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((~hopes that she'll be able to keep Asa..if not, will stalk the shop again for another SoA~ Mmm new threadness. ~chews~))
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*runs around* xp
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*does a random dance of doom*
Do we still get to keep our store credit we got from the quest funds?
*Pops his head in again*
Do we still get to keep our store credit we got from the quest funds?

I think we still do. ^^ Or hopefully. whee
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(( Sorry for not being around much, loves. Gaia won't let me subscribe to this thread - says I'm already suscribed! O_O
But I'm not. *sob* ))
Mmmmerf. Can't subcribe. @.@ *adds to ego search*

*returns to UBER QUIET STALKER mode*
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Proud Striker

*readds to egosearch* >.>;
Sorry about my PM Saf. ._.
*waits for opening and SS's to be certed*
*tries to crawl out of her hole of inactiveness* ; _;
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  • V-Day 2011 Event 100
*lurks* surprised

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