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Who is your favorite (initial) Head of House?

Minerva McGonagall (Gryffindor) 0.504 50.4% [ 63 ]
Severus Snape (Slytherin) 0.32 32.0% [ 40 ]
Filius Flitwick (Ravenclaw) 0.088 8.8% [ 11 ]
Pomona Sprout (Hufflepuff) 0.088 8.8% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 125 ]
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If you can't see the magic all around you,
Maybe you should open your eyes now and then.

Note that Mischief Managed does not follow the canon Harry Potter storyline.
Please take care to read our plot!

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September 19 2013: So school has started for just about everyone. Caffeinecraving is now an owner and the shop is gearing up for some interesting events. Hold tight while we work on making these some awesome events.

Aug 09 2013: A rare Melwyn has been spotted! Again it's been a while since our last update but we'll do better on keeping current news on the front page. A huge thank you to all the staff and regulars who have been keeping this shop going strong! The front page may be getting a few tweaks here and there over the next few days or so. Staff, you are now all on it!

October 10th 2012: Several events have been held since the last announcement--one being the September Event and a few single-day events. Halloween's right around the corner and page two is currently decorated with previews. In the meantime, there is a four pet flaffle on page two and games will be hosted throughout the thread. Also, The Feeling Is Gone has become an owner.

Older Announcements:

April 4th: Our hiring event is now open! There's something for everyone there. We have various raffles and contests and there will be games now and then for those who stick around, both in this thread and in that one. Visit the thread here.
Mar 22nd: r a i n b o w DUCKEH and her student, Magie, is the Quest winner for March. Congrats! Nymphalidae will be opening semi-customs on March 23rd at 9:00 PM EST. Get your forms ready! Also, keep an eye out for an auction of a Muggle-born student on March 25th! ALL of the proceeds from the auction will go towards purchasing adult student lines for the shop. See page 2 for the auction details.
Mar 7th: Get your quest threads updated in the Questing subforum of the guild! On March 15th, Nymphalidae will be choosing one quest to turn into a real student -- free of charge! If you have an active quest thread posted that is older than February 2012, it is highly recommended you post in it to note that you are still actively questing for that student.
Feb 20th: The Feeling Is Gone is hosting a 'poor man's auction' for a cute Muggleborn Slytherin girl -- see page 2 or click here for details! There are also still hidden frogs waiting to be found throughout the guild for the Leap Day event -- keep on looking!
Feb 15th: After some consideration we've decided we are not in fact going to make the students role-play required. Not only would it not be fair to those who have had students up until now, it puts a burden on staff that we don't really need, nor do we want to take away anyones pets.
Feb 14th: Happy Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day free raffle winners have been announced, see the raffle thread in the guild or page 2 for the winners!
Feb 11th: Paid raffle winners have been announced -- see page 2 or page 330 for the winners! Congrats! Also, Nymphalidae is hosting a FREE Valentine's Day raffle! Details are also on page 2.
]Jan 21st: Melwyn is back, and with her comes a raffle! Details are on page 2. In other news now that I'm able to be online and more focused on the shop I'll be working with Chi, Andro and Otter (who have supported the store in the absence of owners for months) to make some changes to the shop. One thing we are changing is from here on out ALL STUDENTS ARE ROLEPLAY REQUIRED. This is not a decision we've made lightly, but our requirements will be very lenient. Look for more info on changes soon!
Jan 4th: Happy Holidays! Event soon~
Nov. 8th: October events concluded! Keep an eye out for the upcoming November events! Be prepared for the reintroduction of roleplay events into MM and the addition of a new type of contest: scavenger hunts!
Sept 26th: New thread, new event. MMMM smells like fresh Crayons!
> We also made some changes, especially over pricing so please inquire there as well.
> Page 2 has our new event! Check it out! More pets to be added soon!
> Hiatus notes and questions. Please inquire by pming our head master mule about any old, pending projects along with over due students/customs.
Feb 27th: See Page 600 for some huge shop announcements including access to areas, five new staff members and the roleplay guild!
Feb 26th: The G.O. was a fantastic success and taught us a lot about what works and what doesn't work, and also what we need to add. The seeming quiet in thread is due to Hallu and Mel working behind the scenes to pull everything together in order to make the shop run more smoothly. We are nearly done and looking forward to making some big announcements over the next few days. Thank you all for participating and special thanks to those that gave us feedback a few weeks ago on what they'd like to see here.
Feb 8th: Mini Valentines Grams Available for order in the Guild.
Jan 31st The roleplay contest was won by Chibi Sheepcat and Hopefolly! Thanks to everyone who participated and good luck next time. The Auction is now up, a very special and very rare girl, check her out on page 2!
Jan 29th The roleplay contest might be drawing to a close tonight but we still have an auction, the raffle and one more flatsale to go, among other little surprises here and there. The ad contest is ending in two days, along with our hiring for a colorist, so if you want to apply now's the time! The preview for the next flatsale is up and the girl for the auction is being worked on right now. Also we have added a link to a certing thread, which you can find down in our links post.
Jan 25th The first auction is over! Won by Saint of Revenge for 750k! Another fund-raising auction will be up soon. Dont forget the Game Hub, where each Chocolate Frog you trade for counts as a ticket in a raffle for a semi-custom familiar by Melwyn. Look for a new Prize soon though. Also, we have a new team member! Please join us in welcoming Kirowyn Love to the staff of MM as she joins us as a certist!
Jan 22nd The Role-Play Contest is now open! Also be sure to be around this Weds night for our first flatsale! Also be sure to check out the Game Hub if you haven't already been there to see what special treats you can earn. The first game is drawing to a close tonight and a new one will be up tonight/tomorrow.
Jan 16th We're gearing up for our grand opening which kicks off tomorrow with the raffle! The Game Hub has been added along with our first prize, and we've got our first auction up! The auction will be used to fund getting older lines. Speaking of which Caffe, one of our regulars has opened up a line-art auction to help fund the quest for older lines! Thank you so much Caffe! Check that out here!
Jan 13th - IT converted to hiring thread. See here.
Jan 12th - Shop thread opens! Opening event coming soon!
Dec 10th - Interest thread opens

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    General Rules
      Be respectful of your fellow thread-goers! Make an effort to greet newcomers and make them feel welcome. We want everyone to feel wanted here.
      Please read the front page before asking questions! If you have trouble finding information, feel free to ask in-thread.
      Be patient with the shop staff. We are generally busy people who are trying to have fun here too~

    Basic RP Rules
      Roleplay is absolutely required to grow your character- if you do not roleplay, then you will not grow! You will find the growth requirements in a lower post.
      In-thread roleplay does not count for growth requirements.
      Before roleplaying, make sure you read the rules posted in the main forum of the Mischief Managed RP Guild. A link to the guild can be found up in the first post!
      Please make an effort to include anyone who requests fun RP times!

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The Truth Behind The Fantasy

The Harry Potter books were a brilliant success among muggles and wizards alike. By muggles, they are considered a epic work of fantasy; by wizards they're considered something of a modern fable, showing the best and worst of what could become of a young wizard. There's one catch though: the muggles must never know that the world the books take place in... is quite real.

Devon Fairchild
"The Potter Threat" by Devon Fairchild
The Daily Prophet's
Evening Edition, 2007

      It was a bit of a disaster at first, the outing of our world had some witches and wizards in a state of panic. Others, especially the younger generations, just adored the novels, blissfully unaware of the danger they could bring. But, as usual with muggles, there was very little questioning. There is, to this day, a team in the Ministry specifically devoted to making sure that muggles don't start questioning the books' validity. They work to put out fires cause by wizards determined to show muggles the truth behind the books.

      Today, these books are generally regarded with humor. They have helped ease muggle/wizard relations on occasion when it's been necessary to reveal oneself, such as cases of muggle-magic marriages or muggleborn children. Indeed, the books have had many surprisingly positive effects on the wizarding community. It fanned the flames of imagination; many of the items invented by the book's author have actually been created. There is an entire company founded off the manufacture of novelty and practical products derived from the books.

      Some are still concerned about the threats the book provide, what with the amount of truth in them. They go into a good bit of detail about some places, including the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as well as the inner workings of the Ministry of Magic. It is, in fact, referred to by some as one of the best satires of our time. It reflects the ever-changing sentiment of the ministry. While there has still been a good deal of controversy caused by these books, written by a hedge-witch who took on a muggle identity to raise her non-magical children, it is this reporter's conclusion that these books hold no threat to our society. In fact, I think that there are a good deal of lessons that could be learned from these books. After all, they show to us the best and the worst of our world.

The Hidden World
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The setting of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is more popular than ever, though its popularity certainly has not made it lax! It's still one of the finest institutes of magical learning today.

It's not just the education that draws people from far and wide. The scenery around Hogwarts is more breathtaking than the books or even muggle films were able to portray! From its azure lake (home to the Giant Squid and a colony of Merpeople), to the variety of magical plants that grow only around Hogwarts, to the grand old castle itself- the scene at Hogwarts is a sight to behold, to say the least!

Another perk of Hogwarts school is the vicinity of the all-magical town of Hogsmeade. While not as grand as Diagon and Knockturn Alleys, Hogsmeade offers a quaint and relaxed atmosphere, and has just about everything a witch or wizard could want. In their third year, students are permitted to visit Hogsmeade on field trips, with the permission of a parent or guardian.

The forest around Hogwarts has become known as the Forbidden Forest. Students are not permitted to enter it without a professor escorting them, as it boasts some of the most amazing and dangerous examples of magical creatures in the world. It is home to several tribes of species such as Unicorns, Centaurs, and even Trolls!

Story thus Far


As you gaze across the lake, you find yourself stunned by the massive size of Hogwarts. Dark is falling and the sun is painting the horizon in brilliant shades of orange and red. Glancing up, you can see the first stars beginning to twinkle in the deep blue of the swiftly darkening sky. You climb onto the carriage, noticing some one of the other students glancing nervously toward the front of it, as though something were there. Thinking back to the books and movies that had depicted the school to muggles and wizards alike you begin to wonder if the the thestral's were even close to what they really look like, or if they are more terrifying by far.

The carriage lurches into movement and you grab the rail feeling for a moment as though you are going to fall from of the swiftly moving vehicle. The trip is much shorter then you imagine and the lake and forest fly by at breakneck speeds. All too soon you're being helped out of the carriage by a rugged looking man and herded toward the huge entrance of Hogwarts. As you enter the Great Hall, you see a figure out of the corner of your eye, but when you look, it has vanished. You feel a chill run up your spine and then when you look ahead again you find yourself face to face with... something. You step back, giving a startled cry and the white figure with dark spots where the eyes should have been fades. Ghosts were much more frightening than the books had depicted them.

Ignoring the chuckles from some of the older students around you, you make your way to a seat and glance around, wondering who of this lot would become your friends. Before long, a very old, dark-skinned man steps up to the podium and you hear some giggles. You smile to yourself as you imagine him as a dark-skinned Dumbledore. Soon enough, the hat is calling out names. When yours is called, you step up and sit in front of the other students, awaiting your fate. A moment after being placed on your head, the hat calls out the name of your house with a booming voice that seems to echo across the hall! Jumping up, you make your way to a table full of grins and assessing looks. Excitement overwhelms you as you take a seat amongst the people who are your new housemates.

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These are our students: the bread and butter of Mischief Managed!

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          All characters start out as first years unless noted otherwise.
          Years 2+ are only available through role-play.
          All pets must go through an approval process before you begin to roleplay.
          All premade event characters are Mixed Blood or Half-Blood magical humans, unless otherwise stated.
          Pets cannot be co-owned.
          It's possible to apply an event-won pet to a quest character, but not always. We suggest visiting the Quest Guide if you are curious.

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Next Growth Period: December 16th - December 22nd*

*subject to change
Currently, graduating to higher years is only available through role-play. You will never lose your character if you do not roleplay (unless purchased with a stipulation) but they will not grow if you don't.

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    First Year » Second Year
    Create a Journal (1 journal per user)
    Submit Character Profile for Approval
    4 General Roleplays
    2 Assignments
    Reward: Small Custom Additions (at artist’s discretion)

    Second Year » Third Year
    5 General Roleplays
    4 Assignments
    Fill Out Stat List for Dueling System
    Reward: Unlock Dueling

    Third » Fourth Year
    6 General Roleplays
    5 Assignments
    1 Duel
    1 Meta Event Participation (can roll-over from 1st or 2nd year time period)
    Reward: New Stage Artwork

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Journal SubforumRoleplay Approval Application ● Dueling System Stat Guide

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User Image

        We've decided that once a month, every month we are going to see a quester finish their quest by granting it, free of charge! We're always keeping our eye out for that quest we're going to grant so make sure you keep your quests organized and up to date.

        We are more likely to select the quest of someone we see being active in the shop thread or questing role-play.
        The more organized and well thought out your questing page is the more likely it is to get selected.
        Complaining about never getting picked won't do you any favors here.

    Staff will be updated in a bit

    Student Slots:
    Caffeinecraving*: (Closed)

    Familiar Slots:

    *means Edits allowed

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User Image

User Image
          Familiars cannot be co-owned.
          You may own a familiar even if you do not own a character.
          Familiars can assist your student in duels, depending on their "Focus". You choose this focus when you request your cert.

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User Image

Flatsale price is a standard 8,000 gold.
Prices for auctions, raffles, and events may vary.

ALL TRADES should be sent to the Mischief Manager mule, host of page 2.

        Custom Prices
        Semi-Custom: 50k; You give the artist a house, gender, and inspiration; the rest is artistic freedom.
        Basic Student: 100k; Premade base lineart only; colored to your specifications. You are allowed one minor edit, such as jewelry. See customs guide for basic items.
        Moderate Student: 200-400k; Mostly-basic lineart with one major edit, accompanied by smaller edits. Price varies with complexity.
        Advanced Student: 500-900k+; Multiple major edits, including hair, clothing items, etc. Price varies heavily with complexity.

        Customs are sold in slots. There will be a predetermined number of "rare blood" slots available each opening. If your quest character is already approved as that blood, you may enter them. These will incur additional costs...
        Muggleborn Addon: +30k
        Pureblood Addon: +50k

        Frog/Rat Semi-Custom: 15k
        Cat/Owl Semi-Custom: 20k

        Artists' abilities vary; edits are subject to artist approval.

See page 2 for availability!

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User Image

Unavailable at this time.

Sneak-peek Information:
- Requires a certain number of rps +payment.
- Child appearances are colorist choice. (There might be an option to customize child appearances, but it will be costly and, most likely, only available once per couple, across all of their breedings. Some other restrictions may apply as well. Obviously we won't make children who are over-the-top different from their parents.)
- Generally only one baby at a time, RARELY twins. Will be determined by the random number generator. (5-15% chance, still undecided)
- Sex of the child will be determined by the random number generator at a 50/50 rate. (There may be an option to skew the chances towards male or female, but it would never be guaranteed.)
- Each character can only breed a limited number of times. Half-bloods/mixed and muggleborns can breed 5 times. Purebloods can breed 3 times. If all breedings resulted in twins (highly unlikely) this would set a maximum of 10 or 6 children.
- Same-sex "breeding" is allowed- the baby will mostly look like its parents, but it will be considered adopted (or surrogate) In Character.

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Thread Managers
    The Feeling Is Gone
    Caffeine Craving
    Charmaine Kitteridge

Role-play Managers
    Peter Neverwood (a.k.a. Kitomyx)
    a pet dino

Full-Time Colorists
    The Feeling Is Gone
    Valdmir Talamore
    Caffeine Craving

Part-Time Colorists
    Strawberri Stardust
    Peter Neverwood (a.k.a. Kitomyx)

Hiatused Staff
    Chi Sohma - Colorist
    Melwyn - Colorist
    Seruta - Familiar Colorist
    Viva Viola - Familiar Certist

    Melwyn - Hiatus
    The Feeling Is Gone

Retired Staff
    Cajanic - Roleplay Manager
    Naxx is srs business - RP Manager
    Dizzy_Kat - RP Manager
    Nymphalidae - Colorist
    Ottolla Nico - Colorist
    Andrometer - Colorist

    Naked Satan - Ownership --& The Feeling Is Gone

    Years 1-3 Lineart: Teaal
    Years 4-7 Lineart: Amulet_Ruby
    Pygmy Puff, Jarvey, & Snake Lines: The Feeling Is Gone
    Cert Brushes: Obsidian Dawn (not on Gaia)

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These are our affiliates. If you would like to affiliate with Mischief Managed, contact the Mischief Headmaster mule and we will respond asap!
● Accepting ONLY 200x40px banners.
● Must be a B/C shop.
● Inactive affiliates will be cleared frequently.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image
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    Staff; They are amazing and they are the muscle behind the bones of the shop. Please care for them as much as they put in to make your experiences as best as possible.
    Our Regulars; Thank you all so much for being here. For sticking by us when the going got tough. MM wouldn't be here without you!
    r a i n b o w DUCKEH; Constantly helping out when needed without asking anything in return.
    Prismatic Ferret; Very generous donation.
    caffeinecraving; Amazing generosity. See here.

    None here yet! <333

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