simple to moderate cosplays, or semi-heavy edits(not based on a character). Single staged.

Complex Cosplay
[Single stage ONLY: 500k]
Complex cosplays involving intricate weapons, many layered and heavily patterned clothes. Single staged.

Growing Cosplay
[Bribe only]
Any cosplay/heavily edited pet, 3-staged.

Add 50k for circinis.

Please send trade DIRECTLY to the colourist once they confirm that they’re doing it for you.
This is NOT on first-come-first-serve basis[unless it’s Rui’s slots, cos she loves SPEED, yo]; it’s up to the colourist.

All colourists will give you at least a day's heads up before opening slots.

**PLEASE NOTE, that certain cosplays are NOT available. Please ask, if you're unsure. This includes 'popular' characters like Hikaru, Kaoru, Axel, Link, Sakura, Syaoran, Vincent, Cloud, Zack, Seph, and anything from an upcoming event plzkthx.



mute rebellion


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[1.14] Affiliates

Sorry, we are no longer taking affiliates for the moment.

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