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Never Idle is in overdrive. There are so many astonishing beautiful creations - the ones that have been announced (and won! Congrats, you guys, it's so exciting to see them on actual Kin!) so far are already so alluring, and then I see all these other amazin ones in the banners and I am just going to aaaah and rue that I'll probably miss them all through RL hijinks this month. XD;;; But AH I'll have to try my best and I cannot wait to see what manner of perfect Kin they will grace! Grgrgrlklk the ones already up are all so fun (and I can see Maxx is going to flip over that snakeskin probby) but. Man. The Dove and Crow. I can never resist anything Dove and Crow. ;_; I - I'm not sure I can pull something out in time, but I'm darn well going to try... Maxxxxx...

The Gram system. I am so in love with this gram system! What an incredibly adorable personalised touch! The only problem is...10 TOTAL ONLY?! WAT DO?! HOW DECIDE?! emotion_0A0 I'm going to have a lot of narrowing and weighing and dart-throwing to do aaaarrrrgh!!! (Not that I can in any way blame the staff - that's some pretty darn involved certing right there!) Especially so I have to REALLY THANK you wonderful people who eked out your precious gram space for my Kin! ;A;!!!

VESSSPPP aaaahhh thank you so much!!! Touch-me-Not looks so good in that white mask, and when I found out it was from Triumph, that's just the best thing - it's like that bit in Romeo and Juliet where Romeo is all 'boohoohoo the love of my life hates me' and the Montagues are like 'no mang you gotta come to the Masquerade there's this hot chick'* and then everything goes to pot AND THAT IS SO SO everything that ever happens to Mimosa! ;A; H-how I wish there were really a Masquerade ORP now! (There isn't, is there?) Oh, Vesp, that is just so perfect, waaahhh thank you!
*not an accurate representation of Romeo and Juliet

And MIZAAAAA!!! O-oh, that mask on Dapper. That is so DAPPER and just the perfect colour, and his eye looks so amazing peering through it like that! ;A; A-and that it's from Catch the Breeze?! Sweet, ditsy, lovely little Catch the Breeze?! A-aaaw, that just breaks my heart a little bit, the pretty little gossamer-wing masking the ridiculous crazy dapper mantis. ;A; THANK YOU so much for this and thinking of me, Mizamiza!!! <3

AND THEN. ZIKWA. *faints from excitement*

EDIT: OOPS saw Min's announcement last post last page. Here we go!

Grams are open for around an hour!
Got all raffle tickets to here! and...

Just opened this up!

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Starting October 9th and ending October 10th, this is a short form writing contest. Any kimeti doe interested in winning one of these masks can enter; all they have to do is make a scary face at Never Idle to show that they're deserving. Describe this face / them giving it for a shot to win!

Short form means that all entries are restricted to 2-3 sentences. No more than that! Pictures are also welcome, but it's EITHER OR, in this case: either some kind of visual representation, OR a written entry! Use the following form to enter:

[size=18][b][color=red]DEMONIC ENTRY[/color][/b][/size]
[b]Preference:[/b] Orange / Red / Yellow / Black
[b]Kimeti doe entering:[/b] [img]certlinkhere[/img]
[b]Entry:[/b] only 2-3 sentences max, or a picture!

This ends on the 14th and has no entries yet!

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

This is a writing contest starting October 6th and ending October 14th. To participate, two people need to collaborate to explain a contrasting performance that their two acha would perform in order to win the two masks shown above. This could be a singing performance, or dancing; tumbling or storytelling; or whatever else you can come up with.

Just try to keep descriptions 2-3 paragraphs at most!

Use the following form to enter:

[size=18][b][color=black]DOVE & CROW ENTRY[/color][/b][/size]
[b]Usernames:[/b] one & two
[b]"Dove" Acha:[/b] which acha is entering for the dove mask?
[b]"Crow" Acha:[/b] which acha is entering for the crow mask?

Also, you can win multiple masks, but we ask that you don't enter the same kin multiple times.

Grams don't count toward this. You can have as many gram masks as you want for any given kin. Only the OOAKs are one-per-kin.
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        Okay, grams have been sent out!

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Hallowed Hunter

Poor Jinx xD she wants alllll the masks. Gotta make her prioritize!

Edit: Thank you for the mask Muffins <33

Edit2: And Juuun, you are sooo welcome for Mimosa's mask, just seeing it on him and how it matches him SO WELL made me super happy to have sent it <3 And lmao, I can imagine Triumph being Mimosa's wingman (or kin? xD), always encouraging him to get out there and have some fun without being so paranoid of heartbreak.
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Those demon masks are soo cool, I totally think Unwinding Fern is disrespectful/crazy enough to make scaryugly faces at a Legendary! I'll think I think of something good! heart
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Bahahha i'll have to think of something for Lost or possibly Wildflower.
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Man-Hungry Man-Lover

Lilypad in Mud would be too shy to make a scary face. X3 That one's out.
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Username: Lural
Preference: Black / Orange / Red
Kimeti doe entering: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Entry: She first had to dunk her head in the mucky, muddy banks of a nearby pool. With mud and algae dripping from her face and horns, Lost Trail looked Never Idle in the eye. She bared her teeth in a crooked snarl, one eye screwed up, nearly closed, the other eye wide and mad like a rabid wombat.
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These contests are too much fun >>

Username: Vesperiie
Preference: Orange, Red, Black, Yellow
Kimeti doe entering: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Entry: User Image
Good evening, Matope. Congrats to all the winners so far. Love seeing all the kin in their masks. C:

Speaking of which, is there anyone who would want a gram mask for their kin? I don't really know anyone here, but I'd still love to give some out. :'D
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[/pokes celestial] owo I would if you'd feel generous and want to poke one at one of my kin. [/wiggles around in thread] OwO meow

I don't mind at all~ C:
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Username: ashes to the wind
Preference: Black / Red / Orange
Kimeti doe entering: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Entry: She had been playing with her kill. The doe lifted her head to Never Idle, innards tangled in her horns and blood spattered over her face. She bared her bloodstained teeth, frothing red and pink spittle, and did her best menacing snarl.
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[/fluffs celestial]

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