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I admit I was curious to see if I could get to 1000 words' worth of short posts before anyone rolled a cub's numbers. XD Typed up something proper now!

Oh yeah, an uncert for you xd
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When Tryphena get's to adol she can leave her mom and join up with a pride. So I'll keep it in mind until then! <33 But I honestly don't see a reason why she couldn't/shouldn't. Hahaha.

Oh! She's also infertile. C: If you want to RP with her I'm more then willing to toss her at Kuu!
Mani and 'Jack Frost' are so pretty. O u O
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Awesome~ :>

Kuu would get a kick out of seeing another hybrid, let alone an adorable cubby.

Mani was my first SoA ever, and t'was a gift.
Jack!Frost I fought tooth-and-nail for in a Gaian Item themed Auction.
I have yet to breed him.
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-rolls on Schick-
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Guys, should I just... Raffle the page+post for the last two at this point? xd Those two refuse to be found! lol
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Either way. I was kinda having fun with my non-shop boy, just being a little snot, but it has no meaning for the shop or the rp really, lol. I joined in cause y'all were having trouble, and I thought maybe another player might help. I'm good whatever you choose!
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Yes. My poor little mouse... he says he's gonna have a heart attack! XD *giggle*
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*drops back in after class* drawing classmates is awkwaaard 8D
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@Schicksalswende Alright! I'll go set something up for us now and quote you here.

Well they are both beautiful. XD If you were looking for stuff for them I have Bandele and Ammon.
I also have: Dingergisbar, Hotaru'Mai and Erimentha.
yes please 3nodding

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