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(( :flops over: ))
((*zooms in* NEW THREAD OMGZ!!1!one!

... Ahem. XD; Sorry bout that. *snuggs new thread* x3))
((*flops in*))
((*flops on* :O ))
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((*clings to new thread*))
((*is floped on* =O *goes to write up a RP reply for Nienna when she gets on*))
(( ninja ))
Vitus pushed his nose to the wind, yes it was a rabbit. And it seemed to be the same one that he had been chasing after before. "Thus wuy." he uttered and began to walk off in the direction of the rabbit. He was however walking quite slowly as to not let Whisper walk to fast and hurt herself. His claws shuffled across the rocks with small clinks as he swished his tail back and forth. "It shouldn't be tuu fur." he gave a smile towards the female.
((*sniffs at that "new thread smell*))
[] Haku: o_O;; - Digs in the 'new thread dirt'.- []
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((-snuggles kou- merf there's a lot of flopping going on around here. xd ))
[] - Licks, then flops for the hell of it.- ^^;; []
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((-does not flop- wink whats up? how are you? -dances around-))
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((*curls up in a corner before having to go offline* Yay, I can almost afford a pair of butterfly wings in non-quest cash!))
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((my friend quit Gaia. I have the most gold i've ever had right now. biggrin

*Stalks about the thread.*))

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