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Puella Magi (world/setting)
Metamorphosis (the pets)
The Finale (witches)
List (of puella magi)
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This shop contains spoilers for the anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Please continue by your own volition.

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                              june 17th, 2012

                            Sign-ups for the summer meta is now open until June 25th (though it's subject to change), and a confetti cake girl is up for raffling on page 2! Check it out, and have a great summer!

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                              march 11th, 2012

                            MANY POLICY CHANGES
                            have been changed that you MUST read! Other than that, without further ado, Puella Magi has opened its DEBUT EVENT showcased above!

                              august 19th, 2011

                            TEUFEL TOWN INFORMATION
                            has been updated. Please check it out!

                              august 15th, 2011

                            The shop is finally open!! There is much rejoicing to be had, but that doesn't give us much time for a break! Watch out for an opening event soon and look out for a semi-custom contest on page 2 that should happen shortly.

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                            "What creates life is a wish."
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                              follow the terms of service!

                              only one three puella magi to a person at a time You can always get more Puella Magi, but the Puella Magi you have must die or disappear in some form. Simply relinquishing your Puella Magi does not count, and you must have your current Puella Magi for up to six months before you kill her off.

                              please read the entirety of the front page If you want to participate in any of the Puella Magi events, it's essential that you know all of the information on the front page! Please read up before you ask any questions, but if you still have ones that need to be answered, feel free to ask in-thread.

                              do not resell your puella magi!

                              do not reuse shop graphics and hotlink from its photobucket service Please! It costs bandwidth and we need as much as we can get~

                              roleplay is required for growth You must prepare a Wish in order for her to grow! How can you possibly obtain that without some form of Roleplaying? But we'll cover that more in a later section.

                              keep it civil!

                              if you want to forfeit your puella magi Please PM Messenger of Magic with an explanation on why, and if the shop is allowed to resale your pet. It's okay if you don't want us to!

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                            "Don't waste food. I'll kill you."
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                              the puellae magicae

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                            The Puellae Magicae (singular: PUELLA MAGI; translated literally into mahou shoujo, or magical girls) are young girls under the contract of Kyuubey, the Messenger of Magic. Kyuubey has been sent out to Earth to form contracts with girls in turn for their power and assistance in defeating the Witches that run amok in this world, causing grief and harm wherever they go. In turn for their assistance, Kyuubey turns them into magical girls and has the ability to grant them a single wish-- anything at all is capable under its power.

                            After forming a contract, the Puella Magi also receives a Soul Gem, the container of her newly gained magical powers, an item that contains the pureness required for every Puella Magi to use their supernatural abilities-- but the Soul Gem itself becomes tainted the more the Puella Magi uses it. To purify the Soul Gem once again, Puellae Magicae must use Grief Seeds, small seed-like items dropped from defeated Witches. If the Soul Gem remains tainted and becomes completely corrupted, however, it is too late for the Puella Magi-- overcome with grief, usually upturned or devastated by the aftereffect of her wish, she too transform into a Witch.

                            Whether or not all Puellae Magicae know this, though, is a question in and of itself, and there are more consequences to being a Puella Magi than one would initially think.

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                              the city - teufel town, the united states

                            Welcome to Teufel Town! The city itself is based in the United States of America in the state of California, and is hailed for its large population, area, and locational diversity. Not only is it a city that spans so big that it's the combination of four or five average small counties, it is a beautiful place known for its several monuments paid tribute to globally renowned architecture. State of the art technology keeps the city beautiful and constantly lighted, with several attractions and multiple locations to go to for both tourists and residents alike. Transportation to Teufel Town let alone the entirety of the United States is made simple with its day-and-age transit systems, from buses to bullet trains!

                            Like in Mitakihara Town in Madoka Magica, the city itself is fictional and will be something of a collage of many different existing areas and cities, including a majority of modern-day big cities. Places such as Los Angeles, CA, New York City, NY, San Francisco, CA, and other big-shot American towns are good places to go for reference. Touches of futuristic items such as computerized whiteboards and modernized computer-interface homes and hospitals are typical things to see around the city. In short, just watch Madoka and you should get the basic gist of what Teufel Town will be like!

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                            "I promise, I'll definitely save you."
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                            (click to full-view)

                              stage one- girl
                                GIRL -> PUELLA MAGI: character development + PM mule with puella magi's wish

                            You haven't made your contract with Kyuubey yet and are living life as normal.

                              transition- contract

                            The only requirement to get to the Puella Magi stage in this shop is to PM the mule your girl's wish. Once you do that, and officially set up a contract, you are ready to become a Puella Magi.

                              stage two- puella magi
                                PUELL MAGI -> WITCH: character development + interaction with kyuubey (PM mule to request the RP)

                            You've finally made your contract with Kyuubey and have become a full-fledged Puella Magi! Their outfits are based after the color of their eyes and each Puella Magi will come with their own specialized symbol. To start off, each will also have two different abilities (in the show the commands were typically given in Italian, and will be the default language, but in flatsales/customs you'll be able to specify which language you want them to use) and a weapon that will stick with them for all time. The more Grief Seeds you earn, the more abilities you can get!

                              transition- grief

                            In the end, though, a Puella Magi turns into a Witch herself, right? Given this information, your Puella Magi will turn into a Witch as well, but only at your disposal. In order to give up your Puella Magi you will simply PM the shop's mule (Messenger of Magic) when you're ready to kill off your character, and that will unlock a new Meta. These Metas will be considered Walpurgis Nights and will divide the number of Grief Seeds between each Puella Magi in battle. Due to this, part of the unique application system for the Puella Magi B/C will be to consequently design her Witch form for when YOU'RE ready to make her die.

                              stage three- death

                            A Puella Magi has been overcome with grief and has herself turned into a Witch, an all powerful being that starts off Walpurgis Night.

                            Because the final stage is, essentially, you killing off your Puella Magi. We beg you not to kill off characters often, though, and there will be a six month bar in which you CANNOT kill off your Puellae Magicae, starting from when your girl's journal was created. On that note, you don't have to kill of your Puella Magi at all if you don't want to! We don't want to drive the artists insane, and the more character development you involve in your character, the more fun it will be.

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                            "Anything is possible, if you make a contract with me!"
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                              witches and their minions

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                            Puellae Magicae can't exist without Witches! Witches are, in essence, the negative feelings of the world incurred by a spectrum of bad emotions, such as wrath or hatred. These beings spread disaster around the world and create sadness and grief wherever they go. These magical beings hide in Barriers, areas that symbolize the essence of the Witch, and are protected by her Minions.

                            There will be a specific subforum dedicated to the creation of Witches and another dedicated to the battle against Witches. Anyone who wants to can access the Witch Creation subforum to submit ideas about a Witch and its Minions, and if accepted, have the ability to RP their Witch in battle with a Puella Magi. These Witches will only last for as long as they're alive, which will probably be around one RP or so, and is mainly just a fun mechanic to give everyone a chance to be involved whether or not they have a magical girl. Anyone can make as many Witches as they want, and the more there are, the better it gets!


                            User Image

                            Regular Witches have two different types of Minions to their name, one Offensive and one Defensive type, both of which serve different purposes for different kinds of Witches. Minions share many attributes with his or her Witch and have significantly less complex designs than the Witches themselves, and are generally smaller. These are basic enemies destroyed by Puellae Magicae, and each type of Minion altogether drops one Grief Seed (ie. Killing two different types of Minion would make your Puella Magi gain two Grief Seeds.)

                              creating grief

                            Witches are a big deal in the series, and to exemplify this will be a tribute to the show in general. There will be a subsection in the Puella Magi guild where anyone can and are encouraged to create Witches and their designs, simple threads created in multitudes where users can designate what a Witch will be like according to design themes and moral values. These Witches will be showcased in the B/C's bestiary. Users will be able to gain Grief Seeds for their characters in two ways-- creating Witch designs and defeating Witches ICly via battles.

                              grief seeds

                            Just as Puellae Magicae have unique symbols, each and every Witch has a unique Grief Seed that they drop along with their disappearance. These Grief Seeds can be used by the Puella Magi to restore power and purity to their Soul Gems. The more Grief Seeds that your Puella Magi obtains in this shop, the more magical abilities she unlocks!

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                            "How about we become monsters together… and turn this world upside down?"
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                            COMING SOON
                            (Meanwhile, go make some Witches!!! A ton of them!)

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                            "If you ever feel like dying to help the universe, just let me know. I’ll be waiting."
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                              about the shop

                            ✿ CAN I WRITE KYUUBEY FOR PLOT DEVELOPMENT?
                            No. Kyuubey will be played by the staff, and meetings with Kyuubey should be requested via PM to the mule.

                            ✿ WILL CANON CHARACTERS BE AVAILABLE?
                            No, they will not be. This setting is taking in the same universe as Madoka, but it is set 20 years prior to avoid any confusion. Furthermore, this is set in a city COMPLETELY different from the setting of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

                            ✿ HOW MUCH WILL THE PUELLA MAGI COST?
                            10k is the basic fee for flatsales, and 500k for semi-customs.

                            ✿ WILL THESE BE BASED AFTER TEMPLATES?

                            ✿ DO WITCHES COST ANYTHING?
                            No, you're creating them for the sole purpose of the actual Puellae Magicae fighting them, so in a way you're contributing to the shop both without profit nor to give profit, unless you're an owner of a Puella Magi in which case you're earning Grief Seeds. You won't be able to consider the Witch as your 'pet' either, per se, but you will be able to roleplay the witch in the actual battle against the Puella Magi and will be given credit for helping create it.

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                              about the puellae magicae

                            ✿ CAN MY PUELLA MAGI BE A BOY?
                            To stay true to the concept of what a Puella Magi essentially is, we have barred male characters from being Puellae Magicae. Sorry!

                            ✿ WHAT'S THE AGE RANGE FOR THE PUELLAE MAGICAE?
                            For the shop, ages 8-18. One of the many SPECULAHS behind the Puellae Magicae is that they can't age, which will remain true for this shop as well.

                            Please try not to! Because many of the wishes in the show are fairly vague, though, you can do similar things with your characters. For obvious reasons, though, EVERYONE is forbidden from trying to recreate Madoka's wish.

                            Of course, but they won't be exactly the same! For example, a Puella Magi in this shop might have a spear, but it won't be the same as Kyoko's. There isn't a surplus of weapon types out there, and we'd still like to generally keep it to actually weapons for as much as we humanely can, but ridiculous weapons are allowed too. We will be using different categories of weaponry, too, so while one Puella Magi might have a flintlock another might be using a revolver.

                            Yes, it is, but for the sake of creating an interesting shop we decided that Walpurgis Night would be a name of a major event, AKA the death of an existing Puellae Magicae in our owner roster, AKA most of what our Metas will be based around.

                            ✿ ...WHERE IS THE CONFLICT IN THIS B/C?
                            For now the shop is going to start off as magical girls simply fighting Witches. The more characters develop, though, and the more they contribute to the overarching city events, the more will happen with conflict. Since this is years before the end of Madoka's time, though, it pretty much guards off against the shop ending unless the town consequently gets destroyed.

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                              any other questions?

                            Feel free to ask in-thread or PM the mule, Messenger of Magic, or one of the co-owners, Zanaroo and Ka-ray-zee, about any inquiries!

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                            "If someone tells me that it's wrong to hope, I'll tell them they're wrong everytime."
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                              puella magi

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                              walpurgisnacht (in-character deaths)


                            User Image

                              npc'd (deactivated characters)


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                            "I'm not alone anymore!"
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                            Premade Puella Magi at the base price of 10k~ Get 'em while they're hot!


                            More premade Puella Magi, but this time... as a raffle?! Take your bets and participate to get an especially fanciful magical girl, help the artists get some gold!


                            Feeling saucy? Apply for a semi-custom HERE and have a chance at getting a character that fits your bill!


                            Auctions for a fully custom Puella Magi of your very own! It will star different artists as the events go, but these will be the rarest of the bunch.

                              customs - ka-ray-zee, diobby, and zanaroo

                            Customs are available in a variety of ways, including monetary payment, the very rare auctions mentioned above, and pet trades. Custom information is located in the Quest section, and Pet Trades are done by artists at their own volition. Please check frequently for status updates between artists DIOBBY, Ka-ray-zee, and Zanaroo.

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                            "There's no way I would regret this."
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                              People who paid special contributions to the shop, even though they aren't a part of the staff! Go thank these people.

                            ex o ex Snoof - For giving numerous suggestions to the shop, such as the semi-custom forms and Civilian section, as well as helping test out the battle system!
                            Ravina Loki - For helping puzzle together the battle system!

                            User Image

                              People who have been warned of misconduct such as poor behavior and decision-making within the shop. You can be lifted from the greylist after six months. You may still post, but you're not allowed to participate in any events.


                            User Image

                              People who are on the blacklist can't be lifted from it. Showed inexcusable behavior such as misuse of their characters and directing hate toward anyone in the thread.

                            None! HOORAY.

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                            "No matter how many times I have to repeat all of this, I'll protect you!"
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                              links in

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                            User Image User Image User Image


                            Feel free to ask for affiliates via PM to the mule or through the thread! Please direct link our banners as they are due for updates.

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                              links out

                            User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                            User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image
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                            User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                            User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image
                            User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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                            "It's the first time I've been this happy while fighting."
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                            TEAM CONTRACT
                            User Image
                            Messenger of Magic (mule)

                            TEAM WHIMSY
                            User Image User Image
                            Zanaroo (co-owner) ♥ Ka-ray-zee (co-owner)

                            TEAM KILL WITCHES
                            User Image User Image
                            Tomoni (witch manager) ♥ mifii (witch artist)

                            TEAM GET BITCHES
                            User Image
                            DIOBBY (artist)

                            User Image

                            "It would take a miracle or some kind of magic to heal me."
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User Image
                            Puella Magi Madoka Magica (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika) is an anime series produced by Shaft and Aniplex. The B/C itself is only set in a similar setting as a tribute to the Puellae Magicae in the original series.
                            You can read more about the series and the Puellae Magicae at
                            THE PUELLA MAGI WIKI.

                            Puella Magi as a B/C is © to Ka-ray-zee, Tomoni, and Zanaroo.
                            All shop artwork is © to DIOBBY, Lady Mist, remkins, and mifii.
                            Respective characters and witch designs belong to their respected creators.
                            The layout was inspired by the B/C PAPER FOREST, created by Mundane Egg (which you should totally check out.)

                            End credit image was found HERE and later modified. Various Kyuubey images used for the staff section were found on TUMBLR by various PIXIV sources.
                            Graphics are used solely for the shop.

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                            "I'm the happiest I could possibly be right now!"
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