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Welcome to Pockettu, a small fictitious toy company infamous for selling gatchapon capsules containing a living chibi species! Don't be confused though, the company is named after the very creatures they sell - Pockettu! These Pockettu roam about freely within their caretaker's watchful gaze. They mingle with one another, build small communities and they even worship their own Gods. Many collectors have taken a liking to collecting these little treasures as they're a joy to have and easy to obtain. Please be careful when handling them though. They're not extremely fragile but for the love of pocky don't throw them against the wall!


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Points of Interest

* [The Guild] -- Where corporate and consumer meet!

* [The Certing Thread] -- Be sure your Pockettu gets it's ID!

* [Cert Drop Off Thread] -- This is where you look to pick up your certs!

* [Uncert Request Thread] -- Need it's ID photo again?

* [Event Suggestion Thread] -- We want your suggestions!

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User Image* Follow Gaia's Terms of Service in addition to these rules at all times while at this shop or in our guild.

* Do not alter, copy, edit, or disfigure these Pockettu in any way. You did not create them and the idea isn't yours for the taking.

* Drama is frowned upon. If you have a problem with someone please take it to PMs. If you are scared to confront the person yourself you may contact F a l l a c y and she will handle it. We want this to be a friendly place. <3 However! Agreed upon drama for role playing is fine!

* Keep all role playing and discussions PG-13!

* Whining or begging is severely frowned upon. Everyone will get a chance eventually to get their very own Pockettu. Instead of making a scene why not get to know the shop regulars, the staff, and hang out in the shop? Who knows you may get lucky. In addition, do not guilt trip or discourage others from entering in events or trying for Pockettu.

* Please use proper English. This is not the chatterbox and shouldn't be used like one. Refrain from posting "bump", bumping with emotes, or senselessly spamming the thread.

* All trades must be labeled and sent within 24 hours of acquiring a Pockettu. Trades usually go to the colorist. If unsure of where they go, simply ask in the main thread and someone will help you. <3

* All certing information should be posted within a week of acquiring the Pockettu. A lot of people recently have been getting Pockettu and we never see their information posted. </3

* Using multiple accounts/mules to get more Pockettu is strictly forbidden.

* Any customs wanted that are of pets from other shops must have colorist's permission. Meaning the person who made the original pet's permission and there must be proof other than well so and so said it's fine. Even then you must have at least two pets elsewhere (as references in your custom forum) other than that shop as proof it is okay to use the pet. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience but we've had major issues with this in the past.

* We do not allow pets gen 2 and higher to be made here at Pockettu, regardless if permission is granted or not from the original colorist. Sorry!

Anti-Drama Policy

Pockettu is primarily a friendly place where anyone can feel welcomed. We understand that everyone has their good days and their bad days. If you're looking for some support during your time of need or distress, we are fine with this. We may politely ask you to take it to PMs to help keep some privacy and perhaps more help than you would in open discussion if it continues for awhile. However, if you are looking to attack, defame or spread gossip that can be malign or hurtful to others we will not tolerate this. Nor will we tolerate breaking the rules constantly.

We have a three strikes you're out system. If a staff member warns you the first time, you are to knock off your bad behavior. If you continue this, regardless if in the matter of minutes/hours/days, you will get a second warning. At the second warning you are banned from entering in any sales of any sort for a month. If you continue to lash out during this time, consider it your third strike and you will be banned from the shop.

There may be some circumstances where you will automatically go to strike three. These are extremely rare and we hope to never come across them.

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Is this a activity required shop?
A. No, it is not.

RP required?
A. Again, no.

Then what's the catch?
A. This ISN'T a sig candy shop. While we understand we cannot stop someone from getting a pockettu then leaving, we discourage that behaviour. Instead we would rather build a friendly community amongst our regulars and thread goers alike. It is something that has been, quite frankly, lost in the Breedables/Changables forum in the recent years.

So... what are you trying to say?
A. If we find a person popping into the shop whenever there are sales or customs, and that they never post outside of these times, when customs come around we will simply skip over their forum. It is unfair yes, but you are warned, here and now, about it.

But basically its like your an activity required shop!
A. Not really. Although it may seem like it we don't have minimum requirements. If you pop in once a month and hold a five minute conversation, you are doing a LOT better than someone who pops in once, snags a pet and flees, never to be seen again. : )
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Cursed Pockettu - Information Here // Mini Pockettu - Information Here // Blessed Pockettu - Information Here

User ImageWhat are Pockettu?
Pockettu are a collectible chibi species that has come to life. They become animated upon leaving their protective capsule. Pockettu come in various shapes, sizes, and subspecies.

What is a Pockettu's life cycle?
Most Pockettu are ordered in their "adult" stage of life. They are the most practical to ship because they can withstand the stresses of travel unlike younger Pockettu. When two Pockettu meet they will produce small capsules which contain their offspring. We are unsure if Pockettu give birth or lay these capsules since during the time of birth both parents go missing and when they return they have these capsules in hand. When a capsule has been properly cared for it will open and reveal a small infant / toddler Pockettu. Then it is just a matter of time before it grows up and you wish it was little again!

What about homosexual Pockettu?
Yes, some Pockettu are homosexual. It has been documented that homosexual Pockettu can produce offspring as well but the success rate is less than a heterosexual couple.

Can a Pockettu be... asexual?
With scientific help... yes. Normally a Pockettu needs another Pockettu in order to create offspring, with this method they can scoot around the physical interaction part. The cost is rather risky though. The Pockettu will not know who the other parent's DNA is from, the offspring may be a different subspecies, look nothing like the parent or very similiar, and/or acquire mutations. The success rate of this is extremely poor and it is frowned upon to do this often to your poor Pockettu. It is very stressful on their body.

Mini Pockettu! What are they?
Mini Pockettu are an even smaller subspecies of Pockettu! They're a lot rarer than their normal sized brethren due to a genetic mutation that causes their size difference. Mini Pockettu refuse to breed with normal Pockettu and vice versa. They will only breed with their own kind. More information about the minis can be found here.

Gods? Goddesses?
A rare breed of Pockettu worthy of living in both the heavens and our world! They rule over a certain domain and acquire followers. More information about the gods can be found here.
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DeviantART Group! -- Check it out!
A fan of Pockettu or just a fan of your own? Come join our DA Group! You're free to submit fanart you've drawn, fics you've written, etc as long as it applies to Pockettu. This goes hand in hand with reward points -- remember you can get 20 points per piece of fan art drawn~

Adoptables Site -- Check it out!
Our very own clickables site. There are times when events here at the main shop will correspond to our clickables shop and vice versa. Bah, who are we kidding? It's just to add to your hoarding addiction! *cough* You heard nothing. Our adoptables site is being retired unfortunately.

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Pockettu Does Good - RL Endeavours! -- Check it out!
Our regulars have pledged to do good deeds in their life. Even something as small as holding open a door for that person who seems too lost in their smart phone to even realize you're waiting for them. All it takes is one good deed to inspire another. Care to join us? Post your good deeds and let us know!

Acy's RLC slots -- More Information Here
Holiday specials, God slot openings, among other things can be obtained through these.
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No "Major" events at the moment.

However do check the shop often! Colorists have mini events all the time~

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Pockettu are most readily acquired through customs. This assures that you get just what you're looking for.

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Slot Availability
Gold Slots -- Check Guild for Availability! // RLC -- Always Open

Important Links
Off-Limit Series // Existing Cosplays // Register Cosplay

Some rules you must know!
* If you want a Pokemon Ginijika - they are considered cosplays. Additionally only two of each Pokemon can be made - normal and shiny. The same person cannot own both. The only exception to this rule is with legendaries where there is only one of that pokemon able to be made.

* If you want to get a gen 2 + pet from another shop you need permission from the colorist or shop owner. Why? We would just like to respect other colorists from other shops and other shop rules.

* We will not take two pets from another shop and "mix" them. Meaning here's pet A, and here's pet B. Just pick and choose from them and combined them! This is a mock breeding basically and is a huge no no! Using different pets to help explain what you're looking for better is fine, but do not just ask us to merge the pets into one.


50k // Mystery Pockettu
Got a theme, gender and some colors in mind but not sure how to throw it all together? This is the option for you. You won't know how your Pockettu looks until it is made though. Keep that in mind! These are color customs.

75k // Edited Pockettu
These Pockettu are edited stock bases. They have accessories, slight differences in hairstyles, wings or something else that make them stand out. You pick the colors and one to three edits you want.

150k // Fully-Customized Pockettu
The other options didn't catch your eye, huh? Well these Pockettu are edited from scratch. They're perfect to get your OCs on! Please note that we will not design you a fully-customized Pockettu.

250k // Cosplay Pockettu
Self explanatory. These Pockettu are cosplays. They seem to hold the essence of the character they portray. They are a bit harder to obtain than the other pockettu. They are only avaliable through bribes or RLC.

RLC Only // Gods & Goddesses
Available through RLC only. In turn you can bug Acy for free Pockettu to give out during events, free clickables and other things related to your God.

[size=18][b]I'd like a shipment![/b][/size]
[b]Name of Pockettu[/b]:

[b]Base Wanted[/b]: Standing, Arms Crossed, Pondering, or Sitting

[b]Hair Style[/b]:
[b]Hair Color[/b]:

[b]Eye Color[/b]:
[b]Skin Color[/b]:

[b]Clothing Edits[/b]:
[b]Clothing Colors[/b]:

[b]Other Edits[/b]: (such as ears,tails, etc)

[b]Anything else?[/b]:

[b]References[/b]: (if you can provide references, do so <3 Cosplays require at least two different reference pictures!)[/size]
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User ImageUser Image

Unedited Breeding - 10k // Minor - Moderate Edited Breeding- 20k // Fully Edited - 30k

Important Links
Breeding / Mating Agreement Thread

wahmbulance Updated 9/27. New breeding rules take affect immediately. Breedings accepted before this date are not affected by these changes.

Every Pockettu has the ability to breed twice in their lifetime. Once they have bred twice they cannot breed anymore unless if they receive a special blessing. The only exception to this rule is a God Pockettu. They can breed as many times as they'd like.

Notable Reminders
* A Pockettu bred has a cool down period of two weeks after it's offspring reaches adulthood. This goes for God, Demi-God and Normal Pockettu alike.

* A Pockettu must be two weeks old (from adult stage) in order to breed.

* Breeding a limited x normal Pockettu will not give you mix-bred babies unless if blessed by a God. Same goes for limited x anything.

Heterosexual Breedings - (Produces 2 children. Possibly three. Third must be given away.)
A breeding between a male and female Pockettu.

Homosexual Breedings - (Produces 1 child per owner.)
A breeding between two male or two female pockettu. These breedings are unnatural and require a bit of scientific intervention.

Asexual Breedings - (Produces 1 child unless blessed by Tyche, then two)
A extremely unnatural breeding process that is far from full-proof. This method can result in loss of limbs, eyes, strange genetic mutations, etc. Any children born this way are shunned by the Gods and Goddesses.

Cursed Breedings - Follows the rules above for hetero/homosexual breedings
Cursed Pockettu breed like any other Pockettu. However they do not breed with Gods or Demi-Gods. Any breeding with a cursed Pockettu will result in the children being cursed themselves. This is not to be confused with a God's curse.

Corrupted Breedings -same as cursed breedings
Corrupted Breedings always will result in a Cursed offspring. However, the corruption itself being passed down is rarer. Although rare it can happen.

Blessed Pockettu - Follows the rules above for hetero/homosexual breedings
Blessed Pockettu breed like any other Pockettu. Any offspring from a Blessed Pockettu will be blessed themselves. They also will be granted edits or some theme related to one of the Pockettu Gods. Please note the breeding perk must make sense. [Ex: If a Pockettu is scared of Aliens, they would not be granted edits/themes related to Tyche, the God of Extraterrestrials.]

Gods, Demi-Gods and their Followers!

God Breedings - Will always produce 3 children.
Oh by the graces of the Gods one has chosen your Pockettu to breed with! What a honor! Gods will not breed with Cursed Gods, Cursed Demi-Gods, Corrupted or Cursed in general. Please do not set up such pairings. Thank you!

* Only a God x God breeding will give you a demi-god offspring. These should have some sort of plot behind it other than a random fling.
* Breeding a God x Demi-God will give you a rare chance at one of the kids being a demi-god.
* God x Normal will result in normal offspring.

God Blessings - Free, just follow the rules below.
* If you ask a God for their blessing for a breeding, it must be done so at their shrine.
* A God cannot bless their own breeding.
* A God can curse breedings as well. (This must be approved by F a l l a c y first)

To see what Gods can bless what, go to this thread.

* Remember! - Mini Pockettu will never breed with Normal Pockettu or their Gods.

God Follower Information
* Please look and see who the God is allied with or is enemies with. This affects if a breeding is possible or not. Let's say a Venezia follower has interest in an Antarmurr'ss follower. Venezia and Antar are not allies and in fact are enemies. This breeding should not occur and if it does both followers and the offsprings risk being exiled by the very Gods they once served. Huge no no! Another example - If a Venezia follower has interest in a Hexynia follower this would be allowed. Both Gods are allies to each other.

* But be mindful! Some gods prefer that their followers only breed within their following. Meaning a Willow follower x Willow follower.

*If different God followers breed, they can each ask their God to bless a breeding. In this case one capsule would get a blessing from one God and the other capsule would be blessed by the remaining God. Blessings from Gods do not get mixed on one capsule.

Faction Breedings

* Assassin and Templar -- No Cursed, No God Followers. No Assassin x Templar breedings unless with permission.
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Want to link back to us? Use this banner! <3

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White List
The ones who stand out the most and shine!

All of our lovely regulars!
Anthro!Sparky - For being the best freaking certist ever. <3

Those greylisted are unable to participate in any sales, games, customs, breedings, events, etc until their greylisting is lifted.

Forgotten-pop - Greylisting in affect until March 22nd
Truthful-lie69 - Greylisting in affect until March 22nd

Black List
Those black listed are unable to participate in anything and are not permitted to be a part of this shop.

None and let's keep it that way.
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User Image
Shop Owner + Head Colorist -- F a l l a c y
Editing Colorists -- TanuKyle, Yousei Akki, I--LiveWire--I, Sinbari, Kitsu_is_EPIC_FAIL, SerenAur, Ninjagami Ryo Kage
Non-Edit & Minor Edit Colorists -- Artymus, Lady Aria Starstone, lord_pippa_ari
Hiatus'd Colorists -- Aldrailian, Strawberri Stardust
Certist + Co-Owner -- Anthro!Sparky

Pockettu started in April of 2011. Bases, concepts and the shop are created by F a l l a c y.

All characters, both original and cosplay, are made by their respective creators.
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Keep it moving.
Keep going. Still nothing.
Acy wants to know if you have a hearing problem. Scram!

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