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Machines or Plants? What say the masses?

Machines obviously. 0.21348314606742 21.3% [ 19 ]
Plants for life. 0.35955056179775 36.0% [ 32 ]
I just can't choose! 0.29213483146067 29.2% [ 26 ]
non-opinion/gold 0.13483146067416 13.5% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 89 ]
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[❖] Academic Acquaintance [❖] (PRP) Tag Static! Sorry that there's not masses for you to respond to... I just needed to set it up a little. I presume you can work a response in with Archimedes or Pluto coming to the poor woman's aid and stopping Micajah from simply waving paper in her direction and expecting her to understand.
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Dapper Citizen

Hey everyone~
Just a little update from your shop owner.

I'm currently still dog sitting for my dad while he's out of town for the week.
Unfortunately I can't really leave these dogs alone for too long, yesterday was the first day I tried it and I got about two hours to properly check all my e-mail and do a bit of commission work while hanging out with a couple friends on skype.
So I'm stuck on the laptop till about Saturday/Sunday baring any miracles.
This laptop is old and has a habit of overheating itself if I do too much in regards to the internet.

This means I can't really do much in the way of shop maintenance other than reading and keeping up with everyone, hopefully answering any questions in the thread, etc.

It actually crashed itself 3 times on Monday when I was attempting to use youtube and gaia at the same time, to give you an idea of how s**t this laptop really is.
I'll attempt to keep working on anything when I can though!
If there's anything at all that you would like me to do whilst you're M.I.A then just give me a heads up?
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Dapper Citizen

At the moment we're doing pretty well.

I'll read over that rp post you made a little later u v u

:Q______ I am jealous of your pancakes.
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Big Pup

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Petite Kitsune's Husband

Manly Pumpkin

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Noooo... bacon. That's what today calls for... Bacon.
(ノ≧∀≦)ノ yum_bacon
Bacon for all~
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Lucky Wrangler

i had eggplant.

so much eggplant, eggplant every day o x o
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Petite Kitsune's Husband

Manly Pumpkin

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Oh man I love eggplant! We have some growing in our little fail garden.
Until very recently I had a love hate relationship with eggplant. It tastes so good but I could never cook it right. But now I have mastered it and I love it. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
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Lucky Wrangler


i have little hot peppers growing on my table. o u o <3
Uguuuuuuuuhhhhh. I am jealous. Give dem 2 me~ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
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Lirende's Wife

Frozen Shapeshifter

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So full from thanksgiving
Wait... it's thanksgiving? (´・`),

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