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WHOAMGAWD A Wonderland Event?! 8DD

OMG YAY WONDERLAND! I'll definately be there 0.57647058823529 57.6% [ 147 ]
Pffff, I dont like Wonderland and dont care what the Sandpainters look like I wont be involved 0.031372549019608 3.1% [ 8 ]
8'D I dont really care either way about Wonderland, but I'll be showing up for the awesome painters 0.14509803921569 14.5% [ 37 ]
Private Dancer, Dancing for money (Poll Dancer option) 0.24705882352941 24.7% [ 63 ]
Total Votes:[ 255 ]
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wahmbulance !!!ATTENTION!!! wahmbulance

Sandpaints is going on Hiatus! we are going to make a complete new set of templates, hire new staff, and finish some customs that have been oh hold for far too long.

We will have a grand reopening once everything is complete. Thanks to everyone for putting up with us and we hope to see you again when we reopen!

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Post Numbers: Page One
2. Updates
3. Rules
4. Frequently Asked Questions/ Shop FAQ/ SandPainters FAQ
5. Owners
6. Sandpainters/ Species/ StagesPan-lun
~7. Availability
8. Customs/ Special add on's
9. Breeding
10. Familiars
11. Special Events
12. Employees
13. Banners
14. Credits

Post Numbers: Page Two
1. The Story
2. Staff Characters
3. Geography
4. Magic
5. Professions
6. Current Metaplot
7. Past Metaplots

Links of Shop Related intrest

.: Latest Arrival Cert Pickups :.


Then you may visit the rest of the guild:

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10/14/09: Sandpaints]Monster mash
9/21/09: Wolfen Akari's birthday bonanza
8/10/09: Mindsend Finally got her way after about a year and a half: WONDERLAND EVENT!
7/10/09: Free Raffle
6/21/09: Mariester's Customs to open in July.
6/07/09: Pandora Talie's Customs Opened Here
5/28/09: Wolfen Akari's Customs Open
5/24/09: Newbie Raffle
4/13/09: Elemental Mini-Event
3/26/09: April Fools Day Free Raffle March 26th - 10 PM central April 1st.
3/3/09: Mindsend Birthday Raffle; Free Wyvern!
2/26/09: Fallen Wish Auction
2/14/09: The Swinging singles After Valentines day Free Dating Service. FREE BREEDING! 8D
2/12/09: Mindsend's hosting a small Friday the Thirteenth Free raffle
2/10/09: Valentine's Rp Contest
2/6/09: Valentine's Flaffle and we recently gained New Certificates!
1/4/09: One-year Anniversary
11/30/08:Sandpaints Holiday Event
10/17/08:Sandpaints Halloween Event
10/2/08: Massive wave of growths
8/30/08: Asian Event
8/22/08: Newbie Raffle
6/12/08: Newbie Raffle
6/11/08: Storm Twin raffle over
6/3/08: Storm Twin Raffle
5/25/08: No longer hiring.
5/19/08: NOW HIRING
5/9/08:GLaDOS Auction Over
5/2/08: GLaDOS Auction Going on now!
4/16/08: Eggs hatch into Hatchlings on pages 411 and 424
3/23/08: Auction over
3/14/08: Alucard Auction
3/13/08: Upcoming flatsale on 3/20/08 at 10PM EST.
3/9/08: Upcoming flatsale on 3/11/08 at 9PM EST.
2/2/2008: Auction Over
1/2_/2008: Kingdom hearts Auction
1/21/2008: guild is now open. Flatsale coming the 28th
1/13/2008: No longer hiring. Custom sale opening soon.
1/11/2008: NOW HIRING. See details below
1/11/2008: Second flat sale opening Friday, 18th 2008
1/8/2008: Our grand opening will be this friday, January 11th 2008
1/4/2008: Intrest shop set up and posting open. Still under construction
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~ Do not steal or trace any of the artwork, graphics, characters, or concepts. All rights are reserved to the artist. Anyone who does this will be dealt with quickly.

~ Send PMs to Sandpaints ONLY-- Please do not spam the GMs.

~ Co-owning a single SandPainter is not allowed

~ Please no begging or harassing any of the other user or GM’s. Any such conduct will not be tolerated.

~ Rules subject to changes, additions, or subtractions.



~ No stealing SandPainters.

~ Please RP using the Guild -- The shop thread has gotten to be so busy that important things such as Shop announcements were being missed. While some OOC RP is alright, it is best to have it on the forum where you can easily document it in your journal -- there WILL be Roleplay rewards in the future, so documenting your RPs are important, and you cant do that using the main forum.

~ Do NOT beg or offer IOU’s. You get what you pay for and if you don’t pay, you get nothing.

~ Keep EVERYTHING PG-13 and under. All ages are welcome here.

~ Be kind to others and do not make fun of them, we want people comfortable to be here.

~ No Drama please.

~ Do not rush the artists. We all have times we get busy and a constant nagging; “IS IT DONE YET!!?” will not make anyone move faster.

~ STALKING AND HARASSMENT IS FORBIDDEN. If you stalk people onto our forum to harass them, you will be blacklisted. Neutral

~ Read and follow the rules. Enough said.
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Shop FAQ

Q: Will you be having customs?
A: Eventually, yes. Custom colors could range from (figuring it out XD), depending on how detailed the colors you want or if you want customized lineart with the coloring.

Q: Will there be other breeds of SandPainters?
A: Of course! Every now and then we may come out with new species of Sandpainters.

A: ...not if you ask like that randomly. They don’t cost that much so just play a few games and save up that gold. Plus, we have free events occationally, so just wait for one.

Q: Do you do Pet Trades?
A: Depends on whether a colorist is interested or has a slot open for it! You can look here to see which colorists are willing to do pet trades

Q: Do you accept bribes?
A: o_O of what?

Q: Can I bribe you for a sandpainter with artwork or items?
A: OH! Well, items go by Tektek value and artwork not right now. Every now and then we open bribe slots, in which people can offer items, gold, and artwork for a Sandpainter of a higher level of customization/difficulty then one can get as a regular custom.

Q: Can I bribe you for a sandpainter with artwork or items?
A: OH! Well, items go by Tektek value and artwork not right now. Every now and then we open bribe slots, in which people can offer items, gold, and artwork for a Sandpainter of a higher level of customization/difficulty then one can get as a regular custom.

Q: Why are owners called "Watchers"?
A: Mainly because being super involved with ones painter isn't required, but there are a group of people that seem to be keeping track and care for painters, hidden away from their site, watching. However, many of the human, Elven, Griffen, and fairy natives of Hal'ia work regularly with the dragon's they share the world with

Q: What is the world called called?
A: The worlds name is Aramali, and the main Island the Sandpainters dwell on as a greater species is Called Ha'lia.

Q: What do SandPainters Eat?

A: SandPainters are omnivores, so basicly anything edible to you or me. They have however been known to favor meat over anything else.

Q: How tall are Painters compared to humans?

A: The average size for a male is around 5’8’’ to 6’ at the shoulder. Females tend to be taller and longer so they have an average size of 6’-6’2’’. Males however are more muscular and stocky while females tend to be more slender.

Q: Are there any natural predators of the SandPainters?

A: Well, not really. When you’re a large flying "Draconid" with sharp claws, teeth and magic nothing much wants to mess with you.

Q: Can sand painters breathe fire like other dragons.

A: The majority can. Like dragons of myth they can breath fire but only for self defense. To truly master Fire, however, they need to take magic.

Q:What is a group of SandPainters called?

A: A Gathering of Painters are called a “tribe”. This does not mean they are an actual tribe. It’s just the formal name for a group of dragons.

Q:Why do you call them Painters sometimes instead of SandPainters.

A: its just an abbreviation of their name. It’s a little easier to call them that.

Q: Is Firebreath the only Natural elemental power a SandPainter can have without training in magic?
A: Nope -- Sometimes there are SandPainters that also have Abilities to use electricity. However, they are EXTREMELY rare. At the moment, only one Sandpainter officially has this ability - Niltesh, a young Sandpainter who acts as a merchant. He's not seen around often, since he sails the oceans looking for new goodies to bring to Hal'ia.

Q: Why did my Second Gen Pan Lun come from a common/Aviadracus egg??
A: Please pay attention to who the mother was -- When breeding, the egg matches the mother, since another egg type might kill the mother, and it is the mothers body that produces them.

In same sex breedings, Neither parent carries the egg, and one does not get to see the actual eggs, since there is just the crystal chamber "false-egg", which always looks the same.
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The Owner's List has been moved to the guild!
Click here!
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Compatability: All Sandpainters

The Common painters are the most abundant group of Painters and the ancestral form for all other painter species. They are peaceful and bountiful all across Hai’li. Most live in communities in the painter canyon dwelling in the cliffs and cave systems. Each are around 7 feet tall. Theirs is a carefree race, wild and free.

What is a Painter: A Painter is a medium sized dragon, about 7 feet tall and 12 feet long fully grown, that can give a powerful bite when provoked but typically friendly, playful, and highly intelligent. They have excellent hearing and eyesight during the day. Similar to birds of prey but they can see no better than humans during the night. Their powers include being able to breathe fire like most dragons, amazing speed and grace when flying and simple magic powers. Each painter has different abilities such as healing, wind, fire, or levitation.

They have Long necks, fins on the sides of their heads and spines down the length of their backs. They come in every color and patterns, but it can also relate to where they live. Mild colored painters are found in the deserts while vibrant painters can be found in the forest. They have sharp claws for climbing and grasping along with sharp teeth.

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Compatability: All Sandpainters

The Aviadracus are the closest relative to the Common Painters and as such they are able to interbreed with them. They are peaceful and can be found in higher numbers than their cousins the Merdracs but are rarer than the Common Painter. The Aviadracus are mainly nocturnal preferring to spend their time flying under the stars. They are some of the best Astronomers, using the stars and position of the moon to navigate around the globe. During the day they roost in large old forest and in cliffs.

What is a Aviadracus: A Aviadracus is a small sized dragon, roughly 6 feet in height when fully grown, that has feathered wings and smaller feathered wings around the head area on females, friendly, playful, and highly intelligent. They have excellent eyesight for seeing in the dark and above human eyesight for during the day. Their powers include breathing fire, and they have control over the air currents around them allowing them to fly at greater speeds and heights.

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Compatability: All Sandpainters

The Wyvern Painters are one of the more unfriendly residences on Hal’ia. Few painters will interact with them since they are known to get into fights with other species and within their own. Little are seen of them since they spend the majority of their time in the air only landing when they need rest or to eat. Since they lack front arms they walk on their hind legs using their wings as support when traveling on the ground. Most have tattered wings, ripping the fragile membranes on rocks and bushes as they walk. Wyverns live in small groupings in the Painters canyons but spend little time there, preferring their solitude in the air.

What is a Wyvern: are average size dragons with only 4 limbs compared to the common painters which have 6, including the wings. Many consider wyverns to be ugly and aggressive, but they come in vibrant colors and patterns and have been known to be caring and loving parents. They have broad wings to catch as much wind as they can to stay airborne for longer spans of time. They are also known as storm painters since they are often found following larger thunder heads across the sky. They find nothing more fun than flying around the clouds dodging lightning and using the winds from the storm to create daring aerobatics displays.

They have Long necks and long serpent like bodies. Their tails end with a large flap used for steering and quick maneuvers. They have strong hind limbs to support their bodies are they walk on the ground. The skin of a wyvern is very smooth and slick with the smallest of scales to reduce drag in the air.

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Compatability: All Sandpainters

The P’an-lun Painters are an ancient group of Painters who live in the foggy mountains that ring around Crater Lake. Very few are seen in this difficult to reach area. Most live in communities and temples at the top of the peaks and cliffs over looking the crater. They average around 20 feet in length and 5-6 feet tall. Theirs is a peaceful race with rituals and enlightenment. Little threats them since few come to the temples.

What is a P’an-lun: A P’an-lun is a medium sized coiling dragon, averaging around 20 feet in length and 5-6 feet tall when fully grown. They are highly intelligent, peaceful, and placid. They prefer enlightenment to wars and fighting. They are experts on Astronomy and physics and most anything to do with science. The powers include floating and flying despite lacking wings. They have control over wind and mist, using it to their advantage to keeping their temples hidden from prying eyes.

They have Long necks, long hair on their heads, chins, tails and elbows. Colors can range to just about any thing in every shade. They are covered in small scales that are smooth against the sides of their skin to give them a smooth and shiny appearance. They also have larger plate like scales over their heads and eyes to protect their heads from impacts of falling rocks around the cliffs and mountain sides. The body is long and serpent like to coil around branches and float on the breeze that whips up through the Sandpainters Canyon that divides the mountain range.

What do P’an-Lun do?: P’an-lun’s are scientists, believing in a greater existence in the universe and following the paths to enlightenment. They have great observatory temples that they use to map the stars and study the universe to better understand how it works. If there is a mystery to be solved they will try to understand it. They are also the masters of Silk Making and Jade Carving, and have been using silken pillows as Nests for thousands of years!

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Compatability: All Sandpainters

The Chi’ lin Painters are more unusual group of Painters that can be found in the western grasslands of Hal’ia. They are very social creatures keeping in small herds. They have a long lasting alliance with the P'an Lun and will often Mine Jade for the P'an Lun to work with, in exchange for items since they lack hands such as shelters, silk and carpentry.

What is a Chi'Lin: A Chi'Lin is a medium sized dragon, averaging around 7-8 feet in height and 12-13 feet tall when fully grown. They are highly intelligent, peaceful, and placid, but will defend their young with tremendous strength and numbers. the females have spurrs to help construct and defend their nests. Their bodies are covered in thick scales for protection and long lush hair. They have a single horn which males use to defend territories and in courtship displays. Females have slightly smaller horns that they use only in defense.

They have relatively long necks and long hair on their heads (Males have Lion Like Manes and females are more horse like), tails and elbows. Colors can range to just about any thing in every shade. They also have larger plate like scales eyes to protect their heads from impacts of each others horns in courtships displays. Unlike other painters they lack the ability to fly but they make up for this with amazing speeds and agility on the ground.

The powers of a Chi’ lin is earth based. They have great control over wood, earth and rock elements. It’s rumored that having a chi’lin around causes plants and trees to grow more lush and provide good earth for farming.

What do Chi'Lin do?: One of their main jobs is to mine for minerals and gems such as Jade to trade for goods they can not create them selves. They also are philosophers, exploring the meanings of reality. Like the P'an Lun they are for expanding their minds and enlightenment, but tend to practice using their minds to increase abilities such as healing, Telekinesis, and the other Psionic abilities.

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Banner coming soon

Compatability: Only Other Merdracs

The Merdrac's are an ancient group of Dragons distantly related to The Sandpainters who over time lost their wings and evolved to live in the Sea. They are peaceful but very few in numbers. Most live in communities on coral flats off the coast and in other tropical waters of the Oceans. Each are around the size of a typical killer whale. Theirs is a carefree race, wild and free. The only threats they have are deterred by their powers of poisons and sonic stunning, and camouflage. They come in a variety of different colors. The Merdracs are a peaceful, playful species that don’t mind being seen.

What is a Merdrac: A Merdrac is a medium sized aquatic dragon, about the size of an orca when fully grown, that is toxic when provoked, friendly, playful, and highly intelligent. They have echolocation and the ability to change colors and textures. Their powers include being able to stun with sonar and they have control over the currents around them. Alone its minor, but as a pod they can turn calm seas into a raging torrent of waves, often affecting the weather above it. It’s almost always calm, warm, and sunny where they live because of this power.

They have Long necks, a frill crown around their head, and frills down their back, tipped with little poisonous dart spines. Colors are usually vibrant and tropical, though since they live all over the waters, they can come in almost any shade. Usually their skin is smooth, rubbery, and silky, with a thick layer of blubber underneath. Different clans have different hand types most common being paws with retractable claws, digger hands with large, spade like nails, and gripping hands with talons. Eyes have a transparent lid that closes over like goggles to keep eyesight clear underwater, though they see mostly through echolocation, so their heads have a slight budge to them. Usually hidden by the frill.

What do Merdrac's do?:A Merdrac is sort of a grounds keeper for the ocean, keeping the balance right in the fragile ecosystems for the fish and vegetation. They also are a highly mystic breed, often used as healers and shamans. Part of the pod breaks away to harvest kelp and hunt fish, but usually raise it around their homes so they can leave the reefs to nature. They also are guardians to sailors, the traveling pods usually following ships to make sure they stay safe but also cause no trouble. If a ship is known to cause destruction to nature, it will eventually find itself sunk as a makeshift reef and its crew are found scattered on islands with no memories but for giant, tentacles monsters with hard bumpy skin attacking. A guise they take in order to have their bodies safe from the spears and cannons, but also to keep themselves from being caught as the attackers. Unless they are seen as a trusted friend, then they will go away with a life time of memories and an invitation to return.

Abilities: Able to swim with top speeds of 70-80 miles per hour, excellent eyesight for both in and out of water, toxic fin tips with a highly toxic poison that could take down a whale (Only poisonous if provoked) echolocation; they can stun prey with a sonic discharge that also disrupts electronics, Octopus like skin, allowing them to change color and texture at will. They have the ability to make the water They have the ability to make the water breathable to land dwellers down to 100 feet for short periods of time

Banner coming soon

The Nest

This is the very beginning of a growing SandPainter. Painters often produce two eggs but there have been know to be twins born from a single egg. As eggs, the gender of the painter is not known but hints of the color and pattern can be found by examining the brightly colored egg shells.

While in the Egg stage the painters are cared for in a nest by a nursery SandPainter who cares for them until they are ready to hatch. Once hatched, they will reach a hatchling stage and be read for your care.

A note about eggs: The egg matches the mother, not the breed of painter inside. One may find themselves with a common egg, and end up with a baby P'an Lun


As hatchlings, painters are already hunting for their selves but still need tender care to be sure they don’t run into trouble. At this time they are still unable to fly with their small wings but that never keeps them from trying. Better be sure there is nothing that can be easily climbed or its going to start raining mini dragons.


Welcome to the hardest part of parenthood. Raging hormones and rebellious streaks. Don’t threat, its only a stage, and it will pass soon enough. Now they are nearly fully developed and will start to try to attract the opposite sex but they are not ready to breed yet.


At last they are adults and are at the breeding age. For most Painters this is the final stage of development. Only few with high magical powers and strong ancestry have been know to continue on to the elder and stage.
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Future Flatsales

Date of the Flatsale:...

You can use this time converter to find out what time it would be in your location


Flatsale Process

Adult Common Painters: Adults 4k Eggs 6k
Aviadracus Painters: Adults 6k Eggs Unavailable
Merdrac Painters: 8k Soon to be Retired for new style/version
Wyvern Painters: Adults 10k Eggs Unavailable
Chi'Lin Painters: Adults13k Eggs Unavailable
P'an Lun Painters: Adults 16k Eggs 18k
It's a first come first served basis getting them.

You can ONLY get one Sandpainter a day, unless you are proxying for someone else (THEN you can only buy one for the other person and one for yourself, and they must be in separate posts to give others time), so choose wisely.

If the Flatsale is in the form of a Flaffle, Pm a reference list to the person hosting the flatsale OR the account you are directed to. ( Usually it will be either "Sandpaints" or "Sandpaints staff") This is to make things easier for the colorists, and make it so more people would get the Painters that they'd like without getting skipped over.

A five min warning will be given before each flat sale, and then a second post will say "FLATSALE OPEN" officially opening the shop.

Please post the whether you want the male or female (and which one, URL preferred).


Once you Win a Sandpainter

Once you win a Sandpainter, First go to the link provided below to look at the avalible cert choices then you must send in your trade -- it can be either in pure gold OR a tektek item a little higher (at least 1k higher) than worth in value then the gold to make up for Market flux -- to the Sandpaints mule.

You have 24 hours to put up a Reference or choice before you are skipped over and the choice is passed to the next person on the list.

This is also the time to purchase a familiar (or any jewelry/items there may be for sale) so be sure to do that and avoid the 1k recerting fee

After you send your trade, please send a PM to SandPaints. The PM must have the information of which Sandpainter you got (usually the image from the flatsale works best)

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Click here to see Cert information and PM codes
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Customs are not open at this time.

Custom information

User Image

Breedings: currently not available
Breeding: 20k

Without other modifications, Sandpainters usually have 2-3 eggs, which get 4 stages: Egg, Hatchling, Teen, and then finally Adult. Normally A Sandpainter is only allowed to breed 5 times.

Items that may alter this

Cornbaby: 3-6 eggs in a brood
Kokopelli: 2-4 eggs in brood, can increase amount of times painter can breed anywhere between 6 and 11 times
Salamander: gets rid of egg stage
RP Bonus: Must have 2 romantic/hormonal Rps archived in Cliff dwelling/journal. May increase breeding count +0-1

Things of Interest
Mutations: there is a possibility in breedings to get additions unrelated to the parents: An offspring suddenly sprouting Line edits, colors, or markings unrelated to the parents. This may happen in color only breedings, where a child will suddenly develop something that alters their physical shape. Painters of Unusual status (Mutants -- both of a breeding OR a painter made in a fashion that is not available through regular customs) have a higher chance of developing mutations due to their unstable DNA.
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Familiar Adoption

Familiars are little companions for your SandPainters, usually of the magic variety.

How does a SandPainter get a Familiar? Well, mainly you just ask for one. Eggs cannot have Familiars (Though there are acceptions, such as the Owl), so you must wait for they Hatch to buy them one as a protector. And some Familiars require Sandpainters to be in later stages of their aging to take care of, be cause they are far too wild otherwise.

Sandpainters can also own up to three familiars! However, the combonation you choose decides how many you get -- A Large Familiar, such as an Ent or Coyote, counts as two Familiars, since the larger familiars are often harder to handle. Where as Smaller familiars are easier to train and take care of so you can have Three of them.

Pricing for common companions begin at 2k for default color and pattern, 3k for artists choice of color with default pattern, 5k buyers choice of color with default pattern, 10k for choosing colors and suggesting fur markings for artists interpretation, 20k+ for edits/additions/more buyer control over customization This price is added to the price of the Sandpainter. If you do not ask for it at the time of the adoption of its companion painter, there is a 1k Re-Certing Fee.

To see Available Familiars follow this link!
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Thank you to Mindsend, for all the work you have done getting this shop off the ground, as well for lending the items for the shop mule.


The Hal'ian Companion Society
This Thread keeps track of who has donated and how much they have donated. This Thread also helps those nominated by their peers in acquiring a Sandpainter.

White List
For the Super helpful people who deserve a little love and recognition heart

Vahj = Former artist and one of the biggest helpers of the shop.

Black List

UNNEGOTIATIVE BANS for the poorly behaved

Slycooper2 Spooky/ Master sonicdude2 - PREEMPTIVE BAN - The entity originally known as AJ Leibman is preemptively banned due to Endangerment to the shop due to past and repeated behaviors in other shops; Stalking, harassment, spamming, Begging, breaking Gaia's ToS, attempting to hire others into Stalking for him when it got too dangerous for him to do it himself, trying to escape punishment by jumping ship and creating new accounts, and continuing these actions on repeated occasions despite warnings from various sources. If he posts on ANY mule he shall be reported for harassment.

Narkui - For constant Spamming, harrassment of our regulars, not reading the front page, begging, whining, Drama, guilt-tripping, and disregarding warnings given to him by sandpaint staff.

You may notice that there IS NO GRAYLIST. There is no point in embarrassing those who have had a little slipup. However, if you are warned three times and continue to break the rules, depending on the severity of the mistakes, you will be blacklisted.

If word gets of you missbehaving in other shops, there will be investigations -- We have to do this because of admin experience with other shops, and those who are often rude and cause problems in one shop will often do it again in another. With this warning, it will hopefully make Gaia a little nicer place to stay. heart

Please do not require us to use the Black List again. biggrin I'm sure you wont though.
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About Zephlis
Name: Aura
Gallery: fatal-mantis85.deviantart.com
Claim to fame before Gaia: Comics in the Neopian Times, Petpages,Art gallery and Beauty Contests on Neopets.com, Stary Sky Tutorial on Deviant Art.
Nicknames: Fatal, Aura, Zeph.
Quote: "I have a quote o__o?"
Likes:Cats, Dragons, travel, History, Books,Sushi, competition, drawing, animals, wings, Astronomy, Science, Nature, Fish, the ocean, Computers (is a geek at times).
Dislikes: dogs(only domestic), theives, um.. and stuff.

Random Tidbit!
Zeph has always loved dragons and with some persuasion from mindsend decided to join Gaia and make her own breeding shop. She is the shops founder and head artist.

User Image About Mindsend
Name: Tyra A. (Initials are T.E.A)
Gallery: mindsend.deviantart.com
Other Shops Wolpertingers United | The Changed
Claim to fame before Gaia: Comics in the Neopian Times, Petpages, and Beauty Contests on Neopets.com, Seafoam Tutorial on Deviant Art.
Online Persona: Mindsend (Has an Interdimensional Diplomat and explorer character that developed from this persona sweatdrop )
Nicknames: Mind, Mindsend, Mindy, Squirrelbait, "oh, she's nice"
Quote: "Reality is a Matter of Opinion"
Likes: A lot of things and people, but to narrow it down... Sushi, mythology, competition, drawing, the Obscure, animals, wings, roleplaying, making stuff up, and the Uzumaki trilogy
Dislikes: Drama (the E-kind, not theater), people who try to talk people out of a win, poor sportsmanship, whining, crazy people, Thunder/lightning, liver, Misery (the movie/book and the feeling), and people who say "You DO realize they (your characters) are not reeeeal, right?" to artists and writers... Cause to those who create them, they really are, in their own way, real.

Random Tidbit!
Mindsend's hometown is rather unusual. It has a Pyramid, lots of Bridges, Is between two rivers, is famous for its Citrus, and used to have a Dragon-shaped building on its southern most tip in a place called "Dragon Point", based after an old Native American Legend?! Believe it or Not!

PS: Mindsend dreams of someday owning Dragon Point, which has been for sale for years, and building a new Dragon Point Dragon.

User ImageHoly Blasphemy
Nicknames: Holy, Blasphemy, HB, Hemy
Quote: Common sense isn't so common anymore.
Likes: Sleeping, cats, Mardi Gras, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, role-playing
Dislikes: Needles, coffee, hurricanes (Katrina! >.< ), dogs, math


Full Time

Line edits/colors

Zephlis, Mindsend, Lady Seulf, Leena-chan, Zukuro-chan, Mariester

Colors only

Pandora Talie, Lady Nightwolf, Wolfen Akari, kita - shadows requiem, Bombazine

Part Time colorists


Roving Guest colorists
Semi-regular guests colorists that come and go as they please.

Kuro Kitters

Forum Managers

Holy Blasphemy
-[the spoof]-

Past Staff



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Staff Owned Shops

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We are limiting our Affiliates, so when you PM us to affiliate, please do not feel bad if we turn down your affiliation.

Dragons, Dinos, and Mythic reptiles

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Affiliate Showcase Affiliates
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Founder, Owner, Head artist , Shop Concept: Zephlis
Co-founder, co-owner, Shop Layout,setup, secondary artist: Mindsend
Technical work: Holy Blasphemy, AlexiaSilver, -[the spoof]-, Blade Kuroda

Shop Mules: Sandpaints, Sandpaints Staff, Sandpaints Arrivals, Sandpaints Charities, Sandpaints Raffles, Sandpaints FlatsNFlaffles, Sandpaints store
Shop-run character Mules: Kitxoone, Ecchimous

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