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Huh...I guess Adriel is going to a sleep over at someone else house for about a week XD At least Yami will get a lot of work done then....

wouldn't it be easier for each person to take one of hoon's boys that is closest to their own boy and just answer for them in the game rather then reopening the game?
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@ Trist- Adriel could have a sleep over with Rene? XD lol

@Savvy- Cool okay XD <3 thanks!
We'll figure it out soon (I hope) XD

As far as keeping the current boys....I personally have a problem with that. They aren't my characters, and they aren't generic shop characters. They're characters owned by Hoon, who exist, have a background story and personality all their own. Hoon is still a user in this shop, even if he's not the owner, so he still owns those pokeboys. We can't answer for them, only Hoon D:
/is how Savvy feels
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Man-Hungry Lunatic

I guess you are right

XD I am sure he'll love that, Eni
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Man-Hungry Lunatic

oh yeah, you talked about the rose event, what about the teen mew contest?
Yes, that's the Rose event =D

The Mew event was already decided by Hoon (just hasn't been announced yet). Look forward to getting that announcement from Count later today :3
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Alright then ^^
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OOhh *can't wait to see who won the cute mew* X3 <33

lol Rene would want to sit up and eat junk food with Adriel lol XD;
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Man-Hungry Lunatic

Yami: Oh great, He'll come back twenty pounds heavier....
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Witty Humorist

Savvyyyy. owo
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An announcement later today... : O -waits in awe-

Thanks again for all the hard work you guys are doing to get this place back and going. xD I've never been personally given a shop myself, but having run several by myself and one with a co-owner I know how strenuous it can get and be sometimes.
XDD Early congrates to whoever won the mew (probably not me XDD). I will be at work
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Marty(Rene's trainer): I'll try and limit them ^^;;

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