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Welcome to Nequus, a breedable equine that forms from fruit.

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01/04/12 - Rhiannon Chandra made the mistake of not paying attention to where she was going and wandered right into Nequus and the perfidious net of She-Ra. Now she has been contracted to the shop until 100 unique Nequus are completed! ... Or maybe for one hundred years. It's not really decided yet. Either way, be part of her first work installment by participating in her first flatsale. Or just go to laugh and poke her with pitchforks.
11/18/11 - We totally fail at keeping this updated But! there is currently a Thanksgiving game happening on pg 2 and the Breeding Rules are being altered to better suit the shops current numbers! See below for details!
02/22/11 - Some of our regulars are holding contests to give away the results of their V-day breedings! Check it out here and here!
12/06/10 - Christmas event is underway. Auctions, Secret Santa's, Flatsales and more. Check out Page 2 for all the details.
10/12/10 - We are working on switching the templates to soft shading, once the templates have been pdated any owner wishing to have their pet switched to this template may do so. We will announce when they all complete.
10/05/10 - The Halloween event is now open. Grams, Auctions, Flatsales and more, check it out on page 2.
09/22/10 - The new shop has arrived. Opening event will occur shortly.

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General Rules

• Follow the Gaia Terms of Service.
• Do not steal the art. If you are caught stealing art, graphics, etc., you will be blacklisted.
• Be friendly, respectful and welcoming.
• Keep foul language to a minimum. A minor word here and there is fine, but nothing too excessive.
• Be literate.
• Respect the staff. We all have our own lives, please understand that.
• No scamming or spamming.
• Do not PM us about availability. Any customs, breedings or bribes will be announced upon their opening.
• If you have any complaints, please PM the mule with them. Don't start an argument in the thread.
• Co-owning is allowed up to a maximum of two owners.
• Please save all artwork to your own servers.
• These rules are subject to change by a staff member.
• You may not sell your pets or their offspring. They may be given away for free through RP contests, free raffles, etc but you may not charge people for them. If you wish have your pet re-homed or need help finding homes for them please contact the staff.

RP Rules

• Roleplay is not required but is highly encouraged. While it is not mandatory to to roleplay your characters it is required in order to breed them. Roleplay can be done in either the guild or using messenger services and then posting in the guild as a log.
• Do nod God-mod, this will be not be tolerated under any circumstances. God-moding is defined as taking control of another person's character, having your character act all-powerful and faultless, having your character know things it shouldn't know about another character, etc. A warning will be issued if improper behavior is spotted and failure to stop will result in grey-listing. If it continues to be a problem, the offending party will be banned from the guild.
• Keep it PG13. Please keep details about romance and other special subjects to a minimum.
• Please keep all OCC conversations out of RP threads. If it is absolutely needed please use brackets around it to keep it separated from IC conversation.
• Nequus are not allowed to RP as having special powers, unless they are of a rare type such as Seer or Shaman.
• Nequus and familiars can communicate between one another and can be RPed accordingly.

Flatsale Rules

• Do not post your entry until the GO post is posted. Flatsales will not start until after this post and any entries posted before hand will not be counted.
• You may only try for one Nequus or familiar at a time.
• Proxies are allowed for speed sales but not for prompt based sales.
• Entries that are posted during the same minute as the STOP post will be accepted but none after. The only exception to this is if Gaia is acting up, then it is the staffs decision on whether to accept late entries or extend the flatsale.
• Those who already own Nequus or familiars are free to participate in flatsales, however, it is encouraged to let new folk get a chance at winning a pet as well
• Trades must be sent within 24 hours of winning a flatsale. Failure to do so will result in losing the pet.

Auction Rules

• Do not plan your bid in the thread. This discourages others from trying.
• Items may be used to bid, a maximum of twelve items, and will be taken at 95% of the tektek pricing.
• Do not bid what you don't have.
• A ten minute snipe guard will be in place for all auctions.
• Trades must be sent within 24 hours of winning a auction. Failure to do so will result in losing the pet.
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All worlds must start somewhere, and the formation of this one contains its own unique aspect possessed by no other of its time. This planet was simply a blank space on the map of time. It existed, but it was not used, simply discarded as nothing, tossed among the overseers like an old and crumpled idea. It is apparent to you then, that it was discovered by a single deity, one of speech and wisdom, and five others quickly found a purpose for this hallowed land. They all tried and failed, several times, to make things grow on the planet, but, as with every beginning, the five wanted all the power for themselves and none for the other. Each used whatever they could to sabotage the others attempts at life. So for hundreds of years nothing grew, the planet came near to disrepair when the sixth knew that something must be done to somehow unite the five in conflict.

He left the heavens to come down to the Nequus was world below. What he saw there was a place so littered with rubble, disease and death it was unfathomable to think anything to grow there. Yet the wise Spirit had a trick up his sleeve. He carefully worked his magic together, weaving it finer and finer until at last in his palm rested one small seed. He pinched it in between his forefinger and thumb, raising it up to the light to examine it. Of course, he wasn’t the only one watching. Intrigued by this display one of the five in question broke away from the others to investigate what the Spirit was doing. It was Jala, come down from the earth to question just what this was.

"Brother, what is that?" she questioned him, her face pale with worry. So far the spirit had done nothing as of yet to interfere or to make his own life upon the world, but here he was with the seed. "Come back with me," she turned away and motioned for him to follow with a wave of her hand. "Do not play petty games with a seed that cannot grow?” The Spirit simply smiled and shook his head.

"I cannot go back, I have released that power into the seed," he stated, turning the seed in his fingers. Jala stopped, absolutely shocked. He could no longer return to the god lands, his immortality was essentially wiped from his soul. The Spirit would surely perish on this barren landscape without food or water. "You'll DIE!" she screamed, wheeling back around on him. She was the Goddess of the day, bringing light to the world with sun. She never lied, she could not lie even if she wanted, and her heart ached for his loss.

"I will, unless you can make this seed live," he continued, remaining calm. Jala took a deep breath and tried to calm herself.

"How?" she breathed.

"By giving up your godhood, as I have done. Only then will life grow and allow me to live."

Jala nodded, she understood, the Spirit had her within his weave, but the others wouldn't be so easy to convince. A cackle echoed from behind them just as Jala reached her fingers out for the soft seed. The Goddess of death had arrived. "Smart boy, Spirit. Smart indeed. You plan to be rid of us, don't you? You haven't given up your powers at all!" she hissed coming over to stand beside Jala. "Don't do it, dearest." She slid her hand down the day goddess' arm and gently pulled the others hand away. "He may be your brother, but he is not mine and I say we leave him to die. If he tells the truth, then so be it, but if he lies he'll come running back up to the God world with his tail between his legs." Jala's eyes shifted towards Reya's and then back towards the seed. She couldn't decide what to do, and didn't have too for the commotion had brought the remaining three bickering Gods to pass.

"Get away from her Reya," a softened voice called, anger hidden in its sweet tone. It came from Ichsa, the God of love and fertility. He always held a certain anger towards Reya, mostly in worry for Jala, whom he felt he needed to protect.

"Its alright Ichsa, she's not harming anything," she called out, pulling her hand back from Reya's grasp.

"Well if it isn't the trio of troublemakers," Reya hissed, stepping away from the Spirit and Jala to make her rounds about the three. Bae, the God of life scoffed at the frail menace. He never had liked any of the gods and their bickering, all he did was try and raise a small seed from the earth. The male next to him watched them all from darkened eyes. He spoke little and had no need to. He was the God of the night and he kept as many secrets hidden within him as he could. This was all just another folly the other gods got themselves into. While they argued amongst themselves he stepped forward to address the Spirit.

"What is that?" he questioned of the seed. So the Spirit told him. Raising an eyebrow the darkened male shrugged and closed his eyes, taking the seed between his own forefinger and thumb. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to get away from those four anyway," he muttered under his breath as a thick humming filled the air. The seed slipped from his fingers and began to rise, being spun in a wave of thick black mist. The humming grew louder and louder, drowning out the others voices, the seed spun higher and higher until it suddenly ceased and fell towards the earth. Alerted at the sudden stop of magic Jala leapt outwards and caught the seed, much to the disgust of Ichsa. She looked upwards into Aeri's thick golden eyes and he nodded once to her. He kissed her lightly on the forehead and then took his leave, "Goodbye." He began walking and did not stop to look back at any of them. "Make the right choice." She nodded as he walked away, still looking at the seed that lay cupped in her hands. "Jala don’t be a fool!" Reya hissed, glaring at Ichsa as if to blame it on him. Ichsa, however, was no less appeased by this happenings.

"You'll die Jala! Aeri is a fool. I won't let you be!" Ichsa stepped forwards to try and remove the seed from her hands. Jala furrowed her brows and showed the first bit of anger she had since her childhood. Then came sudden blinding light, followed by a streak of blue. The Gods shielded their eyes, Ichsa cursing for he had received the brunt of it. Jala had vanished, but the seed lay floating in the air for the next person to pick it up. Reya choked on her words, her mouth slightly agape. She quickly shut it and went to attack Ichsa with vengeance.

Ichsa thought quickly and held up a hand to make her stop, grasping the seed with the other. The transfer of magic was subtle, one could hardly notice it, but they all did, and so Ichsa, too, gave up his right of passage. Reya was red hot with anger. She couldn't lay a finger on the male for fear of the ancient rules. He had no powers against her, she had to accept what he had done and let him pass. Muttering to herself she wheeled on Bae, who merely gave her a solemn look and took the seed from Ichsa as he passed. "Might as well right?" he said gruffly. The seed seemed to jump and glowed green, seeming to get larger with each beat. It grew and grew until it seemed as large as the gods themselves, then simply faded back into its original state as if nothing had happened before.

Reya huffed and turned on her heal. "I will not perish like the rest of you," she stated flatly and snapped her fingers, vanishing in a plume of smoke. The Spirit let out a sigh, knowing his plan had failed, when the seed began to glow red. A smile curled at the edge of his lips and he bent down towards the soil. A cold voice echoed in his mind. "I do it for Jala, and no other. Not for you. Make sure you remember that." The Spirit nodded and dug into the dirt, placing the seed gently inside before covering it with soil.

"Grow well my friend," he whispered to it, and then he, too, turned to go.

For centuries the tree grew from sapling to proud golden leaved oak. It grew to a gargantuan size, but still no fruit touched its bows. The Gods returned to watch it, each at different times. Looking to see who might have the most influence and so be granted the right of passage back to the world of the Gods. Life had flourished on the lands since each of their sacrifices. The Gods had lived and some had prospered, others taken a harder course in life. They grew anxious, wondering just where the fruit was, when one day the Spirit addressed the five of them with a basket. Upon peering inside they found five fruits, one for each of them. These five fruits were themselves, and they each contained the same amount of influence as the other. None would be returning to the world above.

There were some complaints passed around, but soon the fruits within the basket began to stir. They began to bounce and wiggle, cracks began to appear. The Spirit put the basket down, finding it much too heavy to keep holding. Finally they cracked fully open to reveal what was moving inside. Before them, five horse-like creatures shivered in the cold. Bae quickly dampened the ground, with the help of Jala and Ichsa, he caused grass to grow beneath them. Jala warmed the air, as Reya and Aeri remained silent.

"Do you see what working together has produced? You have finally created the life you have been working to hard for. . ." The Spirit sat down next to the young foals, petting them with a kind hand. "You have your first creatures to inhabit your world. I gave the seed, and with all your cooperation, you have created Nequus."

The Arrival - Furritus introduction

Winter had long since settled itself upon the land of Urin and while life in the Valleys remained much the same as it always was, high within the mountains storm clouds could be seen gathering behind the peaks. This was not an unusual event, it was well known that the lands outside Urin were vast and full of such tumultuous weather. Everyone who spotted the dark and foreboding clouds gave thanks for the mountains that generally kept such weather from spreading onto the more peaceful lands below.

Generally however would be the key word in this case, for the mountains could only hold back so much before even they had to give way and let the storm invade. It was a wild and savage storm, many older Nequus commented afterwards that never before had they seen such furious weather in the typically peaceful valley. It was frightening to be sure and while a good deal of damage was done to the forests and landscape for the most part the Nequus themselves weathered the storm intact.

When the rains finally cleared and the winds died down things seemed to return to normal once more and the Nequus ventured out of their shelters and into the lands to continue on with their lives.

But something had changed, something new had come to the land of Urin, seedpod's borne upon the wind were found upon the ground or caught in trees - even more annoying the pods seemed inclined to roll about and stick themselves to specific Nequus who passed them by, which Nequus got so chosen seemed to be random as far as anyone could tell and while many attempts were made to remove the pods the tough little plants simply refused to be shaken,pulled or torn off.

The 'leaves' of the pods were too tough to chew - even stronger it seemed then the bark of trees and the orbs nestled within were likewise solid as rocks. After a while these first Nequus gave up trying to get rid of the seed pods and merely resigned themselves to carrying them around. At least they were small and did not seem to get in the way to often right?

If only it had remained such - a few days after this 'bonding' between seed pod and Nequus had occurred other Nequus started to notice the seed bonded creatures acting just a bit off..and it was no wonder as the poor creatures were being thoroughly turned about by the desires of the seeds clinging to them. Indeed those infected by the seed pods would soon notice emotion's and desires not their own pressing upon their consciousness, demanding attention and looking after, more so the seeds seemed to be draining energy from their host much like a fruit from a mother! Although not nearly to the same degree.

The seed hosts attempted to tell the other Nequus of these problems but most were considered insane as no one had ever heard of such a thing before...and it had been a very long time since something new had come upon the lands. The seed pods however were studiously avoided after all of this and many of them seemed to shrivel and die. Only those attached to Nequus seemed to flourish as their colors grew brighter, patterns became apparent both on the leaves and the orb and the 'sendings' between host and seed became clearer - after a while the affected Nequus no longer felt quite so burdened by their seed partners and many even started to pay a good bit of attention to the little seeds and it's needs - which were simple and mostly included a good deal of watering.

Days went on in such a fashion until at some point an affected Nequus would be alerted that something was changing, The seed pods would grow suspiciously insistent that a safe place be found and once assured that one had been would fall from the Nequus, leaves withering and orb bulging suspiciously for several hours. Some Nequus were so alarmed by this that they ran away from the orbs - unknowingly leaving the beings inside to die, but other's stood steadfast - having grown rather attached to the little seed pods in their time together.

Those who stayed were soon rewarded for as the orbs burst open out would tumble a small damp furry creature who would immediately seek the safety and shelter of their host Nequus nearby. The creatures would chatter and chirp in a language that no Nequus could hope to understand but it remained linked to the Nequus telepathically and in that way the two would soon learn to communicate with one another - the stronger the bond created the stronger the communication. While some Nequus and the creatures who came to be known as Furritus or Furrits for short, never progressed beyond emotional and image sendings, other's could speak with one another as well as any Nequus to each other. Strangely the Furritus either refused or could not speak to any Nequus but the one they had bonded to.

As the creatures grew the bond between Nequus and Furritus grew stronger and those who had avoided or abandoned the seed pods and orbs grew somewhat jealous and regretted the fact that they had not bonded with a Furritus themselves. Several went in search of seed pods which might have survived...but too much time had passed and the seed pods that were found seemed to be dead.

It seemed like a sad ending to the Furritus as only a few of them had bonded...but as with any story one never can really tell, and so it proved true with the Furritus as the little creatures soon started to breed and produce more of their kind allowing them to spread out among the Nequus population slowly but surely.

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The Nequus world itself is varied beyond the imagination. It is a huge world made to keep flying creatures. The gravitational pull of this planet is somewhat less upon itself than Earth, making it easier for creatures such as the Nequus to fly. As well the air is far cleaner for years of smoke and smog have not clogged its layers with Carbon Dioxide. Creatures here can run faster, jump higher, and overall have much more control over their movements. For those coming here from Earth it would seem a surreal mythical place right out of an American styled Japanese Ninja movie. Totally fake, but for this world with its restrictions, it is completely normal.

In reference to the creatures: The inner lands of the Nequus are often mistakenly called the 'Gardens of Eden', Ziaho nintuck Ri in Nequus tongue, and there is a reason for this. The creatures of these inner regions have been spoiled by the land of plenty. Barred from the evils of the outer world by un-crossable mountain and sea, the Nequus live without predator or fear of the world. Evil is hard of seeing here, and the bat wings are simply another way of flying for the Nequus and not a system of evil entirely. The Ichsa and the Reya are the only ones which posses means of true defense, their horns, for they have been born in the outer worlds and recently brought into the gates of prosperity by a last sacrifice of their gods when they so realized their mistake. Both of these breeds, therefore, have more of a tendency to be colder than the others, and might choose to stick to the lands which suit them best; also known as the oceanic and mountain regions. For this very reason foals of Bae, Jala, and Aeri take far longer to stand and learn than the others for the simple reason they do not need to do so to adapt. One finds better mastery in a slower more developed process than a quick tie together to live. These three breeds of Nequus naturally possess a slightly higher intellect than their two cousins, though their cousins are faster to learn. Time has made the five breeds come closer and closer together, though as noted from the front page of the Nequus shop they still remain very much different in complexion.

The lands of these inner regions are, for the most part, a very docile landscape. The temperatures are constant throughout the year, a place caught in time as it were. The center of, we'll call the whole land Urin, is what is Ziaho Nintuck Ri. These are the trees that form the fruit of life. A new tree is sprouted when a Nequus mates and grows larger as 'pregnancy' comes to term, but you can read more of this in the breeding section of the shop. In the very center of this formation of trees is the first tree, bearing the marks of the five gods, the sixth mark being the tree itself, representing the bringing into existence of the other five through guidance. Nequus are drawn to this place for the first few years of their life; then they find repulsion towards it until they have found love within their hearts, then once again they return to guard the fruit. No one knows quite why the Nequus guard the fruit, perhaps it is an old instinct reviving deep within their souls, or perhaps the fruits speak to their parents in soul, asking for guidance throughout its growing. A pair, or sometimes only one Nequus, will find their sapling and perch beside it, watching it as it grows into a tree, never venturing far from their bit of life.

Humanoids of the Nequus world are all very calm. They are thin for the most part, and eat roots of the foliage in the Crystal waters. At times they are gifted by the Nequus with an unborn fruit. They, though it may seem crude, do not raise the fruit, but eat it, in promise of a link to the gift giver. It is a ritual that happens on extremely rare occurrences and of magic far greater than any other imaginable anywhere in the world of Nequus. For with the consumption of a Nequus fruit, and only a Nequus fruit given as a gift, the bearer transforms into a Nequus themselves. It is the ultimate sacrifice for both sides, as the gods had sacrificed. Legends tell that the first humanoids were a piece of the gods themselves that did not wish to give up their former identities and so these creatures were born. Typically the humans are dark skinned and yellow eyed, but a few posses fair skin and their eyes are lighter.

Stepping Outside the Boundaries

Not much at all is known about the world beyond the mountains, or the sea, but what is certain is these lands are harsh. The birthplaces of the Reya and the Ichsa, some filled with fire, others with water that sucks your soul away. Creatures beyond Urin struggle for survival, many have turned carnivorous and cannibalistic. Some places are less extreme, but others have such scarcities of food that animals are forced into crazed ambush. It is in these worlds the gods were said to have found themselves, unable to even return to the heartlands of what they had created. Some say they lived with their vast knowledge, others say they died by the hands of the very beings that they destroyed. The only way to tell is to venture outside the towering walls of the mountains or cross the unforgiving sea. Hundreds of Nequus perish in such a nonsensical journey, and hundreds more will to come. For the journey there is but half of it, and then one must make the journey back . . .
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The world of Nequus boasts a diverse amount of species each with their own unique looks, personality and purpose. There are five main types of Nequus in the world, Aeri, Bae, Ichsa, Jala and Reya. For more information on the each of these breeds please see the Species of Nequus Thread. Currently only Bae and Aeri types are available as we undergo Template updates. The other species will be added and released as soon as they are completed.

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Along with regular Nequus there is also an abundance of smaller species that live within the lands and often become close friends with the Nequus. These familiars are as unique as their equine counterparts. For more information on familiar species please see the Species of Familiars Thread. Currently only Furritus types are available as we undergo Template updates. The other species will be added and released as soon as they are completed.

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• Customs will be announced when they open and will be either raffle style or CC. Customs will generally be opened on a monthly basis unless colorists are busy with putting together events.
• Lineart edits are available only from colorists who can do edits. If a colorist cannot do edits then please do not ask for them.
• Cross-breeds are not available through customs. They may only be obtained through breeding or special events.
• Cosplay's are allowed however you must get permission from the colorist before applying for one. If the colorist cannot do that cosplay for you then please do not pester them to do it. Edits are allowed on cosplays but are not necessary.
• Ghost or undead Nequus are not available through customs, unless they are blood related to existing undead Nequus and have been given permission by the Nequus' owner to do so.
• Colorists may have additional rules regarding their custom slots, so please read all the rules in their thread before applying.

Flatsales, Raffles and Auctions

• There are several types of flatsales. Speed, flaffle and prompt based and Please ensure you follow the specific rules for each type of flatsale before entering.
• Prompt based flatesales will be given a certain time frame for entries to be posted. Any entries posted after the time frame has ended will not be accepted.
• Raffle tickets cost 100g unless otherwise stated. You can buy as many tickets as you want for yourself and others. Trades for tickets must be sent immediately after requesting tickets.
• Auctions are open to anyone unless you are blacklisted from the shop.
• A maximum of twelve items may be used to bid on an auction. These items will be taken at 95% the tektek.org price.
• Any other rules regarding auctions, flatsales and raffles can be found within the specific event post.

Random In-Thread Games

• On occasion colorists will hold random in-thread games. These games can range from dice rolling, bingo, picture finding or anything else the colorist decides upon. Please do not bug any of the staff to hold any games, they will do so when they have the time.


• Breedings are generally opened on a monthly basis and will be announced upon opening.
• Four RPs are required for breedings.
• Should you not be able to find a Nequus to breed with your own, then rogue breeding is an option. However, you will have no control over what the mate looks like and thus the foals will be a surprise as well.
• Breeding costs 15k and should be paid as soon as your Nequus has been chosen by a colorist.
• Only male/female couples may breed at this time.

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Customs are a great way to get the Nequus of your dreams. Generally customs will be opened on a monthly basis depending upon colorist availability. Each colorist will have a thread set up in the guild which will outline their specific rules for customs as well as whether they are open or not. Do not pester colorists about opening custom slots.

Lineart edits are available from certain colorists so please make sure a colorist can do edits before requesting them.

Cosplays are allowed however you must get permission from the colorist before entering them. Edits are not required for cosplays but are allowed if they are within the colorists abilities.

Customs vary in price depending upon which breed/species is chosen as well as any edits added.

For more information on customs, please see the Customs Information Thread.
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Nequus have a complicated social life and one which demands foals for hierarchy. Typically Nequus are loners, keeping primarily to themselves. However, there is still a herd instinct within them. Though they may not live as a family, the amount of sons and daughters produced establishes a certain range of respect among the community. Often times sires and dams will state their sons and daughters names upon greeting of another. Likewise, they may also state the names of their parents and siblings. Thus certain names and titles become well known across the Nequus lands. This is not only because of the hard task of obtaining the fruit, but also keeping it alive. This doesn't mean that mistakes can't happen. Nequus are known to be stuck with children by mere accident.

Obtaining children is that of any other creature, with one small exception: Rather than bearing the children, mothers use their own reserves to feed the fruit. Typically Nequus with trees in closer quadrants will have more fruit and some life can be taken from the father as well. A mother who wanders far from her tree is at grave risk of death. The farther she travels from the problem, the more energy is taken from her body. Fewer fruits mean she can travel a greater distance without wear. However, with as many as six buds on a single tree, the female is often forced never to leave the tree's side. The male companion is forced to care for her, bringing her food. There seems to be forms of cannibalism among the Nequus during these times. The hunger drives females mad and they want to the taste of fruit, which their male companions are only too happy to provide through others blooming trees. There have been cases where a mother has raised foals on her own, though it is rare. More often than not it results in the death of either the mother or several fruits not yet ripe enough to demand energy from their parent. Having sole males is rare, though not completely unheard of. They often have a more difficult time then the mothers, though if he possesses any adult daughters the job can be split between them.

The process through which a tree comes about is strange. Out of what seems no where two small saplings sprout from the earth. They grow separately for a time, but then begin to intertwine and grow together, eventually resulting in a melded parent tree. This molded 'adolescent' grows for an elongated period of time, demanding the attention of the Nequus about, and hopefully catching that of mother. Once it has grown to its final height small buds start to appear on its surface. It is unknown how the tree chooses its numbers, but it is known that it is extremely rare for more than six fruits to appear and flourish. Any more would be breaking legend. From there, with the mothers/fathers help, the small buds grow into flowers, and then to fruits that will bear the children in days to come.

General Overview of Breeding

Breedings may only occur between male/female couples. However, there may be special events from time to time which will allow for male/male or female/female breedings to occur.

Nequus must have been an adult for one month before breeding. If four RP's are given at time of breeding (at least one of which must be the two Nequus meeting each other) then an extra fruit will be given out.

Nequus do not require RP's for breedings at this time - although there are benefits for doing so (See above) At the moment I will accept a brief plotline or even idea about why the two Nequus have either decided to have foals...or if the parents are supposed to be surprised by this event a brief outline or plot relating to the discovery and reaction to the foals. This does not have to be elaborate or crazily detailed.

Each Nequus may breed a maximum of four times. They can breed as life mates or with different partners each time.

Breeding costs 15k and the fee must be paid in gold and within 24 hours of your couple being rolled.

For more information about breeding please see the Breeding Information Thread.
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• While not required, roleplay is encouraged. It allows for pets to develop personalities, friends, enemies, plots, etc. Also remember that roleplay is required to breed your Nequus. Roleplay can be done in either the guild or on various messenger services and then posted in the guild as a log.
• Do not God-mod, this will be not be tolerated under any circumstances. God-moding is defined as taking control of another person's character, having your character act all-powerful and faultless, having your character know things it shouldn't know about another character, etc. A warning will be issued if improper behavior is spotted and failure to stop will result in grey-listing. If it continues to be a problem, the offending party will be banned from the guild.
• Keep it PG13. Please keep details about romance and other special subjects to a minimum.
• Please keep all OCC conversations out of RP threads. If it is absolutely needed please use brackets around it to keep it separated from IC conversation.
• Nequus are not allowed to RP as having special powers, unless they are of a rare type such as Seer or Shaman.
• Nequus and familiars can communicate between one another and can be RPed accordingly.
• Remember that In Character actions will have In Character consequences. If your Nequus attacks another then be prepared for that Nequus to defend itself.
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While some Nequus prefer to live as loners keeping primarily to themselves, others prefer to live in the safety and comfort of herds. Herds can vary in size from quite small to quite large and are often, but not always, made up of closely bonded family groups.

Joining A Herd

Ensure you read up on all of the rules and information about the herd you wish to join, as some may have certain requirements of joining Nequus. Certain herds may also have restrictions on what breeds can join, so make sure you know what you are signing up for.

Most herds will have either a join request thread in their herd sub-forum or have them directly PMed to the herd mule. Make sure that the herd has join requests open before submitting one.

Once you have permission to join a herd, ensure that you get a joining roleplay done with one of the herd members to make it official. As it may be required to get your Nequus certed on a herd specific cert.

Creating A Herd

Herds are created and owned by individuals, not the shop. If you cannot find a herd that suits your Nequus or you wish to start your own herd please make sure you read all the information in the Creating and Maintaining A Herd Thread.
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The Nequus Owner's List can be found here.

The Familiars Owner's List can be found here.
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JetAlmeara and She-Ra of Etheria

JetAlmeara, Mediciner, She-Ra of Etheria



Shop Concept
Lostlinx and Kaelyndra

Old - Kaelyndra
New - Brittlebear

The Grey/Black List

None, let's keep it that way.

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