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A quick question, by the way-- will our old approved characters in AtWoP need to be re-approved formally once their minor character tweaks are taken care of?
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Gracious Gekko

Petite Kitsune
*om NOMS on Orestae and Tsu and Kimie and her Souface* <3333 I LOVE YOU GUYS. *refugee*
*puts up cardboard huts*

Maybe soon we'll upgrade to trailers. XD
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Gracious Gekko

Han: I think so, but we should be able to do that pretty quickly. Just to make sure everyone's on the same page, you know?
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Question: Can I has a Tsunake? >D

Oooh bb, I'll allow that any day. ;D

-loves on PK and Cele and Hanny and Bani and Pach- ;-; -AND KIMIE AND SOU AND STAE AND NEL-

@Han: Unfortunately, I think so, just to make sure everything's smooth. We won't need to look at personality and stuff so far, because we know you'll have pegged it, we're mainly looking to make sure everything fits in with the setting. :3 <3
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Timid Detective

8D This is quite shiny.
@ Han - Yes, mostly just so we can keep track of who's here and what not. XD
Oooh yes, I kind of assumed so. XD Gotta make sure everyone's tweaked to fit the new circumstances, after all! ;w;


... Thankfully she was my only dragon to worry about accommodating, otherwise it's just three little firelizards. *HURRAH!* o/ I AM SO EXCITED.
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IRL Noob

*flops on Tsu* <33

Time to think of a new character~ I didn't like my old one much. <3
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Timid Detective

I want to bring my Bluerider that I was questing for over here. >:T That'd be fun, I do believe.
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Gracious Gekko

han: *thumbs up*

mu: See, this is also a great chance to scrap characters you don't like/care about and tighten up characters you want to play~~
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Romantic Reveler

Fffft. XD; *has A'dan and Sigranth and L'ior and Dioth to drag over, as well as Selachii*

8D; At least both of 'em are pretty easygoing types, and neither with much power to speak of.
Banilove <333

Also, I will be willing to recolor any flits on the new lines. Which I am almost done with. So I'll go throw a thread up in the guild if anyone would like to start posting some flitters for recoloring.
It's so nice to see all you guys over here. <333

And yaaaay for quests! Quests are awesome too!
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Timid Detective


I shall drag mine over here, and that is settled. Hnkay? 8D
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*flops on Tsu* <33

Time to think of a new character~ I didn't like my old one much. <3

Perfect opportunity indeed! -smooches fondly-

@Zactura: Do iiit! We're gonna get the ball rolling rightquick here, with luck. ;; <3

@PK: We'll HOPEFULLY make it not too hard to get all your old dragons redone here, because our colorists are aawesoooome. :c

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