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Okay, so sorry that the thread has not been active for either Dark Felicia and Scyerline.
This store is not closing but we will be shutting it down for a little while.
Dark Felicia is having to get a second job and just does not have the time to be on gaia as much anymore. Money is getting really tight for her to make a living and pay for rent.
Scyerline is still in school and the further she gets in College, the harder it is to keep up with work and such (if your wondering, shes majoring in Animation). Along with the fact that she is having finals coming up soon so she doesnt have the time to come on gaia as much either.

We will be back soon as soon as Dark Felicia can settle down a little and Scyerline isnt so overflowing with homework.
Sorry if this affects some of you, but DF and Scy will be unable to evolve an of the egg stages right now. Sorry. But dont worry about your pets and them "dieing" it wont happen! Think of it just as freezing till the owners get back up on their feet.

Thus far, Pookii's are still a mystery to even those that have found them.
Further research will soon uncover the truth behind these strange beings coming to be.

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Egg stage (You have a new pookii pixel egg ready to grow)
Child Stage (All Children look the same)
Adult Stage (The stage where they all take on their own form; cat, dog, bear, mouse, bunny, and other...)
Unknown Stage (VERY RARE, only dedicated parents can further evolve them)

There are only 4 stages to the Pookii Pixels.
The first growth to the Child Stage requires the use of the Evolution Stone.
If the item is not bought, then your egg will be unable to hatch and will stay as an egg for the rest of its life. (see pookii care for more info...)

To Evolve the Child to an Adult, you need to RP at least twice a week. (doesn't have to be elaborate) or if you're just too lazy, just wait 2 months!

From Adult to Unknown is well... unknown! Requires TLC (Tender Love and Care)

Average Pookii growth rate is around 4-6 weeks if cared for


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For your RPing needs!

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Post 1 - ••••••••Story/Intro••••••••
Post 2 - •••••Navigation/News•••••
Post 3 - ••••••••••Rules•••••••••••
Post 4 - ••••Pookii Care/Pick Up•••
Post 5 - ••••••••••Events••••••••••
Post 6 - ••••••Order Form(s)•••••••
Post 7 - •••••••••Housing••••••••••
Post 8 - ••••••••••Fun Stuff•••••••••
Post 9 - ••••Breeding/PetHotel•••••
Post 10 - •••••••••Owners•••••••••
Post 11 - ••••••Special Orders•••••
Post 12 - ••••••••Link Us••••••••••
Post 13 - ••••••••Link Out•••••••••
Post 14 - •••••White/Black List••••
Post 15 - ••••••••RP Forum••••••••

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Feb. 23rd: New Dice Game Added to Events Post
Jan. 29th: Flatsale, Auction, and Raffle BEGIN!
Jan. 12th: New Flatsale Bonus! Lets make it exciting!
Jan. 8th: Pookii Care has been slightly changed. please read!
Jan. 7th: A Whole month gone by; 2nd Flatsale has been opened!
Dec. 7th: Jiroh won the Gloomy Raffle! Grats!
Nov. 3rd: Pookii RP Forum Officially Open!
Oct. 25th: Pookii Pixels FIRST FLATSALE!
Oct. 5th: Pookies Have Been Discovered!
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Stealing is FORBIDDEN
• Respect the owners and everyone else here
All Questions must be sent to Pookii Pixels
Please, only PM Pookii if you need something answered that we have not already stated!!
• Follow the ToS
• Please keep swearing to a minimum.
• Whinning gets you BLACK LISTED
Pookii's are never reserved!
• Pookii are available through Flatsales, Auctions or Special Events
• Do no send order through PM; Post in Forum during Flat Sale
• Read everything before you order
• Flat sales are always first come first serve
• Must direct link Pookii for it to grow.
• No Pet Trades
• Order only if you have the gold
No Refunds!

Q & A

Q: How do i order a pookii?
A: Well, if you have not read the rules, through a flat sale/auction/raffle. Flat sales are usually up every 2-4 weeks, depending on how busy our store gets, our lives outside of gaia are, and such. There are special Auctions and Raffles that come around when Scyerline has time to make them.

Q: How do I know when the next flat sale is?
A: we have a mailing list! Just PM Pookii (the mule) that you wants to be in the mailing list. Basically, we'll send a PM roughly a week or a few days before the flatsale starts. It might also include furture raffle or auction information too smile

Q: Why can I only get one Pookii through a flat sale but i can get one through a raffle/auction?
A: For now, one pookii per person. It gives other gaians a chance to get one. No need to be greedy!

Q: Why can't i reserve/buy a pet for a friend?
A: It's not fair to everyone else who have waited to get one. We understand people have lives outside of gaia so they can't be there for the flatsale. But there are always another flatsale, raffles or auctions to participate in.

Q: Wow, your pet/store look like _____!!
A: This shop had a lot of insiration for other pixel shops. Scyerline made sure that our items and pets are unique in some way. We borrowed a small set of color swatches. Maybe that's why they seem close to it... Also, we are huge Pud World fans biggrin

Q: Can i ever take myself off the Black/grey list??
A: No. Just don't do anything against the rules or anger us, and we'll all be happy.

Q: Can I get a list of the pets you are selling?
A: No. What we have sold thus far is what we have. Every pet is a surprise! Just look forward to the next Event to see what we have to give away.

Q: I lost the link for my Pookii Pet, and all you have is the owner list. Where can I find the link for my pet?
A: Easy! If you are a Pookii Owner, you need to RIGHT AWAY join our guild. You can find the owners list and the links at the Guild.

More Q & A Coming soon!
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A - The Store Title
B - Inventory (food/items)
C - Pet Name, Gender, and D.O.B.
D - Pet Home
E - Expansion
F - Pookii
G - Copyright (NEVER REMOVE!)

• The first growth to the Child Stage requires the use of the Evolution Stone.

• Evolution Stones can be bought after 1 week of age. Evolution Stone are "limited" and can be obtained every two weeks

If the item is not bought, then your egg will be unable to hatch and will stay as an egg until you buy one.

• To Evolve the Child to an Adult, you need to RP at least twice a week. Nothing elaborate is needed. Just make sure you're not neglecting your pookii. Or wait for 2 months. If after 2 months and your pookii has not evolved from Child to Adult, PM Pookii Pixels.

• Pookii Food will be added you your inventory.

• Pookii can get sick if they are neglected. bE SURE TO DROP BY EVERY NOW AND THEN! Green tea is healthy but it won't help your pookii recover if it's aready sick.

• Pookii need toys to entertain themselves while you're away. Be sure to buy them toys! biggrin

• If you are going to be gone for long periods of time (from gaia) Sign up for the Pookii PetHotel! (coming soon)

• The secret word you are looking for has been moved here! Highlight after this:

User Image

Love - Your Pookii loves you! Thats great! You are doing a wonderful job at taking care of your pet! Kepp up the good...love?
Unhappy - This is not a good thing. Neglecting your pookii will usually give it this icon. If it appears, you might want to buy a remedy to see if that will help or start to RP with it so get it back into loving you.
Angry - Wow, you made your Pookii Pet really mad at you! What did you do? Usually the best solution for this problem is buying him/her a new toy or item! Best RP a little to and give it the love it wants
Happy - your doing a great job taking care of your Pookii. The more you play and love on them, the faster they will attempt to grow in order to make you happy
Event Icon - OMG! Super rare! This icon appears when something really special is happening with your pet or around it. Talk to Pookii to see if he can find out is going on with your pet. Who knows, it might be a rare item :0

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• TBA •

Flatsale Rules:
• 1 egg per person •
• First come, first serve •
• Choose egg # of the three •
• Cannot reserve eggs •
• CANNOT CHANGE ORDER (until after flatsale is over) •
• Forms must be completely filled out in order to qualify •
• Pookii must be picked up in the "Pick Up Box" •
• Must be direct linked otherwise, Pookii won't grow •

Flatsale Bonus!
Because we want to promote Pookii Pets more, Scyerline and Dark Felicia are offering a reward/special item custom for yourself!
This includes special accessorie/items that WE will be making for these lovely people devoted to helping us sell more Pookii's,
because lets face it, they need a home! So here is how it will be working:

Under the Flatsale order form there is going to be a "recommendation " slot.
All you Pookii OWNERS have to do is tell your friends/family about our shop.
If you bring in new owners, and they were recommended by you, you get 1 point.
If you get at least 5 points, that means 1 free item/accessorie of your choice!
OR you can choose the Mystery Prize that has never been released! (and never will!)

Eggs for Sale
• None •

*limited eggs of animal

• none •

Auction rules:
• No retracting bids •
• No Whinning/Begging or PMing •
• Post Bid in this forum •
• Preffer Gold •
• If want to use item, ask first (we are picky) •
• Respect TOS •
• 30 min safety-swipe •

• none •

Raffle Rules:

• Tickets are 100g a pop •
• Tickets are numbered in order •
• No limit to tickets bought •
• You can buy tickets for a friend •
• Always title your trade •
• Post ticket purchases here •
• Winner is chosen by a random generated number•

Dice Game:
• On Hold •

• This can be played by Pookii Owners AND Non-Pookii Owners
• You must roll 2, 100 sided dice and get the number 129
• Winner gets a free Egg (Bunny Egg)
• Winner must pay for furniture in house and items.
• Dice game goes until someone wins
PM Pookii Pixels with winning page number please!

Good Luck!
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• Eggs are 5k
• Send Trade after you are notified if you get one
• Please make sure you total EVERYTHING up.
• Must be filled out completely before posting
• Do not edit your post till after the sale is over
• Do not post your order till after POOKII says GO!
• If you still need time to figure out what furniture, items, etc. you want, just put N/A

Flat Sale Order Form:

Egg #:
Name (6-7 letters):

Recommended by:

[color=darkred][u][b]Egg #:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Name (6-7 letters):[/b][/u]

[u][b]Recommended by:[/b][/u]

Expansion Order Form:

Large or Small:


[color=darkred][u][b]Large or Small:[/b][/u]


Evolution stone Form:

I'd Like an EVA Stone!
Pet Name:

[color=red[size=14][u][b]I'd Like an EVA Stone![/b][/u][/color]
[b][u]Pet Name:[/u][/b][/quote][/size]
User Image

[image will be put back up when we come back]

• Small expansion - 300g
• Large expansion - 500g

• Carpet - 50g
• Wood - 100g

• Basic wall - 50g
*white is free ONLY for Basic wall

• Wallpaper - 100g
1-3 can be an color from the list below them.

• Bubble Wallpaper - 150g

[image will be put back up when we come back]

* Wood colors are as follow:
Grey, cream, oak, cherry, black

• Bed - 80g
*please pick a blanket color (if desired)
• Table - 60g
• End Table - 40g
• Desk - 50g

• Bookshelf - 70g

• Couch - 100g
• Recliner - 60g
• Chair - 30g
• Lamp - 10g

• Lamp Stand - 30g

[image will be put back up when we come back]

* Wood colors are as follow:
Grey, cream, oak, cherry, black

• Window - 25g
• Drapes - 30g
• Fishtank - 60g

• Painting - 40g
• Poster - 20g
• Rug (L) - 50g
• Rug (S) - 20g

• Flower - 5g
• Cactus - 20g
• Tree - 25g
• Mics/Counter - 40g

• Wall Shelf - 30g

User Image

[image will be put back up when we come back]

• Strawberry - 10g
• Banana - 10g
• Grape - 10g
• Cherry - 10g
• Blueberry - 10g
• Soda - 15g
• Cupcake - 25g
• Cake - 25g
• Icecream - 20g

• Shot - 300g (cures neglection)
• Green tea - 100g (good for you)
• Evolution Stone - 1,000g (0 in stock)

• Ball - 25g
• Car - 40g
• Toybox - 50g
• Taiyaki (L) - 300g
• Taiyaki (S) - 100g
• Teddy - 150g

*colors are as follow:
Grey, cream, oak, cherry, black

• Television - 250g
• Clock - 20g
• Stereo - 300g

[image will be put back up when we come back]

All Accessories are 50g

• Bow (head)
• Flower
• Stocking cap
• DJ headphones
• Halo
• Leaf

• Bow (neck)
• Bell
• Scarf
• Emo glasses
• Sunglasses
• Heart sunglasses
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Coming soon

User Image

The PetHotel is where you are able to send you pet when you will be gone for Gaia for short or long periods of time. Your Pookii will enjoy a vacation while you are enjoying your life and not having to worry about something happening to your pet.

(basically,Pookii will be on hold until how many days/weeks you signed up for it is expired)

Per day - 50g
Per week - 200g

Pets Checked In:
User Image

• Pookii • Owner • Species • Stage • Recommendation •

Staff Pets:
• Leon • Dark Felicia • Cat • Adult •
• Bear • Scyerline • Bear • Adult •

Special Pets:
• Gloomy • Jiroh • Gloomy Bear • Egg • 0

Customer Pets:
• Chasti • Kuromitu • Dog • Adult • 0
• Bluebell • Moonx3 • Bunny • DEAD • 0
• Miwa • electric youth • Mouse • Adult • 0
• Cola • !Jear-bear • Polar Bear • Adult • 1
• Kanamae • shyanimegrl • Chinchilla • Adult • 0
• Tat • i Cookie M u f f i n • Tabby Cat • Adult • 0
• Nei Nei • Casca 7 • Wolf • Egg • 0
• Carmine • [ zeal ] • Dog • Egg • 0
• Shoal • DaemonGabrielle • Mouse • Egg • 0

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Will be offering customs in the future
But will also take a lot of money to get Scyerline to do it
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User Image

Post here if you want us to Link you

User ImageUser Image
User Image
User Image
User ImageUser Image
User ImageUser Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User ImageUser Image

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Mailing list

Mailing list is when we are going to have an event soon (flatsale, auctions, raffles) we'll PM you when the event is 1 week before it starts.

Please contact Pookii Pixels if you would like to be on the mailing list!
1. iRaawrs
2. GemmiiBear
3. Emry Jade
4. none
5. none

User Image

White List:

• Dark Felcia - Owner
• Scyerline - Co-owner and Pixel Artist

Black List:

• rockstar4600 - For posting in the RP forum when it said specifically for Pookii Owners Only
•alexman230 - Same reason (also disrespectful)

Toy Box:

Scyerline's Goodies:

User Image
User Image User Image

Dark Felicia's Goodies:

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