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ωhaʈ ωε aяε▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

A pokemon gijinka shop, where the primary features
of all characters are based on their respective pokemon,
though in actuality it is a mash-up of
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Pokemon and Heart no Kuni!.

σʊя εӽʈяa ϝεaʈʊяεʂ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA gatchapon game, battle system and food system
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxeither established or in the works. On top of that... you
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcan die, and come back to life;
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwho doesn't want to live forever?

ъϒ ʈɦε ωaϒ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSleepless is somewhere that we hope everyone can
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfeel welcome, because we're doing this to have fun.
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xxxxxIn the beginning, there was Alice. Some say she got there through a rabbit hole, others that she dreamed the entire world, and forgot which was the real one: eventually, she began to inhabit the dream world more and more. Eventually, that was all there was. That is still all there is, for there is no more door to whatever other world there may have been. A token from her previous life, Alice created others to live with her in her Wonderland: The Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, The White Rabbit, The March Hare, The Jabberwock, The Caterpillar-- many more who began as archetypes, personalities forming to surprise Alice after the fact. No progress is made if there is no conflict, however; Alice dreamed the Red Queen, the only other woman in Wonderland, who would oppose her.

xxxxxFactions formed amongst the others, as conflict spread from the Red Queen's angry heart to the rest of their shared dream. The named figures of Alice's creation led the others, and something curious happened: Wonderland itself seemed to begin to generate other figures. Some followed the Hatter, who created a Mafia in his lustrous mansion. Others chose to follow the Red Queen, who seemed to hold all of the power. A third group pledged allegiance to the Caterpillar, partying perpetually in his themepark. The fourth territory, which separated the three conflicting factions, was a garden overseen by the March Hare.

xxxxxThe world she had made, or entered, grew too large for her to contain or maintain. So Alice retreated, hid, somewhere deep within the heart of Wonderland. It has been so long since she was seen that her existence is no longer a matter of fact, but rather a bedtime story told to the children who turn up in Wonderland's tall grasses, maintained courtyards, plentiful gardens-- Once upon a time, a Cresselia named Alice dreamt a world where there would be no strife...

xxxxxBut the Red Queen had an angry heart, and angry hearts can have no peaceful sleep.

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xxxxx♦} 06/24/12
xxxxxxx P414 brings a ton of Summer News, how exciting! The meta is wrapping up, and a new rule has been introduced, along with some custom cakes, food winners and drop-offs.

xxxxx♠} 06/05/12
xxxxxxxThe Meta signups are open here!

xxxxx♥} 03/31/12
xxxxxxxThere are up to six eggs being given away in April, check out P2 for details o uo Congratulations to The Aurrie and Retroxic for winning our P200 giveaway! Stay tuned.

xxxxx♣} 03/24/12
xxxxxxxThanks for playing in the March games, guys! Congratulations to The Aurrie, who won the Politoed, and Dunrosiel Dirus for winning the Togepi! There's an announcement on P159: a Mystery Egg gift for P200 and events in the works! Stay tuned o uo ~4 chances at winning next month...!
xxxxx♦} 03/07/12
xxxxxxx Front page updated! Cert drop offs in guild, preview on page 100?! STILL HIRING !
xxxxx♠} 03/05/12
xxxxxxxV-day events coming to a close! Thanks for a great pre-opening!...Congrats to all our winners!
xxxxx♥} 02/09/12
xxxxxxxSetting up to open, hiring in guild.

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OOC яulεʂ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
xxxxx♥} 11/10/11
xxxxxxx... Don't be rude, condescending, or unfriendly with anyone here, please! We want this to be an environment where we feel able to interact freely and on equal ground.

xxxxx♠} 11/10/11
xxxxxxx... There will be no direct cosplays of canon characters from either Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Pokemon itself nor Heart no Kuni no Alice. Facey loves Elliot, and believes he would be a hot buneary, but this is not going to happen. Too much like theft, guys!

xxxxx♦} 11/10/11
xxxxxxx... Do not insult other shops, people, managers, etc... while you are here. Please. Never ever. It creates an environment that can be unpleasant for others, and we don't really want to slander anyone.

xxxxx♣} 11/10/11
xxxxxxx... Please don't advertise other shops while here. You can talk about them, sure, feel free to mention them in conversation and such, but if you're in an ad contest for another shop, don't harass patrons to refer you.

xxxxx♥} 11/10/11
xxxxxxx... All rules and clauses of this shop are subject to change, and players are responsible for checking the news to see if any rules or requirements have recently been altered. Naturally, we will be announcing any major changes via the mule, as well! So don't fret.

xxxxx♠} 11/10/11
xxxxxxx... If you have a question or concern, and have read this page fully, please feel free to contact the mule, or the Q & A in the guild! We want you to feel free to join us here, and so if you're uncomfortable, we'd really like to know.

xxxxx♦} 11/10/11
xxxxxxx...Rehoming, we have it. The rehoming rules will be stated with each event!

xxxxx♣} 11/10/11
xxxxxxx... Please obey Gaiaonline's rules as well! PG 13 people. Daisy Code. All that.

xxxxx♥} 06/24/12
xxxxxxx...You cannot win a new egg if you have not completed the quest for your previous win.

IC яulεʂ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

xxxxx♥} 11/10/11
xxxxxxx...Alice is loved, Alice will always be loved, and though she is gone we carry her with us always.

xxxxx♠} 11/10/11
xxxxxxx...No one shall harm an egg.

xxxxx♦} 11/10/11
xxxxxxx...Infants and teens cannot fight to the death.

xxxxx♣} 11/10/11
xxxxxxx...Once committed to a faction, one cannot change factions except through strenuous trial.

xxxxx♥} 11/10/11
xxxxxxx...Anyone who has committed a crime will be tried and punished according to the Red Queen's laws...unless the Hatter catches you first.
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xxxxx♠} Spade
xxxxxxx...Marked by a luxurious estate, this faction controls the criminal underground of Wonderland. Not a lot is known about this particular area... it's hard to map out a place when the denizens are so violent. The Hatter has this faction in his terrifying grip. They are known for their weaponry, and possess some tech; if you want an item smuggled, it's Spades you go to. Not to mention all the counterfeit coins that get made here...

xxxxx♥} Heart
xxxxxxx...The Red Queen controls the Heart faction, and they boast a handsome castle, an immaculate rose garden and all the guards you could want. Few live within the Red Queen's castle itself, but the immediate grounds offer extremely luxurious dwellings in any case. It's rare that someone of this faction is hurting for coin. Speaking of coin, the currency of wonderland is minted here. They have working gas lamps, but electricity is not exactly on their side.

xxxxx♣} Club
xxxxxxx...Fun for all ages, so long as you can pay, the Club faction owns and operates a massive theme-park. They say there are hidden tunnels underground, but the Caterpillar isn't telling. The Caterpillar controls production of any kind of drug imaginable, here, linking the Spades and Clubs factions inextricably. Electricity is all the rage: vehicles, cellphones, television; you name it, Clubs have it. Too bad it all seems to die if you take it out of the faction...

xxxxx♦} Diamond
xxxxxxx... This faction is the only completely neutral faction, and they pretty much keep to themselves. Everyone is invited to the March Hare's 24/7 Tea party in the twisting, wild and very strange hedge maze. If they can find it! This faction has relatively primitive heating, so more like fires and such, but since they're neutral they often receive gifts from the other factions. The best craftsmen originate here, and you're sure to find at least a handful of intellectuals. Even if they are slightly mad.

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xxxxx♥} Summary
xxxxxxx... Wonderland seems to keep generating these. They are raised by whoever finds them, in their respective factions, and they can't do much but rock back and forth.
xxxxx♠} Growth Requirements
xxxxxxx Journal setup and Finished.
xxxxxxx Faction pick-up Solo (about how/where/by whom the egg was picked up) - min. 250 words.
xxxxxxx Must have egg for two weeks.


xxxxx♥} Summary
xxxxxxx...Newly hatched, these kids are pretty cute and defenseless. Their pokemon abilities and skills start to show, but they end up hurting themselves from them more often than not. They cannot fight, and are still raised by the Faction.
xxxxx♠} Growth Requirements
xxxxxxx 4 solo entries- min. 500 words each
xxxxxxx 6 regular rps - 6 posts min PER PERSON. Must be completed and marked as FIN to count, with minimum word count of 200 per post.
xxxxxxx 2 Open RP - 3 posts min. per person; minimum word count of 200 per post. Must have more than 2 players interacting simultaneously.
xxxxxxx One month since last stage growth as indicated by the drop-off date.
xxxxxxx 10 foods must be fed to the Infant.
xxxxxxx All requirements must be completed per individual, and cannot count for more than one character at a time. For example, if Face Your Demons roleplays with Logan and Gauvain in one PRP along with another RPer, Facey can only claim the requirement for either Logan OR Gauvain once finished, not both.


xxxxx♥} Summary
xxxxxxx...By this point, they're learning about fighting, how to control their strengths, and probably off chasing tail. This is when they're free to roam and visit other Factions, and they start taking care of themselves. They might have evolved at least once by this stage.
xxxxx♠} Growth Requirements
xxxxxxx 8 solo entries- min. 500 words each.
xxxxxxx 12 regular rps - 6 posts min. each, 200 word count minimum on each post. Must be completed and marked FIN in order to count.
xxxxxxx 4 Open RP - 12 posts min, 3 per person. Must be over 2 players interacting simultaneously to count.
xxxxxxx 1 RP with Faction Head NPC.
xxxxxxx One month since last stage growth.
xxxxxxx 15 foods must be fed to the teen.
xxxxxxx All requirements must be completed per individual, and cannot count for more than one character at a time. For example, if Face Your Demons roleplays with Logan and Gauvain in one PRP along with another RPer, Facey can only claim the requirement for either Logan OR Gauvain once finished, not both.


xxxxx♥} Summary
xxxxxxx...Fully evolved, adults can now fight over disputes and potentially compete in contests, once those exist. Adults can obviously take care of themselves by this point, and no longer need to worry about eating "the right foods" or being "too young" for certain activities.
xxxxx♠} Growth Requirements
xxxxxxx ... None! You're done growing
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xxxxx♥} Q: How many wonderland pets can we have?
xxxxxxx...A: Three! Only three wonderland pets can be obtained. For now.

xxxxx♠} Q: What about legendary pokemon?
xxxxxxx...A: Legendary pokemon will be obtained through special achievement and event slots. There may be more than one of each legendary, though only one per faction.
xxxxxxxxxx In order to obtain a Legendary slot, one must have at least three boys, one of whom is grown to Adult. After that point, one may set up a quest for a Legendary should one so choose, but that quest will not be automatically created as a real boy...!

xxxxx♦} Q: What's rare / event only?
xxxxxxx...A: As of now all that is 'rare' or event only to us would be the legendary pokemon, starters are event only and so are Eevees.
xxxxxxxxxx Other than that you have free rein to pick any other to quest for! Make sure you familiarize yourself with the current Faction rules though!

xxxxx♣} Q: Can I Influence the appearance of my character?
xxxxxxx...A: Yes, how you do this is actually part of requirements, it will be done by a 'food system' each faction offers different food products, events give you food. There will also be a food shop where you can buy rare foods and other things. It is only an "inspiration" for artists, for the most part, however. The more expensive the item, the greater the effect it has on your boy... or, the more you feed them one specific item, the greater its influence.

xxxxx♥} Q: Battles?
xxxxxxx...A: We are currently working on a system, but yes there will be battles!

xxxxx♠} Q: Roleplay?
xxxxxxx...A: Yes! RP is required to grow and there will be metaplots and such activities in the works. We love RP, and our focus will often be on RP, though there will be other ways to obtain eggs.

xxxxx♦} Q: What does Sleepless' Wonderland look like?
xxxxxxx...A: This is the joke map we doodled up, though a real one is coming soon. It lays out the basic faction order, for now!

xxxxx♣} Q: Factions?
xxxxxxx...A: Factions are your family ! They will be of more importance later on plot wise, be sure to read up on them in the guild area. Factions will at times also hold Mini-Meta's that involve that particular faction.

xxxxx♥} Q: Are there any female characters?
xxxxxxx...A: Because it's based on Heart no Kuni in part, only Alice (the real one!) and the Red Queen are female characters. There will never be playable women; sorry, all!

xxxxx♠} Q: Will there be a way to prevent evolution?
xxxxxxx...A: Of course, Slow Your Roll prevents pokemon from evolving, though it does not prevent the boy from aging; so if you have a Pichu and want a Pichu forever, simply feed it a Slow Your Roll when it is an infant, and it will never evolve, though you can continue to grow the boy.

xxxxx♠} Q: If I roleplay with two of my characters in one roleplay, can I count it as a requirement for both of the characters?
xxxxxxx...A: No, you cannot! You may only count the finished roleplay as a requirement for one of the characters you used.

xxxxx♠} Q: What is the Faction pick-up solo?
xxxxxxx...A: Basically, eggs in Wonderland appear suddenly and pretty much anywhere. Their Faction is determined by whoever finds the egg and keeps it... so, for example, if someone is visiting Hearts and finds an egg lying around, they actually can take it back to Spades and raise it there, if that's their home faction, thus making sure the child is Spades instead of Hearts! The Faction pick-up solo indicates who found the egg, and how it's going to be raised-- basically, this introduces the essentials of the egg's background and family.

xxxxx♠} Q: Can eggs be "abandoned," "homeless," or "feral?"
xxxxxxx...A: No. They can go through a lot of guardians, being passed on frequently, but they cannot hatch without some kind of care and attention. It doesn't even have to be a single person claiming the egg; it can be the community that raises it. The eggs will not hatch until they have a guardian.
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Here at Sleepless, the infants and teens need some nutrition to grow up in their own special ways; click the banner to read more about it!

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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User Image

xxxxx♥} SALES
xxxxxxxMost of the characters will be pre-mades earned though events; quest events will be up sometimes, and artists can offer customs etc at their discretion!

xxxxx♠} EVENTS
xxxxxxxCheck Page Two !

xxxxx♦} BREEDING
xxxxxxxYes we will offer breeding, but not until we have some adults!

User Image

xxxxx♥} The Red Queen's Bounties:
xxxxxxx...Anyone who breaks the rules, is repeatedly warned, etc...
xxxxxxx...Currently: None! o u o

xxxxx♠} Alice's Friends:
xxxxxxx...Everyone knows Alice loves peace? And harmony?
xxxxxxx...Currently: Ffffuuu everyone who's helped and is helping get this underway ; u; <3

User Image

{♥♠♦♣} Staff
xxxxx♥} 06/08/12

Face your demons [[Head of art staff / Owner / Does everything asfasidhad / Lead RP staff]]

White Oblivion (Artist)

Dakka Domi (Beloved Manager / Go-To Stud)
Corsair Vitari (Hot Gif-Wars Samurai / Guest Crit Staff / RP Management

{♥♠♦♣} Staff on Pause!
xxxxx♥} 06/08/12
Never Crazy (Our dear RP Manager! Life is hectic, but she's still around!)

{♥♠♦♣} Previous Staff
xxxxx♥} 06/08/12
Daribear44 [[Previously Artist / Co-Owner / Shop Administrator / Lead RP staff]]

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xxxxx♥} How to Affiliate
xxxxxxx...Take our banner, put it in your affiliates section, PM the mule with your information (link + banner) and we'll affiliate o u o

xxxxx♠} Our Banner
xxxxxxx...A: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


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xxxxxxx...A:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image

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Alice Oracle▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

xxxxxxx...He's just an imposter! An imposter who knows a good deal about the land of Sleepless, so be sure to listen up when he speaks. In other words, announcements will usually come from this guy !

User Image

Call me...Alice! I come bearing news.

text text text text

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xxxxx♥} The Pokemon Concept
xxxxxxx...Nintendo and Satoshi Tajiri.

xxxxx♠} Heart no Kuni no Alice
xxxxxxx...Quin Rose and Soumei Hoshino.

xxxxx♦} Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
xxxxxxx...Lewis Carroll

xxxxx♣} This Shop Itself
xxxxxxx FaceYourDemons
xxxxxxx &
xxxxxxx Daribear44

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