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-Rolls back in with a happy tummy-
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now to fill out a few more forms and then post the couples...
-takes a deep breath- I was seriously debating this, but
User Image <--- looking for a lifemate with darker personality for her.
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Roniel Targaryen
@ Kalis: I'm proooooooobably gonna try to find another seathi for him...

That's fine. 3nodding
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83 sure thing!!!

Would you like me to start up a thread or you??
If you could that would be great? I will have to reply tomorrow because it's almost my bedtime. (8:00 classes are evil. D: ) Hehe.
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*is punched* I'm seeing stars! Quick, somebody after that Riri!

@ishie: Its going pretty well. The show I'm stage manager for opens wednesday! So that's exciting! What's going on in Ishie's world? smile
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Oooooohhhh singles. -wants to grabbyhand them for a few of my own singles-
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Bela: Stuffs XD
Mostly been hanging with a friend of mine while job hunting.
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Mindsend signing in!

Is it just me or does it seem like Rp requests and general chatter seem to be a little elevated as well? I mean, it might just be because "more people means more activity" or just an illusion, but this is really kind of nice to see. <3

Mindsend signing out~
Soq Certing Thread | Soq Plots | My Flock Plots

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-Runs off with Lillian-
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Oh I thought I put one too many up. I'm still interested in Wisp and Pooka...though I think the plots I had are on the back burner so he is pretty much open plotwise right now.
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@Ishie: well that sounds fun. Minus the job hunting. Good, but not always fun. After this show is over ill have to hunt for another one. Lol.

Hi Mind smile
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@Bela that is awesome. I use to stage manage and I loved it. What show are you doing?
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Blagh, finally finished stat-rolling!

/eyes her singles
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Sleet Tempest Snape
Kirowyn Love
Sleet Tempest Snape
Kirowyn Love
My herd seems to be growing really quickly...

Hey love, would you like to toss our pair in for a breeding?

Yes, definitely ^_^

Would you mind tossing them up? I can toss you the cert and uncert.

Sure ^_^ - but we can both enter them if you want. At least in Mind's raffle.

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