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Welcome to the MLPP December event!

No actual ponies from the shop in this event...
But familiars FOR your Ponies!
Including a number of special, limited-edition pets available only in this event!

And you don't even have to own a pony! You can just, y'know, have a pet and
keep it around until you get a pony! How awesome is that!?

AND! There are Colour Your Own pony Grams available!

Don't forget to peek at the original thread!
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Failure to Abide by the Rules Will Result in Black Listing


Please do not PM the shop mule unless directed.
Send all trades immediately after posting your order.
Trades should all be sent to the shop mule.
Please post all questions, do not PM them.
Creating an "uncert" is permissible, other changes are not.
You are free to direct link, however we suggest you do not in case files are relocated.
Role Play is not required, however it does have benefits.

Rules can and will be modified as needed.

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( Preview of the CYO Base & Available Hair Styles )

Another CYO event! Yeay!
Grams in this event may be bought from the 1st all the way until the
31st of this month.

You may buy, colour, and send as many as you'd like, but there are a
few things you need to know.

● You may buy and send as many as you'd like. ●

● You may NOT send grams to yourself. ●

Grams will cost 5.000g each. This is to sort of "soft-limit" the amount
of grams sent. ●

● Post your finished coloured ponies along with the form here. The only
exception to this is if you are anonymously sending your grams. Information
on that may be found in the thread linked. ●

Trades must be sent at the time of posting your forms in the thread in the
shop guild.

● Each gram must be unique; that means no making one pony and sending
that to multiple people. ●

● These ponies ARE smaller than the usual ponies, and only the original
pony hair styles ( 1-10 ) are available for use with this base. ●

● You do NOT have to name them if you don't wish to, the recipients may do
the naming themselves. ●

● If they do not return with names by the end of the event, you'll be sent a
message and it'll be up to you to get names. ●

● It an attempt to possibly get through grams quicker! If you give your CYOs
a name ( IE: you don't make me contact the recipient for a name ) you get 1k
off of the gram price. ( Making it 4k instead of 5k ) ●

● You may NOT do edits off the base; but feel free to go crazy with your
style of colouring. ●

● You may NOT change or edit the base in any way other than colouring. This
includes changing the shading of the base. ●

● Your name ( or anonymous, if you so wish ) will be marked on the cert as
the colourist, and special certs separate from the event certs will be used. ●

● These ponies WILL be breedable and be treated like normal ponies as far
as roleplay goes. For those of you that do roleplay, their existence is another
sort of experiment of Seraphim's, to create a smaller, easier to create pony. ●

● Any breedings with these ponies will result in normal-sized ponies. ●


You must have some sort of image-editing program to properly colour these
ponies; I have provided two downloadable files for those that wish to participate.

Paint Shop Pro 9 .pspimage file
This can be opened by anybody using PSP 9 or above.

Photoshop CS5 .psd file
This can be opened by anybody using PS CS5 or above.

From my understanding, programs such as GIMP are also capable of opening
these files.

Once you have finished, save your pony as a transparent .png and upload it
to, preferably, a personal Photobucket to have it certed.

Once we send your grams, you are welcome to delete it, as I will definitely be
saving all coloured ponies on the shop Photobucket account.
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It's a raffle! It's free! What more could you ask for?
One entry per person, obviously... Unless you happen to refer somebody to the
event and they let us know!

User Image User Image User Image User Image

[color=#ff2f2f][size=10][b]Entering The Free Raffle![/b]
[b]Username[/b] //
[b]Owner[/b] // ( Leave blank if you don't know which pony you're giving it to )
[b]Pet Preference/Name List[/b] // [/size][/color]

Ticket Holders
01. TinyAngelSelphie
( Faerie, Twurdle, Wine Dragon, Super Mouse )
02. Flosse
( Wine Dragon, Super Mouse, Twurdle, Faerie )
03. Plumems
( Twurdle, Super Mouse, Wine Dragon, Faerie )
04. Ashli-chan
( Faerie, Wine Dragon, Super Mouse, Twurdle )
05. The Cake Mage of Sheep
( Super Mouse (Twig), Faerie (Tavii), Twurdle (Sheldor), Wine Dragon (Nulah) )
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User Image User Image User Image

Name these limited-edition Mello pets!


Post this form and at the end of the event, three names will be chosen!
They could be funny or clever or suitable or just random and nice-sounding!
You know! Whatever!

[color=#ff2f2f][size=10][b]Entering a Name for the Mello![/b]
[b]Username[/b] //
[b]Owner[/b] // ( Leave blank if you don't know which pony you're giving it to )
[b]Mello + Name[/b] // [/size][/color]

01. Plumems
( Mello One & "Stay Puft" )
02. Flosse
( Mello Three & "Mellypuff" )
03. Lady Evelon
( Mello Three & "Marshmoolo" )
04. TinyAngelSelphie
( Mello Three & "Oreo" )
05. The Cake Mage of Sheep
( Mello Two & "Flambé" )
06. Ashli-chan
( Mello Two & "Cinder" )
07. Chibi_Kokoro143
( Mello Three & "S'more" )
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User Image User Image User Image

Win a Limited Edition Stick ( imaginary ) pet!

Roll 10D12 ( ten 12-sided die ) once a day to gather some snow!
If there is a set of three rolls where each roll gets progressively smaller, you've built a snowman!
    Dice One: 10 - Dice Two: 6 - Dice Three: 3

If none of your rolls get consecutively smaller, you don't build a snowman that day!
You can build up to two snowmen each day!

At the end of the event, the three users with the most snowmen built win some pets!

[color=#ff2f2f][size=10][b]I Built a Snowman![/b]
[b]Username[/b] //
[b]Dice Rolls[/b] //
[b]Owner[/b] // ( Leave blank if you don't know which pony you're giving it to )
[b]Pet Preference/Name List[/b] // [/size][/color]

Snowmen Built!
01. Flosse - I
( Three, One, Two )
02. TinyAngelSelphie - IIII
( Three, Two, One )
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User Image User Image User Image

I know, I know. Every year I demand snowflakes.

I love them.

Love them with me!

Make a Snowflake!

Upload your snowflakes to a personal photobucket or imageshack or some other
photo-hosting service.

As usual, you may enter up to three!

[color=#ff2f2f][size=10][b]Entering A Snowflake[/b]
[b]Username[/b] //
[b]Snowflake Link/s[/b] //
[b]Owner[/b] // ( Leave blank if you don't know which pony you're giving it to )
[b]Pet Preference/Name List[/b] // [/size][/color]

01. Plumems - [1] [2] [3]
( Bunny Thing, Griffin, Tulip Fox )
02. Flosse - [1] [2] [3]
( Bunny Thing, Griffin, Tulip Fox )
03. The Cake Mage of Sheep - [1]
( Griffin (Gryph), Bunny Thing (Buneep), Tulip Fox (Keat) )
04. Ashli-chan - [1] [2]
( Bunny Thing (Snowball), Tulip Fox (Solstice), Griffin (Tinsel) )
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December 1 - December 31

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[ claimed ] [ claimed ]
Some of Santa's helpers went a little overboard and threw some perfectly good
toy pieces into the trash!

Randomise a number 1 - 50!
( You may only do this once every hour! )
The chart determines what comes up with your search!

01 - 10 / / You found a piece of a toy!
11 - 14 / / Looks like you just found trash...
15 / / You found a weird animal? ( Can be won once )
16 - 39 / / Looks like you just found trash...
40 - 50 / / You found a piece of a toy!

( The toy-pieces that you gather can be used to repair and deliver toys in the next event! )

[color=#ff2f2f][size=10][b]Hunting For a Toy Piece![/b][/size][/color]

Repaired Toys
Lady Evelon
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December 13 - December 31

User Image User Image User Image

Well, now that you've repaired the toys...
Santa asked you for some help with delivering toys to the good little boys and girls!
He wants you to work out a flight plan for his Reindeer!
Unfortunately, it's super foggy, and Rudolph is nowhere to be found, so the other Reindeer
might get a little lost...

Roll 1D10 ( a single 10-sided die ). You may roll once every ten minutes!

If you roll a 1, 3 or 7 your Reindeer got turned around in the fog and you go back ten feet!
If you roll a 2, 4, 6 or 9 your Reindeer was a little unsure but you go forward five feet!
If you roll a 8 or 5 the fog is clearing up a little and you go forward ten feet!
If you roll a 10 the fog has magically cleared up for a while and you zoom forward fifteen feet!

Every 100 feet, you deliver a toy and start over! ( Don't worry, you can't go negative. )
You may deliver however many toys you repaired earlier in the event!
Each repaired toy is a "raffle" entry!

[color=#ff2f2f][size=10][b]Delivering a Toy![/b]
[b]Username[/b] //
[b]All Travel Rolls[/b] //
[b]Preference List[/b] // [/size][/color]

Delivered Toys!
01. None

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