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Machines or Plants? What say the masses?

Machines obviously. 0.21348314606742 21.3% [ 19 ]
Plants for life. 0.35955056179775 36.0% [ 32 ]
I just can't choose! 0.29213483146067 29.2% [ 26 ]
non-opinion/gold 0.13483146067416 13.5% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 89 ]
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(,, ・ヮ・)ノ゛hey~
boogaroo's avatar

Familiar Gawker

    Aw I suck and didn't see that Platy responded to me 'til now.
    I like your super kawaii emoji though!!

    Aren't they just so fun to use?? (◕▽◕)~

    Also I hope you have fun with the fam and the bf!
    I'm going to dinner with my boything on Friday, then a concert on Saturday...
    and, honestly, I am just so amazingly excited you have no idea.
Stereochrome's avatar

Lucky Wrangler

o u o turkey success
♡ 。.(゜ε^) I only just realised what page it is...
ex o ex Snoof's avatar

Big Pup

wags butt inappropriately at the page <3~
knife effect's avatar


Wags butt along with Snoof. * v * /
Oh mai. So much butt waggin'. /claims all the butts for his own. ヽ(´ー`)ノ
knife effect's avatar


touches plat's butt ~ v ~ /
/butt envelops and consumes your hand.

Wheezing Sex Symbol

/watches butts./ emotion_dowant
Ravina Loki's avatar

Dedicated Flatterer

*snots all over the page number* >B
Mmm, snotty number sixty nine. My favourite.
Stereochrome's avatar

Lucky Wrangler

holy crap

what am i going to do with this much turkey stock. xD
Patmos of Endtimes's avatar

Petite Kitsune's Husband

Manly Pumpkin

11,300 Points
  • Peoplewatcher 100
  • Brandisher 100
  • Cat Fancier 100
kekekeke 69 is mah favorite number.

> 3
Ravina Loki's avatar

Dedicated Flatterer


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