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Welcome to Shaoilin Woods, one of gaia's longest lasting breedable wolf RPGs! Shaoilin wolves are low in the magical enhancement department and have plots that center on the RPers ideas. While RP is not required, it -is- the main purpose of these creatures and we fully encourage unique and complex storylines. Plots are mostly owner-driven so the only thing that can really limit you is your own imagination!

Interested? Keep reading to learn how to acquire one!

Feel free to drop a request to the guild if you currently own a wolf or a familiar. Keep in mind that, unless specified, wolves within the guild are already owned and are not for adoption or available for use for any reason.
Shaoilin Woods Guild v. 2.0
The Old Shaoilin Woods Guild Archive

Post 1-Directory and Introduction
Post 2-Announcements and Newsletter
Post 3-General Information
Post 4-Familiar Information
Post 5-Rules and Regulations
Post 6-Sale Information
Post 7-Pack Overview & Breedings
Post 8-Rankings
Post 9-Wolf Owner List
Post 10-Familiar Owner List
Post 11-FAQ
Post 12-Customs
Post 13-Pet Trades
Post 14-Affiliates
Post 15-Lists

::Quick Links::
Cert Drop-Off Thread
Missing on Parents List?
Breeding Raffle Thread
Jade's Request Thread
Demontainted's Request Thread
Alyosha's Request Thread
Uta's Request Thread Thread
JadeEye's Livestream
Demontainted's Ustream
Secret Santa Thread (inactive)
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::Recent News::

--March 4th, 2013--

Are you owed anything? (growth, breeding, etc) Please PM Jade with a detailed description!

--February 27th, 2013--

Looking to possibly reopen shop, so interested in getting some help to run things. I would ideally like to keep things as laid-back as possible so I don't get overwhelmed and so we can all have a good time. Looking for individuals interested in coloring (part-time or full-time) or any support staff. Feel free to PM the mule with information, i.e. what you'd like to do and samples if you want to color. smile

I would like to return the shop to less heavy lineart edits, which I think is part of the reason I got burnt out. Small trinkets are fine, but I will be limiting heavy lineart edits at this time.

Pack Information
Breeding Information

The rest of April and the entire month of May will be colorist choice custom month. The customs thread has been updated with information regarding this and is open for people to drop off their forms.

Customs Thread

On a bit of a sad note, InkHound (formerly known as Demontainted) will be leaving staff due to RL obligations. She has most of her work caught up as of now with the exception of 2 or 3 wolves, so we expect to not have any issues with her departure. Any concerns can be PMed to the mule and will be handled. We are sad to see her go and wish her well!

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the shop mule at any time so please, don't hesitate to PM if you have issues you want resolved.

::Tentative Monthly Schedule::

In hopes of creating something a little more predictable and easy to manage for our patrons, we have devised a sort of monthly event listing to help everyone know when they should expect events to occur. The schedule is up for modification should circumstances arise, but this is to be considered the new standard.

**NOTE** The scheduled events may not happen if colorists are on hiatus/unavailable for whatever reason. If we don't make an announcement about an event happening and it's only a day or two before the event should happen, then it's probably not going to, so please don't pester the staff about it.

Still being tweaked...
Breedings: 1st-4th of the month
Pack Activity Checks - 4th of every other month (March is next check)
Optional Wolf FS #1- 12th of each month
Rank Changes- 19th of each month
Optional Wolf FS #2 + Familiar FS- 26th of each month
Seer/Shaman rolls - 28th-30th of every other month (Next raffle TBA, pending questing of other chosen wolves)
Optional Gold customs - end of the month
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::About the Wolves::

Shaoilin Wolves are rather ordinary wolves with little difference from the common wolf that most know of. Their fur is not restricted to the earthy tones of the timber wolf nor the silvers and blacks of the grey wolf, however, yet their behavior and ways of life are pretty much the same. Their pelts can come in any color scheme and any markings imaginable. For the most part, these wolves are completely normal otherwise, lacking any sort of features such as wings, horns, or strong elemental power. Only a very select few have any sort of magic skill (Seers and Shamans).

Wolf pups without RPable parents are said to come from NPC parents and are said to have been abandoned/removed/alienated from the pup. It is up to the RPer to set the story as to why the pup has found itself alone and to build the character through RP. Once adult, the wolf can then associate itself strongly to a pack or take the path of a wanderer.

Wolves may or may not associate themselves with humans for any number of reasons.

::Other Animal Life::

The basic wildlife of Telk is no different from that of any Earth forest. There are prey animals such as squirrels, rodents, deer, birds, and reptiles in plentiful amounts. Other creatures such as bears, oppossums, foxes, and other forest-dwelling animals also exist. Certain animals have been found to have a high affinity for wolves for reasons unknown to the natives or even the wolves themselves. These animals, patterned and colored often as wildly as a Shaoilin Wolf themselves, are known as familiars.

Additional information on Telk and it's inhabitants can be found here.
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::General Information::

Familiars are, quite simply, the other species of animals that roam the woods that can be RPed by you. There are six main familiars that are adoptable at this time.

Familiars do not always bond with a wolf, even if they contact wolves on a daily basis. Familiars have the ability to talk to all wolves with a varying degree of fluency, meaning some wolves are better at hearing familiars than others. Seer wolves have the greatest ability to speak with familiars of all kinds with the greatest clarity. They can have any sort of personality imaginable and can be manipulated by the wolves in any manner (non-magical unless a seer or shaman).

::Familiar Species::

There are six main adoptable familiars available to the general public. They are Squirrels, Foxes, Deer, Crows, Bears, and Lynx. The only ones that have gender specific lineart are the deer, since males have antlers and does don't. They can be RPed in almost any manner you like.

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::General Rules::

1. No whining, fighting, flaming, or otherwise causing any sort of negative feelings in the thread. Disagreements are to be taken to PMs. Failure to heed this rule will result in immediate greylisting (offenders may be blacklisted depending on circumstances).
2. Artwork may be altered without question for the following reasons: Signature Art, Journal Banners, and references for the owner for SW-related business.
3. Do not PM about availability.
4. Staff members are to be treated as human beings. RL > Gaia
5. If you are missing certs, uncerted images, etc, please see the guild and put a request in to the proper thread.
6. Please save all artwork to your own server! Links are changed often so please do not direct-link.
7. Use common sense. Think how your actions will affect others...if you wouldn't be happy with the results if you were on the outside, then you probably shouldn't do it.
8. OOC conversation is welcome in the thread, but please use (( )) around those comments if there is an RP going on at the time. It isn't necessary any other time.
9.. As a precautionary measure, all large gold sums (1mil+) coming into the mule may be screened by a mod before acceptance as payment. If you are found to be sending us botted/faulty gold, you will be grey-listed, no exception (unless it's clear that you knowingly violated this rule).
10. Co-owning up to two people is permissible.
11. If you cannot pay for your wolf or familiar within 24hrs of winning it, then do not apply.

::RP Guidelines::

1. No god-moding is permitted at any time. A warning will be issued if staff is alerted to improper behavior and failure to stop will result in greylisting. If it continues to be a problem, the offending party will be banned from the guild.
2. Rp is meant to be a sort of story-telling. One line sentence responses do not make it easy for the other person(s) to respond to your character.
3. Romantic rps with pups is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN without exception. Adolescents are free to RP budding romances and fancies but they are not able to have pups until they reach full adult age.
4. Keep OOC conversation out of RP threads.
5. Wolves are not allowed to RP as having special powers unless they are seers or shamans.
6. Wolves and familiars can understand each other and can be RPed accordingly.
7. RP may take place either in the thread or in the guild.

::Flatsale Rules::

1. Do not post your entry until a GO post is posted. A flat sale only starts when this appears in the thread.
2. You may only try for a wolf or familiar for yourself in a prompt-based flatsale. If a speed sale is being held, it is up to the colorist to decide if gifting will be allowed.
3. Once you post your entry, DO NOT EDIT, even for RP response sales.
4. Entries recieved the same minute as my STOP will be accepted but none after. No exceptions unless gaia is being difficult. It is the staff's call if a sale needs to be extended.
5. All flat sale entries must contain the phrase "a lone wolf is a dead wolf" somewhere in the post. It can be at the bottom of your entry, at the top, or even in the middle of your entry. It must be there to prove you read the rules.
6. Those with wolves and/or familiars are free to participate in flat sales unless specified otherwise. It is encouraged, however, for current owners to let some new folk get in on the fun of RPing.

::Auction Rules::

1. Do not "plan" your bid in any shop threads. It's discouraging to others.
2. Bids are to have item prices included if you are using items and a final total at the bottom.
3. The auctions will run for varied amounts of time depending on who is holding it. Be sure to check for starting and ending times! Ending times may change depending on a colorist's schedule but we will do our best to not cut the bidding time down once the auction has started.
4. Make sure you CLEARLY state which wolf or familiar you are bidding on if there is more than one wolf being auctioned in a single thread.
5. Under NO circumstances may you edit your bidding posts unless you are quoting a past bid and adding more bidding items below it.
6. All bidders are responsible for knowing all the General Rules and Rping Rules. Failure to obey these rules will result in a warning and possible removal of your wolf or familiar with a refund that matches the price you paid. IE, if you pay with an AFK that was priced at 1 million, then had your wolf removed months later, we would not be responsible in paying the inflated price of an AFK.
7. All items, excluding store items, are taken at tektek.org prices. Shop items are taken at their sellback value

These rules are subject to modifications or additions as the staff sees fit.
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Flatsales can occur with different requirements, but the two main sales we do are RP-prompt sales or a speed sale.

Flat sales will be run by whatever staff member is available that day and time. Previews will be posted at some point during the day of the sale (and possibly beforehand, depending on the colorist)

::RP Prompt Sale::

In an RP Prompt sale, the go post will contain a RPing prompt, which you are to respond to in character going in any direction you choose. Any characters introduced in the prompt are free for you to use in your RP and are generally up to your imagination as to rank, gender, age, etc for storytelling purposes unless indicated otherwise. You will have a set amount of time after the go post to write an answer and submit it. You are not allowed to edit your post once you submit it because we will have begun reading entries immediately. Once the appropriate time has passed, we will post a stop post.

Entries posted on the minute of the stop post will be included in the judging but none afterward. Entries will be judged by available staff and in the event of a tie, we will bring in an impartial judge to help. Please be patient during judging.

The first place winner has first pick of the pups or familiars, followed by the second place person and so on. If you will not be present in the event of a win, please post a preference list before you leave.

::Example Prompt::
As night falls upon your home territory, a cry from a frantic wolf mother punctuates the silence of dusk. Upon returning to her den, she has discovered signs of a struggle, one of her pups is gone, and the scent of bear is heavy in the area. She approaches you, the alpha male of the pack, and pleads that you send out a search party to see if they can find the youngster alive. Odds are that the pup is not alive, night is quickly falling, and humans have been sighted in the territory last night. Going out to look could potentially put the search party in danger yet the mother before you is begging for your help. Several of the other wolves have been drawn to the scene by the scent of blood and are at your disposal, willing to do whatever you wish. What do you do?

The cost for both wolves and familiars for flat sale is 5k and must be paid within 24hrs, otherwise the next person in line will take your spot. You may not have a proxy or give the wolf away to someone else if you win.

::Speed Sale::

In this type of sale, a go post will go up and posters will have to post a preference for what wolf they want. You may only list one wolf per post. If your wolf is taken before you can post, you may post again with a new post, listing a new preference.

Some speed sales have special requirements, so please keep an eye on the thread before the sale for important information you might need to know.

You may have a proxy for this type of sale and you may give the wolf away if you choose.

::Raffle Information::

In order to be a bit more fair to those who aren't stellar RPers, we hold raffles. Make sure to read the raffle rules posted either here or in the raffle thread itself. Tickets are 100g apiece and are usually unlimited unless specified otherwise. Usually, more than one wolf or familiar will be available. Whoever has their number picked first gets first pick of the pups or familiars, the second picked person gets second pick, and so on. In most raffle cases, you may only win once. In the event of a person being chosen twice, a reroll with occur to choose a new winner.

::Auction Information::

These auctions can be for either random wolves/familiars or custom wolves/familiars. Anyone may bid in the auctions unless you are on the blacklist.

Donation/rares/uncommons/event items are allowed when taken at their lowest tektek.org price along with gold. Shop items must be listed at their sellback prices. When bidding, please add up the total of your bid to make it easier for both staff and other bidders to know how high you've gone.

There is no max number of items allowed but please be reasonable. If the trade requires more than two trades to complete, please ask the colorist if that's ok.
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::General Pack Overview::

A pack is a group of wolves (four or more) that have been bonded together in a sort of "family". This family usually does not require those involved to be related in any way; on the contrary, most have members with no blood relation to one another. These packs take on their own territory, which is a plot of land which the pack can roam freely. Within these packs, rankings are established.

Packs require work, but there are benefits. One benefit to having a pack is the fact you'll have other people to RP with. Another is the fact that breedings from pack couples have a better chance of surviving than those who are born from lone wolf breedings, which makes happy mommy and daddy wolves. Packs get their own sub-forum in the guild as well.

Further pack information, including creating information and application, can be found here

::Breeding Overview::

Shaoilin wolves are like any other wolf when it comes to breeding. They give live birth to a litter ranging from two to six pups in a den and these pups are completely dependent on their mother for a span of time after being born. Pups do not have an assigned rank but are almost equal in hierarchy with the Omega(s). Offspring will usually resemble their parents in coloration, but throw-back colors are also normal too...so don't be surprised if a black/grey and green pair of wolves produce a random red colored offspring.

Depending on the type of pack (or lack thereof), deaths can occurred, as that is how nature works. The odds of death dramatically decrease with increased stability in the pack, which is explained more in depth in the breeding guide.

We highly discourage inbreeding so PLEASE keep track of your blood lines. No brothers mating with sisters or mothers with sons...cousins are fine. We do not consider wolves being RPed by the same people to be siblings so you may breed two of your wolves together as long as they aren't direct relatives.

Wolf breeding spots are 15k (to be split between the RPers of the parents unless one person owns both) and are generally given away in a raffle.

More information about breedings can be found here.

Breeding Raffle Thread
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Established wolf packs have a ranking system to help maintain order and lessen conflict to prove dominance. Wolves must earn the position of shaman, seer, or alpha.


User Image
Note: The only gender-specific poses are male and female pup, adolescent, Gamma, and Beta.

More in-depth information on rank can be found here.
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The Parents List is located here.
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The Familiar Parents List is now located here.
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1. What does "God-Mode" mean?

It means to RP in a way that is "god-like" in the sense that your characters can't be hurt, can do all sorts of things it shouldn't be able to do, and are basically annoying as hell. God-moding also consists of RPing other people's characters without permission. Here's an example, using the character Reur:

Reur approaches the alpha wolf with a swaggering gait, head held high in a challenging air. He then dodges forward abruptly, grabs the alpha's foreleg in his jaws, and snaps the bone effortlessly, causing the alpha to cry out in pain and attempt to move away. Reur chuckle darkly and dodges the alpha's snapping jaws, moving gracefully to tear at the other wolf's unprotected shoulder.

This RP is BAD because 1) Reur seemily dodges everything without a scratch and 2) because Reur's player RPed a character that wasn't his.

2. The rules say that you cannot edit your post, does that include if you have any typos? Or if you've used the wrong word (For example, writing "theyre" instead of "They're" or "their"?) Or would it be strict or not allowed at all (an alternate could be... posting again saying the words you've noticed and want to fix that had recieved benefit of the rush)

Typos will be ignored for the most part. We're more worried about the quality of RP than complete nitpick of every error. Errors happen. We're trying to stay away from people who RP like "the wuff walks 2 teh river and then drinks sum water". I hope that that makes sense.

3. When one is set forth the rping prompt, if one has human bonding do you include humans in the post, or just the wolf that you wish to have? Also, do we just sorta write a "response" post such as what you would write if the prompt was another player posting, or would you write a "continuation" post, in which you just continue the story?

Basically you write a continuation of the story in RP format. Not like "I would do blah blah blah". More like "The alpha scans those assembled and takes a deep breath, taking a moment to think...." in nature. You can include a human bond if the post if you wish. There really are no right or wrong answers in what you RP in response.

4. How long do you want the responses to be? Usually threads have limits (such as two or three paragraphs) I find that my posts *tend* to get a bit longer, especially when it is a continuation of the story. Aaand if it is a continuation, how far ahead in the story do you want to go.

Ahh, I suppose I should specify. A good three to four paragraphs would be about what I'd want, around a half to 3/4 of a page in Word with 12 point Times New Roman font. You may go as far as time permits with the prompt. We're looking for how well you RP and respond to situtations.

5. Using your example...a response post would be something along the lines of.... responding to the mother, and dictating out orders for the clan, continuation would proceed to show how the search went (if it was to be created) any incidents that might have happened, and maybe even eventually finding the cub dead/alive, perhaps even further to say the reactions and what happened next sorta thing...

Basically, though there IS a time limit, so odds are you won't get that far. It's okay if the furthest you get is to dictating orders or what not. You don't have to complete the story.

6. I've seen these small versions of the Shaoilin certs in people's sigs.. Although they don't show off as much of my beautiful wolf(!), they seem to take up a lot less room. Where can i get one from?

We used to make mini-certs but due to the sheer size of the shop, we are unable to fulfill those requests. You may make your own, however!

7. I have a problem with so-and-so. What do I do?

Contact the staff and we will deal with it as quickly and with as little fuss as possible.

8. I have an idea for a plot but I'm not sure if it's workable.

PM us with it and we'll let you know! Plot creation is HIGHLY encouraged!

9. What do the Gen 1's, Gen 2's, etc have to do with breeding?

Absolutely nothing. We decided to do away with it because of inactivity amongst the earlier generations. The term 'generation' is now being used to help us remember when the wolf was colored. XD
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Customs are open!

::Custom Guidelines::
There have been some changes, so please read carefully before applying.

  • Colorist has the final say what category of edits a custom falls under and what they will and will not do for edits.
  • Edits requested may not, for any reason, be one considered magical, mystical, or otherwise something that would change the classification of full-blood canine to a mix of canine and another species. Examples are wings, Horns, spikes, or scales that are considered part of the wolf's body, hooves, double tails, forked tongues, talons, etc
  • Ghost wolves or 'undead' wolves are not permitted unless they are blood descended from previous ghost or undead wolves.
  • Customs are no longer permitted to have product logo on them. Designs based on products are fine, but text is not allowed as part of the design.
  • Humanoid-based cosplays are no longer allowable as they once were. Cosplays of this nature are now restricted to a base body color and markings that do not resemble clothing (bracelets and accessory look-a-like markings are permissible under the judgment of the colorist). Cosplay edits allowable are hair (within reason) and accessory items of an non-clothing nature (no pants, skirts, shirts, etc). The only 'clothing' items permissible are capes and cloaks, and only within reason.
  • Cosplays of real people are not allowed but cosplays of a character the person plays are.
  • No futuristic accessories are allowable. If it's something you would find in a Native American village or something you may find in a settling colony/ship, it should be no problem.
  • No human weaponry
  • Customs with markings/colors from another pet are allowed IF clearance is obtained by the colorist who did the original pet (and you did not do the design in the first place).
  • Seers and Shamans are NOT available in regular customs. Alphas are available only under the condition that they will be heading a pack immediately upon arrival and members of the pending pack have already RPed acceptance to create a pack. Please handle alpha requests BEFORE you actually apply for the custom by PMing the mule RP links of these acceptance RPs.
  • If you aren't sure of what your custom prices as, you may ask in PM to the colorist who you are seeking to do the work. ASK if you aren't sure on what is allowable for any edits.
  • Familiars are not able to have body edits. Small accessories are permissible upon colorist's decision.
  • Colorist may have additional rules depending on how they wish to sell their slots.
  • Other policies will be added as needed

    ::Guidelines of Cost::

    Wolf Prices:
    Basic :: No Edits
    Custom starting at adult stage: 300k
    Custom starting at teen stage: 350k
    Custom starting at pup stage: 400k

    Simple :: Minor Edits
    Custom starting at adult stage: 330k
    Custom starting at teen stage: 380k
    Custom starting at pup stage: 430k

    Moderate :: Medium Edits
    Custom starting at adult stage: 500k
    Custom starting at teen stage: 550k
    Custom starting at pup stage: 600k

    Substantial :: Heavy Edits
    Custom starting at adult stage: 1mil
    Custom starting at teen stage: 1.5mil
    Custom starting at pup stage: 2mil

    Familiar Prices:

    Custom starting at adult stage: 70k
    Custom starting at child stage: 100k

    ::Available Slots::

    Wolf Slots:
    Open HERE until god knows when

    Familiar Slots:

    ::How to Pay::

    Customs may be paid for using gold and items (pure gold is heavily preferred). We will take all items, excluding shop items, at their lowest tektek.org price. Shop items are taken at sellback. If you aren't sure of an item's worth, just ask! Trades go to the mule.

    ::Order Form::

    To order wolves, please use the following form:

    Name for wolf:
    Gender of wolf:
    Rank of wolf (if adult): (if a pup and you know the rank already, please add)

    Colors: (eyes, fur, pawpads, etc)
    Reference Pictures: (if applicable)

    To order familiars, please use the following form:

    Species of familiar:
    Name for familiar:
    Gender of familiar:
    Age of familiar (Child or Adult):

    Colors: (eyes, fur, pawpads, etc)
    Reference Pictures: (if applicable)

    ::Bribe Guidelines::

  • Anyone may submit a bribe to the mule at any time. If any colorist is able to do it, you will be expected to send the amount that you offered in a trade before work starts.
  • You MUST include an offer. Do not ask how much we want in exchange.
  • Bribe requests with lots of information give us a better idea of what exactly you want and if we are interested in your idea.
  • Bribes for individual colorists will open at random times, likely unannounced, so check back often if you want to go that route. Do not send a bribe request to the mule if no one has open bribe slots.

    ::Bribe Slots::

    Jade's bribe slots are closed currently UNLESS you have an item below to offer.
    Key items I am extremely interested in:
    -Titus the lion (WANTWANTWANT)
When inquiring about a trade, please be sure to specify as to who you are addressing in the subject line when PMing the mule~!

Jade is NOT taking Pet/Art Trades.

Jade takes pet trades whenever she's not too busy. Due to her limited time, she is now pretty picky as to what she wants to trade for. Here is a list of -preferred- pet trades. She LOVES white tiger pets, so odds are that's what she's going to ask for! If you believe your pet is a strong enough option that I will want to trade, then you can still send a PM. ^^;

-Menyhert Lions

DeMoNtAiNtEd is NOTOPEN for Pet/Art Trades!

DT is interested in pet trades, but is a somewhat finicky person. Things DT likes are dark-colored pets with unique edits. At the moment, DT does not have the time for RP-Required (Or RP intense) pets, so please keep that in mind If you're interested in a pet trade. If you don't run or work in a shop, you can always offer your skills as an artist; but when offering your art, please include some samples of your skills when doing so. Currently DT is after OC art of female and male humanoid characters (For more info, see here.)

Below is a list of auto-accepts that only need to discuss terms before getting down to the coloring business regardless of whether or not I'm open for trades. >D

- ElderSpark (adult Dadreeni pala by Nerpin or Natsube, an adult Dranali, and/or male Ursari)
- Kitsuagi (adult angelic theme: galaxy/universe & adult nightmare theme: hellfire/cerberus)
- Quality Art
User Image

We are taking affiliates on and off, strictly through Jade's decision.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image
User Image
Link to us:

User Image

User Image

Requests for affiliation must be PMed. Thank you.
User Image

::The Staff List::

JadeEye - Shop Owner
DeMoNtAiNtEd/InkHound - Colorist
Alyosha - Familiar Colorist
Uta - Breeder & Colorist
~X~Brown_Wolf~X~ - Parent List Updater

::The Grey/Black List::

Death Resurrected - Harassment *Blacklisted*
Captain Wolfe + any associated mules - Art/concept Theft *blacklisted*

Original Lineart (wolf and adult familiars) is (c) to Reivan
Baby familiar line is (c) to hanyousblood and Shinzick of Teh
Concept is (c) to JadeEye
All wolf art is (c) to the respective artist, the characters (c) to the owners
Shop Banners were created by Ary Keeyara <3

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