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-7/4/12: Hiring Thread is Open!
-12/10/11: Setting up Winter Event!
-9/27/11: Autumn Event Thread created!
-9/22/11: Setting up Main Thread!

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General Rules
Follow Gaia's T.O.S
❀ No stealing the art!
❀ Be nice! Treat each other with respect, or you can be blacklisted.
❀ Please do not type in "chat speak", vowels are your friends!
❀ If you'd like to advertise your shop i'd be happy to affiliate, please dont post adverts in the thread.
❀ I reserve the right to change any pricing or rules.
❀ Have fun! biggrin

Mearh Rules
❀ All Mearas must be paid for within 24 hours or they will be re-homed.
❀ Do not beg myself, the colorists, or people in the thread to give you a mearh.
❀ Ponies may be co-owned such as in the case of an auction or custom mearh.
❀ You may own as many mearas as you wish.
❀ All cert and uncert images must be saved to your own computer.
❀ RP is not mandatory but it is encouraged.

Important Links
Shop Guild | Certing Thread | Cert Pick Up | Guardian List
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Ithilaeglir: The land of the Gwilith. Here they make their homes in the mountain side. Often in places only another Gwilith with their beautiful wings would be able to reach. Living in this remote region, their homes are well protected, accessible only to other Mearh who are brave enough to try and scale the heights. Not much is known about their habits but when they are glimpsed, some say bright streamers were being twirled about.

Ostglinn: The grassy plains where the Laegil make their home. Well suited to hard work, they often make their living farming the land or raising livestock on the lush grass. For those that agriculture is not to their calling, becoming a tradesmen or merchant was common.

Erynbein: A vast and mysterious forest, filled with strange creatures and the elusive nature spirits. Few dare to venture into these dark woods for dark and disorienting they can be, but for the Ista they call it home. To them the woods are not foreboding but welcoming and only they seem to be able to navigate its depths. Not much is known about them but some say strange lights can be seen coming from the deep woods at night. If they need to trade it will be with the crystal jewelry they create, with such beautiful crystals that are not found anywhere else.

Dorlaew: A bustling township, here Mearas of all kinds gather to trade their wares. The nobility and gentry live in the castle that sits high above on a hill and overlooks the town below.

Mimloch: Home of the Mim, a very strange sort of Mearh. Gwilith, Laegil, and Ista are all found within this region but they all seem to be half-sized! They stick to themselves, and often overlooked if heading into town (the tallest of them only reaching 4ft!), few seem to know they even exist.

Gaearon: The deep sea. Fishermearh often tell tales of Mearas with jeweled fish tails instead of feet! The Aelin they call them, sirens of the sea. Most think of them as stories of fantasy but just when the tale is about to die out, a new "sighting" will be told and the rumors begin anew.
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Mearas must be 1 month into Adult stage before breeding
Mearas have 2-3 foals, Owner(s) of parent ponies may only keep one foal.
Extra babies are possible by
.........- Pray for Blessing from the Gods (RP Option) -and/or-
.........- Mearas are Life-Mated -and/or-
.........- Rare limited quantity Herbs in Item Shop
Female or "Carrier" Mearas may breed once every 2 months
If a Mearh has more than 5 foals from 1 breeding then he/she must wait 1 extra month before breeding again.
Any extra babies can be gifted by the individuals to other Gaians or given away by free raffle or contest. Owners cannot profit from the foals.
Breeding between Cosplay/Custom Mearas is the same process for normal Mearas but only lineart edits/colorings/mutations may be passed down - clothing/special items may not.
Non-RPers may only claim 1 breeding slot per month
RPers can breed whenever they can get a slot but individual ponies still have the timeline imposed on them. This only applies to the Mearh who have the foal, the "sires" may go and impregnate another Mearas but not at the same time (i.e. a Mearh cannot be listed as a parent in 2 separate slots at the same time).
Each parent RPer must also provide a link to their journal that contains a minimum of 5 RPs of how their Mearas met and the lead-up to the babies. Or both link to the shared journal made for this purpose.
Each of the "breeding" RPs must be at least a paragraph long or equivalent (in cases which the Mearas' "romance" had been an ongoing RP before the decision to breed)
Mearas will age at a base rate - baby: 2 weeks, child: 3 weeks, teen:4 weeks

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Currently Breeding is: Open

-Standard: 20k Any items will NOT pass to foals. Foals will be either mother OR father's species, not a mutation of both.
-Edited: 40k Items/mutations will spread to foals at random. Foals have a chance of being dual species.
- A Throwback baby is one that has the chance of being a species that is not one of the parent species but rather that of an ancestor.

(Large mutations such as custom wings will not be passed down on the standard breeding)


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❀Cannot gain Rare Lineart except from ultra-bribe (like why would you even bother price XD want to keep it for RPers if we can)
❀May buy from Item and Hair Salon with Gaia Gold
❀Item Sets up to the second level is available to them
❀Some "basic" items such as armor and dresses will be available but only in pre-made basic colors/designs. Custom colors/edits available to RPers or custom orders
❀May Obtain Familiars via Gaia Gold
❀May use potion for extra baby but must buy from Item Shop

General RP info
❀RP is not mandatory
❀RP Points can be gained and use in place of gold
❀Gained from general RP
❀RPers can apply for faster growing by filling out Growth Forms.
❀Still under discussion how points are gained but perhaps for every 5 RPs posted, minimum of 5 sentences, you get 1 RP Point. Have people number their RP posts every 5 they type, can be in parenthesis in the corner, or just go 1,2,3, etc every post.
❀Points go towards the Item Shop and Hair Salon items
❀As this is a fantasy world, magic is possible but only if one has Unicorn blood
❀Earth ponies never really were concerned about magic, most may have a "green thumb" or have seemingly really good luck and such but it would take alot of work for and Earth pony to train and do anything that a Unicorn could do.
❀Pegasus ponies can influence the the wind a bit to aid in flying but again it takes alot of work for them to really affect the weather.
❀Merponies are still a bit of a mystery - was that whirlpool in the ocean a natural occurrence or were the merponies up to something? ninja
❀Unicorns as mentioned have the most obvious magic of them all, they can control the elements and like to keep to themselves so are a curiosity to the rest of the ponies.

❀Send Nimrochiell a pm or quote her.She will gladly answer anything you have to ask.

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Playing for:

[img here]

Bingo Time!:

Its bingo time, i do love a good bingo game ;p Choose #'s between 1-100. Have your boards ready for your sign in. Lets have some fun XD



00 00 00 00 00
00 00 00 00 00
00 00 XX 00 00
00 00 00 00 00
00 00 00 00 00


none for now

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User ImageAdult / Baby Prices:
Laegil Enedh (earth) - 5k / 8k
Gwilith Enedh (peg) - 6k / 9k
Ista Enedh (uni)- 7k / 10k
Aelin Enedh (mer) - 8k / 11k

[img here]



(This is going to be Faffles styled. More may be added along the way)

Faffle List:


(Fixed for now ;p Its open to post)
Only post once "GO!" is posted in the thread.
❀ If you win a Mearas you must wait 24 hours before entering again.
Only list one Mearh for preference.
❀ If the one you want is taken you may enter again with a new Mearh pref.
❀ You may claim three pets overall from flatsales.
❀ You may proxy for a friend but they must be in a separate post.
❀ If you do not win a pet, dont worry! there are plenty events
❀ Payment for Mearas are to be sent within 24 hours
❀ Send all trades to the mule Nimrochiell
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User ImageUser Image
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Colorist: DieKraft Fe-Amon


❀ Raffle tickets are 100g each.
❀ Send Trades with " ____ tickets " in the title, replace the ____ with how many tickets you want.
❀ You may buy tickets for friends but be sure to put their name in the trade title.
❀ Trades are to be sent to the shop npc Nimrochiell
❀ You may get as many tickets as you like.
❀ You may only win one Meara from this raffle. If your number is rolled twice the second time will be re-rolled.

Special Rules: In/Not In Effect!
❀ NEWBIE RULE : New People (those with less than 3 Mearh) get a FREE ticket!
❀ MANY ENTRANTS RULE: If the number of tickets goes above 20,000, DK will add a Semi-custom to the Mix!

[b]I'll have___ tickets, please![/b][/color][/align]

Tickets:Name - number bought
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Starts: TBA
Ends: TBA


❀ Only bid if you have the funds to pay, if payment is not sent within 24 hours the pet will automatically go to the 2nd highest bidder.
❀ You may bid in any auction but can only win 1.
❀ Items are limited to 12 max in an offer/bid, valuing at 10k or more. They will be taken at 90% the lowest tektek price.
❀ No heckling the bidders or openly encouraging/discouraging any single Gaian.
❀ There is an anti-snipe guard of 30 minutes. If someone bids in the last 5 minutes, 30 minutes will be added to the end time. If someone bids at 9:45 the auction will then end at 10:15 etc. There is no limit to how many times the snipe guard can come into play
❀Winners send payment to the shop goddess Nimrochiell


Bid form:

[size=24][color=green]I see (Either CHi, the light one, or Freya the Dark, you can bid for both but can only win ONE), wearing ___ feet of lace!!
Gaia SN: (Yours is the pet is not a gift)

[quote="DieKraft Fe-Amon"][/quote][/color] [/size]
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Ends: OVER!


Participants & Points

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Custom Information and Order Form

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  • Dizzy_Kat: Shop Link

  • DragonEnchantress: Shop Link

  • Varcom: Shop Link

  • DieKraft Fe-Amon: Shop Link

  • Faewolf: Shop Link

  • Blue-Bell05: Shop Link
  • User Image

    User Image
    User Image
    Faewolf - Owner/Colorist

    User Image
    Blue_Bell05 aka Baby-Blue-Bell - Colorist, Item/Hair Maker

    User Image
    DieKraft Fe-Amon - Colorist, Item/Hair Maker

    User Image
    User Image
    Dizzy_Kat - Colorist, Item Maker (hiatus)

    User Image
    DragonEnchantress - Colorist, Item Maker

    User Image
    liela-dragon-rayne1 - Colorist

    User Image
    The Anesthesia - Head RP Manager

    User Image
    Neon Fly - Certist

    User Image
    OpticPeach - Thread Manager

    User Image

    User Image

    Faewolf - Creator/Owner of Meardhon

    Blue_Bell05 aka Baby-Blue-Bell - Lineart, Cert, Shop Graphics

    DieKraft Fe-Amon - Various Shop Item/Hair, Owl Familiar, Wolf Familiar

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    User Image
    [url=gaiaonline.com/forum/t.74888619#][img]http://i1093.photobucket.com/albums/i426/Meardhon/Shop Graphics/Banners/shopbanner.jpg[/img][/url]

    User Image
    [url=gaiaonline.com/forum/t.74888619#][img]http://i1093.photobucket.com/albums/i426/Meardhon/Shop Graphics/Mbutton.png[/img][/url]

    User Image
    [url=gaiaonline.com/forum/t.74888619#][img]http://i1093.photobucket.com/albums/i426/Meardhon/Shop Graphics/Mbutton2.png[/img][/url]

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