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Welcome to Shaoilin Woods.

Here you will find stories of the animals and humans from the desolated land of Telk and the new world of Tolas. Shaoilin Woods is one of Gaia's longest running breedables shops, dating back to the early days of B/C itself. Although RP is not required, we strive to offer a detailed world in which to create complex plots and character interaction. We have shop-wide metaplots, regular events, and a friendly atmosphere where newbies and oldbies alike can chat and RP.

Animals currently available are wolves, bears, lynxes, deer, crows, foxes, and squirrels.

The Guild Owner's List Dropoffs
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20/8/2014: The schedule for reopening has been posted. You can find it here.

18/8/2014: We have updates about changes in shop information and rules. You can read them here.

9/8/2014: We are set to officially reopen September 1st! In the mean time, players should familiarize themselves with the new world, lore, and rules. This is also the time to ask questions in the thread, but please keep it civil. If for any reason you need to e-rage, please PM the mule or JadeEye!

While we await the reopening, we have several ongoing events!

Hundreds of forsaken wolves sat misfiled and unclaimed, haunting the sleep of the brave certist until she could stand it no more!

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So she colored some wolves, and she made a raffle. Please head over and help Bomba find where the lost wolves go.

We are soon to test a new system that gets players more involved with each other / helps newbies get the foot in their door of the shop. This will consist of mini-ORPs that are set up with a specific scenario. These will range from starting metaplots to just fun little extras to help promote interaction and relationships amongst characters. PM the mule if you would like to be added to the list, as these RPs will be invite only. This is 100% optional! You can see an example of what we mean here.

Those without any SW may still sign up and will be provided one to RP! Additionally, special characters will occasionally be given out through these events.

Sign-ups are open to oldbies and newbies alike!

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This is one of two contests (the other due to be held at a later date) that offers the opportunity for players to own one of the five original / native Tolas packs, and the only one that allows them to be almost completely customized. Click the picture to go! This event will run throughout August.

There is also a poll about shaman domains for opening day. You can find that here.

8/3/2014: The shop's front page has been updated, guild threads are in the process of being transferred, and the opening event is ongoing! You can read more about it here!
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The humans and animals of Shaoilin Woods once called Telk home. A volcanic eruption and the resulting backlash have made their beloved land uninhabitable. The rivers are clogged with ash. What prey has not been decimated is panicked, fleeing. Mud courses off what is left of the mountain in droves, and the once-white cap is dirtied and brown.

Man and beast alike were left with only one choice.

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Those lost in the aftermath of the eruption are countless, not only through death, but due to the chaos that followed. The living scattered, fleeing in any direction that seemed safer than the desolated landscape of Telk.

In doing so, many have found Tolas.

Tolas, like Telk, is home to numerous plant and animal species, as well as the peculiar two-leggers who make their settlements here. The natives are for the most part surprised to see these newcomers arriving in droves, and said newcomers are meant with mixed reactions ranging from curiosity and hospitality to hostility and even violence.

Tolas is a vast land, reaching from the arid desert to the shore of the sea. The societies formed within these borders are as varied as the terrain itself, yet most if not all of them seem to share a greater knowledge in regards to the mystical trees that empower seers and shamans.

The stories of Shaoilin Woods are now shared between those of Telk and those of Tolas — whether they like it or not.

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The New World - This thread provides detailed information on the astronomy of planet Avela and Tolas map geography, including elevation levels, ecosystems, and notable landmarks.

The Old World - This thread provides detailed information on the volcanic eruption that left Telk uninhabitable.

Languages of the New World - Wolves in Telk spoke exclusively Telkish. In Tolas, Telkish is known as Common, and the animals speak several languages depending on their region. This thread details those languages and the inspiration for them, and also includes details on naming New World wolves.

Seers, Shaman, and Trees - This thread details the only supernatural wolves in Shaoilin, the seers and the shamans, including how to obtain one.

Seasons of the New World - In Tolas, seasons somewhat correlate with our real world months, ensuring a dynamic environment for RP. For more information on this, please visit this thread.

Pack Information - Here you'll find detailed information on packs and other animal groups in Shaoilin Woods, including how to create your own.
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Wolves in Shaoilin have three stages: puppy, adolescent, and adult. On average, each stage lasts a period of four (4) months, but pets may grow faster at the discretion of the colorist. You can plan for your pet taking no longer than a maximum of five (5) months to grow.

The majority of wolves will be represented on gamma lines (pictured above) at adulthood; however, they are able to grow to alpha, beta, gamma, shaman, seer, vagabond, omega, or lone wolf lines provided they meet the proper IC and OOC requirements to do so.

Each of these lines (as well as the adolescent and puppy lines) come with your choice of four mood variations which help display the specific personality of your wolf. These are neutral (default), happy, timid, and angry.

For more information and to see all the ranks, moods, and stages, please see this thread.
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Despite their subordinate name, familiars in Tolas are not always allies to the wolves. Many function independently, with groups and story lines all their own.

Like wolves, familiars have the option of having a neutral, happy, timid, or angry variation to better reflect their personality. They have only two stages, baby (appropriately named based on species) and adult.

Familiar templates are currently being redone.
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Pets are obtained through auctions, flatsales, raffles, quests, giveaways, and RP events. These will be held in the thread or the events subforum. Additional rules will be announced at the time of the event in question, but here you will find a general idea of how each will function.


• Flatsales are 50K, to be paid within 24 hours of winning.
• Flatsales may or may not have hidden messages required to be posted with your entries, so be sure to read the rules each time.
• Flatsales occur sporadically, but will usually be announced a week in advance, give or take a few days.
• The most common types of flatsales are speed, flaffle, and RP flatsales.
- Speed: The host of the flatsale will generally post a 'GO!' post at a time announced in advance, after which customers post which wolf they'd like. First person to post wins.
- Flaffle: People will post for a ticket within a span of time announced in advanced. Tickets are free, and only the winners must pay the 50K fee.
- RP Flatsales: RP flatsales are more or less RP contests with a shorter duration. Entry is free; only the winners must pay the 50K fee.

• Raffle tickets are 1K a piece to be paid at the time of ordering.
• The number of tickets is usually unlimited, and additional wolves or familiars are often added after reaching a certain amount.

• Due to the current state of the economy, auction rules will vary, especially in regards to how to value items. Please be sure to read the rules at the time of said auction.
• Starting bids are 50K
• Auctions will never be for characters that are unobtainable through any other means, though occasionally may be held for characters that are rare.

• Customs will vary depending on the colorist. Please see this thread for detailed information.

• Breedings are usually held once a month. Detailed breeding information can be found in this thread.

RP Contests
• RP Contests are writing contests hosted by players or staff. Players do not need permission to host contests provided the wolves they're rehoming belong to them or are pups from their own breeding.
• The nature and rules of RP contests will vary case-by-case, so be sure to read them carefully before participating.

• Occasionally staff will provide random giveaways to thread-goers. These may include games (quote to win, image searches, etc.) or simply rewarding activity.
• Giveaways will occasionally be picked or raffled from quest threads. For more information, see this thread.
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.:OOC Rules:.

Read first, then ask.
Staff is very accommodating in answering your questions, but please make sure what you're looking for isn't already located somewhere on the front page. If you still can't find what you're looking for, feel free to ask in the main thread or here.

No begging or guilt trips.
Perseverance will more than likely pay off in obtaining a pet here. Manners go a long way.

Wolves exhibiting product logos, human-like clothing markings, detailed faces (whether human or animal) or text (unless highly stylized; ask if unsure) are no longer allowed.
If you own a wolf with the above markings, the wolf is still playable and can act as any other wolf in-game. They are 'grandfathered in' and will not be limited in any way, other than any offspring from them will not show markings like the above. You may request these wolves to be recolored.

Maintain a friendly thread.
Please try to keep the friendly and upbeat. Having a bad day or two is one thing, but constant negativity makes other players uncomfortable. Sensitive topics such as religion, politics, etc. are not banned for the time being, but if things get heated, change the subject. Also, be nice to newbies!

Do your best to avoid needless drama.
Please try to PM any problems with another player to staff via the Shaoilin mule. We will try to work with both parties to reach an agreement that everyone is happy with, when possible.

Remember both staff and customers are human.
If at any point a player feels targeted by staff, they are free to PM the mule in a constructive, polite manner. Likewise, please remember staff are people, and as such they have real lives and RPs of their own.

Remember the needs of the many.
Shaoilin Woods is a shop that tries to foster a community atmosphere by giving players a say in events, metas, and changes to the shop itself when possible. Keep in mind it is impossible for us to make everyone happy 100% of the time. Be courteous even if you don't always get your way.

Obey the ToS.
Thems the rules.

Please don't direct link.
Please save any and all certs and uncerts to your own server.

We reserve the right to add or edit rules at any time and for any reason.

.:IC and RP Rules:.

Do not godmode.
Do not godmode or take control of another person's character unless given permission by their player.

The animals of Shaoilin Woods do not have any supernatural powers unless they're a seer or a shaman.
For more information, please see this thread.

RPs containing violence, romance, etc. are allowed as long it doesn't violate the ToS (nothing NC-17, obviously).
If things start to toe the line, fade to black, yo.

If something in an RP is offensive to you but not violating the rules or ToS, simply don't read it.
For example, we will not ban homosexuality or homophobic characters because someone complains.

Puppies can only have childish crushes and adolescents cannot breed.
At most, pups should be like fangirling 6-year-olds over One Direction. Adolescents literally cannot breed, so don't plan for this or include it in any backstories.

Keep OOC and IC separate.
Always assume IC intent over OOC intent, and when in doubt, ask politely. Remember just because someone's character is mean, racist, sexist, etc. does not mean they are.

RP may take place in either the thread or the guild.
Thread RP may be genuine or OOC in nature (example: Fluffy: *grins at Bob*).

Wolves and familiars can understand each other.
They cannot understand humans, though may learn to recognize particular words same as, say, a pet dog.


Names should be sensible and preferably fit the setting.
Use common sense. Don't name your wolves things like Cancer, Rape, Sociopath, and so forth. Names meant to provoke arguments such as Barack Obama, George Bush, Jesus, Buddha, etc. are also not permitted.

Names should ideally fit into the new world setting, which covers multiple languages. For name ideas and inspiration, see this thread.

The following individuals are on probation, and may not obtain new pets for a specified amount of time. Reasons include (but are not limited to) consistent godmoding, disobeying rules, begging, etc.


The following individuals are not permitted to obtain any pets and are not welcomed in the thread. Reasons include (but are not limited to) causing drama, slander, etc.

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To be filled in. For now, please see this thread.
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If you would like to affiliate with us, please PM the shop mule 'Shaoilin' with a request. Please note only 200 x 40 banners are accepted.


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The Staff

JadeEye - Shop Owner and Colorist
Kaelyndra - Management and Colorist
Hopefolly - Management and Colorist
Dovaxy - Colorist
Bombazine - Certist


Original lineart (wolf and adult familiars) © to Reivan.
Updated templates (and mood edits) © to Kaelyndra.
Youth familiar lineart © hanyousblood and Shinzick of Teh.
Concept © JadeEye.
Banners © F a y t h - x
All wolf fanart is copyright to its creator; all characters are copyright to their creator.

Special Thanks

JadeEye - For being super awesome and dedicated to the shop for a bajillion years.
Dovaxy - Helping to catch up with recolors.
Bombazine - For being our certist, a task that rarely gets the praise it deserves.
Hopefolly - Tons of work in the guides / text portion of the shop.
Kaelyndra - For redoing all the lines 4 times each.
Shia bean - Proofreading and other drudge work when Hope's brain was melted.

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