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  • Intro : Basic and brief introduction to the shop you're currently viewing.
  • Navigation : An overview of where everything is.
  • Updates : Where to find the latest news and announcements.
  • Rules : The rules of the game.
  • Events : Spot for general events that usually encompass contests and seasonal events.
  • Shadow Fiends : Information about the RP game.
  • Shadow Fiends : More info about the game and its characters.
  • Twilight Designs : A small shop in which you can purchase trinkets and the like.
  • TD Owners' Lists : This one is obvious.
  • Shadow Sprites : A Fiend of sorts without the hassle of RP!
  • Reserved! : A secret future shop...?
  • The Hidden Realm : Information about the RP game.
  • The Hidden Realm : A place to buy your own elemental, pixie, or totem!
  • Links Out : Other shops we run, are affiliated with, or just happen to love!
  • Credits : Giving credit where credit is due.

Shop Descriptions
    Shadow Fiends : The SF world is where all the storylines come from and the RP breedable characters exist. Most everything concerning this little world is now contained within the guild (see link to the guild below!). It is possible to obtain a Shadow but sales will be rare if not nonexistant, and a contest for one would be more likely than a flatsale. Generally, a notice will be posted in the guild that we'll be needing another character or a warm body. If the current guardians can't help out, we will search out for talented writers who wouldn't mind being involved.

    Twilight Designs : This is the shop that exists ICly within the SF world, and is generally used as a HQ for the Fiends. It is run by Athan (the main NPC) and Reyna. On the surface it is a prosperous jewelry store, but hidden in the back room is where all the Shadows lurk. Story-line stuff aside, there are items and bejeweled creations for sale within the post in this thread that is reserved for Twlight Designs. Be sure to browse through the goods, you just might see something you like!

    The Hidden Realm : Just next door to Twilight Designs is another little shop. It sells strange elemental creatures, pixies, and interesting totem jewelry. The shop itself is run by a mysterious fae man by the name of Fionn and a fiery faerie named Aodh. They're both from The Hidden Realm, and there is actually a portal that leads to the world within their shop, but outsiders are not allowed to pass through. The True Name of their world has even been forgotten to keep it safe and is only referred to as the Hidden Realm, or the Hidden Rim, and other such similar names.
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|| 01/31/06 ||
We're starting off the new year with a lot of changes! All of which should prove to be interesting as it opens up a lot of oppurtunities for ALL kinds of STUFF. The layout is much different and.. uh.. yeah. Definately different. The current graphics, however, are temporary while Reyna busts her a** working on artwork. Also, there could potentially, maybe be a contest in the works for GUARDIANS. We're still thinking of stuff for lurkers, though, so be sure to be sure to pop into the thread and make your presence known, as we shan't bother with special sales and contests if no one is about. Also, everyone welcome quietsnooze to the crew, as dear QS is aboard to help with future projects which are in their beginning stages right here in this very thread!

|| Guild Announcements ||
Just as the thread has undergone drastic changes there also may (or may not) be changes to the guild as well, but Wren & Reyna are still working out the details and are plotting and stuff. Things are currently missing and/or out of place, but no worries! Everything will be back soon and shall be better than ever!

|| Newsletter ||
Want to be on the SF mailing list? Friend the user 'AthanShade' and you'll be added! Everyone that's on the mailing list will be alerted of sales before they are announced in the thread and occassionally will recieve special discounts on items and speciality things just for lurkers!
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  • Keep the drama to yourselves. If you have a problem with someone, the shop owners included, take it to PMs. The shop thread is not the place for such things and it will not be tolerated.

  • Do not steal the artwork. That means Reyna's and whoever elses that may be featured in the thread. Guardians are entitled to use shop images as they please for their journals and signatures, but otherwise, no stealing.

  • Serious roleplay should be done in the guild, but feel free to RP here in the thread as well. Lurkers may also join in unless it's been stated not to. Always be sure to ask before joining in to keep from interrupting any sort of plot that's going on.

  • All non-RP posts should be ((bracketed)) in some fashion.

  • Bumping is unnessecary in this thread. Chatting and conversation in general is greatly encouraged, though!

  • Don't stretch the page. If you want to exchange links with this shop PM the code and image to the shop account 'AthanShade.'

  • Avoid using l33t or netspeak when chatting. Or your soul shall be eaten.

  • Don't whine. In general and in reguards to everything. Whining will get you no where in this thread, dears.

  • Secrets are allowed to be kept by both Athan and Reyna. Besides, Athan is a pretty shady sort of guy. It's unlikely he'll reveal specific details to you unless he feels like it.

  • If you have a question reguarding this shop feel free to PM Reyna Crelos or post your question in the thread. Do make sure you've read everything on the front page to keep from asking something stupid.

  • Obey the shopowners. The shopowners be Reyna, Wren, and QS. Two of which collect souls for fun. So play nice, loves.

  • These rules are subject to modification.
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If we were to be having a special shop-wide event the specifics would be listed here. If time allows it, there could very well be a mystery egg hunt within the thread for Easter. Also, there is potentially a contest coming up for guardians!
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Shadow Fiends are creatures made entirely of darkness. They are what remains of souls who have been trapped within precious gems and stones primarily by a man named Doran. He was a man who fell in too deep within the darker arts of magic and in the long run lost what was left of his humanity. After that point he took to locking away anyone and everyone that crossed his path, both enemies, friends, and innocent bystanders.

Athan was Doran's childhood friend, and he is on a path to set things right by releasing all the Fiends he can. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the spells that are used the chances of a Shadow recognizing who they once were entirely is quite slim. They are simply 'shadows' of their former selves, and will never remember fully who they were. There are some, though, that manage to experience brief feelings or visions from their past, but sometimes the past is something better left alone -- not all of them were innocents, after all.

Being made of darkness, most Fiends are inclined to trickery and mischief. This is particularly so when they are children. Chaos surrounds them at all times, but this is not to say they're evil per se, but do expect quite a bit of trouble if you're (un)fortunate enough to become a Guardian.

If you'd like to read more about Shadow Fiends and what they are and the story behind them, please visit the guild.

(the link obviously isn't up yet! still working on stuffs)
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Current plots, featured artwork

Existing Fiends
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
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Status: NOT OPEN

The Shop

Twilight Designs is the store front for the Shadow Fiend HQ. The front room is the main part of the shop where everyday, normal business is conducted. It's a prosperous little shop and is located in Durem -- fitting for the upscale jewelry that they sell. In truth, the shop is merely a smokescreen for what's really going on behind the scenes.

Athan stores his gems here, including the 'special' kind, but those can only be accessed through a small portal located in the back room. The only people capable of opening this portal are Athan himself and Reyna (so don't even try to get to those stones!).

The back room is where the Shadows lurk and is always open for Guardians to hang out at. The lighting is dim to make the Fiends comfortable seeing as they aren't particularly fond of light. The decor is sparse, but plush. Also, the ceiling was painted by Reyna to look like the night sky and Athan spelled it to make it move and shift as though it were real. There is a door leading to the alleyway that can be accessed by Guardians, as well.

Ordering Instructions
    To order a limited or unlimited item, simply post that you want that item and total your order accordingly. Post all orders in THIS thread. All trades must be sent to Reyna Crelos. You will not recieve your item until you've sent the trade. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.

Mystery Eggs
    Mystery Eggs are limiteds that will be sold every month. There is not a limit on how many may be bought to give everyone a chance to have one. The one speculation is that at the end of the month when the egg has hatched, it will no longer be sold. At that point a new egg shall become available. Note: You must direct-link to the egg to be able to see it hatch. Also, if I get flooded with orders I very well may call an end to sales before the month is out to make sure I've enough time to change the certs.

    + Price: 300g with a limit of one per person, meaning you can only own one of each design available.

    Every item that hatches from the eggs and is sold in the store is unique in some way, it's just a matter of having it appraised to discover what those subtle differences are. How much an appraisel costs, depends upon how much you want to learn about your jewelry/beast/item. The information that you can potentially learn includes but is not limited to a legend, story, and/or history detailing what your item is, who forged it, and why it is known. This newfound knowledge will be accompanied by a larger image of your item (hand drawn and cg colored) and potentially even rough sketches noting different details.

    + Example: [link to appraisel text] [link to images]
    + Prices: Story Only: 1000g
    Story & Rough Sketches: 2500g
    Story, Rough Sketches, & Detailed Image: 3500g
    Everything Customized to What You Want Exactly: 10k
Work List
When ordering an appraisel, please post your interest in one in the thread and send the trade for the correct amount. If it is a custom, please PM Reyna BEFORE sending your trade so details can be discussed.
  1. [not open]
  2. [not open]

Unlimited Items
    Nothing to see just yet!
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Buying a gift for someone? Use Ctrl+F to find them to make sure they don't have that item already.

Mystery Eggs
Owners for February

no one

no one
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Status: flatsale soonish!

What are they?
    Sprites are very similar to Fiends in that they have the same general appearance. The main difference between them is that Sprites are much smaller physically (no more than about a six inches in height), and they are not trapped souls within gems. They are remnants of memories, thoughts, and emotions left over from the previous owner of the piece of jewelry or gem.

How can I get one?
    You can get one via a flatsale. They're on a first come first serve basis. I will announce when some stones are available and whoever asks for one first gets it. Customs are available via auction.

Sale Rules
  • You can only buy one Sprite at a time. This is so other people have a chance to get one, too.
  • You may not buy another Sprite until your first one has fully grown.
  • When a stone becomes available you must post which you want in the thread.
  • Don't edit your posts to get a Sprite. That's not fair, yo.
  • Don't whine about not getting one! There will be a chance for everyone to get one. Trust me.
  • The price is set at 5k for a stone. You won't recieve anything until I get the gold, so.. make sure you have enough.
  • If you want to watch your Sprite grow, I'd reccommend direct-linking to it somewhere, whether it be your sig or your journal. Otherwise you might miss out on a stage! Once they're fully grown though, you must host the image yourself.

    The old lineart for the Sprites has been trashed. All the new Sprites have unique lineart for all three stages. They start out as either a loose gem or a piece of jewelry, the gem takes on an odd glow and tendrils of darkness appear, and finally the Sprite emerges into it's final form. They all have the appearence of child Fiends and are actually genderless. Breeding and evolution stages in the future, however, may very well determine gender.

Flatsale soonish!

Owners List
0. Athan - Lapis Lazuli
1. Tia Graftina - Kanchanaburi Sapphire
2. Ithiltari - Spessertite
3. Raife - custom
4. Iris_virus - custom
5. Jazzmo13 -
Red Tigers Eye
6. DivineSaturn - Raspberry Garnet
7. Kipestshin - Rutilated Quartz
8. Neko Girl - Watermelon Tourmaline
.... the nightmare begins ....
Summer 2006
[The Hidden Realm]
It's a world long forgotten. A final sanctuary.
[information TBA]
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Shadow Fiends, Shadow Sprites, Twilight Designs, & The Hidden Realm are all © Reyna Crelos & azuredreams 2004-2006.
All artwork featured on this page and the layout design is copyright © Reyna Crelos.
Do not steal or reproduce anything on this page without explicit permission from the artist first!

Journal concept is copyright © Anya! XD 2004-2006.

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