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"What is life?
It is the flash of a firefly in the night.
It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime.
It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset."
- Crowfoot, Blackfoot warrior and orator

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User Image10/18/2013
Soquili officially has a new thread, which can be found here.

Please tell your friends about it, and we hope to see you over there! The Kalona Event will be picked up to continue soon! Be on the lookout!

User Image09/15/2013
Hello there!

We just wanted to let everyone know that we finally heard back from the moderators, and the switch over has been approved. Mindsend officially owns the shop as well as the lines, and they are no hers to do with as she sees fit.

Given all that has happened this summer, and the painful gyrations that brought about these changes, we've decided to make a new thread as well as a new Soquili Mule. The guilds will stay the same, but there may be some rule changes to reflect this new change in ownership. Fear not, we will keep everyone apprised as things happen! The shop is still on a mini-hiatus, but we promise not to keep things shuttered overly long!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask!

User Image08/16/2013
OK just so you guys have an update

I AM accepting soquili back, however before I do an official announcement announcement I want to wait a little bit; I talked to one of the mods so they wouldn't think I 'hacked the main account again', and they told me that I was going to be contacted by a moderator eventually about what will happen if sirenz wants it back/comes back, and I want to make sure before I do an official announcement announcement that if she comes back in a few weeks and demands I return it whether or not I'm required to do so.

Agneza has resigned from the shop as well -- she wishes to focus on her own shop. She will be finishing what she owes but wishes everyone the best.

I also talked to Kyribird and she did NOT post sirenz's public info or harass her on facebook. What happened is that she was friends with sirenz on facebook and had met her in person once and it seems sirenz is more worried that Kyribird is GOING to attack her or send someone after her -- which is not the case.

We talked to Sirenz's sister and she was going to go over to make sure sirenz is ok and calmed down, and hopefully they will make sure Sirenz's taking her medications and if she is that the other medications added to it aren't fighting with it.

What this means for Soquili the Shop: Even if it does come to be that we dont have to give the shop back to her if she returns, The shop is going to be put on a mild hiatus: The shop took some pretty hard hits, and I'd rather not put a beaten horse on the racetrack, not without some time to recover. A mild hiatus means that: People can RP and gain stats, Uta can CHOOSE if she so desires to finish the Kalona event, and there may be an occasional give away -- colorists can work if they want but dont really have a quota. It also means we wont be doing any hirings any time soon. Once everything is settled and moving smoothly elsewhere, a team can be put together to rehabilitate the shop.

What this means for Searching for Sanctuary: Searching for Sanctuary is currently my MAIN focus at the moment -- everyone's reactions so far have been amazing and we want to get that world ready for you.

What this means for both: Soquili will NOT be merged with sanctuary entirely: It is its own entity, its world separate from that of the sanctuary. HOWEVER this means that SfS can LEGALY WITHOUT A DOUBT Allow people to transfer soquili over, and Soquili is pretty much an AU where Sanctuary was never discovered/dragged them in while people can stumble into sanctuary and have no way back home in the other verse. Soquili will stand alone, while Sanctuary will be an alternate universe, a "Wonderland" of sorts in which the rabbit hole only goes one way.

Mindsend signing out~

User Image08/15/2013 I PMed Mindsend and gave her the shop and she now owns the lines too. She may not use them for RL money purposes, however. They are to stay on Gaia and be used for Gaia gold/items only. If she no longer wants ownership then she is free to give the shop away to someone else. I do not wish to work on any pets either and will be deleting all my files from my computer. Please message me on facebook to request a refund. i will be refunding everyone after work but if you want it sooner let me know. I am also quitting Gaia and going to be giving away all of my things to the few friends I have on here.


User Image08/14/2013 The shop thread is currently on hiatus due to constant drama and blacklash of new shop management. The events in the guild are still going on, just the main thread is locked for the time being. This weekend I will be having a staff meeting to decide what all needs to be done. Stay tuned.

User Image08/6/2013 It looks as if trouble is brewing in the Kawani! xXx

Uta's Kalona Event is kicking off on Thursday August 08 @ 6:00pm MST. Hang around the thread to find out more! Please be aware this RP Event will be fast paced, with games and giveaways happening everyday. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM Uta. Good luck, for the invasion will soon begin!

User Image07/14/2013 Due to a months of frustration, confusion, and a general difficulty getting Stats to the right soquili in an RP due to a lack of clarity and Titles having a character limit, along with the shop getting what seems like might be a record breaking surge of RP activity, an update has been done to the way soquili need to be posted in order to get their statistics to make it easier on EVERYONE to get their statistics.
Learn about the change here
If you are confused, please contact "Nisshou H"

User Image06/25/2013 Familiars can now, Officially, breed. Go Here to Learn more!

User Image06/22/2013 DD has her bribes opening up on the 24th of June and they close on the 24th of July! An unlimited amount of people can win between this time period so be sure to get yourself ready for this "Bribe Month"!

User Image06/19/2013
Hey guys, You know this rule? This one rule that's been around since the start of soquili? Since the very very very beginning?

Soquili can only breed three times
That's three times total, regardless of partner(s) and number of foals. Once a Soquili has bred three times it can never have more offspring through breeding. Additional offspring can be purchased singly as customs. If there is more than one owner involved, breeding permission is still required from all parties for custom babies.

This one?


Yeah, it's no longer the rule.

As of today, We are officially REPLACING this old breeding rule with the following!

• Breedings differ depending on the rp levels of a soquili.

Breeding Lvls
4- every soquili, regardless of how little they rp, gets four breedings they can use.
5- maxed soquili and only maxed soquili
xxxx It Doesn't matter what sort of agreement (fling or lifemate), so long as both parents are maxed. Non-maxed don't get 5, if they want a 5th they need to RP.
6- Elders
xxxxTheir mate (Fling or Lifemate) can get up to two extra breedings with them depending on stat status. Their partner cannot use more than six breedings total.

Once a soquili has bred to the max amount of slots, for their given RP tier, they can never have more offspring through breeding. Additional offspring, called "Mock-Breedings", can be purchased in customs or won during possible wishing star events. If you have any question's about it, please send your questions to either Mindsend, Uta, Or Nisshou H

All the "maxed" Soquili are officially no longer maxed, so if you had somehow gotten all three breedings, you still got one, two or, if you happen to have an elder/are paired with an elder, THREE additional breedings you can use!

-Co-ownership agreements: We here at soquili understand that co-ownership agreements tend to be set up for the three breeding rule. However, since so few have REACH Three breedings, old agreements only need to be updated once they hit the three-breeding mark, but CAN be updated ahead of time if desired.

User Image06/09/2013 exclaim Click here for the flaffle
The 24 hour nautical seashell flaffle has been changed to 7pm cst on Sunday so that another pet can join the sale and better accommodate those who work Monday and can't be online Sunday. I will allow you to proxy for up to 3 different people to make up for this time change.

User Image06/08/2013 The bribe slots are now closed. SiSi is still determing which slots to take on and will let y'all know soon on deviantart. Make sure to check out the flaffle happening tomorrow at 2 7 pm cst in the Services guild!

User Image06/07/2013 check http://sirenz.deviantart.com if interested in a rl bribe slot. Slots open 24 hours! After 24 hours, Sirenz will pick 5 folks to get the slots. Pets done in 2 weeks or less. There is a flaffle 24 hour open on Sunday around 2pm cst when SiSi gets out of church. The theme is nautical seashell colored soq like the shells SiSi found on her trip to South Padre island, texas. smile

User Image05/28/2013There is a raffle! Here is the preferences list! (:

User Image05/19/2013 Mindsend is opening bribes on Tuesday! Applications close on Friday READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE

User Image05/07/2013DD was made a senior colourist
here, and March spotlights are located here.

Past Notices and News found here!

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User Image

Please PM Soquili if you need any help. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.
If you are uncomfortable contacting the mule you can also try Sirenz or Malhith or Mindsend directly.

      User ImageGeneral Shop Rules
      1. Follow all Breedables Forum Rules and Guidelines, check all drama at the door!
      2. Do not beg for baskets, pets, co-owning or familiars. No freebies will be given to people who beg
      3 . Soquili are not RP required
      4. Co-ownership allowed
      5. Please do not PM Sirenz, or staff without permission. Questions should be PMed to Soquili
      6. Do not ask for a job - if we're looking to hire, there will be an announcement in the Updates
      7. Do not ask the colorists when your pet will grow up or arrive. If you have been waiting longer than usual, PM Soquili

      User ImageShop Hints and Guidelines
      1. Mate searching for foals/baskets is not permitted, only adult horses
      2. If your mate offer is turned down, move on
      3. You may own as many Soquili as you can acquire
      4. Payment is due 24 hours after winning, unless stated otherwise
      5. You may not reserve commercial cosplays; the first person to get a slot for a given cosplay pet will own it
      6. You must get written permission before using a pet or non-commerical artwork that is not of your own design

      - Greylist

      - Blacklist
      Metheshrew- harassing/trolling/abusing a soq owner. This person is not allowed in the soq thread, and they may not participate in any soq activities.
      LRN1213 (Aka iCatnipTequila Aka Nanami the Otaku): For continued attempts to circumnavigate their original blacklisting for Racist commentary, constant disregard of the rules, aggressive behavior (Both passive and direct), starting arguments, etc.
      Tsukimi the Otaku: For aiding iCatnip's attempts in evading her ban.

User ImageClick here for Roleplay Rules!
User ImageClick here for Custom Rules!
User ImageClick here for Breeding Rules!

User Image
User Image

The story and background of Soquili are based around two stories; one that was created before Soquili, and one that was created by one of our own wonderful staff members. Feel free to click the links below to enjoy a bit of reading, and to dwelve into the storyline that your soquili will have etched into their very beings;
User ImageUser Image

User Image


RP and Species Guidebook

Soquili is played on a vast land that stretches from a large basin to the far reaches of a dry land; created by the lack of rain robbed by a stretch of mountains that split the areas apart.

Current Moon
-Click Here to View the moon for this month
(click map to view a larger image)
User Image
-map by Mindsend

User Image

Partaking in roleplay gives many perks, including everything from increased breeding sizes, more likelihood of being chosen for Meta-plot events, ability to win gifts and other soquili, and possibly even an award for outstanding roleplaying during the last month. Here are the prizes from the month of December!

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Past Awards
Nov Teepee | Male Pet | Female Pet
Oct Teepee | Female Pet | Male Pet
Sept Teepee | Female Pet | Male Pet
Aug Teepee | Male Pet | Female Pet
May-July: Break
April Teepee | Female Pet | Male Pet
March Teepee | Pet
February Teepee | Pet
January teepee | pet
December: Teepee | Pet

User Image
User Image
User Image

    Soquili are rare horses that are believed to belong to the gods. Most of them are adorned with dreamcatchers to ward off evil spirits and allow the horse to have peaceful dreams. Until recently, the Kawani Native American tribe was responsible for the care of this sacred animal; now, they have invited outsiders to help.

User ImageBasket
    When a baby is first born, they are placed safely in a hand-woven basket by a Kawani shaman. This is because baby Soquili are very weak and vulnerable, unlike other breeds of horses. Some believe that the babies are simply born too early and need a faux womb to gather their strength. Inside the basket, enough food is placed to last them until they decide to come out. They must leave the basket themselves and are not to be coerced in any way by their owner, as doing so would severely alter their development and motor skills. (A secret is that the baby needs to begin to trust their owner before coming out.) They do not like loud noises, as they enjoy sleeping a lot, though they do love singing and rocking. There are a variety of ways to get a Soquili baby to come out of its basket early.

User ImageFoal
    After the Soquili's owner earns their trust, they pop out of the basket as a beautiful young foal. They have a sudden burst of energy which causes them to have to explore and find out about everything around them. This is understandable since they had been living in their confined woven space since birth.

User ImageMare/Stallion
    All your hard work as a loving owner has paid off! Adult Soquili are stunning beauties and can now breed! They can participate in several games, too.

User ImageElder
    These soquilis reached 100% stats and must now be a symbol of a Cherokee god. The god bestows upon them gifts of abilities and powers as they see fit. There is a subforum for elders only where they can worship their gods. Other soquilis look up to them since they are very wise. An elder can give great advice on almost anything. Another cool thing about elders is they have a standard of 3 baskets (with a chance of a 4th!) since they are ultimately blessed by the gods.

User Image
User Image
Things about things about races.

This is very much a pageholder.
did you know there was a thread?
http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=17972043 :.

User Image
User Image

This is another pageholder <o/!!

User Image
User Image

Does your Soquili dream of a family of his or her own? This is the place to find out how to bring a new generation of Soquili into the world. The Breeding Thickets lie in the heart of the Soquili lands, a safe and protected place for young foals to be born and raised. When they are born, small and weak, Soquili babies are placed in pretty baskets. Tasunke will be keeping watch so that everything goes smoothly, even if the breeders are not around.

Breeding is a magical thing, shared between two loving parents - or even sometimes strangers, and bitter enemies united. Soquili mothers will always bear at least two children, but have been known to have three children, and in special cases of elders, up to four! Great pains have been taken to pull all the breeding information together in one neat thread, and even greater, a whole thicket, where breeders come in to help the Soquili achieve a family that they've always wanted . . . or dread to expect.

Follow the baskets to the thicket, where you can found out how your beloved Soquili can be blessed with the miracle of life!

User Image

User Image
User Image

STUFF about how these links are hot.
like super hot.

        User ImageGeneral FAQs :: Come here to see if your question is answered before PMing Soquili.
        User ImageSoquili Roleplayer Review :: Do you want the next newsletter to feature content by you? This is the place for submissions.
        User ImageFeedback Forum :: Have some feedback on how the shop can improve? Let us know!

User Image
User Image

More stuff. More hot.
How bout some tea.

        User ImageSales Stable :: You can find raffles, flatsales, auctions, and flaffles going on in the stables sometimes. All sales threads will be created here from now on.
        User ImageCustoms - Want your dream soquili? This is the place to buy a custom slot from one of our many talented colorists. Custom pricing can also be found for those who wish to quest.
        User ImageContest & Gaming Glen - Want to enter a basket or RP contest? Want to kill some time playing a game? Then come on down to the glen and tell em Princess Soquili sent you! <3
        User ImageBack Alley Bribes - Have extra gold or letters hanging around and wish to bribe a colorist?
        Keep checking to see if any slots are open and good luck getting picked! XD! Located behind the Sales Stable.

User Image
User Image

exclaim Last updated: 08/14/13
* Soquili access
+ Tasunke access

User ImageOwner
Sirenz*+, founder and owner

User ImageManagers
1. General: malhith*+
2. Stats: open
3. Teepee: Syaoran-Puu
4. Colorist Staff: Beejoux*+
5. Guild: Reeve_Tuesti
6. RP: Uta
7 Owners list: Samuel Carlin
8 Tagging: Wyntre Iceblade, Roniel Targaryen

User ImageAssistant Managers
1. RP: Tirokio

User ImageElder Colourists
Sirenz*+ (part time), Beejoux*+, Agneza (part time)

User ImageSenior Colourists
Mobster Goose (HIATUS), Rapidashtrainer (part time), Darkmoon Dancer (full time)

User ImageJunior Colourists
ATHeart (full time), ButtPuppetry (HIATUS), Hanging Gallow (part time)

User ImageRookie Colorists
(Makes Freebies, Flaffles, and Mock Breedings)
DeeJaye (part time), Slimycrow (full time)

User ImageApprentice Colourists
(Makes Unedited Freebies and Flaffles until review completed for update to Rookie)

User ImageFamiliar/Unedited Soq Colourists
Amirynth, Kiareii, [ Lady Kiya ], Manda (HIATUS), odet amo, Selalusia, Wyntre IceBlade

User ImageRe-occuring Guest Colourists
(allowed to help in events as they are able or when we need an extra hand)
Chibizoo, King Inversitle. Sabin Duvert , Thalion, Ririka, Nerpin

User ImageGuest Colourists
Dante-Sayre, Felmino, Kealdra, Kyribird, Johanna K. Gambino, Lady Nozomi, Meeki, Sanura Panthress, and Tuari.

User ImagePast Colourists/Breeders
Ameh, Aris Ravenstar, Astral Vanity, Cihiru, Dark Lunar Fox, dihydrogen, Endejester, Hanyousblood, Infinite Improbability, Kamiki, Lilwolfpard, LittleDream, merangue, mindsend, tooaya, [ vance ], Dawniechan, Natsube, ~Infinity Trust~, and White Arsenic.

User Image
User Image

To link to us, copy/paste the code. Make sure to PM or post the code to your banner so we can link up. We aren't accepting any affiliates, but feel free to advertise our shop (if you want) wink

(new banners coming soon that will replace the old, same file name)

User Image

User Image

User Image

User ImageTwo Hooves Up Award
Every so often there will be a shop that will get the Two Hooves Up Award. There is no way to enter yourself for this award so don't ask. Those on staff can nominate a shop by PMing Soquili. Those who win will have their shop linked in this post.

Current Winner
none at this time

Past Winners
Aerithe Link
Affiliates moved here

User Image
User Image

        Soquili Lineart: Leelakin
        Shop concept/Banners/Tags/NPC: Sirenz
        - Several RP ideas contributed by [ Mialee ]

        Template Credits
        -Everyone is compensated for the templates in pets, gold or RL money. All templates are property of Soquili and Sirenz.
        1. Dark Lunar Fox: Long, curly, wings, and (female) normal hair templating, Unicorn lineart edits, Kelpi lineart edits
        2. Llilwerewolfgirl: new Kalona lineart edits, Cereynei templates and Seathi templates
        3. Sabin Duvert: old Kalona lineart edits and hawk template
        4. Sirenz: Soquili templates, new Kalona lineart edits and standard flutter wings
        5. Artsywolven: SW coyote skin
        6. Merangue: Kirin lineart edits and Angeni lineart edits
        7. Cihiru: items
        8. Kaisanti: items
        9. Felmino: item templating
        10. Chibizoo: Aquatic familiar templates and Angeni lineart edits

        Familiar Credits
        -Everyone is compensated for the familiars in pets, gold or RL money. All templates are property of Soquili and Sirenz.
        1. Leelakin: fox, rabbit, raccoon, lobster, jelly fish, sea turtle and mountain lion
        2. Cihiru: hawk
        3. Ameh: ferret and buffalo
        4. DLF: ferret, wolf, buffalo, dolphin and sea otter
        5. King Inversitle: crow, bat and goat
        6. Artsywolven: SW coyote familiar
        7. Chibizoo/Lilwerewolfgirl: SW cat familiar

        Other Credits
        Quote source Native American Quotes
        El Rio Lobo font source 1001 free fonts

        I wish to thank Leelakin for allowing me to commission this beautiful lineart.
        Also thanks to all my friends for their support.
        smile heart

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