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Nature is full of many creatures; dragons, fish, birds, horses and so on. These are the creatures both you and I know of. But there are many things that the world has kept a secret... tucked into a tiny corner of the world, not known to many, are creatures called Medaria. Timid from any that aren't their own kind, they shy away from outsiders. Still, predators and poachers were able to find and kill these sweet animals. Not wanting them to go extinct, we have made a sanctuary for these wondrous creatures. Come, share the enjoyment that they bring!

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02/17/14 - Custom CC Thread!
01/16/14 - Hiring Opened!!
(Lots of time where I was too lazy to update the front page...)
05/20/13 - Hiring Closed!!
01/13/13 - Hiring Thread!
09/30/12 - Changes to Customs and New stuff

Older news was old... blaugh

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1. Be respectful to all of the staff in this shop.
2. Follow the Gaia TOS. This should go without saying.
3. In any sale, do not edit or delete any of your posts. If you do this
you will be disqualified and there will possibly be other reprimands.
4. Don't discourage others in any way from getting a pet. This includes
but it not limited to flaunting the amount of gold you have or stating
how badly you want a specific pet.
5. Please realize that everyone working in this shop has a life outside of
Gaia. Sometimes it may take a bit longer to complete work. We hope it
doesn't happen often, but if it does, please be patient.

1. Each sale may have its own set of rules. You are expected to read
and follow them.
2. Preference lists should be posted in the thread! That way if you're gone when winners are chosen you won't get skipped over!
3. Items will be taken as payment and will go by the mid Tek-Tek price.
You may only offer an amount of items that fit in one trade.
4. Do not complain if you don't win a pet. Don't make others feel bad if
they do win.
5. You may co-own with one other person.
6. You may only win one pet from each category (Game, Flatsale, Raffle, Auction etc.) per event.

If you break any of these rules, be prepared
to face whatever consequences that may follow.

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Will last for one week. They are very small and gentle at this stage. They do not have their eyes open yet. They're about the size of a small, very small kitten. They're very fragile so be careful. Children all start out with a simple symbol or to so if your baby only has a few stripes, that's not what it'll look like forever.

This stage will last for 1 and half weeks. They're not fully grown yet, and still have a bit of their baby cuteness! Their eyes have fully opened at this stage and they're rather curious creatures now. They can speak a little, but it's still very premature and you have to teach them! They're about two feet tall now, standing up. Now the markings are starting to develop, gaining a little more pizzaz.

Adult: It will last for forever. Unless your lucky enough to reach the elder stage. They matured far now and have picked up their english from you. Now they are more like guardians though they still have a playful nature. Females and males start varying now and males are usually larger than females. Though the adults can be around 2.5-3.5 feet tall. The markings are evolved and pretty much beautiful, each medaria is unique.

Elder: This stage, if you reached it, will last forever. Your Medaria is fully grown now. It's grown wiser and lived through many experiences. They still have their playfull touch to them and are still as hyper as ever. Medaria's are spirits so they are immortal. Elders are around 4 feet tall. Males generally bulkier than females. Elders have the most intricate, patterns. Nothing really beats this.

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A slightly rarer cousin species to Medaria. They have a 3-stage growth just like normal Medaria. Bunarias are apt to have slenderer ears that droop or are pointed upright and they sport fluffy tails. This breed is typically smaller in size than normal Medaria; but males are slightly larger than their female counterparts. They are considered uncommon breeds in customs.


A sparse species of Medaria. They are rare and are not often found fraternizing with other walks of life; though intrigued by them. All that is known about them, at this time, is that they live in desert climates. There has been talk of cousin Kirainas that dwell high up in mountain ranges, however, this has yet to be confirmed. They are larger in size over the other species; females are smaller in appearance. They commonly have horns, but they vary in design as well as in multitudes. They have scaled hide and lion-tuffed tails. Kirainas have a 3-stage growth expectance. They are only available in events at this time.

Gods & Godesses

They are the supreme deities of all Medaria. These creatures are extremely rare in the wild. They have their own unique domains and combined can become even stronger. They are ascended Medaria and ascension is only available through a certain event. Otherwise, they are only available through auctions and super rare events. This is the only stage past Elder (though one doesn't need to be an Elder to ascend).

These deer like species are Rarer then most and bigger as well. Unless all the other Rare species. They aren't found in the Black Market. Their species doesn't have an Elder stage though they are wise and cunning without having an older stage to ascend too.

These Girls and Boys will be more common in December and January for Events!!

This Mischievous species is the smallest that you will find in this shop. Those they are still bigger then the familiars. Sadly these pranksters and troublemakers are mainly only found in the Black Market. Which means they are very Rare.

Info to Come when Breed is Done.

All species will have new Image Banners soon. They will be ordered or Made as soon as we get some free time to do so.

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One day Nova found these little creatures hopping around in the clearing that the Medarias were found in.
Their species from left to right is: Afifa and Karima
Bottom Species is: Baheera

Can they be rped?
Yes they may be rped by you.

Can they breed?
At this time, No.

Do you have to own a Medaria to own a familiar?
No you don't.

How can I get a one?
Mostly through flatsales, events, sometimes raffles and maybe auctions.

Can I request a custom familiar?
Yes if there is a slot open.

How much are they?
In flatsales, they will be 1k unless noted.

Do familiars go on the same cert of my medaria or do they have their own?
This can go either way, you may ask either Poe or Kara to move your familiar to their own cert or on the same cert of your medaria.

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The Good
Jupe, for making these wonderful lines! All of the staff, without them this wouldn't work!
Elf Princess Flannery for making the Kitsune, Charm, Dragon, Stag, Aquatic, Phoenix lines!

The Bad
No one, and it better stay that way.

The Ugly
No one, and it better stay that way.

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Shop Owner: Kara Asumie
Shop Manager: Kara Asumie
Full Time Colorists: Kara Asumie, [X]Natty-Chan[X], Noga Eldritch, Bunna, Elinoi, Fea Line
Part Time Colorists: Catmagick, Marzipanz, RockerWolfie1616 <Color Only>
Seasonal | Guest Colorists: ~Lady Kanna~, Seruta, Poe-tae-toee
Staff: Poe-tae-toee <<Owners List and Certist>>, astroaries <<RP Manager>>
Lineart, Templates & Certs: Jupebox
Lines to Kitsunes, Dragons, and Shika: Elf Princess Flannery
Templates to Kitsunes, Dragons, and Shika: Kara Asumie
Old Banners: Kirowyn
Current Banners: Pax Britannica

MIA or Hiatus Staff: Anime Chickie <Old owner>
Kirowyn Love <Old Manager and Colorist>
Ririka <Old Guest Colorist>
Froggie Doll <Hiatus>
Tiger_Kisa699 <Hiatus>
Harumi <Hiatus>
Graceangel <Hiatus>

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