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0000All Lineart and Front Page artwork has been commissioned specifically for use in this shop. Do not remove for use elsewhere without permission.
Dragonriders of Pern © Anne McCaffery

Established October 1st 2009
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01.01.14 - This shop has closed. Please note, the guild will remain open for character reference and un-moderated development, but staff oversight will cease. Use of SoP-specific guides is prohibited, and since it has come up, obviously your characters are your own and may be ported elsewhere. We ask only for credit in the case of staff-written dragons and designs, and proper credit to the lineartist Kaiserflames when using SoP dragons as references.

Old News

04.25.13 - Well now! We've had a lot happen to our poor Weyr. Looks like some boogeymen gone done burned the whole place down and kidnapped most of the candidate-aged kids! Below is a quick summary of what is going on at this point in time!

Kidnapped Candidates! You are probably not very happy with life right now, and I can't say I blame you... but look on the bright side, who gets to say they've stood for two clutches at the same time! Haha, glass half full! Right! Right? Aegirine is kinda creepy, I know, but she's not your biggest worry. Wonder what those guards are up to over there...

In any case, the Candidate Initiation ORP is the Second Touching of this Meta! Make sure to get your kids in there! More chances at Dragons, oh yes! And the gold egg!

Candidates Still At The Weyr! You've got a lot of work ahead of you, and the grim possibility of facing Britaeth's Constellation Clutch alone, as it is common knowledge that the Hatching is imminent. Will you be seeing baby dragons blink between due to lack of suitable partners? We sincerely hope not... which leads us to...

Everyone Else! Rogues, expect word soon from the lovely Central Intelligence Agency I mean... Stealth Leader Number Four. He/she and his/her little birds have been busy trying to get to the bottom of things, you can track the interrogation of captured mercenaries here. Fair warning, Four may use interrogation tactics not approved by the Geneva Conventions.

Weyrfolk, there are some tough choices coming down the pike for you lot. But for now, looks like a scavenging operation has been taken up. Keep your eyes peeled for decisions that need making and the Trials getting underway regarding the fates of people captured who participated in the Burn. Looks like things are not as black and white as originally hoped in Trial 1...
02.03.13 - We're honestly horrible about updating this! Ok, Time Debate on-going regarding the best In-Game Time spent to Real Life Time ratio, make sure to cast your vote! We've also got one heck of a Meta planned for Britaeth's Constellation Clutch, two contests going, and .... a facelift! 8D!
09.03.11 - Wooops! Ok, updates... well. We've got a Queen Flight about to wrap up and.... some pretty crazy things planned to start immediately after its conclusion! Stay tuned~
07.20.11 - We've been busy on the backside setting up a whole pile of things to throw at our loyal shop-goers! The question is.... can you handle what the shop is cooooookkkiiinnngggg. >D! Stay tuned!
05.15.11 - Congrats to all of our new hires! Once the dust settles, keep an eye out for some exciting things coming down the pike from our new super talented colorists! We're ridiculously happy to have them. <3 !!!
04.26.11 - We're HIRING! Looking for RP peeps and Colorists! Also, get ready for a rumble in the jungle, the current Meta is set to go into its final stages soon!
03.01.11 - The Monaco Hold Turn's End Gather has begun, and with it we would like to introduce a new character class! Welcome Wherhandlers!
01.15.11 - Custom Event Here, general announcement and notice of Meta being nudged back is on page 1890!
01.01.11 - SUP! Tons of stuff announced on page 1807. GO THERE~! Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR~!
12.20.10 - The Secret Santa event is OVAH! Congrats all you ridiculously loved people, you now have 999999999 hungry lizards to feed! <3 We've also got a contest going on in the guild for one of the key characters in our Meta Event! Just a reminder: our Meta runs until Dec. 31st, and the first segment (the Raid) will be concluding shortly. We'll take a quick breather, then launch the second segment! STAY TUNED!
12.12.10 - Lizards, lizards! Get your lizards here. Buy some for your friends!
12.01.10 - This ain't yo momma's Pern! (What? Meta?!)
11.21.10 - This doesn't look promising...
11.15.10 - Arcturus Wing is hosting an OOC contest! We've also opened up applications for Search Dragons!
10.18.10 - Contest winners are posted; find them in their contest threads in the guild. Wings assignments are also up. They're posted in their subforum here. And don't miss the Touching on Saturday!
08.18.10 - Do you want to rule the world a Hold? We're looking for someone to take on the role of Lord Holder at Monaco Hold!
08.17.10 - OH s**t. OH s**t. ALL OF OUR WINGLEADERS ARE DEAD. (Haha, not really. But we do need some new ones!)
08.15.10 - The Blue & Green event is officially over. Thank you everyone who made it a success! Winners, dragon and rider profiles are due by the 21st. And stay tuned. You haven't seen Plots like SoP Plots, we can promise you that.
07.08.10 - WHOO-HOO, LIFE! There's a premade/custom flatsale going on right here!
12.30.09 - It's almost New Years, and so we're looking for some new colorists to help out! Hiring thread is here!
10.15.09 - The Touching is taking place! It'll likely run for at least a week, so get your Candidates in while you can!
10.02.09 - Setting up!

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_Shop Rules_______________

    · No bitching
    · No whining
    · No OOC drama
    · No begging
    · No stealing
    · No spitting
    · No shoes, no shirt, no service
    · You do not talk about the Fight Club
    · Follow the Gaia TOS

    · Sands of Pern has a zero tolerance policy for player harassment in any form. If you are caught antagonizing other players, you will be granted one chance to present your side of the disagreement to Management Staff. Decisions reached at the end of discussions are final, and we reserve the right to contact Gaia Moderators should harassment continue.

    · Do not attempt to 'give back' a baby dragon after it has Impressed to your character. The penalty for doing so is blacklisting. Entering a Hatching is essentially throwing away any and all hopes you may have had for the kind of dragon you want your character to Impress. If you are uncomfortable with this concept, please wait for customs to open, as we do not want to make pairings players would hate.

    · If you are not familiar with the Pern books, please read the introductory information below for a general feel of the setting before submitting a character.

_Roleplaying Rules_________

    · Your character is not Jesus (J'sus), so don't try to play god.
    · Your character sheet must be approved in the guild before RPing.
    · You may NOT create a dragonrider who has already Impressed. These are attainable only through bribes, customs, or special events.
    · Sands of Pern is NOT RP REQUIRED and never will be for anything other than Meta Characters and Metallics. We are, however, RP Intensive.. meaning those players who RP will be getting the most out of their experience with the shop.
    · Likewise, dragons are NOT RP required. However, in the world of Pern, those who Impress metallic (gold and bronze) dragons are expected to take up leadership roles. We expect the same of our RPers. If you Impress a gold dragon and go inactive for an extended period of time, the staff reserve the right to NPC your character to another Weyr until you return to activity. This is to prevent an overabundance of inactive queens, as more than 2 – 3 golds in a single Weyr is already quite crowded. The same applies to bronzeriders.
    · Do not dramatically deviate from the personality given to your dragon. If you desperately need a dragon with a specific temperament, wait for customs to open.
    · Pernese dragons are not violent towards humans. They will not kill, harm, or threaten to kill a human being under any circumstances. Do not violate this rule.


How do I get a dragon?

    Scroll on down to the section titled "Dragon Acquisition." You'll find we have several ways to acquire adult dragons and two ways to acquire baby dragons.

Do I have to pay to play?

    No! Creating a human character is free, and we're proud to say that Sands of Pern has a vibrant setting non-rider characters can be played in! We've got everything from courtesans, pirates, eccentric steampunk-esque engineers, to enterprising bakers! The sky's the limit!

Do I need to read the books?

    No, not really. It certainly helps to have a grasp of the world we pull our setting from, but reading our guides or chatting with people in our thread should bring you up to speed.

Is this shop canon?

    No, we're considered loose canon, but in terms of other Pern B/Cs, we're the closest to strict canon there is. We allow boys and girls of all preferences on blues and greens, browns impress boys of any preference, and bronzes/golds impress heterosexual boys/girls respectively. That said, we're not going to toss out the potential for odd things to happen, but they will be odd, not the norm.

How does AIVAS (Artificial Intelligence Voice Activated System) come into play here?

    The moral of the AIVAS story is... it existed... it deactivated itself when Masterharper Robinton died, and the auxiliary computer systems the 9th Pass Pernese got running (including the Technology Hall) survived. 600 turns (years) later, however, only the facilities at Landing and Telgar have been kept running. The rest of Pern has mostly returned to it's agrarian roots, with only hints of more advanced technologies.

If you were to compare your setting to a period of time in Earth's history, what would it be?

    A mix of Renaissance Italy and pre-Industrial Revolution Europe. Just remember that Pern is an entire planet so certain areas may have high levels of development (and be above the general trend) whereas others may be drastically below it. Basically we have a little Steam Punk with our Blue Grass Lords.

So I can make any kind of character I want? No holds barred?

    Please see the Character Creation section for a more detailed response to this question, and keep in mind this very important note. Pern is a normal planet with some cool alien critters. Humans are unaltered, and have normal coloration and physique. No one possesses magic or forges super special blades that bestow kingship. Animals do not speak aloud, though some telepathic species do speak in your mind.

Can you explain to me the "no give back" policy on baby dragons?

    Of course! Basically it boils down to this: Hatchings are risk-based Flatsale RP events where you as a player leave the decision of what color and what kind of personality dragon your candidate impresses up to our RP staff. We understand that this is a leap of faith, and put a great deal of effort into each and every one of our hatchlings, and even more time debating among ourselves the very best possible pairing. We don't force anyone to sign up for a clutch, and it is definitely not the only way to acquire a baby dragon. We offer customs (in every color including, rarely, gold) in addition to these risky flatsales (although they are not as common) so to have someone whine that they didn't get what they wanted is... to put it bluntly.... ridiculous. If you as a player have a very specific idea in mind for what you want your candidate to Impress, we implore you to wait for customs. We also ask that you please take into account that we can, will, and have impressed heterosexual males to green dragons, and heterosexual females to blue dragons... if the personalities mesh. It has come up in the past that some individuals are upset by this possibility. If you are one of these individuals, please wait for customs to open as we are not going to bend to your gender bias in the flatsales. Players who decide to ignore all warnings and throw an immature temper tantrum over what they get will be asked to exit our game.

Ok, I get that... so what happens to the abandoned baby dragons?

    The match was, in our estimation, the best possible for that individual dragon. Abandoned dragons will just be shifted to an MIA Weyr, whether they are hatchlings or adults. We do believe that people can change and adhere strongly to the edict that NO pet will be removed from an owner for any reason. Should someone previously blacklisted attempt to reform and play with us once again, we want to give them every opportunity to do so. Seeing someone else playing a character that was once yours does not facilitate forgiveness and healing.

Speaking of the Blacklist.... where is it?

    The blacklist is dirty laundry, and we don't air ours. Players on it know who they are, GMs know who they are, and those are the only people who need to know. Public punishment leaves a sour taste in our mouth, and tends to make a bad situation worse. Cihiru and Celeanor are in the habit of solving problems, not making them worse.

OK, I have an issue with another player... who can I talk to?
    You have several options, including contacting Celeanor or Cihiru directly. We're rabidly protective of our player base, and will go to bat for you. Just do not make the mistake that we do not undergo thorough investigations regarding player misconduct. Both of us take bullying and social ostracism very seriously, so please do not make claims just to 'get back' at someone for something petty. We are incredibly proud to say that Sands of Pern is one of the friendliest communities here in the B/C, and we are committed to keeping it that way.

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The Overall Setting –
How to join the community –
What makes a character? –
So what makes this a shop? –
_The Overall Setting_______________________

Welcome to the planet Pern! In accordance with most science-fiction/fantasy worlds, this planet comes equipped with hundreds of unique (and sometimes telepathic) species, human colonists who now rule the planet, aliens of the non-sentient face eating variety, and a rabid fan-base.

Now before you go grab the books and read them all cover to cover twice, just give us a moment to properly introduce you to the generalities of the setting. It is not as complicated as it first looks, and you certainly do not need to be a walking Pern encyclopedia to play with us.

Pern is a planet, not a city, not a continent... a planet. It should be considered as roughly parallel to Earth, though it has been mentioned that it lacks the potential to house a large industrial population (such as you would see in Star Wars) due to a lack of easily accessibly metallic ores. As a result, the human population on Pern is largely rural and agrarian, with only a few major cities, called "Holds." You will also find several trade schools on the planet, called "Craft Halls" where people go to either begin training in a craft (such as the Healer Craft, where one would learn how to be a doctor) or to advance the ranks within their profession. With some exceptions (such as cooking) all of Pern's professionals receive their training from their respective Craft Hall. We'll go into more detail about the various Crafts and the ranks associated with them later, but suffice to say that it is a vast system with plenty of room for a creative writer to begin creating a character. In addition to the Holds and the Crafts, there is a third power on Pern, and that would be the Weyrs.

Now, a Weyr is loosely defined as a place where many dragons live. They can be very large, housing up to 500 pairs of dragons and riders in addition to several thousand non-riders (called Weyrfolk) or very small, with dragon populations barely reaching 100 pairs. Each Weyr is led by a Weyrwoman (the female rider of the Weyr's Senior Queen dragon) and a Weyrleader ( the male rider of whatever male dragon last caught the Senior Queen during her last mating flight.) We're sure you can think of several ways such a system could have all manner of problems, which leads us to a forth group.

Unique among Gaiaonline Pern B/Cs, the Rogues from Sands of Pern are an idealistic bunch of dragonriders and non-riders who have taken issue with the old order. Originating on the Southern Continent, at Southern Weyr, the Rogues have operated under the leadership of a man known only as Number One, in the tradition of Rogue dragonriders referring to themselves by a number as opposed to their names. They are a complicated group to understand, which is in no small part due to the huge variability within them. From legitimate criminals, the disenfranchised, the lost, to the revolutionaries, each and every rogue has his or her own story and reason for being a Rogue.

And that is just the surface. Heading off into space, one of the first things you'll notice is a bright red planet very similar to Mars. Known to the Pernese as "The Red Star" this poorly understood planet is thought to be the origin of those non-sentient face-eating aliens we mentioned earlier. In reality, the aliens are space-faring spores that originate in the outer reaches of the solar system. The Red Star, which has a wildly erratic orbit around the central star (called Rukbat) drags a pile of these spores with it in what can only be called a tail. Think the tails on comets that you see in pictures, except make the comet itself an entire planet.

These spores, while traveling in space, are quite harmless. They only pose a problem to sentient life when they drift close enough to a planet to enter the atmosphere. There, the protective outer shell of the spores burns up as they fall, releasing thin silverly filaments that bear a remarkable resemblance to falling strands of silver thread. Called "Thread" by the first Pernese colonists some 3600 years ago, it soon became devastatingly obvious that these primitive life forms had one goal in mind. To eat. If allowed to fall to the surface, Thread will behave very much like a demented worm, burrowing into the ground where it will then multiply and spread out, devouring entire forests in a matter of hours.

Pernese history is extensive, and has earned the author all manner of awards and book deals, but we'll let you read the books for that. Our setting is considered loose canon in terms of story, but we make every attempt to adhere to the world-building aspect of the setting. You will not find pink dragons here (or white dragons for that matter, Ruth will remain a one hit wonder!) but you will find pirates, brothel girls, engineers, whers with goggles that allow them to walk in daylight, and interesting cooking recipes. If it can be rationalized within the setting, chances are we will do it!

For additional information on our setting, current story, and where world information, please see the appropriate sections here on the front page and click the links to our guild!

_How to Join____________________________

This is probably the easiest thing about this shop. In order to join, all you need to do is create a character and have him/her approved by our RP managers for play. No purchase necessary. No questing. Nothing. Just create!

But don't go feeling all intimidated by that whole 'approval' word! The reason we have such a process is to ensure a level playing field, and to weed out any keyblade wielding blue haired child prodigies who leap through portals. As they say, there is a time and a place for everything, and while there are Roleplays and other B/C shops who would welcome such characters, this just isn't it. On the same token, we're not going to hate your for making a redhead, or demand that every character be tan. Just keep logic in mind when crafting your character, and chances are you will make it through the approval process unscathed.

After making a character, it is highly recommended that you post in the main shop thread to introduce yourself (yes shy people, this means you as well!) or if you are feeling a little more daring, hop on into our aim chatroom. Someone is always around, and we're proud to have one of the most welcoming groups of players on the net.

Before we move on, here is a word to the wise. Please keep basic online etiquette in mind when communicating with your fellows. This is first and foremost a community, a place where like-minded individuals can play in a setting they adore, and none of the staff members want to sign on and constantly have to referee between arguing players. So please adhere to the golden rule and remember that behind every username is a person sitting at a computer (or nifty portable interwebz device) just trying to have fun.

_What makes a character? _______________

A character is a personality and a series of experiences we call their history. When considering history, you (as the writer) can make it as complicated and in depth as you like, or keep it short and simple. When reviewing a characters history, we are mainly checking for correct setting elements, sense-making (i.e. if your character lives in the High Reaches, why were they searched for Monaco... which is on the other side of the planet) and ensuring no one is delving a little to far into the darker side of roleplay. (I.e. we don't want to see abusive pasts.)

For more information on making and creating a character, please scroll down to the Character Creation section!

_Soo... what makes this a shop exactly?___

We do in fact sell things! In order to be a dragonrider, wherhandler, dolphineer, felinehandler, or own a dog, firelizard, or runner (horse) you must have official shop art for that animal. There are plenty of ways to acquire them, ranging from flatsales, free games, raffles, rp contests, and more!

Scroll down to the Dragon Acquisition section for info on getting a dragons, and Animal Acquisition for everything else!

| Newbie Crash Course to Pern | Social Structures Guide | Animals Guide | Terminology Guide | Threadfall Guide | Rogue Guide | Craft Guide | Dragonrider Guide |

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Welcome to a Pern written in shades of grey.

Our story starts some 600 turns in the distant past, when the heroism of the 9th Pass Dragonriders successfully saw the end of the Threads. For generations, the people of Pern have taken this success for granted. Holders and crafters have continued settling the large Southern Continent, under the jurisdiction of the Weyrleaders. The dragonriders themselves have taken a stab at holding and working in the crafts, particularly those which would be helped by the presence of these large, graceful, and self-aware creatures. The firestone mines were closed, holds and crafts stopped tithing to the Weyrs, and dragonriders were mostly left to their own devices. While dragonriders are still respected, their status is not nearly as elevated as it was in the past. Non-sympathizers might go so far as to call them anachronisms: ancient relics of a long-gone society.

In this interlude, other factions have developed as humanity struggles and expands across Pern's peaceful surface. Drama unfolds within the Weyrs, creating a marauding band of riders known only as The Rogues. In the pits of Monaco Bay Hold, wherhandlers set their beasts against one another for a bit of coin and prestige, giving rise to a new standard among whers. Fighting Whers. And in the dense jungles of the South, what were once dragon-killing terrors are now committing the unthinkable. Working with man, the felines of the South have joined as partners, possessing an intelligence as keen as the Dolphins of Pern. Economic niches have been filled within the Holds, with such places as Bitra and Monaco Bay turning to a darker line of work in the absence of history's nobler pursuits

Some twenty Turns before our shop Meta begins the astronomers, yet again called “starsmiths”, noticed an anomaly in Pern’s skies. Naturally, harmless and not-so-harmless objects had been tracked over the years and dealt with as necessary. However, this particular new body seemed to be more than a passing comet. Surreptitious checks of the old AIVAS files suggested that the object seemed to be following a similar, albeit altered, orbit to that of the old Red Star. The Starsmiths brought this information to the Weyrleaders’ attention. Many dragonriders discredited it—every couple hundred Turns, around the time a Pass would have started, rumors would circulate that Thread was back to ruin the lives of all hardworking Pernese. And, of course, it never did. People went about their lives, only more convinced of the 9th Pass dragonriders’ success.

Until now.

Scarcely two weeks after the Rogues launched their first major offensive against a governing body of power, during a Gather meant to celebrate Monaco Bay Hold's ability to rise up from the ashes of the Rogue Raid, Thread descended.

It is not without irony that the Rogues themselves, the only dragonriders on Pern with the knowledge of how to fight with firestone, were in attendance at this Gather, intent on rescuing two of their own who had been captured during the Raid. Doubly ironic, is that their decision to fly as Dragonmen against Thread followed the traumatic execution of a greenrider who owed them her allegiance.

Now that the immediate threat has been dealt with, and the Weyr has rallied to the best of it's ability following the ignoble death of their Weyrleader at that very same Gather, the question remains..

Will the Dragonriders of Pern, nay, the People of Pern be able to rally together in order to defeat the Threads... or will 600 years of disconnect finally see the end to a civilization begun some 3000 years in the past when the colonists first arrived?

Only you know.

*Note: The events recorded in All the Weyrs of Pern, The Dolphins of Pern, and The Skies of Pern should be considered canon.

| Character Creation | Adoptable NPCs | Current Information & Past Meta Compilation | Official Timeline | Approved Character List |

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Hello there! I'm Z'ro~!

And I'm Elenath. We're here to introduce you to the elite clique known as dragonriders!

I object to that designation Elenath, we're not a clique. Merely elite. Observe as I remove my shirt and swing my swor--- ow!

Anyway! Dragonriders are the Defenders of Pern. They are bound to dragons such as myself and live in places called Weyrs. They tend to come from all walks of life, with some (such as my beloved Z'ro) coming from a Holdless existence.

Hey hey hey, that is private information! But that is true, riders come in all shapes and sizes, the common denominator is just the bond they share with their dragon. It is a lifelong bond that only death can sever, and believe you me... you don't want to be one of those Dragonless Men. It is said that they are only half a man, with the rest of their soul going between when their dragon died. Most riders actually suicide rather then face the world without their lifemate...

As for Dragons, we can't live at all without our bonded, and will vanish between should they die.

But enough sad stuff! Some of the jobs dragonriders (also just called 'riders') have include message/freight delivery, security details, hunting, and herd management. A lot of riders now hold positions in the crafts, which Master Fraenki will describe below, but with Thread falling again we're not sure how long that will last. Our job is, first and foremost, riding against Thread and flaming it out of the sky!

User Image

Harumph, as if I need some snot-nosed thieving brat of a 'rider introducing me! Aye I'm Master Fraenki, and don't you be forgetting the use of the capital M when saying my first name. Which is Master. Ain't no-one been dimglowed enough to be callin' me Fraenki since I was a little Apprentice, and I ain't in the mood to be changing my ways now.

Now the Crafts, them be home to decent, hard-working folks. We've got several major learning centers here on Pern, called Craft Halls, where folks like you learn to be folks like me. Thas right, you study hard enough and your first name can be "Master" as well. If your really lucky, and good at that whole politicking thing, you can even be THE Master of a specific craft... like The Masterharper or The Mastersmith. At that point, your first name is The. Why ain't I a The yet? I already covered that I'm not fixing to be changing my ways, and it takes a right flexible fellow to make his or her way all the way to the top. Speaking of the top, them Lord Holders sure like to think of themselves as the creme de la creme of our world... moreso then even those sharding riders. I'll let that runt Ozilla fill you in on them.

User Image

Master, honestly. I'm nearly 60, with kids and grandkids of my own. You really ought to moderate your tone, your blood pressure will--

Oh! Dear me, my apologies. I'm Holder Ozilla, I'm a midwife here at the Hold... which means while I do have some craft training as a Healer, I've decided to limit my practice to Holder duties. I've been a midwife here for the past 40 turns, and I have had the distinct pleasure of delivering our current Lord and his Lady, along with their children. Ohh, the memories of those delightful children just make my heart melt! But it is true what they say about the highborn, they are so much softer then the working folk. Why, the Lady... forgive me for gossiping.... she doesn't even sew! Can you believe that? She fancies herself a runner breeder, and spends her days running about the countryside on the young filly of hers. Thinks she'll be able to ride her in a race at the next Gather! Humph! Idle hands I say, idle hands! But I expect the Lord indulges her since she is now barren, her fifth took all the strength she had... and even then he was stillborn.

Oh but here I am getting side-tracked again! You wanted to know about Holders! Well, we're simple folks mostly. Most will have some form of craft training, or be servants to the upper class Lords and Ladies. Still others are simply ne'erdowells, drudges who will do just about anything for a mark and are just above those outlaws known as the Holdless. Oh, I should warn you about those as well! Holdless are lawless scum who steal and cheat their way to just about everything. Shards, they've even got dragonriders amongst'em now, and are calling themselves 'Rogues' down on the Southern Continent. And.... eep!

User Image

Well now, not all of us are lawless criminals my good midwife! Some of us, including myself and my blue here, just crossed the wrong man or woman and were unfairly cast out. Y'wanna know my crime lady?

That might be unwise, H'ul....

Shaddup Tyranth, the world needs knowing why I'm a Rogue... and proud of it to boot! My crime was falling in love with a goldrider and sending my lovely blue up after her in Flight. Oh dear, you look startled! Wasn't what you were expecting was it? Well you'll find that is often the case when you look below the surface you shallow, wretched, gossipin-


Right right, I'm sorry, my temper got away from me. Which it did back then as well. I killed two men when they came after me with knives for daring to court the beautiful Liza. It was self defense, but they were bronzeriders and I was just a mere bluerider. So, here I am. A Rogue, and if you know what is good for you, you'd research things a little more before passing judgement!

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User Image

Dragon Life Cycle
Egg → Dragonet → Weyrling → Adult

Egg: All eggs are laid by Queen dragons, as they are the only fertile females. Eggs must harden on the Hatching sands for an extended period of time, during which they are vulnerable and should not be disturbed by curious candidates. Once the eggs have hardened, there may be a candidate “touching”, in which candidates acquaint themselves with the eggs. During the incubation time, eggs are strictly guarded by the clutching Queen.

Dragonet: Upon emerging from their eggs as clumsy, drippy, giant-headed, alien looking things, dragonets must immediately impress upon a candidate. Dragonets who do not impress will go between, or sometimes simply will not hatch. This crucial moment happens in a formal ceremony at which candidates are allowed to stand on the sands for a chance at impressing; there is no turning back from here. Once the bond is made, dragon and rider are bonded for life.

Weyrling: As the dragonet matures, it enters the Weyrling phase, during which dragon and rider are both trained in what it really means to be part of the Weyr. Think of this as Dragon Puberty. Your dragon is growing and maturing, and must be properly cared for. These months are of utmost important in a dragon's development.

Adult: At approximately 18 months of age most dragons will reach their fully physical and mental maturity. At this point, dragon and rider should be fully prepared to face the threat of Thread, and will be assigned a proper fighting Wing.

In depth information about Whers and how Sands of Pern has made them into something a bit more then simple 'accessory' pets can be found here. Both types of whers come in three stages, egg, hatchling, and adult. The difference between miner and fighter whers is apparent at birth, but the lineart is exclusive only as an adult. It is also important to note that in Sands of Pern canon, wher color does NOT predict size. A green wher can grow as large as a gold, and defeat a bronze in a fight. Likewise, fight divisions are made via size and weight, not color.

Fighter Wher:
Brightly colored, heavily muscled, and often quite vicious towards everyone but their handler. The smallest fighter wher is generally the size of a medium miner wher. The largest rival a pony in size, and can be ridden as such if they have the kind of bond with their handler that allows for it. Some gambling halls have also taken to tattooing their 'champion' whers with intimidating markings. It is unclear if this as had any effect on the whers themselves, but it has certainly affected the human betters (who tend to bet on the brightest and scariest colors.)

Miner Wher
Lean and dusky, miner whers are quite personable and usually bond closely with their person, and are quite tolerant (even protective) of other camp members. While some miner whers can grow large enough to rival a bronze fighter wher, those 'big guns' are generally only kept in areas where tunnelsnakes are a problem. Day-to-day operations value the small size and high sensitivity of the smaller whers, so over time even bronze miner whers have become slight and weasel-like.

Firelizard Life Cycle
Egg → Hatchling → Adult

Firelizards are one of the best known of Pernese species. Attaching themselves to human companions and providing the genetic material from which the dragons were developed, firelizards are smooth-skinned carnivorous creatures that have beaks only in the hatchling form, where they are used to break out of the egg. In the wild, the natural species is found only in the tropics, although the larger, heavily domesticated varieties can live in all regions.

The original Pernese "dragons", firelizards are a tropical species with a highly organized social structure based around different castes defined by genetically determined colors. Each group, or fair, of 'lizards is led by a golden-yellow queen who defends a hunting, breeding territory, permitting no other adult queen to trespass. Of the other colors, the small and numerous greens are female, while the blues, browns and bronzes are male. The males, especially the browns and bronzes, stay close to the queen and vie for her favor, while the greens spread throughout the territory -- their small, undefended nests often mark the edge of a fair's territory.

One of the most notable things about firelizards -- and the thing that made them suitable for creating the dragons from -- is their mental abilities. A fair is held together by empathic and telepathic ties that are established at birth, and the hatchling 'lizards will bond to humans as readily as to others of their own species. Firelizards can also teleport from danger, a tremendous advantage for a small animal. Another defense mechanism is the ability to metabolize firestone to produce a flaming gas - the "second stomach" used to break down the stone is actually a development of the wherry crop. All 'lizard castes can flame; the inhibitions that prevent queen dragons from flaming (and those that prevent green dragons from breeding) were engineered into them when the dragons were first created.

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Feline Life Cycle
Cub → Adult

Coming Soon!

User Image
Runner Life Cycle
Foal → Adult

Coming Soon!

User Image
Dolphin Life Cycle
Baby → Adult

Coming Soon!

User Image
Canine Life Cycle
Puppy → Adult

Coming Soon!

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Step One:
Familiarize yourself with the shop setting and pertinent recent shop events found here. If you want to make a candidate, check out this useful guide found here.

Step Two:
Locate the Role Play rules and read them.

Step Three:
Locate the character creation subforum, read all of the information stored there.

Step Four:
Copy the blank character form, and post it into a word processing document. Remember to save frequently.

Step Five:
Write your character! This is where people really begin to have problems, so we've created a whole different thread devoted to troubleshooting this here.

Step Six:
Wait for an RP Manager to approve your profile. Once stamped, you are free to Role Play with that character in the shop! Have fun!

** Note, these steps are for HUMAN characters only!

Do not include any pets/bonded creatures in present tense unless you have won/bought one from the shop. Historical mentions of deceased animals is perfectly fine. **

Joining the Sands of Pern AIM Chatroom

The AIM chat can be a ton of fun in addition to being a great resource for getting help developing your character, and we encourage everyone to hop on and join the crew! Folks filter in and out 24 hours a day, so don't be surprised if you hop on and things are a bit quiet at first. The busiest times appear to be late afternoon/evening East Coast Standard Time.

1st: Add yourself to your own AIM buddy list
2nd: Right click yourself and select 'Group Chat'
3rd: Type sopchatting into the chat name, and hit connect!

It's as easy as 1-2-3~! Keep in mind that some newer versions of AIM seem to be really punkish about chats. We're not sure why, but downloading an older version seems to solve the problem.

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User Image

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Hatching Cost: 5k (You do NOT have to pay to Stand, only if your character Impresses)

Hatchings are RP Events that work the same way as RP flatsales in other shops. Once your candidate character is approved by staff, they are eligible to stand at Hatchings. You do not have to RP to be eligible to stand, but keep in mind that activity and writing skill are taken into account during Hatchings, particularly when it comes to those oh-so-coveted metallic dragons. The more you RP, the more knowledge the staff will have of your character, making it more likely that they can match your character to the most suitable dragon.

The Hatching itself is done as one continuous RP. A pre-set number of eggs/colors will be available, with pre-written personalities. Winners are determined before the Hatching is held. On a pre-determined date, the Hatching RP will be posted, in which you can RP your candidate's arrival on the sands, their reactions to other Impressions, etc. The staff will write up a post for each Impression, in which the newly-hatched dragonets will pick their riders. If your character Impressed, you roleplay the Impression. Payment should be sent the mule within 48 hours to avoid re-Impression of your new dragonet.

Hatching Rules

    · No whining, crying, bitching, complaining, etc. If you have a question about why your character did not Impress or why they Impressed to a certain dragon/color, you can send it to the mule, but it's unlikely that the decision will be changed.

    · No give-backs. If you signed your candidate up for a Hatching, you signed up for the chance at a dragon. Any dragon. Color and personality is completely up to the staff. If you do not like this or are uncomfortable with certain pairings, please wait for customs to open. Please note that in Sands of Pern, Blue and Green dragons can impress to hetero/homo/bisexual boys and girls. They do not discriminate, and neither should you.

    · These RPs are going to be read by a lot of people, so try to write your posts clearly and with proper grammar.

    · Do not RP something that did not happen in a staff post. If a dragon is going to maul your character, the staff will write it in a post. If a candidate is going to suddenly turn into a werewolf, strip naked, and start humping the Weyrwoman, the staff will write it in a post. Please do not take it upon yourself to introduce dramatic plot twists into the RP.

    · While we do allow Stands Impressions, they are generally on a whim and are considered very uncommon to rare In-Character.

    · We do not do double impressions (One player winning two or more hatchlings in one Hatching) and try very hard to avoid impressing the same player in back-to-back Hatchings. You can help us with this by inviting your friends to come play! The more the merrier! <3

    · Impressions are based on a number of OOC Factors, with the personality chemistry between hatchling and candidate coming in as the Most Important. Secondary considerations are player activity, when/if player last won a Hatchling, and general conduct of the player within the community.

    · Possession of a meta character does not affect a players ability to Impress a hatchling of any color, though we do attempt to balance distribution of metallic dragons fairly. It has happened where a newbie has Impressed a metallic (and won one in a contest) so please do not hesitate to try!

Basic Requirements to be a Candidate
- Be between the Ages of 14 and 21
- Must not be the sole heir to a Lord Holder/Lady Holder
- Older candidates with dependent young children are strongly discouraged
- Cannot be pregnant
- Must be able to walk and control all limbs under own power without assistance
- Must have full sense of sight (color blindedness is not a disqualifyer)
- Must have full sense of hearing
- Does not possess any major mental challenges that would confuse or disorient a baby dragon
- Cannot be a psychopath or sociopath (at least not before Impression)
- Can be any gender/orientation, Weyrs do not discriminate
- Can be in a committed relationship
- Does not possess any disease or genetic disorder that requires special consideration in order for the individual to operate as an independent Dragonrider. (Examples include: Severe sensitivity to sunlight, epilepsy, etc)
- Cannot be a HAD (hear all dragons) or a HAF (hear all flits)

Basic Dragon Impression based on Sexual Orientation
- Gold Dragons : Heterosexual Females
- Bronze Dragons: Heterosexual Males
- Brown Dragons: Any sexuality Males
- Blue Dragons: Any sexuality Males & Females
- Green Dragons: Any Sexuality Males & Females

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Please click here for our Guide to Flights, Touchings, Hatchings, and more~!

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Past Events:
· Blue & Green Event 2
· Wingleader Contest
· Wingrider Flatsale 2
· Factions Custom Event
· February Is Love Gold Contest
· Lord of the Rings Hatchling Custom Contest
· Lord of the Rings Gold Aedeth Meta Character Contest
· Rogue Leadership Meta Characters #2, #3, #4, and #10 Contests
· Rogue Meta Custom Event
· Blue & Green Event
· Wingrider Flatsale

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Like most shops, obtaining a custom slot here at Sands of Pern gives you complete freedom to design your own rider and dragon. All we ask is both pass through our RP Managers for approval and official RP in the guild.

30k - Our price is set for any color obtained, green through bronze.

Generally, our custom slots are held as a Concept Contest. We may open either a set number of available slots, or leave it undefined. In both cases, we reserve the right to take none at all. Players will need to post the profiles for both rider and dragon at the same time. After event closure, staff will go through all entries and choose concepts. Winners have 24 hours to send payment and repost their profiles in the guild for approval. Any needed changes (usually very minor, like removing an incorrect setting element) will be posted by staff, or the profile will be approved as-is.


Why do our customs still have to be approved by RP Managers?

    Because we want to make sure you are abiding by the rules of our setting. We can’t do that if we make it a free-for-all, but we don't want to refuse a promising form because of some small, fixable, issues either.

Can I custom a gold dragon?

    Special Events Only.

Can I custom a special rank? Like wingsecond or searchrider?

    Wingseconds are chosen by our PC wingleaders, so we ask that no one makes a character with that rank specifically attached. The ‘rank’ of searchrider is not restricted however. Please see this thread in the guild for information on making your character a search rider.

I want to make a Rogue! They look cool! I’ll name him H’ulk and his dragon can be a badass named Tyranth and they can terrorize the countryside.

    Whoa there! We appreciate your enthusiasm, and would love for you to make a rogue! However, please keep in mind not all rogues are evil badasses (though some certainly are), and while Tyranth would be a pretty cool dragon name, H’ulk could use some revisions. When designing your characters, please keep a sense of realism about them, make sure you add appropriate and balanced strengths and weaknesses, and don’t name anybody something silly. For a more in-depth explanation of building a character, please see our character creation guide.

Can I ask for a specific colorist?

    Yes! Just say so at the top of your form, but keep in mind doing so may hurt your chances in securing a slot if that colorist is not participating in that particular custom event.

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User Image

User Image
All animal flatsales will be announced ahead of time and will be speed based. Flatsales cost 5k with payment due within 24 hours of winning. Winners of whers/dolphins/felines must have a human Handler profile created and ready for approval within two weeks of winning.

User Image
During special events, certain animal species may be given away as freebies for games and RP Contests. The usual rules apply for whers/dolphins/felines, a Handler must be made within two weeks and posted for approval.

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Please see the following threads for information on acquiring custom pets for your character.

000 | Firelizards | Whers | Felines | Dolphins | Runners | Canines |

User Image
Please see the following threads for information on breeding your pets.

000 | Firelizards | Whers | Felines | Dolphins | Runners | Canines |

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User Image

The Daisy Code

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

PG-13 — Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 13.

A PG-13 rating is a sterner warning by the Rating Board to parents to determine whether their children under age 13 should view the motion picture, as some material might not be suited for them. A PG-13 motion picture may go beyond the PG rating in theme, violence, nudity, sensuality, language, adult activities or other elements, but does not reach the restricted R category. The theme of the motion picture by itself will not result in a rating greater than PG-13, although depictions of activities related to a mature theme may result in a restricted rating for the motion picture. Any drug use will initially require at least a PG-13 rating. More than brief nudity will require at least a PG-13 rating, but such nudity in a PG-13 rated motion picture generally will not be sexually oriented. There may be depictions of violence in a PG-13 movie, but generally not both realistic and extreme or persistent violence. A motion picture’s single use of one of the harsher sexually-derived words, though only as an expletive, initially requires at least a PG-13 rating. More than one such expletive requires an R rating, as must even one of those words used in a sexual context. The Rating Board nevertheless may rate such a motion picture PG-13 if, based on a special vote by a two-thirds majority, the Raters feel that most American parents would believe that a PG-13 rating is appropriate because of the context or manner in which the words are used or because the use of those words in the motion picture is inconspicuous.

Source: Motion Picture Association of America.
(Don't question it, we didn't write it. But we sure as shootin' are gonna abide by it!)


What does this oft-repeated acronym stand for anyway?

It means In-Character-Actions equal In-Character Consequences, which for most super sadistic writers means if you want your character to experience some drama, RP staff will deliver that drama! For everyone else, it simply means that should you write something your character did that grossly offends/hurts/pisses-off another character, RP staff don't think it is a bad thing that the player of the other char delivers a swift kick in the rear to your character. Now, don't take that as permission to go around delivering mob justice (I'm looking at you, Rogue and Loyalist Vigilantes!) but if you do, just be prepared for the ICC that comes with making a Robin-Hood name for yourself among the faction you target!

Common Misunderstandings

1 - The Rogues are not romantic pirate freedom fighters. Yes, I know; we just crushed your Captain Jack Sparrow image, but the part of the Rogues that make them interesting is their variability and tendency to don a pair of sunglasses and chant Deal With It while they raid your home for supplies.

2 - You do not have to be a walking Pern Encyclopedia to play. Seriously, we've stated this a few times now, and will say it as many times as necessary for it to sink in.

3 - Thread has fallen in our setting. It was only once, and there is a lot of suspicion as to whether it was a one-hit wonder, but it has fallen. When writing your character's history, please include how First Fall affected them. It is an important setting element, and should not be overlooked by anyone.

4 - Monaco Weyr is a totally normal Weyr. Ok, this is a lie. Monaco Weyr is definitely not normal in the great scheme of things. Before the Rogues took over, it was an under-strength small Weyr with a disproportionate number of Gold dragons. How that came about is a secret only the dragons know, but there has been a traceable increase in clutch-size through the Turns leading up to First Fall.

5 - Female Brownriders are not something we do. Maybe at some point in the very distant future we'll stick one in, but rest assured it will be a retcon built to dissuade special snowflake syndrome. In the meantime, it is in your best interests not to attempt to enter for female brownriders, as it is a guaranteed loss.

6 - Ignore book canon on Flights. Frankly, it disgusts each and every one of us on the RP staff and we wrote a big giant SoP Guide to Flights in order to make ourselves feel better.

7 - You can also ignore book-canon on dragon smarts as well. A green in our setting has just as much intelligence and capability as a gold dragon. Our dragons also tend to have longer memories overall, but we've got our share of goldfish brains and mini-Mozarts. Dragons are still animals, however, so don't go too overboard. <3

8 - Nobody wins the meters/feet debate. Ever. So we're going to chill in the happy middle. SoP Canon Size Chart below. <3

9 - On that note, the good folks of Monaco Bay Hold have started a new unit of measurement to replace the dragonlength... and that is the Courtesan Length. Heeeyyy sexy ladddyyy~~

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image
User Image

Please Click Here for a really big World of Pern map.

Monaco Weyr
- Monaco Bay Hold
- Landing
- Cardiff Hold
- Paradise River Hold
- Cove Hold
- Black Rock Hold
- Xanadu Hold

Cardiff Steppes
- The Clans (nomads)

Eastern Ring Islands
- The Aboli

Southern Weyr
- Southern Hold
- Cathay Hold
- Multiple Unnamed Major Holds

Honshu Weyrhold
- Matriarchal Amazon Mercenary Tribe of Feline Handlers

Fort Weyr Alliance
- Fort Weyr
- High Reaches Weyr
- Telgar Weyr
- Fort Hold
- Ruatha Hold
- Southern Boll
- Tillek Hold
- Telgar Hold
- Crom Hold
- Nabol Hold

High Reaches Hold
- Lawless at the time, no affiliation

Benden Weyr Alliance
- Benden Weyr
- Igen Weyr
- Ista Weyr
- Benden Hold
- Bitra Hold
- Lemos Hold
- Nerat Hold
- Keroon Hold
- Igen Hold
- Ista Hold

Rogue Camps
- Unknown location

User Image
User Image
Sands of Pern is a team effort, and we wouldn't be where we are without the tireless efforts of many!

General Managers:

RP Managers:
Concinnity Blaise

DBA & List Manager:
Tinnunculus (general go-to for all things tech!)

Mewrose, F a y t h - x

Kitsune Mistress Nyoko

Guest Colorists & Beloved Sounding Boards
Myracuulous, (The Goddamn) Moofuls


Retired Owners:
Orestae, Tsunake & Kimie Kitty

Past Employees:
demon_pachabel, hanyousblood, trundlebug/baniru, NinetailedNightmare, Soutou, AndrAIa, Hanging Gallow

Interested in working with us?
We're always interested in hearing from interested parties! Please fill out the following form and PM it to Deadglow

Desired Position:
Colorist, RP Manager, Certist
RP Management Experience:
(Please include sample links to some of your favorite RPs if applicable)

Colorist Experience:
(Please include coloring samples if applicable, we will reply with the files to do samples on our lines)

Personal Statement:
(Why you want to work for SoP, your thoughts on the Pern Universe, or any ideas you may have and would like to take on as a project while on staff, etc...)

Instant Messenger:
(Aim/Yahoo/MSN/ etccc.)
User Image

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User Image

Dragon, Firelizard, & Wher Lineart © Kaiserflames
Runner Lineart © Ptitlotus
Canine/Feline/Dolphin Lineart © ???!!?!???!
Front Page Artwork © Prince Dave

All New Templates: Cihiru
New Certs: Prince Dave
Front Page Write-Up by: Celeanor & Orestae with help from many awesome angels! (Y'all know who you are!)
Rogue Concept: Uta
Shop Maps: Celeanor, unless otherwise noted.
Guides: Multiple Authors with multiple references, see credits in specific guides for details.

Original Certs: Demon_pachabel
Original Dragon Lineart: Kaiserflames
Original Firelizard Lines: Orestae
Original Templates: Orestae, Demon_pachabel, Baniru, Cihiru

Dragonriders of Pern © Anne McCaffrey

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