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Should We Remove The Baby Stage?

No, I love all 4 stages! 0.55263157894737 55.3% [ 21 ]
Yes, it would allow for more breedings and flatsales! 0.31578947368421 31.6% [ 12 ]
Undecided 0.13157894736842 13.2% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 38 ]
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[4] Rules
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[6] Growth Stages
[7] FAQ
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Sea Life To Do List:
[1] More Accessories
[2] Christmas Items
[3] ????? Suggestions ?????

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[1] Follow all of Gaia's TOS.
[2] Do not steal any images that are on my thread.
[3] Do not Spam.
[4] Do not fight, beg or whine.
[5] Do not quote anything from the first page.
[6] Post all orders.
[7] You must send trade after you have posted.
[8] Absolutely no advertising! You can, however, mail me and ask to be affiliates.
[9] I reserve the right to add a rule without notification.

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[1] 1 egg per customer.
[2] When the time of the flatsale comes around you may post your order. You DO NOT have to wait for me to post "Go."
[3] First come, First Serve.
[4] Add your total, if not then I won't count you as someone who does want an egg.
[5] Make sure you can pay me. Don't spend something you don't have.
[6] No Reserving Eggs.
[7] Don't Edit your post, that's cheating which is also a Don't. You can repost your order though.
[8] Wait til' I confirm who has which egg before sending trade.

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[1] No Sniping. An extra 20 min. will be added.
[2] Once Auction ends, it ends.

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Coming Soon.

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There once lived a mermaid, a child of the sea
Who was charming and lovely and sweet as can be
She splashed through the waves as they rose and they fell
But somehow, it seemed, that all was not well

"I'm lonely," she murmured, to clams who would listen
While she put on her treasures that sparkled and glistened
"I need someone cuddly, and helpful, and kind"
She thought to herself as she made up her mind

"With long arms for hugging, a sweet smile for me"
And she ran through a list of the creatures she'd see
"A merman won't do, I just want a friend."
She sighed, shook her head, and then tried again

"A crab is too cranky, an oyster too rude,
And I've never liked eels and their haughty attitude
A dolphin is silly, and sharks are unlucky
And there's no way in hell I'd be seen with a guppy"

She wracked her brain further, trying hard to decide
What friend would be true, in whom she could confide
"I've got it!" She laughed, the sound bubbling out
Her joy was infectious as she twirled all about

The mermaid was thankful, she breathed out a sigh
When she found a group of cute octopi
"Will you be my companions?" She asked with a smile
"Play every day stay for a while?"

They looked at each other, their little eyes glowing
And one floated forward, its happiness showing
"Of course we will, mermaid of the sea!
Where you go, we'll go, one happy family!"

The octopi wriggled and giggled with joy
The mermaid gave them names and each a new toy
Together forever, she was never alone
With her octopus friends, she was finally home

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Egg: 3-7 days.
Baby: 3-7 days.
Teen: 5-10 days.
Adult: Forever!

Complete Sea Life pet:

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Q: Why are the images on your thread and the Pets blurry?
A: This has to do with Firefox and Gaia's caching system. View them on another browser and they should be crystal clear.

Q: How do I get a Sea Life pet?
A: You get a Sea Life Pet from either a Flatsale, Auctions Raffles or Special Events

Q: Who do I send payment to?
A: Cantphaseme, and no one else. This is the only account associated with this shop.

Q: May I chose the gender of my Sea Life pet?
A: No, the gender of your pet as it is already pre-decided. You however can purchase a Switch-A-Roo Potion and the gender will be switched.

Q: Can we be affiliates?
A: Of course! Just send me a message asking me to be affiliates. Also include the code to your banner.

Q: Can a friend and I co-own a Sea Life pet?
A: Yes

Q: Why has my Sea Life pet failed to grow?
A: Check with me to see if you have the updated link!

Q: How does my Sea Life pet get fed?
A: Your pet is self sustainable. You can however feed it special treats that will randomly show up in the thread. First one to quote the treat gets the treat.

Q: Why is the current flatsale only for people with no current pets?
A: This is to allow new owners to join our little family of octopi. Plus, more owners mean more options when breeding.

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[1] Each owner must go to Gullivar's Potions and purchase a Bottle of Love. Breeding potions cost 50k each and 2 potions (1 per owner) are required to breed. So a total of 100k to breed.
[2] There will be anywhere from 2-4 eggs.
[3] Each owner can select 1 egg and the remainder will be put up for a raffle/auction/flatsale.
[4] Breeding takes between 3-10 days to complete.
[5] PG-13 Role playing is encouraged and may speed up the process.
[6] As there are only 2 breeding tanks only 1 pet per owner may breed at a time.
[7] There is a 1 month cool down time for each pet. Therefore a pet may only breed once a month.
[8] When breeding is complete owners will roll 1 six sided die and the owner to roll the highest number will get first pick.

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Percentage Complete: 45%

Owner 1: Countess Kinoko
Pet: Banshee

Owner 2: The Amazing Hick
Pet: Creeper

User Image
Percentage Complete: 35%

Owner 1: Aislingjuno
Pet: Bowie

Owner 2: daizy rae
Pet: Acacia

User Image
Percentage Complete: 35%

Owner 1: Missy Kun
Pet: Sparks

Owner 2: Yuri2476
Pet: Green Tea Mint

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Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, Black

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[A ] Grizzly Hat, Panda Hat, Froggy Hat, Mustache, Eye Patch, Monocle
[B ] Penguin Slippers, Seal Slippers, Chicky Slippers, Grunny Slippers, Bunny Slippers
[C ] Green Radio*, Orange Radio*, Blue Radio*, Purple Radio*, Dark Bear, Light Bear
[D ] Pink Ball*, Purple Ball*, Blue Ball*, Green Ball*, Yellow Ball*, Red Ball*, Bow Tie, Hair Bow
[E ] Purple Balloon*, Pink Balloon*, Blue Balloon*, Green Balloon*, Yellow Balloon*, Red Balloon*
[F ] Green/Orange Goggles, Red/Blue Goggles, Blue/Pink Goggles, Halo, Dark Halo, Devil Horns
[G ] Googly Glasses 1-12, Yellow/Green Magic Wand, Blue/Red Magic Wand*
[H ] Red Kite*, Orange Kite*, Green Kite*, Blue Kite*, Purple Kite*, Pink Kite*

* = Animated Item

Price: 1,ooog per item.

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* One Friend Per Pet *

[A ] Sal the pink shrimp, Oscar the blue shrimp, Jade the purple jelly fish, Dot the orange jelly fish, Blu the blue crab, Carl the red crab
[B ] Paulie the puffer fish, Binny the shark, Spike the silver urchin, Ursa the purple urchin, Bubbles the pink starfish, Sandy the orange starfish
[C ] Gus the yellow seahorse, Liddy the purple seahorse, Van the white seahorse, Thomas the turtle, Alan the angler fish, Wonda the whale
[D ] Ono the orca whale

Price: 7,ooog per pet.

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[A ] Sex Change Potion - 3o,ooog [Allows your pet to change sexes]In Stock: 1
[B ] Bottle of Love - 5o,ooog [Allows your pet to breed]In Stock: 4
[C ] Growing Potion - 3o,ooog [Allows your pet to grow to the next stage]In Stock: 10
[D ] Color Potion - 85,ooog [Allows your pet to change to a different random color]In Stock: 0
[E ] Color Shot - 10,ooog [Allows an owner to pick a color to be injected into their breeding.]In Stock: Unlimited

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Event(s) :


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[1] Male
[2] Male
[3] Female
[4] Male
[5] Female
[6] Female

Date: 11/21/13
Time: 10pm est (7pm pst)
Cost: 50k

These eggs only have 3 stages! (egg, teen, adult) I want to see how the shop runs minus this one stage for a month.

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Flatsale Order Form

[quote="I WANT A SEA LIFE PET"][size=9][color=#A86EDA]
[b] Egg #[/b]:
[b] Pet Name[/b]:
[b] Tank Color[/b]:
[b] Accessories[/b]:
[b] Total[/b]:

Item Order Form

[quote="I would like to buy an item"][size=9][color=#A86EDA]
[b] Pet Name[/b]:
[b] Accessory(s)[/b]:
[b] Total[/b]:

Potion Order Form

[quote="I would like to buy an item"][size=9][color=#A86EDA]
[b] Pet Name[/b]:
[b] Potion(s)[/b]:
[b] Total[/b]:

[b] Partner's name (If Breeding)[/b]:
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Owner----Pet Name----Sex----Stage----[Link]----Event---Order
[2]-Explosion-Array----Excelsior----M---Adult---[Link]---1st Flatsale---[pg.3]
[3]Erraticpants---Skava---F---Adult---[Link]---1st Flatsale---[pg.4]
[4]Yuri2476---Orel---M---Adult---[Link]---1st Flatsale---[pg.4]
[5]Vertagho---Ocha---F---Adult---[Link]---Ice Cream Event---[pg.10]
[6]Countess Kinoko---Jules---F---Adult---[Link]---Ice Cream Event---[pg.11]
[7]Yuri2476---T.N. Honey---F---Adult---[Link]---Ice Cream Event---[pg.11]
[8]Vertagho---Oswald---M---Adult---[Link]---Ice Cream Event---[pg.11]
[9]Yuri2476---Green Tea Mint---M---Adult---[Link]---Ice Cream Event---[pg.12]
[10]Regal Enemas---Reg. Octobottom---M---Adult---[Link]---Ice Cream Event---[pg.13]

[11]The Amazing Hick---Emocopogo---M---Adult---[Link]---[pg.21]
[13]Vertagho---Parfume Coeure---F---Adult---[Link]---[pg.22]
[15]Tellah Amna---Varle---M---Adult---[Link]---[pg.23]
[16]Sock Fiend---Octavious---M---Adult---[Link]---[pg.25]
[17]daizy rae---Pandora---F---Adult---[Link]---[pg.26]
[19]The Amazing Hick---Squilliam---M---Adult---[Link]---[pg.29]
[20]xXxEver rosexXx---Samuel---M---Adult---[Link]---[pg.30]

[21]Countess Kinoko---Billy---F---Adult---[Link]---[pg.33]
[23]Tellah Amna---Sasha---F---Adult---[Link]---[pg.33]
[25]Yuri2476---Creamy Puff---M---Adult---[Link]---[pg.38]
[26]Sock Fiend---Oscar---M---Adult---[Link]---[pg.42]
[27]daizy rae---Acacia---F---Adult---[Link]---[pg.44]
[29]xXxEver rosexXx---Sherbert---M---Adult---[Link]---[pg.44]

[31]Princess Shuurei---Echo---M---Adult---[Link]---[pg.46]
[36]Regal Enemas---Earl Grey---M---Adult---[Link]---[pg.48]
[37]Yuri2476---Lemon Pie---F---Adult---[Link]---[pg.51]
[38]Countess Kinoko---Verne---M---Adult---[Link]---[pg.51]
[39]Tellah Amna---Karo---M---Adult---[Link]---[pg.52]
[40]The Amazing Hick---Creeper---M---Adult---[Link]---Halloween Event---[pg.56]

[41]Countess Kinoko---Banshee---F---Adult---[Link]---Halloween Event---[pg.56]
[42]Ragers---Dagan---F---Adult---[Link]---Halloween Event---[pg.57]
[43]Missy Kun---Mazil---M---Egg---[Link]---[pg.80]
[44]Countess Kinoko---Dahlia---F---Egg---[Link]---[pg.80]
[46]Sock Fiend---Milton---M---Egg---[Link]---[pg.80]
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Erraticpants----3k heart
daizy rae----1k heart
xXxEver rosexXx----8k heart
Haasar----7k heart
The Amazing Hick----54k heart
AngelicHottie126----50k heart
Vertagho----4k heart
plushiesexual----1k heart
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Small Links:
User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image User ImageUser Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User Image User Image

Larger Links:
User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Message me with your link to be added.

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