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Welcome to the 2012 Somebody Labs October Mega-Event.

We'll keep this short and sweet; scroll down to see all the juicy events we have set up for you this year! Plenty of opportunities to earn your own Tekimi and join us all at Somebody Labs.

Not familiar with us? Just click the banner above to go to the shop, and feel free to ask us any questions you might have in thread!

Please pardon the dust - any events listed as open are open, we're just getting a few last minute things together!
Fweet-o-Ween Grams

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It's that time of year again - everyone starts thinking of creepy and cool things, and then these concepts start leaking into the wildlife of Islandia. While normally that wouldn't affect the Labs at all, someone keeps importing these darn things, and now there's way too many of them! Won't you take one home? Better yet, give one to a friend - or two, or five, or ten. Please?

Fweet grams cost 2k each, and you can send as many as you want, though we request that you make a request for no more than five per post. These will be sent out in batches, quoted in thread - if you know that someone might not have quote notifications on, please put yourself as the quote recipient so you can send them off yourself! These will not be PM'd due to the time limitation between messages.

In order to send a gram, post the form below for each gram you want to send. (If you want to send anonymously, please PM your form to this account - this is ONLY for anon requests!) Fweets obtained from grams are considered full fweets, so they can breed and interact just like any normal one!

You do NOT have to have a Tekimi to obtain and collect fweets.

Special note: Tekimi may send each other these fweets in-character, but please no more than one fweet per recipient. Eachéan could send a witch fweet to Orinbar, for example, but he couldn't send a witch and a pumpkin and a cat. Kei would literally have a heart attack. You can still give fweets given to you, the player, to Tekimi as usual, or you can just keep them for yourself (or future Tekimi).

Ordering Form: (Please erase extra quotes - you only need one Tekimi mule quote per order)


[size=18]I want to send [strike]an annoying fuzzball[/strike] a sweet gift![/size]
[b]To:[/b] (Can be whatever)
[b]From:[/b] (can be whatever)
[b]Username to quote:[/b] (make sure this is EXACTLY the right username)
[b]Fweet type:[/b] Pumpkin / Black Cat / Classic Witch / Neon Nightmare
[b]Message:[/b] (optional)

None yet. o Ao
Approved Quest Raffle

Open Oct. 1st - Oct 31st

This event is your opportunity to get a customized tekimi, without any creepy or themed strings attached! There is one string though - you have to have an approved quest to enter!

You can find the quest forum in the guild. Con and Vari will be doing critiques all month, so get working! Once your quest is approved, post the code below to be given a ticket. On October 31st, we'll draw at least one lucky winner to get their quest made into a real tekimi - completely free!


[size=14][color=blue]HEY! I finished that stupid quest! Don't I get to level up now?![/color][/size]

1. ex o ex Snoof
Creepily Creative - Concept Contest

Open Oct. 1st - Oct. 31st

This is our second concept contest for October - but this one is a bit different than the quest raffle. For this contest, you will be coming up with a tekimi concept for a monsterous tekimi ... that is, one of the DNA pairs must be a creature from myth or folklore! You may not use gods for this contest, however, so please keep that in mind!

In order to enter, please fill out the form below and post it in the thread. At the end of the month, we will judge our favorite entry to be made into a completely free mythological tekimi!


[size=18]I have an idea![/size]

[b]Monster / Myth DNA:[/b] (please link to information about it)

[b]Secondary DNA:[/b] (this must be a real, currently living earth creature)

[b]Traits:[/b] (three physical traits from each DNA; can include aspects like diet, does not necessarily have to affect how the tekimi looks)

[b]What would he be like?[/b] (give us a description of what you think your tekimi would be like, and why - remember to think about your DNA choices when writing! This can be as short or long as you like)

Advertising Contest

To help get the word out about this little event, we're offering you a beau... er... well ... It's an interesting fweet. Interesting! Very interesting. This fweet is heavily edited, and it is fully breedable. Click to see it in all its, ah, glory.

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Don't know about fweets? Fweets are their own minipets - you don't need to own a tekimi to own a fweet, though if you do have a tekimi they may own it ICly! Fweets are fully breedable and have a matching minisite in the works.

So how do you win this special creepy fweet?

Put the code below into your sig. Each day it remains in your sig, you can come in and claim a raffle ticket. At the end of the event, we'll randomize a winner who gets to take home this special creature. Depending on the number of advertisers, we may add other special fweet prizes as we go along!

Please note we will check if you're keeping the banner in your sig - try and cheat, and we'll strike all of your tickets and you'll be disqualified from any of the October events!

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In order to claim a ticket, please post the following code in the thread:


[size=14][color=red]I'm advertising for (date)![/color][/size]

1. ici chiot
2. Walkinthevoid
3. Mystaira
4. Mystaira
5. AmbitiousMoron
6. Ici Chiot
7. Mystaira
8. Walkinthevoid
9. Mystaira
10. Walkinthevoid
11. Mystaira
12. Ici Chiot
13. Mystaira
14. Walkinthevoid
15. Mystaira
16. Walkinthevoid
17. Walkinthevoid
18. Mystaira
19. Mystaira
20. Ici Chiot
21. Walkinthevoid
22. Walkinthevoid
23. Mystaira
24. Walkinthevoid
25. Mystaira
26. Walkinthevoid
27. Mystaira
28. Walkinthevoid
29. Walkinthevoid
30. Mystaira
31. Walkinthevoid
32. Mystaira
33. Mystaira

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