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Machines or Plants? What say the masses?

Machines obviously. 0.21348314606742 21.3% [ 19 ]
Plants for life. 0.35955056179775 36.0% [ 32 ]
I just can't choose! 0.29213483146067 29.2% [ 26 ]
non-opinion/gold 0.13483146067416 13.5% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 89 ]
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0- Menma -0's avatar

Shy Shapeshifter

his widdle paws ; u ;
Stereochrome's avatar

Lucky Wrangler

platy - o A o i've never seen it
is it scary
i don't like scary things.

menma - i knoooow <3
i want to watch him wobble about and stuff. > 3 <

staticSLEEPER's avatar

Dapper Citizen

Obviously we need a homunculi hedgehog Guardian.
No wait that's just a pokemon.
Faewynd's avatar

Devoted Cub

X Purple--Platypus X
Just watched Silence Of The Lambs. (⊙īšâŠ™)

I love that movie so hard. So hard that I have it more or less memorized.
platy - o A o i've never seen it
is it scary
i don't like scary things.

It's not massively scary but there are jumpy and tense moments and some gore.
Silver_tigress18's avatar

Frozen Shapeshifter

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I enjoyed silence of the lambs.
and Chakushin Ari
Stereochrome's avatar

Lucky Wrangler

lol static xD

i was thinking about hedgehog guardians too.

i would do mushroom + hedgehog. xD
although i guess mushroom is not a plant? it's a fungus. idk if fungus counts.

Wheezing Sex Symbol

/eats oats./
Stupid alarm was like 'nope. i'm not going to go off so you sleep in and feel blah when you wake up.'

ex o ex Snoof's avatar

Big Pup

I think fungus would be acceptable :0a Even if it's not ~*technically*~ a plant, I don't see why it wouldn't fit within the confines of the Alchemy Faction.
Stereochrome's avatar

Lucky Wrangler

that would be awesome then. 8D

one of the kind of classic russian fairy tale ways of depicting hedgehogs is having them walking around with mushrooms drying on their spikes. xD
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Man-Hungry Sailor

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  • Hunter 50
knife effect's avatar


Really like the ideas we have going around here! * U *


@ staff,
I'm going to try to re-make an MSN so that contacting me will be more efficient for everyone. Sorry that it's been an issue for awhile, but I think my dad has time to help me solve this silly issue soon! I'll be working on solos while I'm offline and not doing homework but just a heads up that I'll be able to get more connected soon (so sheepy doesn't have to sign on to AIM just to talk to me ububu) * U* <33
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Manly Pumpkin

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Wow I have nothing on Gaia to do. O oO
knife effect's avatar


Patmos of Endtimes
Wow I have nothing on Gaia to do. O oO

its ok i know the feel
whenever that happens it just means that you should be IRL studying u___u

Wheezing Sex Symbol

Chris just told me a story of these girls on the train on his way home from work.

The were discussing like facebook arguments blah blah blah. And then they got onto the topic of Julian Assange.

One girl mentions him stealing diplomatic cables.

What did they think that meant?

He went to.. some diplomatic place and dug these cables out of the ground. Because even when they aren't in the ground they still have information.

... What.

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