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Est. Feb 29, 2004

Pupfin Count: 413

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Table of contents
I. Introduction
II. News
III. Teh Crew
IV. Setting
V. Events
VII. Rules
VIII. Stages
IX. Anthros
X. Showcase
XI. Accessories
XII. Breeding
XIII. Pet Trades
XIV. Customs/Reservations
XV. Affiliates

Warning: May contain nuts. Lots of them. XD
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Here's where we tell you what's new! And if anything's coming up in the future.

6/12/12: Pups from the breeding event are almost all out! Soon we'll start seeing growings smile
3/17/12: Congrats to the St. Patty's FS winners~
3/16/12: Congrats to Viking winners!
2/19/12: Bad at updating this, we are. Congrats to the recent FS winners, and keep an eye out for a fun breeding event plus our 2nd leap year anniversary!
7/8/11: Been a long few months, as a few of you know, but finally back to work. Will try to do some things soon, I promise.
5/7/11: Breeding raffles going on now! See event post for more details smile
5/3/11: Okay so we didn't manage to get much done last year (yay for failing laptops, tablets, and real life), but I am gonna try to be more productive this one. Congrats to the recent FS winners, and keep an eye out for some random upcoming stuff as well. We'll try to re-schedule the "How to Train your Pupfin" event for this October, cos I still really wanna do that. And...lots of other things, eventually. XD I might be more sneaky about some things; I really want people to start coming around again, and if that means rewarding those who are paying more attention (or at the very least lurking around watching), so be it wink

1/5/10: The Christmas event comes to an end, congrats to all the winners~

12/05/09: Cthulhu and Sadako's chests are here too! I'm scared already. XD

12/02/09: The first of the breeding chests are here~ Pink and Purple love babies ftw XD

11/14/09: Congrats to the Breeding Slot winners! Now.. I work, and ponder Xmas.. XD

11/8/09: Breeding raffle in progress! See p.1821. End date is Nov 14

10/31/09: Thanks for making the zOMG event a huge success, and congrats to all the winners! <3

9/20/09: After updating the owner's list and adding up Pupfins to update my Pupfin count on the front page, I've realized that with Voo's new pup, we just hit Pupfin #400!! Wowzers! Thanks to everyone who's helped this small shop get ..well, crowded!

9/1/09: A zOMG event is being planned for the month of October, so keep an eye out for previews! Monsters galore, and some might even make an appearance as familiars~

8/21/09: Congrats to timeerkat and mikie/vooma for nabbing breeding slots. Yay for new pups coming soon!

8/20/09: Thanks to everyone's patience during our down-time after the anniversary, and congrats to all new owners from the Colorz Flaffle! Hopefully things will be picking up soon.

2/12/09: Tie & Caresse's lovely pups have all arrived! Congrats to the owners!
Also, I've started to put up previews and info for our 5th anniversary coming up. Check out post 4 for more info!

2/9/09: Congrats to the flatsale winners! That was one of the quicker sales we'd had. XD

2/2/09: The last of the flatsale previews are up; I'll either be having the FS Friday or Saturday, in the evening sometime. Now's your chance if you want to sway my decision! Just post in the thread if you guys have a preference. xD

2/1/09: Kaboom & Kunoichi's pups have arrived! And what rainbowy pups they are XD

1/27/09: I've moved the Breeding Bulletin (Bachelor(ette) list) to the guild, and cleaned the slate! You will need to resubmit pupfins if you wish to have them on the list. You can find it here!

1/25/09: Tie and Caresse's chests have arrived! Yay, more rainbows! XD

1/21/09: A new year is upon us, and so is another milestone, the 5th anniversary of Pupfin HQ! Also, continue to look for new events, as we don't plan to die anytime soon :] Once teh pirate finishes owed things (the list is dwindling, I promise!), we'll try to have more variety of things going on, like more flatsales, and customs. :]

Also, the first chests of the new year are here, congrats to Kaboom and Kunoichi! More are on the way from Tie and Caresse! <3


4/14/05: After more than a year at our original thread, we've decided to move the Pupfin HQ to a new one, both to get away from gaia's persistent errors (as if the "read only" mode wasn't bad enough on the front page, now it's pretty much non-existent!), and to create the thread with a mule allowing both tabitha and myself access to any post, instead of having our own.

Posing for our PupfinHQ mule is a (sorta) crew member/helper of Sin's that you'll be seeing around a lot. Meet Rory! To distinguish, Rory will likely type in orange. If the text's not orange, it's either tabs or I. Which one though, who knows, eh?
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The people you need to know, listen to, respect, or otherwise worship! XD

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Discoverer of the Pupfins, (well, his crew did XD) Sinbari (who goes by Cap'n or Sin) runs most of the operations and events. Pupfin HQ is based from his island sanctuary, which houses many other critters of different shapes and sizes (and doubtless most of his pirate-based activities XD). When he's not spending his time taking care of other critters on the sanctuary grounds, the cap'n can usually be found in his cabin aboard his ship when it's docked. Sin drew the chest lineart, and does most of the coloring.

Teh cap'n is a very laid back sort, despite the whole...half demon thing, and tries to get along with people. It's pretty hard to make him mad. >D

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

First mate and good friend of the Cap'n, Tabs was one of the first people aside from Sin's crew to know about the discovery of the Pupfins. She spends most of her time staring out to sea and hoping her ornery Pupfin Misu doesn't drop ontop of her out of nowhere. >D Tabitha drew all of the sexy pupfin-related lineart, bringing Sin's design to a vibrant life and helps give the cap'n advice and ideas. You'll probably be seeing coloring and more from her in the future!

Tabitha is the silent partner, so to speak, and you'll probably rarely see her around. Despite the fact she can be pretty easy going as well, be warned that she also has say in the runnings of the thread, and is quicker to bite than the captain is. >3

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Rory may seem like a "new" guy, but he's been a crew member of Sin's for quite a while. Usually he spent most of his time on expeditions with the rest of his crew (of whom Sin puts the utmost trust in to take care of sea business even without himself along), but has since decided to hang around the sanctuary more. He loves critters almost as much as Sin and now helps him and others take care of them, also helping with keeping records and researching the Pupfins. Laid back to the extreme and very easy going, sanctuary animals do tend to get the better of him, much to their (and others') amusement. XD
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You are here. XD

[-Map(s) coming soon!-]
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Keep an eye out here to find out about current events!


Raffle rules:

1. Tickets are 100g each. No limit! Post in bold in the thread to request them, do NOT PM me or the mule. You may request for a friend, if you wish.
2. No requesting ticket numbers, they will be added in the order they're asked for. Makes it a lot easier on me. You can ask for some now, and then some later, however.
3. When you request tickets, please post your preferences. You do not have to list both if you only want to go for one of them.
4. No whining, sighing, complaining, or other obnoxious behavior, etc etc. In other words, NO DRAMA. If you can't act or say something nice, it's best not to post at all.
5. Tickets will not be added until the trade is sent. Try to finalize them asap! Trades need to be sent to PupfinHQ NOT Sinbari.
6. No mules, shop or otherwise, please. Accounts with low post counts may be investigated.

Please pay attention to when a particular raffle ends (it will say right above the image)! No more tickets may be requested after the ending time shown, whether I am here to officially end it or not. I'll randomize for winners asap.


Rules Refreshers: Note: I have to edit rules to reflect different auctions, so if things are worded funny, don't fret, I tend to futz with 'em every time I have an event. xD

1. Bidding is open to everyone.
2. Please use the appropriate forms to make it easier for me to spot bids.
3. Only bid what you have. No "I'll have it tomorrow" stuff, and no payment plans. Please try to avoid discussing your bidding funds in the thread too, it counts as discouraging others.
4. No whining, sighing, complaining, or other obnoxious behavior, etc etc. In other words, NO DRAMA. If you can't act or say something nice, it's best not to post at all.
5. No editing or backing out on bids once they've been posted. Doing so will result in you being unable to participate in the rest of the Event, and possibly being greylisted in the main shop. Make sure you want to bid before you do! If you make an adding error, make a new post instead of editing.
6. Co-bidding is allowed (you may also add to someone else's bid), but co-owning for a single Pupfin is not. Trust me, it'd be one confused Pupfin having a mental link with two separate people.
7. Pure gold and/or Monthly collectibles, Evolving Items, and Random Item Generators (RIGs, i.e . Dark reflection, LexBox, Azrael's Box), are accepted at Tektek's Lowest Market Price. Please tally your own bids. Your bid will be ignored if you do not. No store items, no rares/uncommons. I may accept random Cash shop items/bundles and Prize and Joy items - but please ask beforehand for permission.
8. No sniping. Anyone who has not placed a bid prior to the last half hour of the auction may not bid from that point on.
9. NEW: Snipe guard goes into effect 15 minutes prior to the end of the auction. If a new eligible bid is placed within that time frame, the auction will be extended another 15 minutes past the original ending time. From this point, any bid uncontested for 15 minutes will be the winning bid!
10. If you win, you have 24 hours to send a trade with your winning bid, or the Pupfin will go to the next highest bidder.
11. If there's any questions, feel free to ask! I don't bite! ;D


Coming soon:


Previous Events:
- Easter Egg Hunt
- Fishy February
- Christmas Chaos
- Breeding raffle
- zOMG Halloween
- Colorz Flaffle
- Cinco de Mayo permapups
- Breeding Raffle/Best Couple
- Xmas Event
- Sin's Bday Party
- Newbie Raffle
- Canada/Independence Day
- Breeding Bonanza
(If you need a pup stage from any event that you may have missed, just let me know)
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Got a question? Check here to see if it's answered!

Coming once I remember what I had down in the old thread. For now a few important ones that have been brought up. XD

Q. Are Pupfins RP required?
A. Nope! But we do like to see ye poke yer head in every so often to know you're still around, y'know? If you manage to get a chest you will need to come by when your Pupfin is ready to come out, or let us know ahead of time you'd rather it just be "hatched" without the prompts (see post 5 for details); after that just give us a howdy or a random emoticon once in a while and it's all good. XD

Q. How many Pupfins can we own?
A. As many as you like! Sometimes there may be limits on how many you can acquire in an event, but otherwise the sky's the limit. We do like it when people share the love though, and we love to see new faces! ;]

Q. How much do they cost?
A. The current flatsale rate is 5k for adults, 6k for chests (subject to change). Raffles tend to cost around 100g per ticket. Auctions usually have a starting bid of 5k. There won't be autobuys, as a rule.

Q. Well what about a custom? Can I get one of those?
A. Whenever it says slots are open, you may attempt to claim one (see customs/pet trades on how to do this). Keep an eye out for special slots/promotions!

Q. But I don't want to wait for a custom slot to open! Can I bribe you?
A. Maybe, but it will take quite a big bribe to make me open a special slot, because if they're not open, it means I either have too much on my plate, or no time in the first place to work on customs. (Hint: Teh pirate loves Evolving Items. XD) Be prepared to possibly have a small wait even if you do manage to bribe me, however, since again, I may have a lot to do already. ^_^

Q. Do you do pet trades?
A. Yes, and that info is also in the pet trades/customs post.

Q. What IS the setting here, anyway?
A. Well, the setting itself is Sin's Sanctuary, an island where he keeps all the different critters he's procured over the years (there's a small staff, just pretend a few people besides Rory tend to be seen now and again eh? XD Think of it as a zoo although most of that part is off limits to the public (for now). A few of the more tame (non-Pupfin) critters may be seen now and again, however. The public part of the Sanctuary building contains a gathering hall (with fountain!), game room, library, kitchen, amenities and a few guest rooms for those who might need to spend the night. Most of the in-thread RP that happens, however, takes place on one of Sin's ships that's docked there and the surrounding beach. The interior of the island is *technically* off limits though some Pupfins have been known to ignore this. One of these days I'll have a website up that will help anybody who decides to wander around know what to expect. Once I get a host that does more than host images, anyway. XD

Q. What the heck is a flaffle?!
A. XD A flatsale raffle! It can happen in different ways, but in a nutshell, those who enter have their names listed, just like a normal raffle, only it's free. And only the winner that's chosen by randomization would have to pay the flatsale fee. We may also do this in a trivia way, where if you answer a question right you can be entered.
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Respect our authoritah! XD

Note that these are general rules for each type of event. Always pay attention to rules posted for each event in case there's an exception, or special rules!

Flatsale adults are 5k, chests are 6k. This could change in the future.
First come first serve.
You may claim one for yourself OR for another person, but not both, not even in separate posts.
No editing of posts during a flatsale, for whatever reason. (duh!) If you make a mistake, make a new post!
Trade must be sent within 48 hours of winning a pupfin (i.e. when I confirm you won) or else it goes to the next person who posted for it.


1. Tickets are 100g each (unless otherwise specified). No limit! Post in the thread to request them, do NOT PM me or the mule.
2. No requesting ticket numbers, they will be added in the order they're asked for. Makes it a lot easier on me. You can ask for some now, and then some later, however.
3. You may request for a friend, if you wish.
4. No drama. Need I say this? I don't think so. XD
5. Tickets will not be added until the trade is sent. Try to finalize them asap! Trades need to be sent to PupfinHQ, NOT Sinbari. See below for easy link. ;D
6. No mules, shop or otherwise, please.

Please pay attention to when a particular raffle ends (it will say right above the image)! No more tickets may be requested after the ending time shown. Whenever I get home, i'll randomize for the winner.

Auction rules:

Starting Bid: 5k
Min Bid Increment: 1k
Autobuy: none

1. Bidding is open to everyone, whether you own own a Pupfin (or an army XD) or not!
2. Only bid what you have. No "I'll have it tomorrow" stuff, and no payment plans.
3. No whining, complaining, or other obnoxious behavior, etc etc. In other words, NO DRAMA.
4. No editing or backing out on bids once they've been posted. Doing so will result in you being greylisted. Make sure you want to bid before you do! If you make an adding error, make a new post instead of editing.
5. Co-bidding is allowed, co-owning is not. Trust me, it'd be one confused Pupfin having a mental link with two separate people.
6. Donation items/letters, EIs, and RIGs are accepted at average Tek-tek value . Please tally your own bids. Your bid will be ignored if you do not. No store items, no rares/uncommons, unless otherwise specified.
7. Snipe Guard: If new bids are placed within the last 15 minutes of an auction, the end-time will be extended 15 minutes. From that point on, any bid that stands for 15 minutes without contest is the winning bid.
8. If you win, you have 24 hours to send a trade with your winning bid, or the Pupfin will go to the next highest bidder.
9. If there's any questions, feel free to ask! I don't bite! ;D

Flaffle: A flatsale raffle! It's easy. It's free to enter, and works just like a raffle except you don't pay to be added to the list! They're either just open requests for a ticket, or perhaps trivia based. Either way, the randomized winner
then pays the flatsale fee for the pup they won!
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The circle of life? XD

Here's where you can read about the various stages of the pupfins, from chest to adult, and also what to expect from them in said stages. I might even include a mini-faq here in the future. (Note: Images shown are 75% of true size.)

Here's a little hint: Make sure you read everything typed in red font!

Chest: So you've got a chest! (A nice one at that, ne?) Bet you're wondering what it's gonna do, huh? Well, the first thing you need to know is that chests have stages of their own. Sounds confusing, but it's not. Here's how it goes.
User Image
First stage: When you first get a chest, it'll have a strong colorful aura around it. Pretty lights.... XD This aura gives you an idea on what color the Pupfin that's hibernating inside will be, while the gems of the chest tend to give you an idea on the pup's eye color (if the gems are black, it can mean the pup's eyes are black, OR it could mean they're covered somehow, so keep this in mind!).

Also, we've noticed that chests with silver metal tend to harbor females, while gold harbors males. Iron can be either!
The important thing to note in this stage, is that the pup is hibernating -- this means there is no movement to be heard inside, aside from perhaps faint breathing. So while some people tend to want to sneak snacks throught the keyhole, the pup wouldn't be munching on it until perhaps right before it's about to come out ;] Also, please note that the chest is locked, magically. That aura's not just for show, it's the pup inside protecting itself until it wakes up! So don't get any bright ideas about opening it up, even when it's about to come out!

Second stage: Now, after a while, the aura will dim a little. You'll still see the colors, but it won't be nearly as strong as it was. This is the first hint you'll get that your pupfin might be close to coming out of hibernation!
There's still not much sound of movement from within, however.
Final stage: Not long after the aura dims, it'll completely disappear! That's when you want to come to the thread, because your pup's ready to come out (usually in some ornery fashion) and see the world, not to mention it's new owner. Awwwwww.

NOTE: Once you post announcing you've noticed your aura is gone, I will be giving you prompts to follow until the pup comes out! Please do not post the chest opening and your pup coming out -- no matter how excited you may be! ^_^

Pup: Now that you've got yourself a bundle of joy, you probably want to know more about it right? Well there's differences between the guys and gals of course, but what is common between them is their curiosity and ability to get in trouble. Pupfins have a smooth scaled look and feel about them -- they're not furry (...as a general rule. XD). About this time the pups are a medium size, knee-high, more or less. Pups can teleport (making a soft poof sound), but not very far, as they have to see where they want to be. Sometimes, they might even miss if the intended perch is small enough. Pups cannot teleport people or objects with them!

Communication-wise, pups can converse with other pupfins like normal speech (though it sounds like watery-sounding canine sounds to us -- picture hearing barking under water for example), but not to humans other than through body language and typical canine sounds. They can, however, understand everything we say to them. They're a lot smarter than normal canines, and at times might even pull a few interesting facial expressions at you. ^^

Now, for gender-specific traits!

User Image

Males: Males are the epitome of ornery. They're hyperactive for one, and they're constantly wanting to DO something. That can be anything from chasing their owners or other people, playing with toys (you did get them toys, right?), swimming, or just downright causing trouble. You'll rarely see the boys laying around doing nothing unless they're plum worn out.

Physically, males differ in just a few different aspects. They're only slightly larger than females, so the main ways to tell the difference are the tail, which has 5 prongs on it, and the spinal fins, which go all the way down to the haunches of the boys.

User Image

Females: The girls are somewhat mischevious like the boys, but are much better at hiding it. They're usually prim and proper, and aren't quite as hyper as the boys. They prefer sunbathing and leisurely swimming to chasing things any day, but if provoked by the boys, will usually join in the fun and games.

Females are different from males in a few ways. As mentioned above they're usually only slightly smaller than the boys, and not always. The ways to tell them from the guys are their tails which only have 4 prongs, and the spinal fins, which only go down to their shoulder blades.

Adult: So now your pup has grown up, and you're wondering what to expect, right? Adult Pupfins are about the size of a Great Dane, and as such, can keep your hands quite full! Most adults tone down the rowdy behavior for the most part, though there's been known to be a few exceptions (okay, several exceptions XD).

And, as to be expected, Adults will have improved their communication and teleportation skills. As an adult, your pupfin will have fully bonded with you, and can now mentally communicate with you, their owner. Not with other humans, although it's simple enough for you to tell others what they said, assuming you want to. You'll find out just how witty, intelligent, and sometimes how sarcastic they can be, so be prepared to deal with their opinions whether you want to or not. XD

Teleportation wise, Pupfins can now teleport anywhere they've been before, without having to see their destination (wish I could do that), and with near-perfect aim. It's a rarity to see an adult miss their intended mark. XD They still cannot teleport a large object (small toys or shinies are fine) or another person with them, although it has been accomplished with two Pupfins before.

There has been ONE recent documentation of a single Pupfin teleporting to the ship with a new chest by herself, but we are still boggled as to how this was accomplished, as it's never been seen before!

User Image

Males: Not much differs from what we mentioned in the pup stage. Males are still more ornery than the girls, although will probably have calmed down a little (or just become alot more sneaky in their trouble making ways). The physical traits remain the same.

User Image

Females: Not much differs from what we mentioned in the pup stage. Females are still more prim and proper than the guys, but will have their moments. Physical traits remain the same.

Special Types
User Image

Well, we still don't know a lot about how demonics came to be, but here's what we've found out so far!

arrow Chests: Unlike normal Pupfins, Demonics don't seem to come about the same way. When it comes to Demonic chests, we don't believe there is a pup hibernating inside, as per normal. Instead, the chests harbor some sort of spirit; in this case, usually a dark and/or malevolent one. There is an aura, however, and it does give the same indication of when the demon is ready to arrive, by dimming and then disappearing. After that, the similarities stop. The chests do not bounce around like normal ones, nor does a light shine from the keyhole.

arrow Manifestation: Instead of a pup 'emerging' from the chest with a flashy poof in mid-air, it seems the demonic spirit (or soul) manifests itself outside the chest. How it transforms from spirit to Pupfin, we've no idea, but Demonics (so far, anyway) seem to skip the pup stage all together, 'arriving' as a full grown adult! Perhaps they feel the need to arrive in a strong a form as possible? More soon, hopefully!

arrow Characteristics: Demonics follow the general stereotype for demons (save for wings). They have bony spikes that run from their head all the way down to their branchy finned tail instead of the spines normal pupfins have; but with the same fin material in between them. They also have some spikes on the sides of their face, to which the 'ear fins' are attached. A pair of horns grace their head as well, and they've got some wicked looking claws. Better stay out of the way of those!

arrow Behavior: We've only seen a few Demonics so far and it's hard to say so far what the 'norm' is for behavior. We've seen aggression, moodiness, and yet a few instances of tolerance of others, and getting along. We've seen them prefer solitude, and yet also the company of others, at times. It's just hard to say what's going on in those minds of theirs! While Demons aren't all sugar coated and loving, they can sure show a wide variety of behaviors. Mix in the tendency for mischeviousness and pranks with Pupfins and you can have a dangerous companion!


User Image

We don't know any more about Angels than we do Demons, but here's what we do know!

arrow Chests: As with Demonics, Angelics don't seem to come about the same way. When it comes to Angelic chests, we don't believe there is a pup hibernating inside, as per normal. Instead, the chests harbor some sort of spirit; in this case, usually a rather holy or benevolent one. There is an aura, however, and it does give the same indication of when the angel is ready to arrive, by dimming and then disappearing. After that, the similarities stop. The chests do not bounce around like normal ones, nor does a light shine from the keyhole.

arrow Manifestation: Instead of a pup 'emerging' from the chest with a flashy poof in mid-air, it seems the angelic spirit manifests itself outside the chest. How it transforms from spirit to Pupfin, we've no idea, but Angelics also seem to skip the pup stage all together, 'arriving' as a full grown adult! It's really hard to say why this is the case (are they trying to compete with the Demons and arrive the same way?), but we'll probably find out more in the future!

arrow Characteristics: Angelics mostly follow the general stereotype for angels, but in an aquatic way. Their ear and tail fins are more wavy, and the 'spines' on the back are longer and resemble aquatic 'wings', for lack of a better term. The material in between the fins are rather transluscent, as well. The Angels just radiate beauty!

arrow Behavior: There are only a few Angelics so far and it's hard to say so far what the 'norm' is for behavior. We've seen extreme benevolence and politeness so far, but with their regal bearing, a haughty 'holier than thou' personality is just as likely to be seen from them. Angelic or not, the Pupfin tendency of mischeviousness is just as likely!

User Image

Evolution at its finest!

Recent discoveries have enabled Pupfins to become anthros! For now, it isn't available for demons or angels (not that there are many of those right now XD), but hopefully will be soon! I'll be tidying up this post soon, but for now, here's some random anthro facts:

arrow Kyan was the first Pupfin to become an Anthro!
arrow Adult Pupfins can become Anthros by imbibing the appropriate potion. Don't give this stuff to pups!
arrow Unlike many species, Anthro Pupfins have the ability to freely shift between their normal adult canine form, and the Anthro form! It happens much like they teleport, one minute they're their old self, and POOF! The next, they're an anthro! Aaaand vice versa XD Easy peasy, and definitely discomfort-free!


Normal Anthro Potions will be on sale soon, (probably 1 at a time), but the demon and angel ones are not quite available to the public, as our scientists are still tweaking it. Last thing we need is a potion reacting badly to a demon.... sweatdrop

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Here, Demetrius and Kaylee show off their new look!
Click 'em to see the full art <3

User ImageUser Image
User Image

The place to look for recent dropoffs and growings!

Here's where the newest Pupfins will be stored briefly for pickup and a bit of showing off. XD Look here if you missed someone's pup coming out of their chest, and can't find it anywhere! It might also be a good place to check on the aura of your chest, or look for recent growings as well. If you need to find a cert that isn't here, check the Owner's List. If you cannot find it there, or the link is in error, please post in this thread to let me know.

Oh and of course, if you notice any info errors the cap'n may have made in the wee hours of the morning on your cert, please let him know... >.>;

Most recent update(s):

Refresh if needed! (and if Photobucket is being really inane, try opening the image in a new window/tab and then refreshing XD)

User Image

Every pup needs some goodies!

So, you've got yourself a Pupfin, and you're not so sure how to keep them busy (especially those ornery boys) in a productive way, right? Well fear not! We have a few shinies at our disposal, and the collection will undoubtedly continue to grow! You, the owners have spoken, so we'll have both nifty toys for your Pupfin to play with, and also shinies to hoard as well. We plan on keeping the toys cheap and affordable, but do make sure you leave room in your cert for future goodies (even if some of you may not mind your Pupfins getting buried in squeaky toys)!

So without further ado, here's what you can get for your playful canines for now. The list is a little sparse yet, but keep an eye on more stuff coming soon! If you find something you want, just post in the thread and send yer trade to PupfinHQ. If you don't post, we won't know to look on the mule for trades, so please make sure you do so!

Coming soon: Jewelry!

Squeaky chew bones: 15g

These are good for hours of fun for most pupfins. Pups tend to like 'em more, but who says adults don't know how to have some fun (or just annoy their owners with the squeaks)? Currently available in 11 colors - Red, orange, gold, green, teal, blue, purple, pink, silver, black, and (choco!)brown.

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image


Boy, do we have SHINIES. Shinies of all sortsa colors. *sage nod* Shinies are the 'security blanket' of teh Pupfins. Whether they like to admit it or not, they're attracted to such things as gold and gems, and tend to be much calmer, and feel much safer, around them (remember, your pupfins pretty much hibernate inside treasure chests before you see them -- now you know why!). So take a gander at our lineup of goodies (we're sure your pupfins will, too) -- we hope you'll enjoy 'em. Of course they'll cost a bit more than toys, as they're harder to come by for us (and teh cap'n put quite a lot of work into makin' these so pretty sweatdrop ), but they're just so shiny we doubt you'll be able to resist! More coming soon, and I'll probably be putting some descriptions and info soon just for fun! ^^

Gems: 75g

Types currently available: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz, Amethyst, Garnet, Diamond.
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Other shinies: 50g

Types currently available: Gold Doubloon, Pearl, Onyx.
User ImageUser ImageUser Image


Who says your Pupfins don't have emotions like we do? From frustrated, to angelic and everything in between, why not show just how your pup feels? Whether it's a normal state of emotion, or they're the type to change moods often, we offer quite the variety.

You can buy as many as you like - and you can have them put on your Pupfin's cert just like an item, only they'll show up by the pup's head. And, you can have their moods changed, but i will probably limit how often you can do this, simply because I don't want to get worn out changing these all the time (since it will probably require moving their name over when I do this, for the males anyway), so I might limit changing them out to maybe once a month or so. You can switch them between different Pupfins, too. As long as you have one "in stock", you can use it on whoever. I'll be keeping a list of who has what. ^_^

Premade Mood Bubbles cost 100g.

1st row: exclamation, evil, screw, lucky, sweatdrop, brokenheart
2nd row: musical note, vein, frustrated, mood, lightbulb, confused
3rd row: heart, angelic, demonic, star

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

If you don't see one that seems appropriate for your Pupfin, you can order a custom!

"Inside the Bubble" customs are those that don't require any outer edits, like most of the ones you see above. "Outside the Bubble" customs are those that have edits, like the angelic and demonic mood bubbles.

Inside the Bubble customs cost: 200g
Outside the Bubble customs cost: 300g

To order one or more of the bubbles, just fill out this form and either PM PupfinHQ or post in the thread (i'm more likely to see it faster if you do the latter, though). You can use the 'additional info' part of the form to tell me what pupfin it goes to (or, if you want it go to another owner - but i will not put it on another pupfin's cert -- it's up to that owner to request that).

[color=blue][size=18][b]My Pupfin is Moody![/b][/size][/color]
[b]Type of Bubble:[/b] (Premade, Inside custom, Outside custom)
[b]Name:[/b] (from premade list, or name of custom)
[b]Cost:[/b] (see prices above)
[b]If a custom, do you want it to be available to everyone (same price you paid) or unique?[/b]
[b]Additional Info:[/b]

To request a Bubble that you already ordered previously (or that someone ordered for you) to be put on your Pupfin(s) cert(s), use this form. Remember, you may only change a Pupfin's bubble once a month. I really don't need to be bogged down by constant changes of whimsy. XD However, I may consider it if you're transferring it to another Pupfin's cert. No more than one transfer per pupfin per month, though. I know its' confusing but just ask me if you have questions.

[b]Type of Bubble:[/b]
[b]Pupfin to assign it to:[/b]
[b]Does this require it to be removed from another Pupfin?[/b]

I will keep a list (probably in notepad - unless you guys want me to have a public one) of bubbles you own and when changes were made so I can keep track. If you have questions just let me know.

exclaim Also, here is a list of bubbles won as prizes (mostly for participation). If your name is here, you are entitled to the # of bubbles mentioned by your name! You have a choice of the cupcake bubble from the party, or any of the above ones.

User Image

fluorescein: 2
wyvernscale: 1
grim kitsune of death: 1
voo: 1
aria: 1
chieko: 1

Seasonal bubbles (semi retired?)
User ImageUser Image

While not something that is certed with your pupfin, plushies are fun to collect nonetheless. As of now they're not for sale, but keep an eye out for them in events and random giveaways. Since they're not generally "certed" like pupfins, I'll be trying to keep track of who owns what, either here or in the guild. ^_^

User ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image



While few in number as of yet, we have managed to find a few lil critters that Pupfins like to hang around, and vice versa! These little guys are rare right now, but might show up more soon. They can even be shown off on your Pupfin's cert, and a few already are! So without further ado, here's the different types we've come across so far, and a small owner's list. smile

WIP ^^;

User ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image

Other familars:
Frogs (Leap-Anniversary)
Pengus (Xmas '08 )
Mousers (TMNT)
Fluffs, Gramsters, Garlic (zOMG)

The familiar owner's list shall be in the guild, and eventually updated >.>

User Image

Ah, young love!

Breeding-related Links
Past Breedings
Breeding Bulletin/Bachelor(ette)'s List

Is your adult infatuated with another(or in Misu's case, just plain horny...)? This is the post to read! Rules and information regarding breeding results will be found here, as well as past breedings and offspring.

The following may seem a bit confusing so if you have ANY questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask us about 'em. Make sure slots are open before requesting a breeding! They will be listed below.

Oh and, I can be pretty sneaky at times opening slots, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

Breeding Information
1. NEW: Breeding costs 5k for unedited Pupfins, 10k for minor edits (small accessories like jewelry, or small edits like claws), and 20k for major edits (large accessories, clothes, hair, non-standard tails, etc). If the parents have varying degrees of edits, the cost of the breeding applies to the Pupfin with the most edits. If you are not sure what it falls under, just ask. ^_^ There are no additional costs for breeding angels or demons unless they have edits (this is subject to change, I may charge more for angels/demons in the future).
2. The cost is split between owners, unless one owner is breeding their own pupfins, then they pay the full amount. Adults only, of course!
3. Any two pupfins may be bred together as long as they are not of the same gender (sorry, only m/f breedings), nor related in any way. Pupfins from the same flatsale/series are not considered related unless otherwise specified (i.e. their cert lists same parent(s)). For example, Pupfins from the chocolate series are not considered related, nor are the Pupfins from the latest flatsale.
4. Breeding produces anywhere between 2-4 pups (chests). Please see below for information on keeping/giving away chests (can be found below the compatibility bonus section).
5. Traits from parents are random. Most of the time the offspring's base color will be the same as one of the parents, but rarely, a minor color from a parent could show up as their main hue. Although they will usually have identical markings from the parents, new markings or variations of markings may appear, parents' color shades may shift slightly with offspring, and there is a very small chance of wildcard colors showing up. If both parents are solid-colored, you never know what sort of new random markings may show up!
6. A Pupfin may only breed once every 2 months (amended). I'd like to see variety anyway! (Since I have not been consistent in opening breeding slots each month, this is pretty much moot anyway, but I will usually have a stipulation that the same Pupfin cannot breed twice in a row, at least).
7. Partners may be different each time, as Pupfins do not always mate for life.
8. Your Pupfin must be an adult for at least a week before being eligible for breeding. Let the poor things adjust, mkay? XD This only applies to growing pupfins. If it came as an adult, it's fine ^_^
9. Pupfins obtained from breeding may NOT be sold in any way; this includes flatsales, auctions, or pet trades. They may only be kept by the owners, or given away, whether it be to a friend, via free raffle, or free event. Below is what you can do with them, depending on how many chests you receive. It may seem abit strict on the number of Pupfins people can keep from their breeding, but I would really like to see more new owners, and I hope I'm not alone. X3
10. Edited parents will produce edited pups, but just how MUCH they are edited is up to the person coloring the breeding XD Please don't complain if daddy's little boy isn't as decked out as you'd like him to be, okays? The more offspring, the more I'll probably spread out the edits to everyone so they're more unique. XD

11. Angelic & Demonic Breeding
arrow If you breed an Angelic or Demonic with a normal Pupfin, there will be a small (10%) chance of an offspring having the demon or angel gene. If both parents have demon genetics, the chance will increase depending on if the normal is half demon, quarter demon, etc. Same for angel genetics. This could also work against you however! If you have a demon or angel breeding with a normal, but the normal has some of the opposite type of blood, it lowers the chance instead!
arrow Demonic x Demonic or Angelic x Angelic will always yield the corresponding offspring -- this is the only way to guarantee Angelic/Demonic pups. However, be forewarned that demon x demon or angel x angel breedings can only yield 2 chests. They are more rare after all.
arrow Demonic x Angelic will always yield normal pups, never Angelic/Demonic ones, as the demon and angel genes cancel each other out.
arrow I would LOVE for demon/angel luff to be spread; i.e. if someone breeds two demons and two angels and hence the guaranteed corresponding offspring, I'd PREFER for them to be given away -- just to spread the love! I won't force the issue, though!

exclaim Be warned that even if demonic/angelic offspring are not demons or angels, there still could be some interesting effects resulting from their parents' genes!

12. NEW: Compatability Bonus

exclaim If you breed two Pupfins that are in the same genre (i.e. two christmas pups, two disney pups, or two heartless, for example) you will get one extra chest added to whatever I roll for that breeding! This means you could get anywhere between 3-5 chests, omg!
exclaim They can be from any year, so long as they're in the same category, meaning Cherri could breed with Tchaikovsky, or Shaun could breed with Plazu.
exclaim This mostly applies to special edition, however if you have a custom/cosplay that goes along with a genre, you can do that too. Just ask if you're not sure! I may allow some if you have a good enough argument. wink
exclaim This does not apply to offspring of special edition/genre pups, only the originals, sorry!


Chest Distribution!

Note: If you give more than one chest away, it may NOT be to the same person. (i.e. I can't give two chests to Sodashi from my breeding, but I can give her one, and poke mattix another, if I wish)

arrow Two chests
Single owner: You may keep both, or give one or both away. If given away, it may be either to a current owner or newbie.

2 owners: Each owner may keep one, or choose to give theirs away. If given away it may be to a current owner or newbie.

arrow Three chests
Single owner: You may keep up to 2 chests, the third must be given away, either to an owner or a newbie.

2 owners: One per owner or you may choose to give yours away. The third MUST be given away, regardless (either to a current owner or a newbie).

arrow Four chests
Single owner: Two may be kept, the third must be given away, either to a current owner or newbie, the fourth MUST be given to a newbie.

2 owners: Each owner may keep two, OR, each owner may keep one and give the others away. If any are given away, they MUST be to a newbie.

Note: In the rare event you get 5 chests (from the compatibility bonus), as long as the owner(s) keep no more than 2 for themselves, it does not matter if the other recipients are newbies or not.

That said, if you're giving chests away you may either just tell me whom you wish it to go to, or request that a free raffle or event be set up. If you do give it to a friend, make sure you ask them to stop by and say hello, and to read the thread over so they know what to expect! Otherwise they may never know how to tell their pup might be arriving!


New: If you do not feel like you (or whomever you may give a chest to) will be able to come by the thread when your pup is due to come out, you may request me to have the pup emerge on its own (I would post it in the thread like a growing) after a certain period of time. You will still be responsible for naming them when they come out, however. They will not grow to adults without a name!

User Image

I'm all for mutual benefits. XD

Having problems nabbing a Pupfin for yourself or a friend? Try asking for a pet trade! More info below!

Pet trades are currently: OPEN

These are a list of pets we're interested in, and would definitely do a trade for. We don't get around much though, so if your pet is not on this list, you are still welcome to PM this account to see if we're interested in doing a trade with you. Don't feel bad if we say no, however, we are a little on the picky side. Nice lineart and coloring helps, though. smile

I don't tend to have time for RP-required pets, so unless you're willing to throw in a 'not necessary to RP' stipulation, I'll probably avoid trading for those. Generally I'd prefer a semi-custom for semi-custom (color choices, maybe simple pattern ideas), or pre-made for pre-made, but sometimes I may be up for a full custom trade. It will take a lot of bribing for lineart edits/cosplays right now.

List is a work in progress (and could be outdated, when it comes to active shops). If you need a link to any of these just lemme know wink XD

Canopy (monkeys~~)
Maneki Neko
Wishful Thinking
Fuzzy Slippers
Soquili (yeah, right. XD)
Shadows of Africa
User Image

Where dreams come to life!

wahmbulance This post is under heavy construction. I'm going to be rehashing the way we do customs to make it much easier. ><;

Customs are currently: OPEN. For reservation information, see the end of this post.
Bribes are currently: OPEN.

When slots are open, please check below for special instructions.

Custom slots:

We will probably not be offering customs too often, but I will try to open slots when I can. Certain customs may be open at certain times, so make sure you pay attention smile It depends on what the pirate or Tabitha feels they can handle at the time. Remember, don't ask if it says customs are closed! Got an idea but can't get a slot, or don't have the gold just yet? See the end of this post regarding reservations. domokun

exclaim Due to lack of energy lately, customs will be adult only until further notice.


Types of customs
As mentioned above, I've redone how customs work. Even though it was nice to cater to different wallet sizes, it was a headache trying to figure out which category everyone's requests fell into before. So for now (we'll see how this works out), here's the different types you can get.

Semi-Customs (25k): You pick 2-3 colors, or a palette (Design-seeds or Color Lovers are great sites if you can't think of anything off the top of your head), and gender.

Full customs (non-edited) (50k): You get to choose colors and patterns, as well as gender. References are helpful if you have them. Cosplays are allowed if they don't require any editing.

Full customs (minor edits)(75k): You choose colors, patterns, gender, and small edits, like jewelry. If you're not sure if your edits are minor or major just ask me smile Cosplays can go here if the edits are very minor.

Full custom (major edits)(100k): This is like the old insanity package. They come as Adult-only, but otherwise, the sky's the limit! Just tell me what (or who) you want! Any big edits involving hair, tails, & and clothing fall under this category, as well as most cosplays.

Note: As of right now, Angelics and Demonics are NOT available with the above custom types. If you're interested in getting an Angel or Demon, bribes are the only way to get them right now, outside of breeding. Some RIGs and EIs might get my attention, but it depends.

If slots are open, please post in the thread to claim a slot, and once it's been confirmed you got the slot, make sure you send your trade to, AND PM the appropriate form to, PupfinHQ, NOT Sinbari! Trades will not be accepted until customs are done, so no worries (although most of you regulars know I'm good for it if I do XD).

Semi-Custom Form:

[color=blue][b]Semi-Custom request![/b][/color]
[b]2-3 colors or a palette (see above for palette websites):[/b]
[b]Gender:[/b] (if you can't decide, just put CC (colorist's choice))

Full Custom Form:

[b]Full Custom Request![/b]
[b]Type:[/b] (Non-edit, minor edit or major edit?)
[b]Owner:[/b] (if not for yourself)
[b]Pup's name:[/b] (or you may wait until it comes out)
[b]Base Color(s):[/b]
[b]Ear Fin Color(s):[/b] (spines and webbing)
[b]Tail Fin Color(s):[/b] (spines and webbing)
[b]Back Fin Color(s): [/b] (spines and webbing -- If your Pupfin will be wearing clothes, let me know which fins you want showing, please.)
[b]Eye Color(s):[/b] No more than 2-3 please (unless your custom calls for enlarged eyes), it's hard to fit them xD
[b]Markings/Pattern:[/b] (references preferred if possible!)
[b]Line Edits:[/b] (If applicable)
[b]Other:[/b] (stuff that doesn't fit above)

If you've managed to bribe me for an Angel or Demon, here are their respective forms:

Angelic Pupfin Form:

[b]Owner:[/b] (if not for yourself)
[b]Pup's name:[/b]
[b]Base Color(s):[/b]
[b]Ear Fin Color(s):[/b] (spines and webbing)
[b]Tail Fin Color:[/b] (the wavy tip part XD)
[b]Back "Wing" Fin Color(s): [/b] (wing spines and webbing -- keep in mind the webbing membrane on angels is semi-see-through)
[b]Eye Color(s):[/b]
[b]Markings/Pattern:[/b] (references preferred if possible!)
[b]Other:[/b] (stuff that doesn't fit above)

Demonic Pupfin Form:

[b]Owner:[/b] (if not for yourself)
[b]Pup's name:[/b]
[b]Base Color(s):[/b]
[b]"Ear" Color(s):[/b] (spikes and webs)
[b]Tail Fin Colors:[/b] (spines and webs)
[b]Back Fin Color(s):[/b] (spikes (the side horn things) and webs)
[b]Horns and Claws:[/b]
[b]Eye Color(s):[/b]
[b]Markings/Pattern:[/b] (references preferred if possible!)
[b]Other:[/b] (stuff that doesn't fit above)

Custom Reservations

Please read everything in it's entirety! ^^

Got a particular cosplay custom in mind that you're aiming for? Something special that you want more than anything? Don't have the gold to go for it just yet? Afraid it might be used before you can get the opportunity? Well worry no more! Starting NOW, you can request to have one custom reserved for you exclusively!

All you have to do is PM PupfinHQ (since we are rarely on the mule, you might also make a note in the thread if you sent a PM off) with your request and I'll add you to the list (see the bottom of this post). There are a FEW things I already have planned for the future, so if your request is one of them I may ask you to choose another, but the chance is pretty slim, as I'm doing this for the express purpose of not accidentally choosing something you've had your heart set on as a custom. XD

So what's eligible for reservations? Well, the sort of things we've had auctions for lately, like the heartless, or disney characters. Characters/monsters/etc from video games, TV or movies, etc. Not all cosplays require lineart edits, so don't feel it has to be something that's got extra parts or hair to be considered a cosplay and eligible for the list. Also, non-edited stuff such as wild animal patterns are allowed for reservations.

The only thing I ask is that if you DO reserve a cosplay, that it have priority over other customs you may have in mind. While I won't say 'as soon as you get a custom slot you MUST get your reserved cosplay' (since I know gold is sometimes a factor as to what you can get), I also don't want to see someone consistently nabbing custom slots and passing up their reserve for something else. I'll let you know if it's gotten to the point where I prefer you to get the cosplay you requested the next time you manage a custom slot. Once you obtain your custom I'll take it off the reservation list. ^^

Anyway I'm sure there's stuff I may not have touched on, so as usual, if you've got a question just ask! ^^

Note: You may change your Reservation choice at any time, but you may still only have one at a time. Once you receive one it will be erased and you may reserve a new one. If you haven't been around in a long long time and someone else really wants your custom, I reserve the right to delete you from the list. Fair warning smile

1. Gwee - Master Wild Mage
2. Eastern Skunk - Taerar Licorne
3. Toboe (Wolf's Rain) - Ryshili
4. Harley Quinn (Batman) - Jenjandi
5. Carnage (Marvel) - dranco (VraduV)
6. Peacock - Lady Aria Starstone
7. Deadpool (Marvel) ( <.< )
8. Boba Fett (Star wars) (>.> )

User Image

Other neat shops to check out!

Link to Us
Want to link to us? Here's a few banners you can choose from if so! Just copy the code shown below the one you like. You may have to remove the spaces when you put it in your thread. smile

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

[url=http://xrl.us/7pkj] [img]http://xrl.us/b6h3[/img] [/url]

User Image

[url=http://xrl.us/7pkj] [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v27/sinbari/art/project/pupbanner2.jpg[/img] [/url]

If you want to be affiliates with us, just PM this account (PupfinHQ) with your request and the code (like the format above) to link to your shop. We'd love it if you would link back to us in return! smile

In the event your thread moves, or you use new link banners, it is your responsibility to let us know so we can update. We reserve the right to delete your banner if your image becomes broken (though I will usually check to see if the shop is still active or not).

Newest affiliate:

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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