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Colored by -------

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HB:25k - Xe - mu - na - su

Start Date:
End Date:

Past Auction:
Female Houndoom - 25k by Xe - mu - na - su
Elephant - AB'd by milly17
PrimaDonna - AB'd by lux_rayne13
Ringmaster - Winner is moonlit raven - 25k

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Create Your Own Adventure

This will be in the style of goosebumps, where you get up to three options and in the end, only a few will be the winners. We are currently opening signups to get 5 people at a time to play, so that we have ample people and funs abound. The adventures can be about anything, and will certainly be fun. after we get enough people I will post a date, either a Saturday or a Sunday.

Signups are currently open.
Winner gets a fully edited color custom pet from Project Reformation.

Signup List:
1. magnadearel
2. Xe-mu-na-su

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Looking for a Colorist!

Alright, this is a semi struggling shop, so please know what you are getting into. Pay will be discussed upon acceptence, but we seriously need to get a new colorist. We would love someone to be able ot be part of the shop and who can quickly color and edit several pets. Below you will see a link to one of the pets the shop sells. Once you color and submit, those pets belong to us. They may be used in future events if you are the colorist that is hired, or they may be tossed out, but they are there to gauge the imagination and skill you have that the shop needs.

Pet to play with:
Adult Male Wulfine


username: (yours)
Have you worked at b/c shops? (straightfoward, if you do please list them)
Do you do edits? (yes or no)
Examples of past work;
Samples for the shop: (minimum of 3 examples, 1 with minor edits, 1 with major edits)
Are you okay with the terms and conditions of the shop?

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