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This is a friendly reminder for Breedable/Changing Pets (B/C) shop owners and regulars regarding signature restrictions. B/C generates a lot of signature images, and with these images come a lot of size violations and problems. Hopefully this sticky will help forum regulars keep track of their sigs and stay out of trouble!

Signature Rules
Ability to post signatures may be removed if you do not follow this standard.
  • Less than 500 pixels in size in both width and height.
  • Total byte-size of less than 100,000 bytes.
  • 255 character limit for signature text
  • 255 character limit for url length (length of tags is included)
  • Every image passes the requirements of the previous four points. We will remove a rando-sig, even for just one image. Just because it's in there, does not mean we'll look over it.

These rules apply to all signatures on Gaia. All images combined must be less than 500 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall, and less than 100,000 bytes. If your signature exceeds these limitations, the moderators will have to disable.

Notice for B/C regulars:

      It is your responsibility to keep your own signature within these limits. While it is considerate for shop owners to endeavor to make the certed pets they pass out under 100,000 bytes, there is no requirement nor guarantee that they do so. As such, it is always wise to make sure that images in your signature or randosig are less than the maximum file size.

      If a shop has given you a pet that is over the limit do not blame them, harass them, or otherwise pass the frustration on. If you would like to notify them of the problem, be polite and non-confrontational. It is not their responsibility to keep you out of trouble, but if you're polite, they might not mind a friendly reminder.

Suggestion for B/C shop owners:

      If you own a shop, you are by no means required to make certs that fit within the limit. However, for the sake of your regulars, it might be kind to either reduce file size for them or advise them that their pets are over the limit. Doing so will keep them happy, out of trouble, and more likely to come back!

How to check file size:

      If the image is being viewed via your web browser, whether in PM or a photobucket gallery or anywhere else on the internet, then you simply right click on the image and select 'properties' from the menu that appears. Whatever your browser, this 'properties' option should provide you with useful information -- including dimensions and file size.

      If the image is saved on your computer, navigate to the containing folder and right click on the file name. Again, you should be able to select 'properties' and find the file size. Simply check that it is under the 100,000 byte limit before sticking it in your sig!

      How to Check, Via On Internet Exploration programs (Firefox, IE, Opera, etc);

      User ImageUser Image

How to shrink images and reduce file size:

      In most [if not all!] Photoshop (CS, PS7, etc etc) programs, there is an option to "Save for Web" which gives you a few options, and actually shows you what size your image will be before you even save it. Using this option can help keep your images small.

      Additionally, if your image editing program has the option to reduce color count, doing so can decrease file size as well. The fewer colors, the less space it will take up!

      http://iaza.com/ feature that allows you to reduce file size easily through a web interface, for those of you that don't have an image editing program -- and of course, if all else fails, you can always ask a friend to help you out!

      How to Check, Via Adobe Photoshop CS Series;
      (Nerpin uses CS3, XD;.)

      User ImageUser Image
      (This is an estimation! You'll have to remember that it's only estimating what the final file size it is, but it's pretty spot on, normally.)

Thanks to and be blue for originally writing this up.
If it's not too much trouble, could you clairify:

The Breedables Forum Rules and Guidelines states-
Remember the signature size rules - all signatures MUST be at or under 100k/500x500 pixels in size TOTAL.

Which is correct, at (inclusive of 500px) or under (499 px or less)?
It seems trivial but I'd hate to get a signature frozen for being one pixel over the limit...

Secondly, 100k (100 kilobytes) is not the same as 100,000 bytes, which is 97.65625 kb. There are 1024 bytes in a kilobyte. Which one applies to the limit?
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It's either way really Felmino.
We usually look at 100, 000 bytes. But, we say both numbers, in general.

And it's 500 x 500 and under.
500 x 500 is as big as your signature gets, any more, and it's considered too large for gaia, and will be removed smile .

I hope that clarifies.
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            [User Image]I was just wondering Why this is even a rule?
            I mean, I see worse things (nudity) in signature, Why can we only use that amount?
            And if we have an aquarium in are siggy, do we have to account for that also?

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You have to realize that, there are at any time, about 30, 000 to 50, 000 people on gaia, and countless posts, posted at any time per minute. This includes the signature portion of every post. Every. Time. They post in a new thread or page.

If you were able to extend the boundaries of what was set by the Gaia Administration, can you imagine how much that would jar the servers? Yes, it almost feels like the server strength is endless on gaia, but that would just hike up the usage amounts that the server brings in. It's more like a muzzle.

Now, if you are confronted BY pornography, or any T.O.S. Breaking situations, like gore and whatnot, you're more than welcome to exercise the use of the "Report Post" button that every post has - and we'll take care of it as soon as we possibly can.

With Aquariums, it's kind of an exception to the rule. They're allowed, and not tacked onto your overall signature size count, but we don't want people abusing this right, and turning on every feature, such as skittles and drivers license and what not, even they have some kind of boundary.

I hope this clarified it for you.
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Thank you Nerpin for that little quick tutorial on how to save images for the web. It really helps because I was trying to figure out how to lower the pixels on my signatures for the longest time. ^_^
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tnx narpin for this coolio reminder 4laugh heart
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o hay great sticky there I see ;D. <333333
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I just want to clarify something.
For a random sig do all the images have to equal 100,000 bytes or less or just each image?
All images combined must be less than 500 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall, and less than 100,000 bytes.

You say all images combined but is that for just for multiple images in a sig?

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