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Mini event coming up! What day is best for you?

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Wednesday 0.12962962962963 13.0% [ 7 ]
Thursday 0.092592592592593 9.3% [ 5 ]
Friday 0.074074074074074 7.4% [ 4 ]
Saturday 0.18518518518519 18.5% [ 10 ]
Sunday 0.092592592592593 9.3% [ 5 ]
Goldwhore-day 0.27777777777778 27.8% [ 15 ]
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[That's right, Katachii's bringing back her beloved updates post. c:]

November 2012: The shop's hiatus is still more or less in place, but activity is growing. There have been breedings, mini-events and rehomings held in the guild, and activity is building. Something is coming this December. But what? You'll have to keep your eyes peeled!

May 2012: The shop is taking a hiatus for the summer while staff go through our to-do list. It has been neglected for too long and some details just can't wait any longer. No new foxes will be made during this time but all owed work will still be completed and dropped off.

October 7th, 2011: Katachii announces a policy change on pg. 12481! Yasashii and Caledonia will be judged today, and hopefully PMs will be out to the owners before the end of the weekend. There's a Halloween event coming up, so staff need to get their butts into the staff subforum to help plan. ;D

July 28th, 2011: A mini-event full of foxes that needed rehoming as well as leftover foxes from the Fantasia event is up in the guild! Go here!

July 30th: Starting today, all new "unconventional" relationships will be required to pass a check in the drama approval thread. This isn't to outright ban such relationships, as they can be interesting, but to limit excessive drama. These relationships include threesomes, master/slave, master/servant, etc. We are not dissolving any such relationships created before today.

July 27th, 2011: Judgment on both the coloring contest and the 'Deity contest are very near completion! Katachii brings back the updates post for easy reference for folks, and Anrea and Katachii will be bringing back the monthly guild announcement newsletters starting in August, so be on the lookout! If you have anything you want added to this month's newsletter, such as a contest you're going to run, please PM Katachii.

The thread for hiring contest entrants to claim their one fox is up, but won't be open until the winner/s are announced. The cosplay ability approval thread is now open and ready for business, so go there if you have a cosplay with abilities!

Later today likely, Katachii will be opening a mini-event in the Events Subforum full of old foxes from the last event who were never used, as well as foxes that need rehoming.

July 24th, 2011: An announcement full of rules and policy changes was made! Go read more here. Nothing bad happened, but this is all important stuff!

July 21st, 2011: Colorist contest is over! Entries are currently being judged. The Deity contest is also being judged!
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Invisible Fairy

heart Much love to this shop!!! X3

o.o You said we can post right? Mobbu is confused!!! @_@;; You said no post on the title but in the interest thread you say we can.
Title is fixed, Mob XD

Keep an eye out, eh? ^_~
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Invisible Fairy

^^ Will do. XD
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Friendly Friend

He he, this shop has a mule. XD
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Mules are good wink
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Invisible Fairy

o.o Avi change much bouncy. XD
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Friendly Friend

>D You shall all face the wrath of Isis, you foolish mortals!
*0* heart heart heart
>D You shall all face the wrath of Isis, you foolish mortals!


~Thwaps with CoCo Kitty~

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