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Shameless Noob

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Welcome to Sato City! Your one stop for all your Sato based needs!
Now...what the heck is a Sato!? I say they are little floating kitties
of doom! While others feel they are cats with no back legs. Or dog
food. Well whatever you think of them, it doesn't matter now! Here
at good old Sato City, you can buy a Sato to look just like you! Or like
a OC or maybe ever a character you just can't get enough of.
What ever your choice is, they are all one of a kind. Thats right, no
two Satos are the same. Unless...then are evil twins or something.
They are hand made, I slave over them. Thats because I suck at
computers. Oh well, Satos are my life.

Also, please note that all Images, unless stated other wize, are (c)
to Zargata. And also Satos are based off a object in Phantasy
Star Online by Sega. But I'll go more into that later.
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Shameless Noob

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Why not? Rules!

1 razz lease act your age, and I will act mine. I don't want 2 year olds running around. crying
2:Respect others.
3:So when I say Respect others, that means no bashing/flaming of any kind!
4:I don't do black list/white list/anything like that. I'll just report the bad, and give free satos to the good!
5:Keep it PG-13
6:And above all, fallow Gaia rules
7:no stealing! ANYTHING! gonk
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Do you take pet trades?
Yes I do
Can I pay with items?
Yeah, but gold is easyer
My sato is to large, and I don't have room for it in my sig!
No problem, I'll scale it down to the size you want, but you must host that one. Cuz I only keep the largest ones for the shop front.
I have a cool pet...and I would like it to be a sato also!
I can do them! But...nothing that will make me just go crazy.
Can I RP here with my Sato/anyother pets or characters?
Sure! No need to limit the creative mind!
Lets say I want to be Affiliaties.
Send it to me via Pm ^^
Uh, can Sato's die?
YES THEY CAN! But, not for very long. Well, they don't really die, they just start the circle of life over again. Depending on what in knows, or what it can do, it can be reborn still knowing all its old attacks. So if you have a water one and it dies, you can make a fire one, while still knowing water moves. See? That way killer combos can be learned.
What was the question again?
User Image

Some History
I have just been Sato crazy since the game Phantasy Star Online came out
on the game cube.
This here is the real deal.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Also here are some video's, just so you can learn more about the real thing.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfuMUjKUvIU <--Mag feeding/other cool junk/sato's/funny!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhTCFpoL8GY <--EP 1 intro/look into orginal story
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mCALnXObXg <--EP 2 intro/looking into other characters

So when this first wav of Sato goodness came, I
opened a little free shop and peopled order the satos. I would have
done this to my death, but my scaner died first.
Here are my old free satos. They were painted on the computer with just
flat basic colors.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
And there are tons more, but I am lazy.
So they mean alot to me, and I hope they do to you.
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Shameless Noob

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All you ever want to know about Sato's

User Image

Depending on what crest your sato has, change it looks over time. So what the heck is a crest? They come in, as of right now, three levels.
Level one Crest Cells:
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind

When starting out and making a basic new sato, you can only choose from the level one area.
User Image

Giving your Sato items, Rping with them, fighting with them, and just over all being a good owner will help these events unfold.
So here are some samples of some changes that might happen. These two were basic, nothing flashy kind of sato's. Much like the example sato from before.
User Image

What then? Is it over? NOPE! Heh, your sato is just getting started. During events you can pick or find level two crest cell. Most hoildays event gives these out. Only three are know so far.
Level Two Crest Cell:

User ImageUser Image
Male, Female

After/During level two, you can choose to add a gender cest cell. Thats right, Sato's can't breed untill this crest cell is added. This is the only crest that doesn't change the looks on the sato. So your sato will be ready to move to level four crest cell a few weeks after this is added.
Level Three Crest Cell:
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Star, Flower, Money

So only Sato's during or past the 3rd evolution can use them. Then after more RPing/Fight/whatever your sato will change again with the affect of the new crest.

Level Four Crest Cell:
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Light, Dark, Time

These are the rareist of the rare. Only those hard core RPing, battling, and post crazy can these be gained. When your sato is ready, and proven themselfs, a Sato will come to them, and give them a crest based on how they RP. Such as an evil sato will get the dark crest.
As of right now, only three are known.
So lets go over it ok?
Can you get more then one crest cell from each level?
Yes you can! Such as this example Sato.
User Image

This Sato would have been given, Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Light, and a gender crest cell. In total, your sato can only change 5 times. So you choose how it changes, and what you feel is the best crest for them.
What about Cosplay? And Some OC's? They don't have a level one crest!
well they do, you just can't see it. But they can change in a different way. You can go though evolution one. Or you can do evolution two. This only really needs heavy RPing and being very active. Your sato can change into a a sato-human!
Dipps is the first and only one.
User Image

Careful, they can never go though evolution one ever again once they go this path. For they start to think they are people and not Sato's anymore. They can't breed with sato's, but they can breed with other sato-humans.
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Shameless Noob

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Ordering Ye Old Satos!

User Image

To order a custom Sato is not as hard as you may think. Each Sato is hand made with love and care. Thus they have no set line art and each one must have another line art each time is made. So with a sato who can change up to 5 times, this is no easy task. Also it differs on who works on your Sato. Right now, only Zargata works on them in all her coolness ((yeah right)). xP
Zargata: 5000g* per Sato
*This is offered in a 'pay as you go plan'. Where you start with a simple 1000g. And then when it changes after some time you pay another 1k. So this is best for people who feel that they might not raise a sato all the way. Either way full, or pay as you go, they both end with a total of 5000g spent, min. Though if you pay full for anything you will get a higher chance of winning event prizes. 3nodding
Order Form
Your Name:
Sato's Name:
Mood ((expressed though face and body)):
Fur Color:
Eye Color:
Eye Type*:
Starting Crest Cell**:
Location of Crest Cell***:
Other Info:
Full/Pay as you go:

*User Image
Choose a number and put it in the order form
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Fire, Water, Earth, Wind

***User Image
Pick a number and put it in the order form.

Here is a sample, of a perfect order
Order Form
Your Name: Username
Sato's Name: Mister Puff
Mood ((expressed though face and body)): Stupid
Fur Color: HOT PINK!!!!
Eye Color: Neon Green
Eye Type*: 3
Starting Crest Cell**: Earth
Location of Crest Cell***: 2
Other Info: My oc mister puff...blah blah... he had blue cuffs that make him fly and do magic...blah blah
Full/Pay as you go: Full
Total: 5000
You then send trade to Zargata and then wait!
Then soon you will get a confirm on the trade and your Sato sent to you.
User Image

WA HA HA HA! He is PINK 8D So enjoy and RP/Battle/Other junk like that.
Slots open
1: Closed
2: Closed
3: Closed
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Shameless Noob

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Happy people with Satos

Newest Sato!
User Image
Zargata~User ImageUser Image
Bubsy~User Image
fire_faerie88~User Image
elven_princess001~User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Riddle Lupin Clousia~User Image
Muletothefoxxes~User ImageUser Image
Wolfey Fireborn~ User ImageUser Image
Dark_Mari~ User ImageUser Image
Kittyandacat~User Image
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Shameless Noob

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Auctions and Raffles
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Sato Store

User Image
Mag: Uh...I really don't have anything. But TRY THE STEW... EZZ DEELISHUS.

Sato Hospital

User Image Nurse Sat: Best be on your way, nothing seems to be wrong.
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Captains LOG number 1

I am the Captain of the Space Alliance Transport ‘Oliver’. My crew and I have spent the last 20 years in space to find a planet that we could call our own. We are the last hope of all left. Our ship holds the few 100 or so humans left after the end of the EARTH. After what seemed endless time, we come across a planet with life sighs. Though, with a planet much like Saturn, it was nothing our bodies could handle. No we needed more time before we could enter that world. Thus we landed on its sole moon. As we expected, this moon showed sighs as well. Did we find the second EARTH on this moon? We may never truly know until we can enter the main planet with out harm.

Captains LOG number 2

They broke the code indeed. We have developed BIO-resistant shields that should protect the Oliver from breaking up while entering. Though, the shield would use most of the power on the Oliver and we would be mourned. So I have assembled a small team to take a few ships into the planet. If they are successful, then we have what we have come so far to find.
On other news, we found two life forms. They remained me of the cats or foxes of our Old World. The bright red on is very lively and seems to have taken a liking to me. While the black one seems to have taken damage and may not last the night. We are doing all we can to help the little one.

Captains LOG number 3

SATO’s, that is what they should be called, named right after our ship. They both seem to learn at an extra ordinary rate; they have picked up our language with no problem. After some tests we discovered that they can fuse within there bodies object, things, anything. With more of these SATO’s popping up, we continue the tests and find, the more you give them, the more powerful they become. This awesome power they produce, if only we can find away to remove it and use it as our own.
I wonder, what we are doing to them…is it right? The little black one, did we do what was right in saving it? It seems to have become violent in the past few days. We had to restrain it, lock it up. Zato insists we take it back to Satoturn. Since all seems to be in order…I will lead the team and head into the planet. I have left my daughter, Zargata to look after Zato and the others till my return. With hope, I should be back within the next day or so, I can’t wait to bring the good news…I hope this is our new home…I just hope.
RP Info

none yet
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World Map's

User Image
All sato's come from this small planet called Satourn. Not Saturn, Sato-Turn. Yes, it is beyond the bonds of the know space. There home planet is a gas planet. So for you who don't know, that means it doesn't have really any soild form of land or lakes or anything. So some believe that they float because of this home plant. The Rings on this planet, unlike Saturn are composed of only a strange cloud like storm. As odd as this planet my sound, the moon just makes it odder. It is a floating rock in space...that oozes green goo. Alright, so no human can go into there home world with out risking getting their face melted off.

User Image
The Satourn Moon, Kuragari Tsuki
At first, most thought the moon was a barren waste land with no life. This was quickly disproved once the very first Sato was found here. In the Sato’s folk lore, they speak of once having lived on the main planet. They were driven out by something, be it a change in the air or something else. To humans, this land is just as toxic and the affects on the body are still being tested. But for now, it seems to be in the clear.
Unlike the waters on earth, this liquid is a lot thicker. To thick to swim in, and not thick enough to walk on, this can be very dangerous to unskilled travelers. The Sato’s say monsters, something like sharks, swim in this goop. Though know have been sited.

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Shameless Noob

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User Image
Battle Info

The quickest way to change is though battles. And depending on what crest cells you give them alters what moves they can learn. As always, one beats the other while the other is beaten by another...if that is clear enough. This is clearer, for level one.
Fire beats Earth
Earth beats Wind
Wind beats Water
Water beats Fire
and the world keeps spinning. It doesn't stop there. As you move along, your sato will gain more crest cells and gain more attacks. So what if you mix them?

Fire crest + Water Crest = Steam based move
Fire + Earth = Lava based move
Fire + Wind = Explosion based move
Fire + Fire = Upgrade fire move
Earth + Wind = Sand based move
Earth + Water = Mud based move
Earth + Earth = Earth upgrade move
Water + Wind = Storm based move
Water + Water = upgrade water move
Wind + Wind = upgrade wind move
Lets now break it down into single crests, and there outcomes.

User Image

Fire Crest Cell Attacks
User Image Fire: A simple attack that is easy to use. Only Sato's with 1 or more Fire Crest Cells may learn it. Double damage to Earth Crest Cells, and 1/2 less then normal damage to all Water Crest Cells.
Damage Rating: ???
Is power by: Power
This move is best for sato's that want high attack power.
User Image Flame Wheel: A powerful move that uses fire to engulf the user and crash into enemy using a rolling based move. 2 Fire Crest Cells needed. Double damage to Earth Crest Cells, and 1/2 less then normal damage to all Water Crest Cells.
Damage Rating: ???
Is power by: Power
This move is best for sato's that want high attack power.
User Image Light of Fire:
User Image Flamethower:
User Image Rage of Fire:
User Image

Water Crest Cell Attacks
User ImageWater:
User Image Water's Shadow:
User ImageCooling Grace:
User ImageWater Shield:
User ImageWater of Life:
User Image

Wind Crest Cell Attacks
User ImageWind Blade:
User ImageDouble Wind Blade:
User ImageSupersonic Speed:
User ImageFake Gale move:
User ImageGale Wind Blades:
User Image

Earth Crest Cell Attacks
User ImageEarth:
User ImageEarth Shield:
User ImageLife Drain:
User ImageToxic Earth:
User ImageHavest:
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11User Image
Contests and Free JUNK!

Since I think they are so so fun, there is a Dice contest as well!
And the prize is...you give me money! Naw, it is a free custom sato as well!
Now all you got to do is roll 3, 100 sided dice and try to get all numbers with at least 1 four.
so, 47,4,94 and you win!
Only 2 people can win 3nodding

Horrible 4's: For now one, anyone who lands first on a page with all 4's in it's numbers, gets a 100% free custom sato
Winner on page 44: Kittyandacat
Winner on page 444:
Winner on page 4444:

heart Fan Art! heart
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I love it! This is more close to the orginal game look, but it is still super cute! heart heart heart
By Mythee
User Image
By Dark Mari! heart heart
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12User Image

These are the big cats in town. They can be seen running around messing up stuff and giving out free stuff!
You may never know when one will come.

User Image

He is every where! All over the main page! I can't get him to go away! Anyway, Zato as he likes to be called, is the first Sato ever made. Ever. There is nothing really grand about him, he is just red. But to some lucky
Sato lovers out there he may just come in with a gift! Or not.

User ImageUser Image

All his life, he was told horrible things. That he was funny looking, retarded, over reactive, ADD kid, loser, the list seems to never end. He wants to be accepted so he still try his hardest, taking all the names and taunts and pushes them aside. He became something strong that stood for good. A perfect fighter, an idol to all. Yet he still is empty from his past. a void. He may never find what he lacks, but he will try and keep a smile and bare though it.

User Image

Info later

User Image

Nurse Sat
Info Later

User Image

Spirit of the 4th
gonk How in the world did this guy sneak in?! He just popped up one day and took my lunch! Anyway, the Spirit of the 4th will only be around 4 days, so july 1-4. After that all his goodies are gone for the year. Though he told me after beating me up, that he might come on those off hoildays that you get off from school. I think he is bluffing. But you never know. I wonder what he will do to me this year *runs*
~Horrible 4's: Anyone who lands on a pages that has all 4's in its number first gets a 100% free custom Sato.
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13User Image

7/17/06~ Dice Contest ended
7/16/06~ Wish Granter?
7/13/06~ Page 44! Kittyandacat won!
7/12/06~ Auction over
7/10/06~ First auction
7/7/06~ Word of customs opening again
6/30/06~ Revamp continues
6/29/06~ Under going revamp
6/28/06~ 4 of July event planed!
6/26/06~ Shop opened
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Shameless Noob

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User Image


User Image

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15031331&page=1] [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v65/Zargata/SatoCity/wegotcookies.png[/img][/url]

Affiliaties/Cool Shops

User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

Shop Spot Light
User Image
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Shameless Noob

15User Image

User Image
Zargata: Owner/creator/line artist/colorer/bumper/Lover of all Sato's
User Image
Mythee: Cart maker and all that goodness!/Guest artist heart
User Image
Dark Mari: Cart-er, and over all sato crazy person heart
User Image
Riddle: Battle system worker heart

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