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User Image Customs Subforum :: Do you want a custom soquili? Check this link for details.

User ImageRL Money Customs :: RL customs by Sirenz are sometimes available. Check this link for details.

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User ImageBreeding Thicket Subforum :: Is your soquili older than 4 weeks and has a mate? Check this link for details.

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Monthly Spotlight
Every month there is a spotlight on the best teepee and RPed soquili. You can't enter this special contest or nominate anyone because the staff pick. See the first page under "spotlight" to see who is the winner this month.
Past spotlight winners here.

Roleplayer Review
We have a shop newsletter that we send out that details what is going on in the RP world as well as member's only advertised events and sales. This newsletter is only for those who are members of the RP guild, Soquili Era, so join now!! Go here to submit content and more info.

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User ImageGaming Glen :: Visit the glen for user-created games! You can even make your own games.

User ImagePow Wows :: You can make your own event here like a birthday party. Want to join the fun? Go here, you party animal!

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The soquili and Kawani tribe speak the Cherokee language.
Feel free to remove the - between the letters.
That just helps you pronounce them better.
Here are some words...

Colt (Foal) a-gi-na so-qui-li
Mare a-gi-si
Pony u-s-di-a so-qui-li
pregnant ta-lu-li
Butterfly ka-ma-ma
Dragonfly wa-da-du-ga
happy a-li-he-li-s-di
sad u-we-do-li-s-di
crazy nu-da
hello o-si-yo
goodbye do-da-da-go-hv-i

More found here
Cherokee translator
Pronuciation Guide and Alphabet

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User ImagePast Two Hooves Up Award Winners
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Sandpaints! This shop has beautiful dragon inspired pets that you can't find anywhere else. There is so much detail and quality put into them that you need to see it for yourself. Also, the atmosphere is awesome with so many caring people. They treat newbies with class and even have a raffle going on for them. Sirenz and her soquili rate this shop TWO HOOVES UP! heart

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exclaim Not accepting any more affiliates. <3
Those links with broken banners will be removed without warning.
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User ImagePast Updates

=November 16th= We have a new feedback subforum for anyone who wants to help the shop get better. Please go here to visit. Some rules have been added for soquili herds. More info can be found here. The spotlight contest closes in 2 weeks so make sure to get in your entries.
• tooaya has left Soquili staff, we wish her all the best with her new I/T in the future.
• The cooldown for familiar customs has been changed from two months to one month

=November 11th= The November spotlight has been announced, go here to view winners & prizes.
Tasunke is having a contest where you can be the 100% spotlight for December so go here to enter.

=November 8th= The combined talents of mindsend, Mobster Goose and Felmino have been harnessed to bring Soquili's Elder lineart up to standards. If you've got an existing Elder on the old lines, we're offering optional, free upgrades - Click for Details

=November 5th= The shop got to 100k pages! Mobster and Rapidashtrainer made a cool soq that was given out as a raffle pet on 99-101 pages. The shop needs your help in nominating male & female pets, teepee, and staff for the November spotlight. Please PM all nominations to Tasunke!

=October 25=
I know everyone had been wondering the outcome from the hiring event. After much debate, we have decided to hire these following as Familiar colorists. Each of them need to pm Kaliskanny to get settled into the shop and guild.

[ Lady Kiya ]
Pandora Talie
odet amo
hanging gallow

Congrats to you all.

The following people have been selected to be guest colorists at the next event, and are encouraged to contact Kaliskanny for more information.


Congrats to you both.

=October 23=
Welcome to the show!

The Blood Moon Carnivale is now open!!

event here

=October 22nd= Teh michevious SiSi Pumpkin has opened up her custom patch. Come here if you'd like to try and win a custom slot.

=October 21st= Elders have been chosen - Check it out here.

=October 16th= LadyNekoya has been hired at the shop! She is the first of the Round 3 applicants to finish all her work. We all thought she displayed loads of creativity and technical skill. We will still be hiring others from the Round 3 so make sure to get your applications completed! On Friday, Oct 22 at 7 pm CST, there will be a staff meeting to discuss the familiar colorists!

=October 5th= Congrats to all spotlight winners: Luna, Dragain/Mindsend, FitzRoyal and Samus X. The winners all get 2 sealed letters. eek Click here for the official posting. A special Halloween event is in the works so stay tuned for that as the end of the month approaches. On 22nd Friday at 7pm CST, Sirenz is opening some gold custom slots (I'll work on getting all previous work finished before then so don't worry!).

------- Past Updates -------

=Sept 17th= The art contest has been judged with prizes! click here! 'grats to King Inversitle for winning the top prize!!

=September 12th= Just a quick note. It came to my attention that it was never officially announced, but Reeve_Tuesti is our guild maintenance manager. Any guild related issues (that are non-roleplay) can be directed to her. These include, but not limited to, Lover's Rock, Breeding/Lifemate Agreements, Archiving, etc.

Also, she has requested that if anyone had links to past Sqouili event thread, could they please send them her way.

Thank you.
=September 2nd= Soquili is in search of fresh meat staff! If you think you can take the heat, follow the link below.

=August 21st= The art contest now has random prizes for all entries received at the time, awarded up to 5 times a week until contest closing. Make sure to enter so you can win a random prize in addition to the fabulous contest prizes!!

=August 18th= Felmino's accepting single bribe offers from now until the end of Saturday (August 21st). Check out Back Alley Bribes for more information. August Art Month is in full swing, so don't forget to Check It Out!

=August 9th=There will be a few changes to our rules. Please take note of them. This effects rp guidlelines, the main shop as a whole, and colorists (breedings and customs.)

We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone

Legitimate reasons for a shop to refuse service:

* Patrons who are unreasonably rowdy or causing trouble
* Patrons who detract from the enjoyment of other patrons
* No shirt, No shoes, No service
* Patrons who break the rules
* Patrons on the gray or black list

If you have a question about this, please contact the Soquili mule or Kaliskanny.

Thank you,

Concerning RP in the Guild and Shop:

Use Common Sense when plotting. If we feel you're taking things too far and doing things that are upsetting to others and not in the spirit of the shop, we will shut you down.
This includes: underage relationships, torture, extreme brutality/maiming, suicide, slavery, excessive sexual jokes/comments etc.

PG-13 Guide
This is for all you RPers out there. Keep all your RPs within these guidelines.

No extreme violence.
Do not include things like unbearable torture or unnecessarily brutal actions. You may use this sort of violence in back stories or as plot devices but please do not include it in RPs.
No excessive gore.
This is not Silent Hill. No one wants to know exactly how that cursed skinwalker obtained their new pelts or anything of the sort.
No drug use.
]This is fairly self explanatory. As with violence you may use drugs as a plot device. Please leave the actual drug use out of the RPs though
No sex.
This includes but is not limited to the act itself and overly lewd jokes or comments. Use common sense. If you wouldn’t see it in a kids’ movie don’t RP it here, it’s not PG-13.

Concerning Colorists (breedings and customs):

Customers have always been able to decide what colorists they'd like to do their breedings and customs by entering that colorist's raffle. From now on, Colorists now have the right to refuse a customer into their raffles if they have legitimate reasons (ie, customers have shown overly passive aggressive behavior toward colorist.). The following form may be added to breeding and custom raffles from now on. This is the colorists' right to refusal...please respect it.

"I reserve the right to refuse to work on the following people's Soquili if I so desire due to past passive aggressive abuse of my services, and wish to avoid such clashes by avoiding couples I do not feel I could make the offspring equally appealing. If you care to enter them into the breedings despite it, I will add only the ones I feel I can tackle to the list, and omit the ones I do not:

<Customer Name here>

Should the people in this list repeat their behavior, I reserve the right to bar them from my services"

Thank you.

Soquili Staff

=August 1st= Model Submissions for Soquili's August Art Contest Month are now open!
Please put two hooves together for our spotlight winners announced here.

=July 27th= We need YOUR help in picking spotlight and employee of the month for August. Please PM your pick to Tasunke! Please go here for more information. ~Sirenz
=July 19= We have another new staff joining us. Malith is the new assistant manager to Kaliskanny. Felmino is moving to a new position, Colorist Manager. Congrats you two!
=July 18=August Event - Soq's 5th Year Art Contest!
Grab your art supplies and sharpen those pencils (or your digital software of choice), because August will be Art Month here at Soquili. Put those 2D art skills to good use for fun and prizes, we'll be offering both gold and custom ponies for the top picks. The first week of August will be devoted to model signups, were everyone is welcome to submit one or two Soquili for inclusion in contest pieces. We are also welcoming a new staffmember to the team today, so a big round of applause for Nisshou Hakuyaiba who will be in charge of all things Roleplay related!

=July 8= Sabin will be having a Bribe Slot starting today - check out Back Alley Bribes for more information.
=June 30= New Rule: If you design a concept for a custom soquili, you are no longer allowed to give it to other people, or give other people permission to use it. You keep your designs to yourself, for your own custom ideas.

=June 27= LittleDream has chosen to move on from Soquili, we wish her all the best in her future endeavors. If anyone has outstanding orders from LittleDream, please PM the Soquili mule with your details.

=June 22nd=Elder Applications Open until June 30th
If you've got a heavily RP'd Soq who's leadership material, head on over HERE for full information.

=June 21st= All siblings (including those purchased as first gen customs) are not permitted to breed with each other, even if later on the owner(s) decide they are not siblings. Incest isn't acceptable, folks. Custom slot breakdown has been changed to:
• Mini Slots are Seathi & Usdia (previously "Commons" wink
• Common Slots are Regular (+variants, i.e. Draft & War) (previously lumped in with Uncommons)
• Uncommon Slots are Cerynei, Wind, Uni & Kelpi
• Rare Slots are Mer, Kirin, Flutter & Kalona
• Super Rare Slots are Skinwalkers & Angeni
Prices remain unchanged.
=June 10th= The WOW event is over and SiSi & Kali are back from A-KON so now we are all catching up on shop business. Our beloved tagging manager, Yayoi, is leaving us to pursue work on her pet shop and other endeavors. We will all miss this long-time staff member and hope to still see her around the shop. Due to SiSi being swamped at her RL job, the spotlight and new shop layout will be moved this weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed the event. We welcome all new owners! So many newbies got soqs in the event so please welcome them with open arms. luff, SiSi
=May 7th= Grab your raid gear and mount up, Soquili is going World of Warcraft for the month of May! With over 150 pets up for grabs, games, raffles, auctions, and some nifty contests, what are you waiting for? Choose your Faction and Go Epic!
=May 2nd= Mindsend, Nuclearity, Ice Dragon Demon and Roniel are this months spotlight winners. Read page '605 for more information. Stay tuned for a shop layout featuring the pet spotlight winners. Also, because forgiveness is very important, the blacklist has been cleared. Everyone on it will be given a second chance in the shop.
=April 28th= Go here to read some very special announcements on page '403! Find out who got promoted and all about the new twist on the April spotlight awards.
=April 20th=
Azeroth Awakens.... WoW Event is coming to Soquili!

=April 17th=
• More links have been added to the Services Guild Directory to make it easier to find things • Rules for customing Twin Soquili have been added to the Custom Information thread. • Limited Theme list revised. • Small antlers for Cerynei does and quad horns for Kalona are now on the Moderate Edit lists. • More tags have been added to the Tag Gallery

=April 4th= The new spotlight awards have gone out. Go to page 90814 to view the winners.

=April 2= Seems like a round dozen new Soquili have been sighted off in the far pasture of the Sales Stable... with Easter themed coats.

=March 29=Felmino has joined the ranks of Soquili's Assistant managers & has mule access.
Please PM Soquili with your Questions & Concerns- You will *never* get in trouble for bringing your opinions or problems to the staff's attention through the Soquili mule. We want to hear if something's not right, if you've got a concern, please let us know. The main shop thread is not an appropriate place to air your frustrations because it makes others uncomfortable. If you're not comfortable PM'ing the Soquili mule (if, for example, your concern involves someone with mule access) you can PM one of the mangers directly: Sirenz, Kaliskanny, or Felmino.

The Opposite Gender Permission thread has been Archived - One of the customs rule clarifications was that named/individual characters can exist only once, and designs based on a real world animal, a fictional species, or artwork can exist up to four times (two each full sized and mini in male and female). Neither requires permission, thus the Opposite Gender thread has been moved to the Archives.

=March 16= Click here to sign up for the Alice event. Starting next month, there will be an Easter/Spring event with WoW pets. Here is a teaser of one of the pets, colored by Sabin Duvert! As I posted prior in the cosplay reserves, no WoW are to be commissioned until after the event. Tomorrow there will be a St. Patty's pet mini event.

=March 13= Sunday at midnight there is going to be a Heartland event with characters from the manga Heart no Kuni no Alice (Wonderful Wonder World, USA) hosted by our very own Tooaya! surprised There will be many events celebrating this wonderful manga all week. The black outfitted male in the first post is one of the pets in the event. I hope everyone has fun!

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