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Page Two:
Availability & Events

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Beginning in November, the Realm of Kitsusagi shop will be taking a short Hiatus. In that time, there will be no sales made or slots opened for customs and/or breedings. Staff will be taking this moment to catch up on ALL their due work, as well as working on a few surprise items. >3 Once everything is accomplished, we have high hopes of reopening the shop to full functionality. Until then, everyone have a happy and safe holiday season!

Kitsusagi will be implementing a couple of new rules ASAP.

1) Eggs will *not* hatch until they are claimed by an owner.

2) Kitsu will *not* grow until they are named.

3) Because of the numerous stages and breedings in Kitsu, we will not be providing certs for pets after they have 'grown'. The colorists do not have the spaces on their computers to keep 4 stages of every cert on their computers, and we are not going to be subscribing to Photobucket to compensate for the extra room we would need to do so.

Kitsu have an egg stage of 1 week, kid, teen stages last 1 month. This is more than ample time to collect your cert. If you dont collect it, it will be up to the artists discretion to remake the cert, reupload it, and send it to you. This is *NOT* required by the artist to do, so do not harass the artist if they refuse to do so.

These rules go into effect right now. Any existing requests in the artists certing threads will be fulfilled, but anything after the point of this post will go by the new rules. If you have an artist that has the time to work with you, then great! But it is no longer required of the colorists, and any harassment for lack of caring on the customers part will be tolerated. Example: 'Well so-and-so did it for me!' is not a valid argument and is just harassment.

The colorists work hard on your pets, and we will continue to do so! We just need a little help from our customers as well so it doesnt feel we are working for nothing. We love Kitsu and take pride in our work, we hoe you do too!

Thank you~

- Kitsu Staff

Attention! Starting today individuals can now create their own quest threads in the guild! You no longer have to pm the Kitsusagi Helper mule for permission! However, questers are still expected to make frequent updates to their quest threads. If a quest does not meet these requirements then it risks being deleted by Kitsusagi Staff- thus making it available to other questers!

Attention! There has been an update to the breeding rules! It will affect how you enter breeding slots, so be sure to read them over in the breeding thread of the guild!

Saedusk will be holding a flaffle event in the main thread until January 27th. Visit the link here!

Everyone please welcome our new colorists, Vesale, saedusk and -_Wish of the Goddess_-!! Those who were not hired this round are free to ask for crits if they'd like. Hiring thread will still remain open for new people to post or those who already have to update their stuff. When you update, however, PLEASE put the date of the most recent update at the top of your post so we know when there is new stuff :3 Thanks!

2 Breeding Slots are now open! Enter for a regular slot or a mix & match slot!

HEY HEY, LISTEN!! Our Re-Opening Events are now officially underway! To join the party, just check out the second page, or our Events Subforum in the guild!

Be sure to check out the Group RP event for monthly points and prizes!

We have added a Cert Recovery Thread in the guild! Please post any kitsu you own in there for them to be added to the owner's list. 83

New thread is created!!! We also have a NEW GUILD, so please check out the link on the first post and join it~ Hiring is open in there as well 8D

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Kitsusagi, a widespread species that at first was hardly known to humankind. Myths, fables, and rumors spread though of these fox-like creatures from the few people who did stumble across them. But just like a sly fox, these creatures remained as nothing more but stories for a very long time. It wasn't until one fateful day, when a terrible monsoon scarred the western lands, that the kitsusagi species would be revealed. It was then as humans were wandering across the ruined earth, that they stumbled upon a cluster of eggs that survived the storm in a shallow den. With curious care the humans took in the eggs, and it wasn't long before they hatched. As time passed and the kits grew, so did the humans understanding of this elusive and mysterious creature.

However, despite the sheltered lifestyle they grew up with, the Kitsusagi constantly yearned to return to their wilderness. Their home. This desire put a strain between the kitsusagi and the humans, as they were still foreign to understanding each others behaviors and logic. Humans attempted to claim and domesticate them as working animals, considering them little better than companion dogs and no longer as rare myths. Before long, some of the kitsusagi grew agitated of their caged life and made escape from the human town, returning to their homeland without looking back. The more passive kitsusagi remained behind, content if not bored with their simple lives among the humans.

Months passed without incident, however the curious spark between the two different species remained. For the kitsusagi who returned to the wild, they shared their tales of the humans with their kindred. For the humans who remembered the creatures and even had a chance to meet the few who were tame, they were eager to reconnect with the kitsune lore. However, their explorations and research were not welcome by all of the wild Kitsusagi (especially Nightmares), as many humans were chased away as intruders. This soon became a constant struggle of boundaries as the humans and Kitsusagi were crossing paths more frequently.

It is said that a war nearly erupted between the two kinds. Whether it was due to human greed or the stubborn pride of the Kitsusagi is unknown, although it is certain that the language barrier between the two played a major role in all the confusion. The tension went on for many years until a shaky treaty could be formed with the help of the guardians, a new species that appeared amid the chaos. However, some kitsusagi disagreed with the terms of the treaty, and a small group of them retreated deeper into the wilderness with spite and hatred in their hearts. For the Kitsusagi that remained they are now at peace with the humans, and are considered among our most loyal companions.

But there are many more types of Kitsusagi still hidden out there, waiting to be discovered.
.....Let us hope they too agree with the treaty.


Kitsusagi are elegant, graceful creatures. They behave much like an average canine would, though they're much more intelligent than one and their personality varies from one kitsu to another just as it would among humans. They can only communicate with humans through body language and various clicking and barking noises. However, guardians are able to act as translators between humans and kitsusagi.

When kitsusagi breed successfully, anywhere from two to four eggs can result. These eggs must then incubate for 5 to 10 days before they hatch. The hatchling kitsu develop a strong attachment to the first person or thing they see once they break free of the shell, becoming quite loyal to whatever it is they've seen. These young kitsu need a diet high in protein - milk and eggs (No, not kitsu eggs!) are an excellent source and easy on the infant kitsu's digestive system. Once they get older, they become omnivorous and will eat just about anything - provided it doesn't eat them first.

Kitsusagi may age rapidly or slowly, depending on what their environment is like. If they are well loved and cared for, they will grow to be strong, healthy kitsu. However, if they are neglected and left on their own for extended periods of time, they will become frail and malnourished... There is a chance to reverse such an instance of neglect, but it takes quite a bit of love and care to nurse a frail kitsu into a healthy one.

Kitsusagi are all unique - again, much like humans are. They may look similar to each other, but the differences between them are always easy to spot. In the case of twins, they will have identical markings - but they will be a mirror image of each other. For example, one kit may have a spot over his right eye, and the other would have an identical spot over his left eye.

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Shop Rules

01. The Kitsusagi HQ is a neutral zone. Senseless violence between kitsu will not be tolerated. That means no killing, no maiming.. etc.
(Key word: senseless. If both kitsu owners agree to the violence/bloodshed, then I don't care. It's allowed. Random attacks on other kitsu? Not allowed. )
02. Do not PM us about prices/availability! You may find such information on page 2.
03. Don't steal the art!
04. Do not ask for one if you can't pay for it.
05. Do NOT edit your posts in flat sales, you will be disqualified from the sale and immediately greylisted if you alter your post!!
06. Do not beg for pets, please.
What you see is what you get, if they're not available you'll just have to wait like everyone else.
07. Please, if you must use quotes, keep them to a minimum.
08. Kitsusagi are not RP mandatory.
09. Once your kitsu is 'mated' it is mated for life. Kitsu can breed without being mated, but once they do make that commitment, it can't be broken without a very good reason. (Mated = Lifemates, not breeding Flings.)
10. If you deemed yourself worthy of being banned; you may, under no circumstances, get a refund.
If you have any ungrown Kitsu, you MAY be entitled to a PARTIAL refund. This may be discussed with whomever you paid to do the work.

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01. Is there a limit to the amount of kitsusagi you can own?
There are no limits to how many you can own.
02. How long will it take them to grow?
Hatching will take anywhere from 5-10 days, to grow from kit to adolescent it will take usually two to three weeks, from adolescent to adult will depend on how active you are in the thread and how well you treat your kitsusagi. If you mistreat it/leave it alone it can take a month or more to fully grow to adult and usually it will be much weaker then if you take care of it and play with it often enough to make sure it's being raise properly.. If it's taken care of it will usually grow up in 2 to 3 weeks.
03. Can the kitsusagi be homosexual?
Homosexual relationships will and can be considered in a relationship, and are allowed to breed with some restrictions. (Please see the breeding center in the guild for more information.)
04. How much should I expect to pay for a kitsusagi?
Depending on when and where you see the kitsusagi up for sale, they could be any price, but we do have specific set prices for certain events:
* All flatsale kitsusagi are 3K.
(Please note that Angelic/Nightmare flatsales are few and VERY far between if ANY, and will run at a higher price.)
05. Can my kitsusagi have any items or weapons?
Cosplay kitsusagi are allowed to have weapon edits, and all kitsu types are allowed a variety of items. Weapons, however, must be functional via use of kitsusagi fangs and claws. Otherwise it will be considered as a decorative item.
06. How big will all the pictures be?
Because the Realm has a short assortment of tags, most tags will comply to the 500 x 500 image limit that has been set forth by the gaian administrators. The average mean of the certs are withing 450~480 pixels on the height and width, so they shouldn't be -too- bad.
07. Can Kitsusagi communicate with humans?
No, Kitsusagi are incapable of speaking the human language. But they are known to communicate through body language and a variety of growling and purring sounds. Anthros and Guardians, however, can speak both Kitsusagi and human languages, thus acting as a translator for both the species.
08. Do any of the Kitsusagi have special powers?
Yes, but it is a limited feature. Angelics and Nightmares are the only species known to have a special ability, and even then it is a rare blessing to obtain. These abilities can only be earned via roleplay activity, and every ability will be unique to that single Kitsu.

Have a question to ask? Maybe a suggestion for the staff?
Post HERE in the guild.

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Normal Kitsusagi

Kitsusagi are tall and brave creatures, that are canine in nature with noticeably long ears and thick, work and travel ready paws and legs. With average length fur, they can take temperatures even when they dip under the freezing level - but not so much. With showing, expressive faces, Kitsusagi are able to express themselves remarkably well, even though they cannot speak the tongues that humans do. Although they are strong as adults, during their whelphood, they are surprisingly susceptible to malnourishment or easily hurt from any form of neglect. If your kitsusagi does grow up sick, it doesn't take very much for you to heal them, but the time spent and the affection needed are great. Sickly kitsusagi are easily spotted by their less than glossy and matted fur, unhappy eyes and thin, wiry frames.

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Celestial Kitsusagi

In the beginning, the Celestials were a single, resplendent species. Their planet prospered under the vigilantly pursued ideals of peace and harmony. Not a warlike species at all, they remained untainted and unknown for millennia. Then, a terrible disease struck and parted the species, creating rifts of distrust and deceit among their ranks. It wasn’t long before the utopia collapsed and the survivors saw what their home had become. It was a barren, diseased land that was quickly being overrun by an unnamed terror that came in the wake of the epidemic. The cause of the disease become painfully obvious – this shadowy terror had decimated their people for its own gains.

Thus, in a gamble, the elders and adults of the Celestials used the last of their remaining strength to bundle and send forth their young ones. Flarei and Eclipsei alike were reverted into egg form and sent into the space to travel the cosmos and hopefully come to rest on a world that would both accept and nurture them.

And so, for years upon years, these eggs coursed through the skies… some successfully finding worlds and others lost to the dangers of space. Eventually, however, some found their way to the Realm of the Kitsusagi where they’ve been afforded an opportunity to live and prosper again.

Not a single egg knows of its origin, not a single Celestial remembers the elders that sacrificed themselves in order to give them a chance. It is truly a fresh start for the Celestials, as they now roam the Kitsu Realms with a hesitant curiosity.

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Nightmare Kitsusagi
(Higher Race - rare)

Known in all writing as the cursed and demonic beings of lore, due to erroneous ways in their past, the nightmares have forever been cursed to horrors and unrest due to their predecessors actions. They are normally said to be a more moody and brooding kind of kitsusagi, keeping to themselves and pushing away the other races due to their bloodbound hatred for those unlike them. Although, it should be noted that not all Nightmare Kitsusagi are uneasy by nature - as there are physical evidence of calm and even approachable individuals.

Easily recognized by their short and wild pelts, the skin on their maws and paws have receded over the ages to produce long and sharp weapon like appendages, their maws skinless and bone thick, a long snake like tongue entrapped within. Due to their curse, their eyes have been sown shut - closing them off from the seeing world for ever. Due to their physical curse, Nightmare Kitsusagi can not see at all, and their senses of smell and hearing are detriment. They rely highly on their senses of taste and feel. Each nightmare is able to carry a certain ability, (such as healing, or telekinesis) that can help or hinder at times of need.

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Angelic Kitsusagi
(Higher Race - rare)

Angelic Kitsusagi are considered the saviors of the ages, floating on large, full plumed wings that are apparently unattached visibly from the main body. Usually spiritual and kind hearted, they are easily approached by other races, and will never hesitate to offer wise knowledge to their kin - although there are physical evidence of those who have personalities that clash with this written documentation on them.

Slightly larger than a normal kitsusagi, their fur is visibly longer and vibrant, and their faces show an oddly calming array of moods. But of all the physical things that separate them from the others, it's the halo that dances over their heads - always blindly following it's owner, a true symbol of spirituality and hope. Each Angelic is able to carry a certain ability, (such as healing, or telekinesis) that can help or hinder at times of need.

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Fae Kitsusagi
(Super Rare)

The Fa'e are an exceptionally reclusive breed. In tune with nature and all its many forms, they very rarely venture beyond their isolated retreats. Organized into the four courts, the Fa'e pay homage to the four seasons with each court coming into strength with its associated season. Generally, the seasons will influence the coloration of the particular Fa'e but that is not a rule. They do not age and enjoy the bounty of eternal youth. Few ever seem to see the need to grow beyond the glow of young adulthood.

People first noticed them because of their small size and winged ears, thinking at first that these new kitsusagi were a mutation of the subspecies. They also display twig-like wings that grow from their shoulders and despite the seeming inability to fly, they float along quite well. It came to light, quite quickly however, that the Fa'e were a race unto their own and are rumored to possess an alluring charm and luck, much like fairies. By this rumor, some humans have become greedy and try to capture Fae Kitsusagi to make a fortune of their own.

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Seraph Kitsusagi
(Super Rare)

The Seraphs are a rare and elusive breed, aloof, good, and well meaning. They are a sprightly species, often dancing on high and enjoying the musics of the winds. A higher race then the Angelics, they are often looked up to by all the races of kitsusagi - save, of course, for the nightmares and the tainted. Their powers are a more potent form of what the Angelics have, though they too can really only manage one ability. Don't underestimate them, however! Even one ability can have the strength to do much good.

Slightly smaller then an Angelic, they are easy to identify from their six wings and the crystal or gem pendant they are almost never without. Like the Angelics, the Seraphim possess a halo as well. Sleek in shape, they may not be particularly strong but the seraphs are very much the kind of kitsusagi one might want to befriend. Count your lucky stars if you ever manage to call one friend!

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Uni Kitsusagi

Heralding from the deepest parts of the land's forests, the Uni Kitsusagi are a relatively new addition to the growing family of Kitsusagi. Rumor has it that a Normal Kitsu, wounded and lost in the woods, stumbled upon a cavern hidden behind a waterfall. Deciding to rest there for her final breath, the Kitsusagi was surprised to find the cave walls adorned with crystal fragments. She gazed at her weary reflection on the nearest crystal, sighing weakly and leaning her forehead to the smooth surface. Upon contact, the Kitsusagi was rejuvenated of both health and strength. And when she gazed back up for her reflection, she found herself forever transformed. Their single horn and almost equine like bodies are reminiscent of the unicorns of lore. They are a varied group, in temperament and coloration and a person is considered blessed if they happen to befriend one. Of all the subspecies, it is thought that the Uni Kitsusagi get along best with the dragons.

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Dragon Kitsusagi

A transformation long lost in time, it was almost thought to be a myth. Historical notes say the Dragon's were created by newly fallen stars, and that humans would collect the remaining stardust and cast it on the furs of Normal Kitsusagi. These Dragons were known to be petitioned for peace by human royalty, and the more docile ones were kept as pampered pets. Rediscovered, a couple small strains of the Dragon kitsusagi were recently noted wandering across the vast locations of the map - giving those who study the different kinds a rare and elusive chance to search for these stunning creatures. Considered one of the larger races that exist at this time, only to be outgrown by snow kitsusagi, these kitsusagi are not known for their girth and size, but more of their length - as they are remarkably long body wise. Elegant and wiry, these kitsusagi are recognized for their agility and strength. They are also known for their arrogance and pride, stemmed from their royal origins.

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Snow Kitsusagi

A race of Kitsusagi that have only recently began appearing on the lower slopes of the mountains, the first generation of these Kitsusagi have been reported to have been in existence for a long time, going unnoticed on the bleak terrain of the mountain tops. Their origins are speculated to have been from a legendary mountain flower, and the Normal kitsusagi that consumed this flora became a grand Snow Kitsusagi. Larger than any other kind (Even the Nightmare and some dragons!), these kitsusagi are easily noted by their long, shaggy and warm fur, huge bulky appearances and remarkably friendly personalities. Due to their larger appearances and longer stamina - Snow kitsusagi are considered the best species for manual labor and events such as sled racing and carriage pulling.

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Water Kitsusagi

Originating in the waters around the Southlands, due to it's warmth and tranquility, the MerKitsusagi emerged. Once there was a terrible storm that swept across the beaches, leaving the land in ruin and disarray. As the local residents tried to clear out the wreckage, a strange new discovery was made. Lying under the fallen trees and nearly buried in the sand was a shimmering coral, as bright as sunlight. The human that discovered the item then handed it to his companion Kitsusagis, as he continued to help clear out the destroyed shoreline. When he returned, however, he was stunned to find his Kitsusagis swimming in the ocean and transformed, their bodies marked by scales and fins. Thus began the Water Kitsusagi population. People believe they are a lucky sign if ever spotted, because they are thought rare and mysterious, and truth is, they really are lucky! Maybe you'll see one in your lifetime, maybe more, consider it a treat from them...

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Anthros, an enchanted and awe-inspiring transformation that takes blessing on only a select few Kitsusagi.
The mechanics behind the change are a mystery, but the results are fascinating- increased speed, strength, and longevity. And the most drastic change in becoming an Anthro? The ability to walk on two legs and have hands instead of paws, mimicking the form and mobility of a human. They can even understand and speak the human language.

However, once a Kitsusagi becomes an Anthro, they are forever bound to this form. But no fear, for this form come with some special privileges. If, for example, the Kitsusagi had an rp-active significant other, then that individual would also receive the blessing and become an Anthro. And upon becoming an Anthro, their level of fertility is increased, allowing for 1 extra breeding slot. Let it be known though that Anthros can only breed with other Anthros. Another limitation noticed of the Anthro transformation is that it is a blessing only given to Normal, Angelic, and Nightmare species.

How to obtain an Anthro Kitsusagi

01. Blessing of Notability
This blessing is earned through an individuals active participation and presence in the Kitsusagi shop. It also involves how well they have developed their Kitsusagi's character through roleplay. There is no set quota to meet, as these blessings are a sporadic surprise bestowed by the Kitsusagi staff.

02. Blessings of Abundance
On some cases, humans will perform a ceremony in hopes of appeasing a blessing upon their companion kitsusagi. These ceremonies are held while the kitsu is still in egg form, in hopes that the kitsu can be well bonded to their human before they become an Anthro. Their reasons for this vary, but one noted reason is to gain the alliance...or servitude...of such a capable Kitsusagi. These ceremonies come at a hefty price, ranging from 250k-500k in gold, depending on the egg's species.

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Guardians are from an underground world all their own. No one's quite sure where it is, as the guardians are very secretive about it - it's in their nature to be protective or secretive about people or things they care about. They first became known to humans and kitsusagi during the great war between the two races. It was with their help that a peaceful agreement was able to be reached.

They seemed to have a strong link to the kitsusagi, and it was later discovered that they could bond to individual kitsus provided that the egg they hatched from was left near a kitsusagi for a time. They are incredibly devoted to the kitsusagi they bond to, doing their very best to protect them from harm. They're also able to translate kitsusagi speech into human and vice versa, allowing for communication between the two species. The only drawback to having a guardian is that they may not be separated from their bonded kitsusagi, or else the guardian will wither and die.

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1-Fish 2-Snake 3-Sparrow 4-Sparrow(ll) 5-Sparrow(lll)
6-Hare 7-Rabbit 8-Rabbit(ll) 9-Panda 10-Antelope 11-Tiger

Familiars are considered the companion (and sometimes enemy) creatures of Kitsusagi and humans. There are a variety of species to be found, and they are known to reside in many locations on the map. None of them are capable of speaking in human tongue, although they can communicate just fine with the Kitsusagi. These creatures do not have the same dependence of bonding with the Kitsusagi, as the Guardian types do. For this reason, the familiars usually divide into their own separate groupings of carnivores and herbivores, fully understanding the balance of life is a narrow one.

-Guardians and Familiars for Sale-

-Each costs 1k-
Flat sales for guardians and familiars are the same as they are for kitsusagi
(Please note you may only buy a guardian gem if you already have a kitsusagi!)

-none for sale now-

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User Image

This world we live in is grand, so extraordinaire you'd never really believe my words... till you'd see it for yourself. Our world is full of magic, all that magic carried by the wind around... traveling from our forests, to our deserts, passing through our grasslands and across our rivers. There is so much land to see, and yet still, not all of us will see it... only the wind will, and as it passes, I'll lift my ear up and listen to all the stories it tells me about those far away places.

User Image

Regarding map locations, there are some simple guidelines on what and who to expect when roleplaying within a certain location.

All these details and more can be found here.

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User Image

All information can be found HERE.

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User Image

Breeding Rules
Please go to this thread to view the complete rules involving Kitsusagi breedings.
If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to post in the shop and they will be answered asap.

Breeding Bribe Guide *
Please go to this thread to view a handy guide involving Kitsusagi bribe breedings.
If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to post in the shop and they will be answered asap.

Breeding Slots
Please visit the Colorist Workshops to see if any Kitsusagi breedings slots are available.

*- Breeding Bribes are a special case and not available by normal breeding slots.

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User Image

Custom Rules & Prices
Please go to this thread to view the complete rules involving Kitsusagi customs, plus the standard prices for all customs.

Bribe Rules
Please go to this thread to view the complete rules involving Kitsusagi bribes.
If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to post in the shop and they will be answered asap.

Custom & Bribe Slots
Please visit the Colorist Workshops to see if any Kitsusagi custom/bribe slots are available.

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User Image

Shop Owner
Access: Nyhility
Jobs: Our lurking shop owner!

Management Staff
Access: Nyhility, Manda
Jobs: Thread management, public relations, handling complaints, staff management, event planning/organization, coloring and breeding. The general task masters!

Full-Time Colorist
Access: Nyhility, Manda, _-Wish of the Goddess-_, Tachik??, ileatea, Etherial Requiem??
Jobs: Coloring kitsusagi and handling breedings in a timely manner.

Part-Time Colorist
Access: Tachik??
Jobs: Coloring kitsusagi and handling breedings in a timely manner.

Guest Colorist
Access: saedusk
Jobs: Coloring kitsusagi in a timely manner.

User Image

Credits and Past Staff
Lineart: Kinjikun, DFA
Certs: ???
Staff: Nanook, Mau, Ballentine, Dreor, Sanura Panthress, Laisewiel, Nerpin, Outbreak SIgnal, Marushii, Astral Vanity, Gullien, White Arsenic, Taejira, Yuna-chan, Yakobi, Swampiestar, Vesale ..... zomg who else??? xD;

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User Image

Whitelist: A special thank you to:
Lizzymoo! <3
Ninetailed Nightmare! <3
Kitsusagi staff for all their hard work!

Greylist: A careful warning to:

Blacklist: A specific restriction to:

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Simply pm the Kitsusagi Staff mule if you would like to add your banner below!

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