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Ruff ruff lol. Welcome to Sobaka, a simple, drama-free B/C shop.
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Nothin' to it. I got some.. items.. I heard you must be interested in. Who did I hear it from?
Well, I know a guy who knows a guy who said your mama told him so. Let's call this item..
a 'dog' and when you acquire it, you become an 'owner'... *cough* Don't look at me like that..
I might be tiny but you know what I really mean.
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We are pretty new so don't be too harsh on us (spamming, insults, whateva).As you can see,
we probably wouldn't care as we don't take ourselves seriously but still. Common sense please?

All kinds of fun stuff is going on below, alldetime,
so stop reading this vacuous introduction and get on your s**t!

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September 2011

1st* Shop created weee
12th* Shop setup done! Hiring now!
15th* Bulldog coming soon, random number game on page 7!

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Normal Breeds

1. Eskimo Dog 2. Papillon 3. Shiba Inu
4. Foxhound 5. Cocker Spaniel
6. German Shepard 7. English Shepard
8. Chihuahua 9. Chow chow
10. Scottish Terrier 11. Husky
12. Pomeranian 13. Dachshund

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gaia_star F l a t s a l e s
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3k each! First come first serve.
Post in thread which one you want! Only one per person, for this flatsale.
When: A random time this week!

gaia_star R a f f l e s
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500gg per ticket!
First drawn gets first pick. You cannot win twice.
Ends: Oct 15
1-20 Bayside Angel

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One ticket per person!
First drawn gets first pick. Ends: Oct 10
1. Jade of the world
2. Ruriska
3. Leytacle
4. Bayside Angel
5. The_Great_Book_Wyrm
6. StarieMichie

gaia_star A u c t i o n s
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Herald of the skies! Unique lineart, English Shepard.
But not breedable! SB: 10k/ MI: 2k/Ends: Oct 15
20k- Jade of the world

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B r e e d i n g : CLOSED

One of the few ways to get puppies.
Coming Soon.

C u s t o m s : CLOSED

80k for no line edits. 200k for small line edits.
The rest is bribe.
Slots: 1______ 2______ 3______


Username: (who it's for)
Name of Dog:
Main coat:
Eye color and details:

Other: Line edits, etc if applicable

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Original lineart & shading temps by: meko de gio
Owner, shop graphics, cert, alt lineart & shading temps: Whaugh

H I R I N G!

gaia_star This shop is going to be kind of slow, I'm not on gaia often at all.
gaia_star I need a 5 month commitment, at least. I don't want to do this again. HOWEVER:
I want some guest colorists too!!
gaia_star You have access to the mule
gaia_star You keep 100% of the profits for flatsales, 90% for raffles, and 75% for auctions
gaia_star I like themed flatsales/events.. so coloring a large/medium group all one theme would be real nice.
gaia_star You suggest future dog availability, I approve, you color and send psd to me via megaupload.
you can manage the rest of the event after that.
gaia_star You do not cert them, I'll take care of that. This may change later.
gaia_star You can make 1 custom for yourself or a friend, for free, once a month.
gaia_star I like good lineart edits. messing around with the shading temp is not preferred but isn't a big deal.
gaia_star If you do not show examples of line edits in your application,
you have an equal chance but if accepted will not do line edits or auctions.
gaia_star If you read this madness and are still interested, fill this out! and post in thread!

do not steal!!!omg
color in baby if you want, dont have to.

[quote=sobaka ruff ruff][/quote]
[/b][b]Experience in B/C, and/or as a colorist:[/b] (please link if you can).
[b]Previous examples[/b]: (include links, at least three).
[b]Sobaka Example[/b]: (include links, at least two w/out edits).

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Owner's list can be found on page two.
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