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FIX IT. Q u Q..............................
/threatens Ras's ls

k idk if this is working but here
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Dapper Codger

@herp; I backread cuz I'm bawss dramallama

Megaptera Novaeangliae
I named mine White Canary but apparently, after some research -coughYOUNGJUSTICEPISODEScough- I realized that there is a Black Canary which kind of makes me feel unoriginal and stupid. :c

There's....ah...a White Canary, too. Was in a Birds of Prey comic about...a year ago if I just guess off the top of my head.

Seriously, I can probably tell you if a character exists. >_>;; I've had to throw out names when my sister tells me it's too close to something. Doesn't help my one character (not here) is named Brawler, but I call him Bouncer and that was a videogame. >_>;;

Mori...should we absolutely refuse established superhero mantles? Considering all the name grabbing Marvel does...it might be hard? And I can think of independent comics that grab up a lot more.

LOL OK I had no clue there was a White Canary, I actually saw Mega's quest thread and I thought it was okay since it was BLACK Canary that existed, but uh...

damnit seiku you know too much lmao

and no I'm not going to absolutely refuse everything, that's impossible. Just so long as the alias isn't too well known, like for example Superman and Spiderman, because those are like frontliners for DC and Marvel

SO, White Canary is okay Mega (because I have no idea who White Canary is...)

what is with DC and birds anyway? Robin, Hawkgirl, Hawkman.... I should make a bird of paradise or something lawl
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Olivia Solace
:'c Affiliates?

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adding you! * v*b

LOL Idk if it's working so you guys needa tell me Orz.
Its working. biggrin
My other hand hurt,
the one I don't use for drawing...weird, I know I drew a lot yesterday.
(moves to one corner)
How come when I'm here no one talks to me...does my internet breath stinks?
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Dapper Codger

its cuz we're gmt +8, gaia sleeps when we're awake rofl
We have a lonely timezone.
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Dapper Codger

yes, yes we do emo

BTW JUNG, did you know Hack is also a technopath... he "talks" to machinery too 8D
I'm not saying we can't have two technopaths though
they should be bffs or something ehe........ * v*
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boop. o uo

did you guys happen hear that they've decided not to make a wonderwoman tv show?
Eeeeee I love the concept of this shop. Must read up on it more.
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Dapper Codger

WAT. ; A;

damnit I was actually looking forward to it..... emo

oop hi Leikkun! * v*/
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Questionable Bear

yeah apparently so.
a lot of people had mixed feelings about it since they didn't stick to her personality that was in the comics a lot.
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    Finally! Someone let me out of my cave...

I didn't know that there was a White Canary, but I knew that there was a black one.. they had a short tv-show called "Birds of Prey" that I've always meant to watch. It's about Batman's daughter, Black Canary and Oracle, or something...

Also, thank you for the name generator!! It gives good inspiration~

And speaking of characters, I'm probably just going to start with only having a mentor, and then consider having a sidekick later. The mentor dude is gonna be a bit of an anti-social emo emo (on the surface)
...Now, time for me is nothing cos I'm counting no age

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