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Holy crap. The front page looks so good! Ahh! Wonderful work. <D
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Mmm. Ravens are winning and I have cheesecake dip. Good evening. Good good evening.
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My precious 'Niners! *single tear*
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They're kind of getting smooshed... xD;
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Well. Maybe the power outage will kill the Ravens' momentum? I'm only rooting for them because Josh picked the 49ers to root for (we always split rooting unless it's Steelers or Chiefs [ahaha like that one ever happens]) so I just wanna see a good game.

Lol the players look like they're napping. Silly stretching dudes!
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Ee, Boadicaeth would have a massive interest in this. <3

She's totally invited iffin y'd like biggrin Just drop me a PM with her name and, if you could, a link to her journal or profile.
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That was intense! Awesome game
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Indeed! I got the fight I wanted in the end. INTENSE.
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Sadly the conversation here about it (Super Bowl) is MUCH nicer than I expect happened in most places in-person (and among sports fanatics online). mrgreen (Me, I slept through most and was out for the rest with the other half. 8D And I solved my "WHAT GET FOR BIRTHDAY" dilemma with him too. Huzzah~ God I hate gift shopping for people. >:C ... cause I SUCK at it.)

Mmm.... root beer barrels. heart So happy some place local has them now. Love love love.
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Surprise Superbowl sleepover (thanks for stalling car). Hope everyone enjoyed the game (power outage was weird right?). Thought I'd pop in and say hi since my friend is about to be asleep and I'm feeling pretty awake. Miss you guys!

Front page came out awesome, by the way. But uh. The votes seem odd to me, did we suddenly get a whole lot more players since I stopped being that around? I need some serious catch-up I think... apologies in advance, I am SO BAD at names >.>


Concern has already been raised a few pages back and answered. This is me doing my reading :d
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For the guys in the chat last night, because you can't escape the feels.

Kyoth stared into the mirror with his one good eye, tilting his head this and that way - unable to make sense of the image. R'soua was there, talking with a smoky and indistinct man the brown did not recognise, somewhere off in the distance - but closer to him, a fuzzy image curled up against his flank. He could not make out the details: she was green, but every time he tried to catch a proper glance she floated away like mist.

He did not understand.

Also, the cheesecake dip worked? Awesome.
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*squints at the numbers up there* That is a lot of votes.
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Con, you're a terrible person. </3
[/yet I tipped your post for the feeeeeels]

I personally haven't voted on the time ratio, because it's an important matter.
[/considering options heavily]
So I haven't seen the vote results yet.
However, from what I hear, our poll is...popular. XD
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It worked well Con. I'd consider using fewer chocolate hips next time, but not by much, and I guess that's more personal taste than anything.

Poor Kyoth. I wish I got the references there. I don't quite get the feels. Ah well. One day I can rejoin bigchat.

The poll currently has some 64 votes, for those who can't see. <3
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Don't worry Shinos. xD I don't get it either. I get enough to know Kyoth's got himself a girlfriend? <3

Yes, when did we get sixty four active members? xD Maybe we have that many lurkers...

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