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I'll name him/her? XD later when I'm more awake whee
L ii a t h

Tag tag tag! <3 Sorry if any of them are somewhat... Lacking. I'm glad to be RPing after the past few days, but it may have an effect on my posts. >.>

Needs more RP. >.> I need to think up a first post for little Narahli.
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-wiggles in- I need rp too, but I dont know how well I'll fare being that I am taking an english class this semester and it'll likely drain my muse of any leftovers it may have. ='(
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      You should go for it!
      We're all fairly understanding in here; I'm pretty slow at posting sometimes as well lol.
I am totally scheming for Lucifer, actually. Maybe with a Heskil/Akio kitten once they arrive, depending on how the offspring look. >.>
Theoretically maybe even with Heskil, but after Akio, I'd love to pair her with Yin if Sylver still wants to; AND I have an RP with her and Chesh's girl, sooo. She'll be a busy lady.
Narahli/Jisik RP! Kind of short on the first post, sorry.

Don't forget to name your raffle pets, folks! heart
Bard of Dark Angelics

You got the blue male.


You got the black perma-kitten.

The certing thread can be located here.
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Ohh, Walking Dead today. emotion_awesome emotion_awesome heart
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Busy pia.

I've been busting my butt all night on this project.
Shame on me for being in pain and high on pain pills half the week,
and only getting started on this tonight. emotion_donotwant

Also, my mother is having surgery tomorrow (total hysterectomy).
*Just woke up and groggy.*
Why so quiet, thread?

Pia, I hope you're doing okay. <3 And fingers crossed for your mother, that is not a tiny operation!
I would like to chat when you have the time/inclination. No rush or pressure, I'm sure you can guess the topic. xP
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          Hope it all goes well. <3
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Oh man you guys.

When we went to pick up the cory on Friday, we saw this gorgeous tiny little adoption bunny. She was so sweet, and so cuddly, and totally snuggled into my arms so happy to be cuddled and petted (which bunnies don't do, they don't like being held). And and, she was so cute, and she would have fit in Ben's coat pocket, and she had a leg deformity so she would need a super-good home.
AND I WANT TO GIVE HER ONE GUYS. ;_; I seriously can't stop obsessing over it!
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      Geeeeeeeet heeeeeeeer.

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