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Not everyone is happy the way they are.
Some people like to change themselves.....
Whether it be getting a tan, changing their hair or clothes...
Some people, however, prefer modification...

These are the Modifoxes

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New Drop-Offs Mule

.: Page 1 :.

01 Navigation
02 Story
03 Stages
04 Rules
05 F.A.Q.
06 Availability
07 Quick Links
08 Flatsales
09 Bribe Orders
10 Pick Up
11 Growings
12 Affiliates
13 Staff Information
14 Disclaimer | Thanks
15 Reserved

We also own your life and soul now

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The art of body modification goes back a long way, and has evolved a lot in that time also. It has been used to distinguish tribes, show accomplishments and ranks, and also, to help the wearer feel more unique.... Tattoos and piercings come in many different types, and two people will similar modifcations can customise them to still look completely different from each other...

The Modifoxes are a small race of creatures who are fascinated by this practise, and have started exercising it among their tribes. Tribes are defined by a certain piece of jewellry or a certain tattoo. Individuals also adorn their bodies, to attract mates, to show their commitment to a mate and also to show off any achievements.

The Higher Beings, the Modeities, are the top rank of Modifoxes. They gave wings to the Modiphim and Modidaeva, and the rule of the Tribes to the Elders. They gave the Modifoxes the ability to be modified, in the form of Mysfit and Purple. They created the lands, and gave homes to the Tribes, cultivating the land for them as the Elders asked.

The Modidaeva fed on the hatred, fear and anger of the other Modifoxes, making them strong. Because of their presence, no other evil ran freely without being absorbed by the Modidaeva. The Modiphims came to the lands, as a yin to the Modidaeva's yang. They brought happiness and pleasant dreams, with the ability to make Modidaeva stand down from the Modifoxes they bullied. They came only to those that needed them at first, before eventually joining the others, even joining Tribes.

The Elders became more powerful than their peers, and gained a spiritual link with the Modeities, the Modiphims and the Modiaeva. They were respected by their kin, and upon making a Tribe, could pray to the Modeities for a space to call their own. They specified what their land would be like, to suit their Tribe.

But even with all that, the Modeities still feared for the safety of the Tribes. And so, they made an agreement, with a powerful and elegant dragon by the name of Yasasugata. She aided the Modeities in creating Guardians for the Tribes. With the arrival of these graceful draconic creatures, the Modeities knew the Tribes would be safe from outside threats. But are they truly safe from each other....?

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User Image


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BCR - BABY MODIFOXES! Modifoxes are blessed with tiny kits[The parents do not see the kits at this time, only that bit of color that remains visible through the BCR] that are encased inside BCRs through the magic of the Modeities, which protect the kits until they are big enough to hatch, and fend for themselves. (~ 9 days real time)

User Image

Kits - Aaaw, it hatched! <3 Even though the can't get modified yet, kits love to plan out their future mods, and bond with other kits over their plans for the future. Oh, and playing, too. Lots and lots of playing. They start out tiny (small enough to fit in the palm of your hand) but grow to be about the size of a small dog during this stage. (~ 9 days real time)

User Image

Modifox - Aaaaw, they grow up so fast! Full grown males stand about 3 feet at the shoulder, females a bit smaller. Now your modifox can finally get all the mods they've been dreaming of! And maybe a mate, too! Modifoxes mate for life, and generally within their own tribe. However, cross-tribe breedings are not completely unheard of. And they tend to help forge alliances, too... (~ forever...unless they become elders!)

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Elders - Elders run the tribes, and have the ultimate say in what their followers are and are not allowed to do--including if a modifox's modifications or choice of mate are approved or not. Should an Elder decide that a modifox does not fit within a tribe, the Elder has the power to banish that modifox into exile (~2 months real time). Elders are the only ones who may speak and pray to the Higher Beings. Elders are easily recognizable due to their great height (4 foot at the shoulder) and unique tribal jewerly.
Elders of the Permakit variety share all the traits of their adult counterparts, aside from the obvious (height). They generally have a much longer, bushier tail than kits are prone to having, and carry themselves much as any other Elder would.

User Image

Cosplays - These Modifoxes love to adorn themselves even more so than the usual breeds, and are known to dress up and even act like their favourite characters from various tv shows, video games and movies.

User Image

Modiphim - Modiphims are a rare breed of winged modifoxes, who grow as large as the elders themselves! Also like Elders, modiphims can pray to the higher beings and have their prayers answered. In nature, modiphims tend to be playful, cheerful, and happy. They are great fliers, able to fly at high altitudes for long periods of time, and so make great scouts!

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Modidaeva - Modidaevas are ill-tempered loners by nature, with little respect for any other modifoxes, save Elders, modiphims, and, naturally, higher beings. They are the largest type of modifox known, with the males standing about 5 foot at the shoulder. Flames come from their paws at will, making them a dangerous enemy.

User Image

Tribe Guardians- Tribe guardians are dragon-like creatures, sent from the Higher Beings, to help protect and defend their chosen tribe, although each tribe can only have up to five guardians associated with it at one time. They come in two varieties, angelic and demonic, and are unique in the fact that they have no gender. In fact, they do not seem to have any separate life stages, either--all guardians sent by the Higher Beings have come full-grown. They are as tall as the modidaeavas, standing five foot at the shoulder.

User Image

Higher Beings - It is not often that Higher Beings, or Modeities, will show themselves to the Modifox world- which has led to much mystery surrounding their appearance among the various foxes. Some have said they are like many tailed Kistunes, with long slender legs and faces and an almost ghostlike aura. Others say they shift into that of normal Modifoxes and blend in, unknown to all around them except Elders, Modiphims and Modidaevas. [They are invisible to a Normal Modifox entirely.] Modeities are a force to be reckoned with in any regard, and command enormous respect. They have the abilities to create and destroy Modifoxes are will, to bestow special powers upon others, as well as control the elements. Thankfully, the vast majoritiy of Modeities are calm and serene, preferring to live in peace and quiet. It has also been said that the number of tails a Modeity has is directly link to the size of the Tribe it watches over.

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1. Obey the Gaia ToS.
2. Do not steal any of the art or banners.
3. Do not steal other’s pets.
4. Be respectful of other users.
5. Do not beg for a Modifox, by PMs, or in this thread
6. No advertising, except in your signature.
7. Payment must be sent immediately and the trade complete before you will receive your pet.
8. Refunds will not be given without a valid reason for needing one.
9. Do not ask for/bid on a pet if you don’t have enough to pay for it.
10. Do not beg for your pet to grow/breed faster.
11. Do not flame other users.
12. Do not attempt to bribe others for their pets.
13. Read the F.A.Q. before you ask questions, your answer may be there.
14. RP is not required, but your pet will have less chance of producing more kits if you do not.
15. Please do not bump the thread with pointless posts.
16. Any problems with anyone in the shop, staff or customer, should be dealt with through private messaging.
17. Please keep RL drama at the door. You have a Gaian journal to post in, so if you must vent, please do it there.
18. If you order a custom to look like a cosplay, but it isn't actually a cosplay, you cannot name the Modifox after the character.
19. When you get your fox's uncert, please do NOT RP the fox in the Guild until it is certed. The foxes aren't counted as "Official" until the cert is dropped off, and their cert dates are the date of certing, not the date of uncert-drop off. In the Main Thread, you can RP your fox, but please do not take this unofficial RP as IC as the date will not match up. You can certainly use it for plotting abd getting a good backstory going for your foxes though! smile
20. 'Personality cosplays' are not allowed: 'real' cosplays only
21. Payment trades MUST be labeled--trying to sort out what's for what is a huge hassle, and makes getting work done MUCH slower than it otherwise would be

RP Rules

1. Do not make anyone's Modifox do something they did not wish for it to do.
2. Do not push your Modifox on anyone else's Modifox. Romatically or otherwise.
3. Evil and nasty Modifoxes are allowed, but in moderation.
4. Modifoxes CANNOT understand human beings. They communicate with noises and actions. They understand the tone and pitch of your voice, and maybe certain words like their names, but they do not fully understand us. However, this rule does not apply in the main topic.
5. Do not RP Modifoxes you do not own. This includes Modifoxes you have ordered, but which have not been certed yet.
6. Do not RP Higher Beings through your Modifox, even if your Tribe owns one. Only the owners of the Modeities can decide who RPs them.
7. Modifoxes cannot use 'special powers' past their ranks in RPs. Cosplays may have some abilities, but this must be cleared with the staff first.
8. Modifoxes don't usually attack other Modifoxes for just any reason. The hostile foxes are actually pretty rare (And if you have a Tribe of mean/nasty foxes, you have met some strict requirements for why they are all this way). If you are going to have a fox attack another please consult the RP Mod beforehand just to make sure you know what all you are getting into. A little fight is perfectly fine, but life-threatening damage is a bit over the top. Gaia is PG 13 remember~

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User Image

What is a Modifox?
A Modifox is a small creature, created by Sapphire Lazuli! They are growing, breedable pets which are extremely customizable. smile

I PMed you asking for a Modifox. Why didn't you reply!?
If you've read this page, and especially this F.A.Q., you will see that only customs and such should be ordered through PM. Asking for a 1st gen Modifox through PMs if just going to get you off to a bad start with me. Read the front page, and if in doubt, ask in topic. The owners here are kind and helpful and someone will be able to answer your questions.

Customs slots aren't opening but I have a REALLY good idea for a Modifox! Can I bribe you?
I'm not going to lie, I LOVE creating new Modifoxes for people. If you have an idea simply cannot wait, PM me and we'll talk about it! You'd be surprised how many people have talked/bribed me into creating a Modifox for them! So chat with me about your idea, I'm not scary and I only bite when asked nicely XD

Do I have to get my Modifox modified?
No! If you're happy with your Modifox as it looks when it's born, then you can leave it like that!

When can I get my Modifox modified?
Only adults can be Modified, UNLESS you have used a growth-stop BCR on a kit, then that kit may be modified. Also, Tribe tattoos can be given to any kit!

Do breeding pairs have to be MxF biological, or is this one of the shops that allows any pair to breed? If homosexual pairs can breed, is there any restriction upon it?
Breeding pairs do not have to be MxF, and no, there is no restriction!

How come they give birth to BCRs?
Modifoxes give birth to kits, but the kits are so tiny and helpless (and Modifoxes are, generally, not very maternal), they are encased in the ball of a BCR until they are strong enough to fend for themselves. Then, they break out as the kits you see in your certs biggrin

Can I co-own?
Yes, you can! Only 2 owners per Modifox though.

Where did you get the idea for Modifoxes from?
A few years back, I, Sapphire Lazuli, had two characters; Mysfit and Purple. Mysfit was a fennec and Purple was a fennec/dragon cross. Mysfit was my angst character, and sported a few piercings, as did Purple, who was my cheer-up character. I've been wanting to do a shop linked to piercings and tattoos for a while, but never had a pet to use it on. Then, looking at old art of Mysfit and Purple, I decided to work using them ^_^

It's similar to ___ pet shop!
I have had inspirations, such a packs from SoA and `Jokoa. But my main reason for wanting packs/tribes is because of tattoos having a long-standing relationship and meaning with different african (and other) tribes 3nodding

Can Modiphims/Modidaevas become Elders?
Not as such, because that would be an evolutionary step down for them! They can "be" Elders, but they won't change appearance.

Can perma-kits become Elders?
Perma-kits would need a crapload of RP to be allowed to become Elders! But yes, they can become Elders without changing forms.

What if my question isn't posted here?
Post it in thread and I'll deal with it as soon as possible 3nodding

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User Image

There are various ways to obtain a Modifox!

Flatsale - Flatsales will not be speed based. Instead, a 30 minute window will be opened for anyone to enter saying they would like to own a Modifox. Then, a small raffle will be held and those chosen will recieve Modifoxes.

For More information, see the Flatsale Post!

Next planned Flatsale: UNKNOWN!


Auctions - Any special or unsual Modifoxes will usually be auctioned off. To win them, you have to have the highest bid at the end of the auction. Easy!

Next planned Auctions: UNKNOWN!


Raffles - If a few Modifoxes are put up for raffle, you have to buy tickets, usually at 50-100g a piece, and then when the raffle is drawn, have the winning ticket!

Next planned Raffle: UNKNOWN!


Bribes - Bribes open on the 1st or 2nd of every month! Colourists will request certain monthly collectables, pets or other such items with which you can bribe them for pets.

For slots and more information, see the Bribes Post!

Next planned Bribe: UNKNOWN


Custom/Cosplay Orders - Every so often, you will be able to pay a bit more gold and get the exact Modifox you want! See the Customs post for more info

Next planned Custom: UNKNOWN


Page Prizes - What's this? You can win a modifox just from posting at the right time? You bet!

Next Page Prizes: Page 12000: Custom Modidaeva/Modiphim!
Page 12500 : Custom BCR/Kit/Adult Modifox!
Page 13000 : Custom BCR/Kit/Adult Modifox!
Page 13500 : Custom BCR/Kit/Adult Modifox!
Page 14000 : Custom BCR/Kit/Adult Modifox!
Page 14500: Custom BCR/Kit/Adult Modifox!
Page 15000: Custom Modidaeva/Modiphim!


Pet Trades - PM Modifox with details!

Pet trades completed:
Sapphire for Shalima
Auriga for Noonie
Auriga for Fara
Allen Walker for Shun

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User Image

Modifoxes Guild
User Image
Where we hang

Custom prices and Forms
User Image

Personality (Modifications)
User Image
Tattoos! Jewelry! Peircings!

Your Fox Wants to Belong (Tribes)
User Image
Tribes, you want them

Multiply (Breeding)
User Image

Who owns Who (Owners list)
User Image
Mine, mine, yours, his

Older News (Updates)
User Image
New stuff

User Image
User Image

The cheapest and easier way to get a Modifox is through a flatesale! These BCRs cost 2K each (unless it is a special flatsale, but they will be announced before hand) and they all go through the three-stages of Modifox life! Flatsales will not be speed based, to save those with slower modems! Instead, a 30 minute window will be opened for anyone to enter saying they would like to own a Modifox. Then, a small raffle will be held and those chosen will recieve Modifoxes.

(rules and prices may change for special flatsales)

To be entered for a chance to buy a Modifox when a flatsale registration is taking place, use the form below! They are all 2K each, unless theyare in someway special. If you do not post the form correctly, your post will not be counted. If you are proxying, you must be prepared to pay that persons 2K fee if they are not online at the end of the raffle. You may proxy for as many people as you like, as long as you can fill the form in for them and pay their fee if need be.


Example Form:

Name: Sapphire Lazuli.
Preferred BCRS: mod0001, mod0003, mod0005 etc... PLEASE LIST ALL OF THEM FROM MOST TO LEAST WANTED!

Planned Flatsales: None

BCRs for sale: NONE

..:: Forms for Registration ::..

[b]Preferred BCRS[/b]:

..:: Form For Flatsale Winners ::..

[b]BCR Won[/b]:
[b]Modifox Name[/b]:
[b]Modifox Mood[/b]:

User Image
User Image

Bribes usually open on the 1st or 2nd of every month! Colourists will request certain monthly collectables, pets or other such items with which you can bribe them for pets.

Bribes are: Closed.

1 Sealed Letter = a custom coloured Modifox (with no modifications) starting from adult stage.
2 Sealed Letters = a custom coloured Modifox (with no modifications) starting from kit stage.
2 Sealed Letters + 2K = a custom coloured Modifox (with no modifications) starting from BCR stage.

FROM NOW ON, ONLY CUSTOM ADULTS/KITS/BCRS MAY BE BRIBED/ No more line edits or Cosplays. MINOR line edits may be accepted.

When bribing, please use the form below and send ALL LETTERS AND PMs to Modifox!

..:: Bribe slots ::..





..:: Colourist Wishlists! ::..

Malikztiah Ankhere

"MCs letters EIs and stuff on my wishlist work out pretty well~ xD"

[u][b]Bribe Ordering Form[/b][/u]

[b]Custom Type Wanted:[/b] Custom
[b]Starting Stage:[/b]
[b]Description of Modifox:[/b]
[b]Eye Colour:[/b]
[b]Reference pics, if any: [/b]
[b]Template Wanted:[/b] (If normal fox)
[b]Colourist Wanted:[/b]

User Image
User Image

Wanna link to us? Use this banner!

User Image

[url=http://tinyurl.com/yqsn6k][img]http://i540.photobucket.com/albums/gg343/Modifoxes/Banners etc/three.png[/img][/url]


User Image User Image
User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Want to be added? Just let us know by PMing this account, Modifox!
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Want to know more about the staff here? This is the place to do it!

User ImageAnrea

Age: Ssh, it's a secret!
Gender: Female
Last seen: Around Chicago
Shop Occupation: Anything and everything short of touching the actual images: thread mod, owners list updater, RP manager, event runner, breeding manager, watching you sleep...
Marital Status: Single, yey!
Mods: None. Yet. ninja
<3: Tech! Languages, anything foreign.
</3: Drama, conflict, other things like that.

User ImageMalikztiah Ankhere

Age: 26
Gender: Female
Last seen: In Limbo
Occupation: Graduate!
Shop Occupation: Boss, Colorist, template-maker and current Do-er of things? xD
Marital Status: Single
Mods: Tattoo on right arm
Foxes I like to color: I enjoy a lot of challenges. Complimenting color schemes are always nice, and I like to color foxes that don't have a ton of complicated paterning on them. Cosplays can be fun challenges to tackle on a case by case basis.
<3: Modis, the internet, my computer, college buds, audio editing
</3: Whining, noobish behaviour, PS not working because too many windows are open..>_>;
Random Facts: Peppermints may induce hyperactivity.

I may be hunting for a job in the real world, but that doesn't mean I won't hear out your bribes simply because of time. Just ask away and if the idea's cool, well~ x3

User ImageKatachii

Age: 20
Gender: Female
Last seen: Texas
Occupation: Psychology/Criminology Student
Shop Occupation: Moderator/Tribes Manager
Marital Status: Single
Mods: Ear piercings
<3: Friends, Dr. Pepper, psychology, history, theatre, CUTE THINGS <3
</3: Liars, math, large crowds
Random Facts: Rea is the Queen of Gay Modis. I'm the Queen of Tribes and Hoarding ;D

User ImageShi Berry

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Last seen: California~ Where the sexy people live.
Occupation: High School Student.
Shop Occupation: Colorist/Modifier.
Marital Status: Pimpmasta. That is all
Mods: 4 piercings, two per ear.
Foxes I like to color: Look at my Journal. |D
<3: Writing, drawing, music, Karate, the beach, sun, my friends, art, common sense.
</3: Liars, drama, ignorance, arrogance, dumbasses stupid people, PS crashing.
Random Fact: I be the 'Daeva Queen Whore~ ♥

User Image~Spazzy_the_Wolfie~

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Last seen: Somewhere in Texas, man... :Ia
Occupation: College Student
Shop Occupation: Colorist/Modifier
Marital Status: Married to a billion people on gaia. X: <3
Mods: None yet. And no tattoos.. yet. * x*
Foxes I like to color: Yeah, no. Not filling this out. Why should I have to tell you guys what I like and don't like? You can figure it out pretty easily if you pay attention. XD <3
<3: Surfing, the beeeach, coloring, art, music, you i mean wat.
</3: People without common sense, idiots, drama, PS freezing up fffff-

User ImageNatitsuri

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Last seen: Somewhere over the rainbow
Occupation: College student/ Whitewater Raft Guide
Shop Occupation: Colorist / Breeding Colorist
Marital Status: ...It's complicated XD
Mods: 8 piercings
Foxes I like to color:
<3: Rainbows, Sugar, Relaxing, and Thunderstorms
</3: Trucks, Jelly Beans, No Cell Signal, and Homework
Random Facts: I'm the middle child with six years separating me from both my older and younger siblings.

User ImageKatsura Zanshin

Age: 24 holyfreakinbejeebusimolddies
Gender: Female
Last seen: Somewhere in the wild jungle of adulthood
Occupation: Radio Promotions
Shop Occupation: Colorist
Marital Status: Single
Mods: 2 piercings, no tattoos yet
Foxes I like to color: Purple ones! Also, pretty patterns and colors that go together well.
<3: Drawing, Writing, Reading, Gaia, piano, modifoxes, you guys ^_^
</3: Condescending arrogant jerks, my creepy next door neighbor, stupid people

User ImageJuliette06

Age: Somewhere between 10 and 20
Gender: Female
Last seen: In front of the computer, duh
Occupation: Student
Shop Occupation: Certist
Marital Status: I wish ;^;
Mods: My earring holes closing up + screaming when ears are touched = no mods for Jules.
<3: TEAM TARSIV <3, Reading, writing, RPing, texting, mah soul sisters, white chocolate, the internet, photography, buying art, being the Queen Modiwhore >> << Sailor Moon~ <3 And Ronin Warriors, now. XD
</3: Spiders, people touching her ears, brattiness, hypocrisy, liars, people who can't take a joke, arrogant people, drama D8
Random Facts: Julie has the most foxes of all people here. I dunno whether to laugh or cry. I like editing stories and reading fanfiction. My day would start at about 1PM if it could. <3 I have Mt. Dew flowing through my veins instead of blood. Also, Twihards ruined Twilight for me. That and not being a tween anymore. Eva and Rea are my soul sisters, in case you were wondering~ <3

User ImageSapphire Lazuli

Our Former Owner <3
Age: Undisclosed)
Gender: Female
Last seen: Scotland, UK!
Occupation: Graphic Design Student/Body Piercing Apprentice
Marital Status: Single
Mods: 24 piercings, 12 tattoos!
<3: Drawing, Piercings, Tattoos, Gaia, Partying, Shopping... the usual!
</3: Arrogance, ignorance, racism, lonliness.
Random Facts: Sapphire is half arabic! Sapphire broke both of her collarbones at the same time, and so suffers from back pain. Sapphire has two siblings. Sapphire rarely comes online from Friday night until Sunday night, so don't expect mods or customs at weekends XD

User Image
User Image

Modifoxes, the artwork and some colouring are all © Sapphire Lazuli. Other colorings are © the colorists: Malikztiah Ankhere, Bouncy_Pineapple, Ryan Shori (guest colorist), Katsura Zanshin, Natitsuri, ~Spazzy_the_Wolfie~

Mucho thanks and kudos to tandemonium for her help with the tweaking certs!!

Uber thanks to Anrea with her help with maintaining the shop!

And thank you to PassionateLunarElf for her help as RP Manager!

Special mention to RavenFyre, for her inspiration and help!

And of course, thank you guys, for making this shop so successful!

User Image

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