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Welcome to Shakita Inu!

A place where Shibas and Japanese Spitz are free to live and roam within our fences and housing center, until they find their "forever" home.
..Or manage to find a hole in one of our fences because our workers are too lazy to patch it up. Whichever comes first.

Why only the Shibas and Spitz? Cause those where the first two dogs that came to mind, so get over it!


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        June 2, 2014 // Hey guys! Just letting you know that I (Kaeleigh/Oneeko) am back and working on re-vamping the shop!
        Expect a relaunch sometime in the near future! Also, if you have any work owed to you, please see page 427 for a link to the owed work thread!
        Hopefully I can get your pups caught up!

        April 27, 2013 // Hiring is open again! Click here to apply! Also, Advertising Contest in the hiring thread!
        November 29, 2012 // Kaehleigh & Lollers have their customs open in the guild!! Make sure to scroll down a few posts and head to their kennels!
        Also, Lollers has a game for additional customs, on page 395! It's only going on for one more day!! So don't forget to get those forms in!

        November 12, 2012 // I'd like to give a warm welcome to our last Part-Time Colorist, Knora. She is a close, personal friend of Oneeko, and also a wonderful colorist! With that said, hiring will now be closed (at least for now).
        Lastly, our very own Lollers is holding her first flatsale TONIGHT at 7pm CST. You can preview her pups on page 2.

        November 7, 2012 // Welcome to our newest staff members! Pinkdog will be taking control of our owners list! LOLTERNATIVE and Lollipop x L u x u r y will be joining the crew as our two newest colorists!! Lets give them all a big round of applause and welcome them with open arms!
        We are still technically hiring 2-3 part time colorists as well, so keep those apps coming!

        November 4, 2012 // Everyone give a warm welcome to our newest full time colorist!! Sarei Stargazer!! We are so glad to have you on the team! May you make many wonderful pups!
        November 1, 2012 // Greetings everyone!! I'd like to give you all some WONDERFUL news! Shakita Inu is coming back to life!! With the help of our old friend, Oneeko. She will be taking over the shop, so to speak. Our beloved Mangshra, will still be captain of this place, but for the time being she is allowing Oneeko to help revive and manage the shop! Expect to see some great things soon!
        September 28, 2011 // Rainbow Event started on the second page!
        May 14, 2011 // New thread is FINALLY open! SUPRISE! If you look on page 2 we have a raffle and game set up. ALSO.....don't forget that we are still HIRING. Get your butts to the hiring thread and apply!!! D:
        May 07, 2011 // Revamping the shop! It's time for Shakita Inu to live again!
        April 10, 2011 // Posts reserved! Now to set things up!
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It would be GREATLY APPRECIATED if everyone could please read over, and follow our shop rules!

        Any form of begging and whining will not be tolerate in this thread. You will be warned the first time around, but after that you will be punished.
        Any form of harassing and flaming will not be tolerated.
        Stick to the Gaia Terms of Service.
        Keep things in thread PG-13!
        Clip your quotes!
        No page stretching, vertically or horizontally. Its annoying.
        Please cut your post styles! Some people have slow internet, and other times they just look annoying! A few works and small images are okay, but nothing fancy or over the top.
        Be respectful to your fellow owners!
        Use your brain! If something happens, do not try to go too far in to resolving it yourself, find a staff member!
        Keep your drama out the door, or we will pack it all up for you and throw you and it out the door.
        Do not try to discourage others from bidding or participating in any event.
        Remember all payments are due with in 24hrs.
        No bugging owners to give them their pups. If you do, I will ban you.
        Staff ALWAYS has final say in everything. Please be respectful towards them and heed their warnings.
        Do not pm or IM any of the staff about any shop related things unless advised to. WE MEAN IT!
        Remember, if you act like a child or disrespectful, you will be treated as needed. <3
        Always remember, not obvious advertising is allowed here. This includes telling people to go somewhere, telling people you are advertising for a contest, posting of links when no one asked for it, ect.
        Rules are subject to change.
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New story coming soon!
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Shiba Inus are not only a dog with a fluffy teddy bear like appearance crossed with that of a muscle packed stud,
they are a dog who knows they look good and hold it with great pride in mind.
However, a big head can only get bigger with a Kingly "MINE" complex in hand,
and your hand will be bitten off if you try and take away what is theirs if they aren't ready to give it up.
Though, with good coaxing and training, that problem could be avoided,
especially if your Shiba doesn't have that kind of complex in the first place.
Also, keep in mind this dog has a strong prey drive on him, so keep him fenced and leashed.

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The Japanese Spitz is a dog full of endless amounts of energy, intelligence, and bounds of high spirits.
This dog may be small, but it is jam packed full of courage and great devotion towards its owner[s],
which makes them an excellent watch dog. Though they have the courage to be a watch dog,
they would prefer just to be an ordinary companion dog and a loving member of any household.
If you are a lazy person, then an active, playful, outdoors loving dog like a Japanese Spitz may not be for you~
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        So you have a pair that is ready to start a family do ya?
        Well then it looks like you are going to have to get your place ready for the task of taking care of some pups then, have fun with that!

        Before you make your decision you will need to know a few things about the task of getting puppies.

        To read up on said information please check this thread: Breeding Information
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        So you want a pet to your preference and liking, but you can't exactly find that perfect dog at our adoption sales huh?
        Well lucky for you our center has a pet search project that will go ahead and hunt down that pefect dog, for a price that is.

        Each colorist may open up custom slots once a month, so be on the look out for those.
        To read up on how customs work please check this thread: Customs Information


        KaehleighBreeding / Custom Kennel [ C L O S E D ]
        Lollipop x L u x u r yBreeding / Custom Kennel [ C L O S E D ]
        LOLTERNATIVEBreeding Kennel // Custom Kennel
        [ C L O S E D ]
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        Q: How do I get a Dog from the shop?
        A: You can obtain a pet through sale, games and customs.

        Q: How much do they cost?
        A: It depends on how you plan to obtain one. Please read the rest of the thread for information.

        Q: Can I have one right now?
        A: Haha, no...

        Q: What is the growth pattern?
        A: This is an AVERAGE. It can take a bit shorter or longer depending.
        Newborn - Puppy: 1 Week.
        Puppy - Adult: 2 Weeks.

        Q: Can my pet talk to me?
        A: If you are high or crazy. No no, yeah, you CAN have them speak human.

        Q: Do you guys do bribes and pet trades?
        A: Yes. Please check each colorists' custom and breeding thread for information.


        Q: Are these pets RP required?
        A: No, but RP has its perks.

        Q: Can I RP myself along with my dog or another persons?
        A: Sure, go right ahead.

        Q: Can I RP other pets in the thread?
        A: Sorry, no can do!

        Q: What is the setting of the shop?
        A: A city of course. Surrounding the city are some neighborhoods, forests, a park and a mountainous area to the far east and a beach to the far west.


        Q: When can my dog breed?
        A: Your dog can breed upon one month of being an adult. For pets given away as adults that means one month of being in the shop.

        Q: How many babies do they have?
        A: 2 to 6.

        Q: How many may I keep?
        A: Each owner may keep 1 to 2 babies from each litter.

        Q: Can I sell the rest of the babies?
        A: No, they must be given away in a FREE event. Any gold involved will have you blacklisted from the shop.

        Q: When can my dog find love?
        A: Adulthood. No teen love making please~
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We would greatly appreciate it, if you added our link to your shop! ♥

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Want to affiliate with us? Then go ahead and PM your banner to the mule with a request and we will add your link ASAP. ♥

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        Kaehleigh (Oneeko) // Shop Owner and Colorist
        Knora // Co-Owner and Colorist

        Hobo Pixi
        [ zeal ]
        Naked Satan
        Dark Wolfs Moon
        Bayside Angel
        Lollipop x L u x u r y
        Sarei Stargazer
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Leikkun // The Lineart, Templates, Cert and Old Graphics. ♥
Knora // CYO Plush ♥
Ririka // Former shop owner, and generally awesome person. ♥
Mangshra // Former shop owner, and beloved keeper of shinies! ♥
Colorists // Pets are all credited to their respected colorist.

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