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Machines or Plants? What say the masses?

Machines obviously. 0.21348314606742 21.3% [ 19 ]
Plants for life. 0.35955056179775 36.0% [ 32 ]
I just can't choose! 0.29213483146067 29.2% [ 26 ]
non-opinion/gold 0.13483146067416 13.5% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 89 ]
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staticSLEEPER's avatar

Dapper Citizen

It wasn't allowing me to type at all or select the window or anything.
Like it was frozen but it technically wasn't.
It was weird. I installed an update and it's working fine. You know, cause I'm talking to you.

Valdmir Talamore 's avatar

Savage Shapeshifter

8,800 Points
  • Ultimate Player 200
  • Flatterer 200
  • Jolly Roger 50
*skitters about for a bit*
Petite Kitsune's avatar

Romantic Reveler

*chews on a corner of the thread*
lostandtold's avatar

9,600 Points
  • Conversationalist 100
  • Contributor 150
Oh man, it's great to see Signo up and running *A* The front page looks gorgeous~ I will definitely have to quest.
ex o ex Snoof's avatar

Big Pup

Hey Lost! Please do <3

Static, was your MSN giving you an "Out of Memory: line x(number)" error? Because mine has been. I might have to reinstall also...
staticSLEEPER's avatar

Dapper Citizen

Everybody make a quest!
And no, I didn't even get an error, it just wasn't working.
But it seems like everyone is having problems with it for the moment.

Maybe just use skype till it straightens itself out? It might be a server side problem for all we know.

BUT NOW! Onto the mule.
ex o ex Snoof's avatar

Big Pup

Ah okay, well if everyone/most people are having problems with it then that seems like the case! I'll swap to Skype for now but that is rather frustrating (since a lot of people on my MSN list don't have Skype, weh!) but it is what it is = o =

Ravina Loki's avatar

Dedicated Flatterer

Yeah I think it's MSN's server that's having an issue 'cause it's frozen up on me three times already today. T:
ex o ex Snoof's avatar

Big Pup

Rude ):
Though the fact it's giving people all kinds of different symptoms is very strange! Hopefully it all clears up by tomorrow.
Ravina Loki's avatar

Dedicated Flatterer

Agreed >O<

How you doin' Snooflepoop? :B
The mule would like to direct everyone currently questing, thinking about questing, or basically anyone who doesn't already own a pet to look at page 2!

The mini-semi-custom event is currently a go!
So get on those quests!
I mean, if you want to or whatever. u// v //u
staticSLEEPER's avatar

Dapper Citizen

ohay mule, fancy meeting you here.

Get out of my inbox. I don't care about your events.
Ravina Loki's avatar

Dedicated Flatterer

Yay event!
ex o ex Snoof's avatar

Big Pup

Sweet babbuuuuussss
Ravina Loki's avatar

Dedicated Flatterer

Awww yeah

Dad just called and since I work till noon on Friday, we might all go to the Big E UX


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