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Machines or Plants? What say the masses?

Machines obviously. 0.21348314606742 21.3% [ 19 ]
Plants for life. 0.35955056179775 36.0% [ 32 ]
I just can't choose! 0.29213483146067 29.2% [ 26 ]
non-opinion/gold 0.13483146067416 13.5% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 89 ]
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I'm really enjoying it, but I think as we start to push past the basic vocab it is probably going to get a lot harder. I hope I can at least get to conversational level by the end of the year. ( ´△`) I would really like to maybe teach in Japan at some point.
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Ah, I have a very close friend that's taught in Japan twice. It's tough if you don't have the willingness to be a social worker-bee. But if you can do it and tolerate the crazy kids, then it's apparently a lot of fun!
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Pretty much what Patmos said. The great land of Nippon lmfao.

FDGHdgh I really want to get my solo done but October ******** sucks sighs I haven't been able to really divide any time into the B/Cs as of late but I hope to pick up speed soon. )8
I don't know why but I am in a really really mean mood today. I just want everyone around me in real life to suffer. 凸(ಠ益ಠ凸)
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Ravina Loki
Aww <3

Thank you for telling me about this place! heart
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You're welcome hun!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. ovo
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Just reading through all the information and glancing at the quests.
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why are baby animals so awesome @ u @

speaking of whiiiiich
my hedgehog is coming home on friday!
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Sorry we're still a little slow around here guys. It's the curse of being a slower shop to open I suppose.
The Outer Rings of magic aren't written up yet since they're so straight forward they boarder on a little dull, so I'm seeing what I can do to make them "interesting" without busting my own world mechanics.
In the mean time I think I'll do a couple staff crits today if possible.
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yeyeyey o u o
This lecture is so dull... ;A;
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Morning SA <3
Morning (well afternoon for me) Ravi~

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