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rolls into a ball and goes to sleep.

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@ Musica: I'm a fan of Genesis too~ Lee pointed out to me that Grigori took after his daddy quite a bit, even as a foal. I was highly amused. And sure, m'dear. I'm always open for a bit of RP, even if I'm remarkably slow. No worries about awkwardness, now. *Pets* If you have anything in mind, don't be shy about asking. I'm fairly agreeable when it comes to plotting.

@ Nyx: I have a teepee and a plot thread, but he hasn't appeared in the latter one as of yet. Hopefully I can get on that once I've made replies in my other RPs. I'll be playing Grigori as a foal for the foreseeable future, just to let you know.

@ Kiana: RP in general, or something more specific, hon?

KK that's fine! I just need to get her some more RP in general. May have foals or baskets sometime soon that we could try. ^_^
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Blah...its to early..

My hubby got me all excited to go see the scavengers in 3D, only to change his mind and wants to go to the lake instead. It's not cold but its still not warm enough to actually do anything...drive an hour "oh look, the ice had melted..its a lake." Drive back. Whoo....
Id rather drie an hour and be yey a movie, yey clothing shops, yey New tricycle for my son!

If we had our son with us, I'd be all for the lake...but he's with my mom for the day.
Avengers* lol
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Ok thats one funny typo razz
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Hello Nuki and Gumdrop o uo
Yey for autocorrect lol
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Hi Panda how are you?

I hate auto fix..its annoying when im on my ipod typing or my phone xd
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@Nuki - I'm alright. Probably going to spend today, since it's one of only two days off I have of work this week, watching 49 Days <3
How about you?
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Yay for free time!

Im doing ok not much going on yet

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