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..07.. Breed Listing
..08.. Breeding
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|News |
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11-18-12: Buffy's USB port went belly up, but now that she's getting her new one all set up, she is getting things back in order! There -will- be an event soon, and we ARE HIRING! There will be a thread for this relatively soon. Thanks for all the support!

9-5-12: Disney Event is in the works! Starting TBD
Version 2.0 is underway! - We are happy to announce that Soldiers of Ohu are back! We will be having an opening event that is quite the spectacle! Stick around!

Old News
User Image| Rules |
| 1 | Do NOT use, alter, copy, trace, 'heavily reference', or otherwise tamper with the artwork. This is an offense that can not only get you instantly blacklisted from the shop, but reported to the gaia admins as well.

| 2 | Follow the Gaiaonline Terms of Service.

| 3 | No begging for a pet! Everyone will have a chance to receive a dog in time. If you frequent the thread, keep an eye on our events, and keep an overall good attitude you'll eventually get one.

| 4 | Leave the drama at the door.

| 5 | Save everything to your own server! We can't stress this enough! Things happen. Hard drives fail, computers crash, memory is lost, etc. If you fail to save your own certs and images, we can't be held responsible if you loose them.

| 6 | Roleplay is not required, but it is heavily encouraged.

** We reserve the right to add/edit the rules as we see fit. **

| FAQ |

Q: What is this shop based off of?
A: The Animes Ginga Densetsu Weed and Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.

Q: Do I have to have seen the anime/read the manga to role play?
A: Nope! Just read over the story and you should be fine. If you have any questions feel free to ask in-thread. Owner and thread-goers should be able to help you out.

Q: Are we allowed to play humans?
A: It's encouraged actually! Just keep in mind that they're normal, average, everyday humans. No gaia characters, no super heros, no mutants, no elves, demons, etc. Just humans. Keep in mind also that there will be benefits to owned dogs that wild and stray dogs will not have access to!

Q: Can we co-own?
A: You are now able to co-own!

Q: Is there a limit on how many dogs you can have?
A: Nope.

Q: Are cosplays available?
A: To an extent. We'll allow the colors and occasionally 'hair' edits. We won't be doing any weapons or clothing however. No dog wants to wear pants or have full plate armor on.

Q: Are dogs the only species in this shop?
A: There will be familiars such as cats, crows, etc. eventually, but for the most part, yes.

Q: Can we have genetically altered dogs!?
A: For now- no. They will be obtained through special events.

Q: Can I play a homosexual/bisexual dog/familar?
A: Due to this being a natural setting, no, sorry. However we welcome everyone, and will not tolerate any bullying!

Q: Will the dogs have special abilities like in the show?
A: To prevent god-moding- no.

Q: I don't want my dog anymore. Can I sell it?
A: No! If you have a dog you want to give away, you can surrender it to the pound and the staff will re-home it for free. Also if there's extra pups you'd like to give away feel free to run a -free- rp contest. Let the staff now and we'll put up a link on the second page.

| RP Rules & Guidelines |
... Do NOT play in netspeak. It really doesn't take much effort to type out words like "Two", "You", etc.
... Do NOT godmode. This includes assuming actions of someone else's characters, making your character invincible, allowing out-of-character knowledge to become in-character knowledge, etc. In other words, use common sense.
... Again, the dogs have no special abilities. They cannot use spinning, glowing fang blades of death, they can't spring between trees like ninjas, they can't magically see into the minds of others.
... Character death happens! But you must have permission from the owner before their pet is killed off. Likewise, don't put your character into a dangerous in-game situation and assume they'll get away without a scratch.
... The setting is modern earth. This means no hover cars, no aliens, no advanced technology. Modern means modern.
... You may play in other countries- just be reasonable about it. This means if you're playing a dog that's in the United States, you cannot have your dog interact with a dog in Japan.
... Try not to make every owner an abusive one. Drama's fine in reasonable ammounts.
... Keep everything pg13. This means no overly-detailed gore, no sex scenes, no detailed drug use scenes, etc.
... Dogs are able to speak with other animals like cats, crows, etc. However, there is no way -ever- that a dog and a human (or any other animal and a human) can communicate.
... You cannot play a dog or familar that you don't own. This means that if you don't have the art for the dog/familar, you can't play it.
| Availability |
| The Story |
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Ginga Stories Created By: Yoshihiro Takahashi

“Inside the mountains of Ohu, in a place called Futago pass, there’s a dog’s paradise. Here long ago, a huge battle was fought against a huge demon bear. The bear who had claimed the area: Akakabuto. He’d created a stronghold called Gajou. But there were ones that would fight against Akakabuto. One hunter led the attack. Gin, a Tora-Ge* Akita, and 750 had gathered from all over the country to fight. After many days, the unspeakable battle was to come to an end. Gin let loose the Battouga*, the attack of a wolf. Akakabuto was defeated. The victory had been thanks to Gin’s group of dogs. They’d finally won back Futago pass after entry to the mountains had been prohibited by the humans.

This was the Silver Fang Legend. The dogs and their leader, Gin, lived in peace for the next 14 years.”

~ Quoted from the prelude in Ginga Densetsu Weed

After fourteen years of peace, Ohu once more came under attack by yet another demon crafted by human hands. This one- Kaibutsu -was a genetically altered dog with a hide harder than steel that rose to stand higher than any known breed of dog. Fueled by his rage for humans, Kaibutsu invaded Ohu while Gin and his commanding officers had vanished and claimed the territory for himself. The warriors who once protected Ohu rose up to re-claim their paradise, only to fall under human fire. Kaibutsu had begun slaughtering any human that passed the Futago pass, the humans soon believed it to be the fault of deranged wild dogs. Scattered, the warriors of Ohu sought desperately for their leader, Gin.

It was Gin’s young son, Weed, and a handful of dogs that managed to bring down Kaibutsu and re-claim Gajou.

While Weed reclaimed Gajou, Gin along with his commanders- John and Akame -traversed the country to settle violent packs of wild dogs that had begun to spread. During their investigation of a pack led by a dog named Nero, the trio encountered Hougen’s gang. Hougen, a great dane from the alps, managed to capture the Ohu leader and gain the fear and respect of even more dogs. Hougen’s numbers began to grow into the hundreds as he turned his gaze towards Ohu.

Word of Gin’s capture and Hougen’s ambitions soon reached Ohu. Weed and a handful of his warriors set out from Ohu, leaving Gajou in the hands of a few of his dogs, to gather more forces to rescue his father. During his journey, Weed managed to gather a few hundred dogs, forging alliances with old companions and offspring of old companions of the original warriors who fought to defeat the demon bear.

Gin and Akame were eventually rescued. Unfortunately, John lost his life serving as a diversion to Hougan’s forces. Weed soon confronted Hougan at Gajou. His small army of dogs, outnumbered nearly three to one, managed to overwhelm Hougan’s forces. Using his father’s technique- Weed slew Hougan and re-claimed Ohu.

After his battle, Weed was named the leader of Ohu. Gin, along with a handful of his companions, continued to travel the country to maintain the peace.

“Ginga Vocabulary”

- Tora-Ge is a rare coloring in Akitas, literally meaning “Tiger Striped”
- Battouga is a technique passed down through Gin’s family line.

Reference Sites:
For those of you that want to look a bit more into the Ginga series, we've collected websites with character and story info.

+ Gingasite.net
| Strays, Wild Dogs, Pets, and Pedigrees |

User Image| Strays |
Stray dogs are dogs who have been abandoned or have run away from their previous human owners. Strays live within the cities, often times leading short, hard lives feeding out of garbage cans, being driven off property, and fighting for survival. Strays will often form packs in order to increase their chances of survival. Puppies born on the streets have the highest mortality rate of any dogs. Strays can range from mutts to abandoned pure-bred dogs. Once a dog has become a stray, however, they will loose their pedigree forever, even if they're adopted by another family.
Extra Info:
- Stray females can breed an unlimited number of times.
- Stray litters range from 1-2 puppies because of a high mortality rate.
- Strays can be customed with minor fur edits, scars, or even missing limbs.

| Wild Dogs |
Wild dogs are former pets and strays that have left the city for the wilderness. They've adapted to the wild once more, learning to hunt and find shelter on their own. Humans see them as feral and dangerous, many are shot on sight or trapped to be taken to animal shelters. The wild dogs will often form packs under a powerful leader and establish a territory for themselves. Ohu being the largest and most powerful of the territories. Relations between packs can be neutral, hostile, or friendly- depending on the leader.
Extra Info:
- Wild females can breed an unlimited number of times.
- Wild litters range from 1-4 puppies because of an average mortality rate.
- Wild dogs can be customed with minor fur edits, scars, or even missing limbs.

| Pet Dogs |
Mutts and purebreds alike make wonderful pets. Whether they're simply a warm body at the end of the bed at night or a working dog, pets have it made. They live comfortable lives, raise their families in safety, and never have to worry about where their next meal will come from. Sometimes, however, the family will see fit to spaying/neutering their pets. Sometimes the owners become neglectful or abusive- or the dog simply grows bored with their life and takes to the wild or the streets.
Extra Info:
- Pet females can breed up to 4 times. After that we assume they've been spayed.
- Pet males can breed an unlimited number of times.
- Pet litters range from 1-6 puppies because of a lower mortality rate.
- Pet dogs can be customed with minor fur edits, collars, harnesses, and minor jewlery. (No t-shirts, pants, etc.)

| Pedigree Dogs |
The purest of the pure, the best of the best! These are the pampered show dogs. They eat the best food, they're kept in prime condition, and their offspring are sold off for hundreds. Pedigrees are simply not made for a life on the street or in the wild, they've had everything given to them on a silver platter. However, of all the dogs they have the highest litter quantities, the purest offspring, and have the longest lives.
Extra Info:
- Pedigree females can breed up to 3 times. After that, they're put into retirement.
- Pedigree studs can breed an unlimited number of times.
- Pedigree litters range from 1-8 puppies because of expert breeding.
- Pedigree dogs can be customed with minor fur edits (poodles especially) though 'wild' fur is not encouraged, jewlery, and collars.
| Breed Listing |
So far these are the dogs that are available within the shop. We've categorized them into three main groups- large breeds, medium breeds, and small breeds. We'll have a mutt listing later on.

Large Breeds:
(3 stages, unisex lineart)

+ Akita - Samples
+ Doberman Pincher - Samples
+ Husky - Samples (coming soon)
+ Brozoi - Samples
+ German Shepherd - Samples
+ Golden Retriever - Samples
+ Great Dane - Samples
+ Standard Poodle - Samples

Medium Breeds:
(3 stages, unisex lineart)

+ English Bull Terrior - Samples
+ English Setter - Samples
+ Kai Ken - Samples
+ Kishu Inu - Samples
+ Saluki - Samples

Small Breeds:
(2 stages, unisex lineart)

+ Chihuahua - Samples
+ Dachshund - Samples
+ Italian Greyhound - Samples
+ Pug - Samples

Non-dog characters will also be available within the shop. These range from familiars to wild animals. Dogs are able to speak with any other animal aside from humans, so feel free to play them interacting!

Familiars are animals that can grow friendly with the dogs. They may even become close companions.

+ Cats
| Breeding |

Basic rules of breeding:

- The breeding fee is 10k per pair. The owners can decide how to divide the payment. However, payment must be received shortly after the offspring are rolled. Payment must be sent to the breeder of your choice.
- Only a male and a female dog can mate and produce offspring. Again, we’re trying to keep somewhat realistic.
- The offspring will be born 1-2 weeks after we’ve rolled for them. Until then, it’s safe to role play the female as being pregnant.
- Your dog’s lifestyle will influence the number of possible offspring.
- Only adult dogs may breed.
- Cross-breeding is possible to an extent! Large dogs and medium dogs are compatible, as are small dogs to medium dogs. Small to large however will produce no offspring.
- We no longer require RP's to breed your dogs!
- If you’ve managed to complete more than 5 rp’s (both parents), you have the option of having one free pup added to the litter or having us roll between 1-2 extra offspring.
- In the event of a small litter, you may ask the colorist to roll for how many pups did not survive the birthing. This option is strictly for rp purposes.
- The lifestyles of the parents will effect the number of offspring.
- You can only keep one pup per litter.
- Again, you are not allowed to sell the extra offspring. You may give them away or run -free- contests for them.

Special Rules of Breeding:

- Pedigree-kept dogs, when bred with other pedigree-kept dogs of the -same species- will produce up to 8 offspring default. With the extra rp bonus this is a potential for 10 total puppies!
- Pet dogs will produce up to 6 offspring default. If a pedigree-kept dog breeds with a dog of any other species, they will fall into this category. Again, with the extra rp bonus you have the potential for 8 total puppies.
- Wild dogs will produce up to 4 offspring default. With the extra rp bonus, you have the potential for 6 total puppies.
- Stray dogs will produce up to 2 offspring default. With the extra rp bonus, you have the potential for 4 total puppies.
- If a pedigree-kept dog breeds with a dog of any other species- it automatically looses its pedigree.
- If a stray dog mates with a pet dog, we will roll for the the lifestyle of the mother.
- Dogs can breed for as many times as you win slots for. Pups from the previous litter must be juveniles before the parents can breed again.
- Males can breed however often they like.

Breeding Form:
We'll have it posted in the guild. :3

Breeding Availability:
- Buffy Slots: Closed
- Chaos Slots: Closed
| Territories & Guild Links |
| Staff |

Shop Owners:
Buffy the Bloody: Owner, Colorist, Manager



Guest Colorists:
| Affiliates |

PM all affiliate requests to the mule.
This has been cleaned up! PM Us to affiliate!

Link to Us!
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| The Lists |

White List:

+ All our staff and customers!

Gray List:

Black List:
| Credits

Ginga Stories Created By: Yoshihiro Takahashi
Lines by: Thalion
Templates by: Mila Farrell
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