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Welcome to Miracolo, please read everything and don't be intimidated~ ;3

o1~ Welcome
o2~ Updates
o3~ Etiquette
o4~ The Fable
o5~ Phases
o6~ Events&Availability
o7~ Breeding
o8~ Customs,Bribes&PetTrades
o9~ Owners
10~ Staff
11~ Links
12~ Basket of Goodies
13~ Reserved
14~ Reserved
15~ Reserved
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Oct 31, 2009~ -Blows dust off thread.- Zombie Event~!
Feb 01, 2009~ Start of the Grand Opening Event~! -Moar confetti.-
Feb 01, 2009~ Thread up finally~! : D -Confetti.-
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o1~ Obey all Gaia rules, etc.
o2~ Do not steal/edit the lineart or anything along those lines.
o3~ No drama, flaming, etc. It should be a good environment for every one.
o4~ Have patience, like you we all have lives and we try to get to things as soon as we can. A little reminder is fine if we forgot something but constant nagging is not.
o5~ Please send pms when appropriate, though colorists all have their own rules.
o6~ Do not advertise in your posts please unless someone asks for a link to a shop or etc.
o7~ For any type of sale payment is due within 24 hours or it will be resold. Unless we’re notified ahead of time then there is no excuse.
o8~ No mules are allowed in participation of events. If you can't get on your main or something then tell us, but to increase chances of winning is a no-no.
o9~ Do not beg, nag, or ask someone for their pet, to co-own their pet, or a pet from a breeding.
10~ Co-owning, giving away, etc. is allowed but under no conditions are you allowed to sell a pet.
11~ Sorry, no refunds unless your pet was never completed or anything like that.
12~ Rules are subject to be changed at anytime.
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The Fable

Once upon a time there only existed stars, and if you knew your science; you would know that everything was made in the stars. But what was the first thing to be born from them…? Or, should I say; the first someone.
That was what she called herself when she was born. A divine creature she was; godly. But she was alone, sadly. With the universe at your grasp, what’s there to do when what’s at your grasp is basically nothing? When surrounded by pure emptiness things do tend to get boring. But Nova waited, being the patient one. She watched planets form, humans evolve; all of it. But there were none like her, no one she could truly communicate with; and so she decided to have things her way.
First Nova created a magical light. She kept it inside a small crystal sphere; a mini sun, and adorned it around her wrist on a golden chain, never taking off the precious item. It was like the opposite of Pandora’s box, though just as sacred. With the first step finished she quickly moved on to the next. Plucking a single blue feather from one of her ten rainbow wings she enchanted words of love, liberty, and happiness to it. When her words drowned to whispers she revealed the little sun she wore to it, shedding magical light onto the perfect feather. In a brilliant flash of colors that could not be described by speech Nova had created life like none other; life like herself. She created another being, another soul, another Miracolo, whom she called Estella.
But who in their right mind wound be happy and satisfied with having only a sister as company? Of course anyone would go mad! So, making a big decision she decided to not create just a minor species, but a whole race. Picking a planet, Gaia, and a vacant land on the unique world she made an enormous sacrifice. Taking three of her wings she dispersed them purely into feathers, before scattering them across the uncharted area; across deserts and mountains, forests and lakes. This was only half of her sacrifice. Though wearied, she began to enchant her spell, like a lullaby to children. Raising her left arm into the air which held the little sun, she channeled all her energy into it. Beams of light flashed and spangled, an the whole world seemed illuminated; once it ended in those few seconds a gorgeous aurora was left behind. It stretched along the entire land; every Miracolo born that day saw it, and though young it was etched into their memories, incantation and all. They were the first of their kind, and a beautiful beginning it was. With times of peace and happiness blooming; they all lived happily ever after.
Even today the story continues; for the hope that perhaps one day it may happen again. And as we all know hope never dies, just like how the stars never will.
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That's what they simply are, feathers, more dead then alive they can wiggle from time to time but not much else, they are easy to lose so keep a good eye on them. When they get close to transforming into their next stage they gain some weight, and don't exactly flutter in the breeze.

The breath of life has finally entered your feather and now it has turned into a baby. Though their fur has a feathery-like quality to it they're much different from their previous stage, and it may be shocking for a first-timer. At this stage though they've gained quite a bit of intellect they won't be thinking about love and a whole lot of other things besides fun and food for a while. Don't let them out of your sight either, the itsy bitsy wings on their ankles aren't just for show.

What's else to say? You're baby is all grown up, be proud. :)
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Events and Availability

Nothing going on at the moment. o wo Let's pretend that the grand opening just ended, even though the ending was never announced.

Flatsale Guidelines
o1~ Costs 5k each unless stated otherwise, no item payments.
o2~ You may only win 1 pet per.
o3~ Payment must be within 24 hours.
o4~ You may proxy for one person, and still participate for yourself (must be two separate posts though).
o5~ No preference lists. (Unless stated otherwise)
o6~ May be co-owned between two people.

Raffle Guidelines
o1~ Costs 100g a ticket unless stated otherwise, no item payments.
o2~ You may only win 1 pet per.
o3~ Trades that aren’t completed when rolling starts will be canceled (and tickets removed) unless we are noted ahead of time.
o4~ If you do not claim a prize within 24 hours you will be moved to the bottom of the list, unless you posted a preference list ahead of time.
o5~ May be co-owned between two people.

Auction Guidelines
o1~ Starting bid is 10k, minimum increase is 1k.
o2~ Don’t bid what you don’t have
o3~ No retracting or editing bids.
o4~ Items are 90% of tektek price, only those worth more than 20k are accepted.
o5~ If within 10 minutes of the auction ending a bid is made then it will be extended for 20 more minutes.
o6~ Payment must be within 24 hours.
o7~ May be co-owned between two people.
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Ooh-la-la, love is in the air.~
...Or not.

Breeding Guidelines
o1~ 2-4 feathers for non-rped couples, 3-5 feathers for rped couples.
o2~ Breedings cost 7k from each owner.
o3~ Rped and non-rped slots, rped need 3 completed rps, at least one between the couple
o4~ Once you’ve learned how big the batch will be payment is due within 24 hours unless a good excuse was given.
o5~ Offspring may be co-owned between two people.
o6~ If pets are co-owned agreements need to be planned ahead of time.
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Customs, Bribes, and Pet Trades

August Customs

Customs/Bribes Guidelines
o1~ Semi-customs are 50k, full are 100k.
o2~ For growing, 25k per extra stage.
o3~ Edits are 25k and up depending on difficulty.
Minor edits(this includes: basic jewelry, earrings, bracelets)- 25k
Medium edits(this includes: scarves, hats, but no full body clothing)- 50k
Large edits(this includes full body clothing as well as various other edits)- 75k+
o4~ Bribes depend on colorist (pm offers to the mule). Each colorist have 1-2 bribe slots a month.
o5~ Trades must be sent within 24 hours of winning a slot before it is rerolled or etc.
o5~ When customs/bribes open they will be explained more in-depth. xD;

Pet Trades
Pm all offers to mules, though preferably when there are pet trade slots open. Not all offers will be accepted, and equal trade is expected, so if you want angel wings then so do we. Unless the offer has some pretty gorgeous art, some minor edits included would be nice due to the fact Miracolo all have unique hair and tails.

Semi-custom Form
[b]2-3 Colors(or a design/pattern):[/b]

Custom Form
[b]Overall Design:[/b]
[b]Reference Pics:[/b]

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Estella/Female/Lady in the Golden Wood/OTHERGOD!?MOARLULZ!?/~InfinityTrust~

Gen 0

Gen 1
Natalia/Female/Casca 7/Normal/Lady in the Golden Wood
Miki/Female/C.S.X/Normal/Lady in the Golden Wood
Theia/Female/Lady in the Golden Wood/Normal/~InfinityTrust~
Crymson/Female/Onyx Wynter/Normal/~InfinityTrust~
Coco/Female/Ruler of Everything/Normal/Lady in the Golden Wood
Fie/Female/Samiuki/Normal/Lady in the Golden Wood
Lilac/Female/Snowbelle Thundara/Normal/Lady in the Golden Wood
Chloris/Male/strik1ng-in gr3en/Normal/~InfinityTrust~
Hera/Female/strik1ng-in gr3en/Normal/~InfinityTrust~
Milan/Male/strik1ng-in gr3en/Twin(Freya)/~InfinityTrust~


Gen 2


Shooting Star/Female/None/Eik Kyubi/~InfinityTrust~

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EVERYTHINGLULZ by ~InfinityTrust~


Colorists (full-time)
Lady in the Golden Wood

Beautiful People D:<
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If you wants yours here, just shoot a pm or post! o3o

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Basket of Goodies

If you ever see something in here, quote the post to win it. :3

Well will you look at that... second time something has ever been in here and of all things it's this!
What you ask? Why it's a generation 0 pet.~ You don't have to know what it is to win it (but you should know after you win it) but before you win it you should know that it's an rp-mandatory pet (when the time calls for it... if time ever decides to). Sooo... you got that? (If you already own a gen. 0 pet you may not quote this post btw.)
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