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"Welcome to SHIBUSEN!"
The words seem to come from over to your left, and you find yourself glancing over,
eyes coming to a rest on a man with blue hair.

"Why hello! It appears you are a new student, am I correct?"
Without giving you a chance to reply, the man introduces himself as Jerard Phonne, the school administrator.
He babbles on about you possibly meeting a WEAPON to train (and what is that, you ask?),
Missions to accomplish, and things to learn before finally winding down to a stop.

Taking a look at his watch, he grimaces.
"Looks like I've talked too much. Feel free to take a look around, and check out our guild!
Don't worry, you'll be given a more detailed orientation later."

With one last cheery wave, Jerard walks back towards the direction of the school.

What will you do now?
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--------31OCT09 // SHIBUSEN's second Newsletter has been printed, and can be found in CLASSROOM #7!
--------27OCT09 // See Cosmoses' Shen in all his Rank 2 glory on p436~
--------21OCT09 // Halloween Gone Strange, SHIBUSEN's first ever META has begun!
--------19OCT09 // Yay, Syusaki! Rainer & Caine rank up~ see p404 for sexy twins ;D
--------17OCT09 // Bianca reaches Rank 2 - grats, ladyumbra! Check it out @ p390
--------16OCT09 // Last one for October, we swear! Diemos & player Kaineferu joins the party!
--------15OCT09 // October just gets bigger~ DesertedDreams' Rayne enters SHIBUSEN (with accuracy?)
--------14OCT09 // Blade Kuroda's Andre & Aryana rank up on p344! enjoy!
--------10OCT09 // FLATSALE winners Annabelle and Darva have joined us! Grats again, Byagane319 & Loki Saimar!
--------08OCT09 // Bang #2? /shot; We'd like to welcome Heidi, played by Imbri. More girls, awesome!
--------07OCT09 // Starting October with a bang, we have Kaze Taco's lovely April!
--------------------- SHIBUSEN's first META - signups have also begun. Are you ready? :O

--------25SEP09 // User Image

--------11SEP09 // We're on a roll! Auction winner Zee Oddwyn's Cinder has now joined SHIBUSEN!
--------10SEP09 // Second growth! Jared ranks up on page 66 - grats, ikshiva :3
--------------------- First Newsletter has been printed and can be found in CLASSROOM #7!
--------05SEP09 // CONCEPT winners! Shen, - Cosmoses, and Mytha, - Apathetic Nonchalance! <3
--------31AUG09 // Welcome, FLATSALE winners! ladyumbra's Bianca, and Nikorasu-Kun's Dominique ;D
--------27AUG09 // Woohoo! Z is the first to rank up on page 44!
--------23AUG09 // Finally, a girl! (and a boy...) Welcome to Andre & Aryana, played by Blade Kuroda.
--------22AUG09 // Jacob and Cameron join the SHIBUSEN ranks! Have fun, Kaithala & White Oblivion!
--------19AUG09 // say hello to Xelander! Congratulations, Hikari Chou!

--------17AUG09 // User Image

--------17AUG09 // welcome Jared and Rainer & Caine! Enjoy your pets, ikshiva & Syusaki!
--------15AUG09 // shop open! welcome to SHIBUSEN <3

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--------------------01 . introduction
--------------------02 . news & updates
--------------------03 . navigation
-----------------------------(you are here)
--------------------04 . background / story to date
--------------------05 . the stages
--------------------06 . growth requirements
--------------------07 . player list
--------------------08 . NPC list
--------------------09 . classroom #7
--------------------10 . active storyline updates & events
--------------------11 . availability
--------------------12 . the FAQ
--------------------13 . -----
--------------------14 . links in/out
--------------------15 . credits/staff

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    ~ A healthy soul resides in a healthy mind and a healthy body. ~

    Once, long ago, the world teetered on the brink of absolute destruction, under the control of the Witches and Kishin (evil Demon Gods). In order to avert the disaster in that far-distant past, Shinigami, the Death God, was forced to hunt down and slay as many Witches as he could find, and in a desperate move, used a portion of his own powers to imprison the most powerful of the Kishin within Death City itself.

    In a bid to ensure that the Kishin and the Witches could never come into power in such a way again, Shinigami-created a school - SHIBUSEN. This was an academy that became dedicated toward teaching and training those who could help protect the fragile peace by confronting evil and reaping their souls. For it was those evil souls that had originally spawned the Kishin eggs.

    The school trains two types of students: TECHNICIANS, the ones who could use the soul-reaping WEAPONS and train them, and WEAPONS, the special humans who could take on an alternative deadly form. These students are matched with each other based on the compatibility of their wavelengths (thoughts/personality/aura, if you will), and became WEAPON/TECHNICIAN pairs that were then taught how to battle the evil human souls and limit the amount of chaos and destruction they inflicted on the world. Quite simply, it is an organization that enforces peace.

    Every TECHNICIAN/WEAPON team (can be referred to in SHIBUSEN as "pair" ) also has a second purpose - turning their WEAPON into a Death Scythe. This is the ultimate, final rank, and WEAPONS of this caliber are formidable enough to be used by Shinigami himself. It is a daunting process, as requirements for this are very high. Not only does the pair need to collect 99 evil souls, they must also somehow manage to find and obtain a Witch soul.

    Beware, however! Despite Shinigami's efforts to take all the Witches out of the world, some survived - and these are extremely powerful and destructive magical being. They thrive on chaos, discord, despair, and are the main enemies of Shibusen. Even to Death Sycthes, who are so strong that they are able to battle on their own, they are a true danger.

    Jerard Phonne, as the current SHIBUSEN Administrator, has set the school's goals to destroy as many of the remaining and new Witches as possible and keep the world free of the Kishin. This is where you come in. As a new (or returning) TECHNICIAN/WEAPON pair, you will be sent out on missions to collect evil souls, using them to help upgrade your own WEAPON. Are you up for the challenge?

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In SHIBUSEN, the different stages are called ranks. There are four in total, with rank 1 being the lowest, and rank 4 being the strongest.
(on the certs, these ranks are shown by the number of stars on top of the WEAPON's name)
Click on the images to see the full size version.
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The WEAPON can only be effective when it is in complete weapon form. Essentially, it can morph
from human to WEAPON, but cannot do anything in between. Using the WEAPON requires the TECHNICIAN
to do almost all the work - reaction time for the WEAPON in this form is not particularly fast, as it requires
a lot of concentration for them to be able to maintain their shape. While the pair's wavelengths do match,
the bonding is still in its beginning stages and can occaisionally malfunction, causing miscommunication.

Expect the WEAPON to be a little.. unpredictable with it's form changes. A startled WEAPON in human
form may, for example, suddenly switch to being a WEAPON in self-preservation or simply because it lost control.

User Image
In order to be classified as a rank 2 WEAPON, the WEAPON's reaction time must have improved
a bit, along with their control. This is shown by the WEAPON being in human form - they now have
almost absolute mastery over switching from full human to full weapon shape. As maintaining their
current shape takes less concentration, they can now contribute a lot more in terms of opinions and ideas
during battle, and are more confident of their powers.

At this point, the WEAPON and TECHNICIAN pair will have started to match wavelengths, allowing
the start of Soul Resonance experimentation. Good luck with that!

User Image
At rank 3, the WEAPON is becoming increasingly effective by itself, and it can manipulate parts of its body at will.
This allows them to change only parts of their body into a manifestation of their weapon form, rather than
morphing into the full weapon each time. This ability is still new however, and requires a high level of
concentration to attempt, meaning that the WEAPON still needs its TECHNICIAN in order to be truly useful in battle.

Soul Resonance and bonding should be complete by now, and the pair should be working like a well-oiled team.
(Maybe with a few occasional kinks..)


- ??
Congratulations! This is the supersecretfinalstage. The WEAPON will have become a fully fledged
Death Sycthe, capable of mowing down all in its way! .. sort of. While extremely powerful and in full mastery
of all its powers, the pair must still be wary about dangerous Witches. Reaching this stage does not signify the end,
as there will be some rank 4 required missions and meta events. <3

User Image

Unlike the usual two lines of requirements that one must complete for pet growth (journal updates & RP), at SHIBUSEN we have three. These are - journal updates, regular RP sessions, & missions. The missions are another form of RP, but with a slight twist - dice are involved, and you'll have to RP battles! These missions will give you souls, which you'll need for WEAPON growth.
(note - not all missions give only one soul. As you hit higher ranks, some missions will give you much more.)


Alexis Laurent
User Image
There are 4 tiers of mission difficulties. You can only take on missions that are ranked the same as you are. (One, two, three, or four stars. Once you hit four stars you'll only be needed for special 4 star missions.) The amount of souls you'll receive from a successful mission will be listed, but that doesn't take into account any... "accidents" that may happen during the course of your mission.

The missions serve as shorter, prompt-based RP sessions to have your character develop and progress in "level", and of course to collect souls for growth.

The average One Star Rank mission will only require 2-3 posts from the player. In the end your success or failure will be based on statistics and chance (also known as a dice roll). For instance, a one star ranked mission would only have one dice roll at the end. You'll roll a 10 sided die - rolling 2-10 will mean mission success, and rolling a 1 will be a mission failure, though it is possible that a SHIBUSEN staff member might step in a help you (in the form of a chance to re-roll).

In more advanced missions there will be several times to roll, some more crucial than others. For a more in depth explanation on that see below. However, if more than one soul is available to be picked up from the mission, then you will have the chance of capturing a soul despite the mission failure.

More mission info can be found in the guild: here!


RANK 1 -> RANK 2
- journal set up (profiles, backgrounds, living details at least.)
- introductory journal post - this details how your WEAPON / TECHNICIAN pair met
- one soul
- two regular RPs
- journal summaries for each RP
(in this case it should be three, one for the mission and one for the intro RP)

RANK 2 -> RANK 3
- one meta-plot soul
- twenty souls total (regular & meta combined)
- ten regular RPs
- journal summaries for each RP/Mission
- three individual journal entries
- growth quest

RANK 3 -> RANK 4
- one witch soul
- three meta-plot souls
- one hundred souls total
- twenty regular RPs
- journal summaries for each RP/Mission
- ten individual journal entries
- growth quest

Meta-plot souls count as a single soul, however they can only be obtained during meta-plot events. Witches will also appear during these events, but if there are no rank 3 pairs or above participating, the witch will generally escape.

Additional information you may need on RP-age and the requirements can be found here.

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Jerard Phonne
Meet Shinigami's assistant, Jerard. This man essentially runs SHIBUSEN so that Shinigami-sama himself can stay in the background, and it is speculated that he lives in the school itself, rarely ever leaving Death City. He is in charge of all the administrative school duties, although he has delegated much of the Missions work to Alexis. Jerard is exceptionally brilliant, and while he seems to occaisionally show an absent-minded streak, there is very little that takes place in SHIBUSEN and Death City that he is unaware of. It is evident that he cares very much for the students in the school. To the dismay of the school's male student population, the latest SHIBUSEN newsletter poll ranks him as one of the most sighed-over bachelors in Death City.

It is generally believed that he is a TECHNICIAN (because his son, Lucien, is currently attending SHIBUSEN as a TECHNICIAN), but this is neither confirmed nor denied as Jerard very rarely discusses his personal life - and as far as anyone (except maybe Shinigami-sama) knows, has never had a partner. It is rumored that he has a long-time on and off WEAPON lover, but he has never been seen in bar Xen with a companion.

Alexis Laurent
Alexis (don't you dare call her Axie) runs the Missions department at Shibusen. The rare few whom she counts as friends call her Lexi. It is her duty to list, track, and record each mission that comes into and leaves Shibusen. She is very logical and organized, and her job as Missions Head suits her to a tee. Many have a hard time believing that Ashely and Alexis are twins despite their astonishing physical similarities, as their personalities are polar opposites - she has a detached, almost uncaring attitude, causing those who interact with her to often walk away confused as to whether or not she likes them. Despite this, she has had quite a few lovers admirers - most likely due to her striking looks (and well, as the male population of SHIBUSEN - and a few of the female population have noticed, her jaw-dropping body). To her immense annoyance (she would never stoop down to a petty emotion such as anger), she was labelled "the SHIBUSEN iceberg" in last year's end-of-semester school newsletter.

In WEAPON form, Alexis takes the form of a fire infused dual-bladed knife. She has no TECHNICIAN as she and her sister fulfilled the Death Scythe requirements by each using the other in Weapon form. Both are ranked as two of the most powerful Death Scythes in the world.

Ashley Laurent
While almost identical to her sister Alexis in looks, Ashley -- please call me Ashie! <3 -- is definitely nothing like her sister in personality. She shares her sister's reserve when it comes to things she considers personal - most likely due to the fact that they had only each other to rely on growing up - but other than that is almost always cheerful and optimistic. A little ditzy, with a very short attention span and a goldfish memory. The same newsletter that gave Alexis the label of "the iceberg" also voted Ashie as "the person most likely to forget her own name". Unlike her sister, Ashie has no particular role in the running of SHIBUSEN, though she occaisionally helps out with Missions by accompanying Weapon/Technician pairs. This often surprises students who are new to the school, as they tend to believe that she is another fellow student due to the immature way she acts.

Ashie's WEAPON form is an ice infused dual-bladed knife. Like her sister, she has no TECHNICIAN as they alternated between her using her sister as a WEAPON and vice versa in order to become Death Scythes, and have never wanted to be used by anyone else.

Arashi Kurotaki
Laid back and easygoing, he appeals to a lot of the students here at SHIBUSEN. With his relaxed manner and baby face, one could easily mistake him as a student rather than part of the school staff. Always seen carting around headphones around his neck and a violin case strapped to his back, he is a musician who likes all genres. The kind of guy who will listen to anyone's and everyone's problems without interruption (so long as you can get his attention while he's listening to his music), he knows a lot of the things that go around the school. Despite the careless image he gives off, Arashi can get serious too and is something to be feared when angered.

He is a WEAPON with the form of a water-infused trident and after achieving the Death Scythe requirements no longer has a TECHNICIAN. At the moment, he works for Alexis, helping pairs with their missions.

Michael Michael-Smith
Yes really. It was a fluke of adoption with his new parents respecting the name choice of his birth parents. A quiet and serious man who seems to define the word 'workaholic', Michael can either always be found on the job, or in the gym, training for the job. A man who is just not into women, alcohol or violence (kishin and missions apparently, do not count) he was labelled 'priest sama' simply because of his lack of interest in the standard vices. Michael works under Alexis and assists in missions for technicians and weapons, as well as turns a blind eye towards the 'love sick puppies' that keep coming up with excuses to turn up to the Missions department. Being so linear, Michael is almost always seen in monochromatic clothing: and has a private fear of fashion.

Michael's WEAPON form is an earth infused rifle. Having fulfilled the Death Scythe requirement he has no TECHNICIAN.

Hanzel Meyer
Hanzel is the type of man that just can't get it together. Good-looking in a scruffy way and charming when he wants to be, he nevertheless goes through lovers like underwear because he's not commitment material. He's essentially a big kid, the kind of guy who approaches adulthood but never quite gets there. Always smiling, rarely serious, Hanzel is also a diagnosed narcoleptic, and spends much of the day asleep, or falling asleep. He has the habit of doing so at the most inappropriate moments (missions, bathtub, mid-conversation - the list goes on). To top it off, he's hopelessly forgetful and loses track of things easily, particularly dates and his train of thought. It makes for horrible paperwork, and Alexis is always getting on his case.

Because the gods love irony, Hanzel takes the form of a lightning-infused taser. As a Death Scythe, he no longer has a TECHNICIAN.


Lucien Phonne
Just in case you missed it, Lucien is Jerard's kid, studying in SHIBUSEN as a TECHNICIAN. Sleek and charismatic, he can charm anyone and is one of the most popular students at SHIBUSEN. While he is friendly, there always seems to be a slight aura of absolute control and seriousness to him, though most just think it adds to his attractiveness. In fact, Lucien has been ranked as the "person most able to seduce a tree" for the past three school gossip newsletters. Don't let all this fool you, though. Lucien is one manipulative SOB - you'll think you're his best friend... right up until he screws you over. You might even thank him for it, thinking he's doing you a favor. Like his father, he keeps his secrets close - nobody knows who his mother is, and really, even if you're dying to know, don't ask. You may find out, you may not, but you definitely will die.

Lucien is paired with his roommate, the WEAPON Z. The fact that Lucien is Jerard's son occaisionally puts a lot of pressure on the WEAPON/TECHNICIAN pair to do well in all the missions they participate in, but neither of them are particularly bothered by it. Together, they run the illegal SHOP that operates out of classroom #7.

Z. Kimura
This has to be said first - Z's WEAPON form is wind infused razor wire. In keeping with his WEAPON form, Z is just a little bit crazy and over the top. He dances right on the edge - and the sharper the edge is, the better. A complete thrill-seeker; he'll purposely do things that make situations more dangerous, just for fun. He has the sort of devil-may-care attitude that reeks of bad-a**, and the wild glint in his eye tends to scare people. Unexpectedly, Z's actually quite an honest person, and will most often tell you exactly what he thinks, though he enjoys it a lot more when it's something he knows you didn't want to hear. It is not at all surprising that he has been awarded the title of "most likely to eat a ticking bomb" in every newsletter starting from the semester he enrolled into SHIBUSEN.

Z's TECHNICIAN is Lucien, Jerard's son. It is indeed an odd pairing, and nobody quite understands how and why they picked each other, but one can never completely predict how personalities will work together. It is uncertain whether or not Jerard is aware of the illegal SHOP that they run in classroom #7, but if he knows, he hasn't shown any indication of it. (SHIBUSEN rumors say that you can maybe .. maybe .. get the oh-so-elusive black blood from the shop, but there isn't a single person that can confirm it either way.)

User Image
you never know what you may find...

User Image

User Image

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OCTOBER 31ST, 2009
For a very long time there has been a newsletter that has circulated school...
Well, it's been held in classroom #7, but the contents had certainly circulated school.
Filled with up to date gossip on staff, students and anyone else who might be juicy enough to take a stab at, no one knows who the author behind this mysterious newsletter is!
A new issue has arrived, and a copy of it can be found in classroom #7.

OCTOBER 21ST, 2009
Turns out, the invitation was for a Halloween Party at one of the hottest clubs in Death City!
The fun has begun here, but... doesn't it all seem a little, well, strange to you?
(note: This is SHIBUSEN's first ever META event! Stay tuned~)

It's nearly Halloween, and rumors of a SHIBUSEN party are rampant.
WEAPON/TECH pairs find themselves in possession of a mysterious invitation!
What next?

User Image


NOV 18, 2009 - CUSTOMS
Custom Slot Event Over!

Thank you for everyone who entered! All the entries were good, and it was rather difficult to choose.
To those of you who didn't make it - I'm sorry, but due to time/RL limitations,
I could only open one slot this time 'round. Feel free to stick around, and chat -
- there will be plenty of other opportunities later on, too!

- WEAPONS will almost always be semi-custom to full custom, unless they are done by guest artists.
- in FLATSALES, the gender & weapon will be pre-picked. you will be able to chose your WEAPON's basic appearance & clothing style.
- in AUCTIONS / RAFFLES, the weapon will usually be preset, but you can pick everything else.
- in CUSTOM SLOTS, you can (quite obviously) customize everything. please note that the weapon idea must still be approved by tox/kaith!


1 - kanove -
2 - closed -


- flatsales will be 20k
- customs will be 500k
- bribes ... well. toss the mule a PM.

(one requirement for customs/bribes is that you have created a quest thread. we'd like to see the ideas you've got for the WEAPON/TECHNICIAN, and it just shows you've put a decent amount of thought into it <3 )

User Image

To start.. what is a WEAPON? and a TECHNICIAN?
- In B/C terms, a WEAPON - your pet. TECHNICIAN - the "guardian".

What makes a WEAPON a WEAPON and not a normal human?
- WEAPONS have magic blood in them that is generally inherited. This allows them to change forms from their usual human shape to a WEAPON that can only be wielded by their TECHNICIAN.

How come TECHNICIANS are the only ones who can wield WEAPONS?
- Each WEAPON and TECHNICIAN has a 'wavelength' - aura, if you will. These must match up together in order for them to be able to pair up. This is why both your guardian and your pet will have to be equally developed.

So who do I RP with?
- You can RP from both the WEAPON or the TECHNICIAN's point of views. This is entirely up to you, however we do recommend that you try to use both.

How do I get a pet?
- Check the availability post for current events and/or open customs slots.

SHIBUSEN sounds like a familiar name...
- Yes, we based the shop off of Square Enix' Soul Eater, re-creating it to make the shop.

Is the lineart always the same?
- Hellll no! Every stage is unique.

How many of these can we own?
- you can own up to two Weapon/Technician pairs at any one time. you may not have two Weapons from flatsales, but you can have two from any combination of raffles, customs, and auctions (or special events).

Can we co-own?
- As these are quite RP intensive, the answer is no. Sorry!

Will they grow if i'm inactive?
- No. A very big no. Not even customs will grow without shop activity - in fact, flatsale/raffle pets can and may be re-homed after 6 months of inactivity. Please PM the mule to let us know if you're dissappearing for a period of time!

Can I give my pet away?
- No. But if you don't want it anymore, we can always try and re-home it for you. However, you cannot do this yourself. Again, PM the mule.

I see elements..
- Weapons can have up to one element. This doesn't really affect the strength of your char for RP, it's more for concepts. There's two ways you can have a Weapon with an element - the weapon is actually an "item" with an element, such as a lantern, or the weapon is a true weapon imbued with an element (eg, "dagger with fire properties".). if you chose to have the latter, we need to see a really good explanation or post as to why and how your weapon got the element.

What falls under "bribe"?
- If slots are closed, and you'd like a custom, it is a bribe. Cosplays, twins, and other things that are more difficult would also fall under this category. Please PM the mule for more details.
(Also note that with twins, your growth requirements will be 1.5x everything!)

I'm confused.. @_@;
- If you have any questions, feel free to post in the thread, and we'll be happy to answer!

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please use one of the following link banners if you would like to affiliate with us!

User Image

User Image

if you'd like to do a link exchange, feel free to post in the shop thread or PM the mule with your shop info.
(200x40 image banners only - all others will be given text links instead!)

special mommy shop:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image
User Image User Image User Image
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Artemis' Glade
User Image
owner/artist: toxiin
original concept: Kaithala & toxiin
RP managers: Cosmoses, ikshiva, & Syusaki
P/T artist: Sora Icefreeze

SOUL EATER © Atsushi Okubo/Square Enix

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