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Unsealed Pirate

Cheshire : that picture in your sig. awesome.
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Unsealed Pirate

grats citrus.
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Cheshire : that picture in your sig. awesome.

Thank you ^.^ It's my friend's TiH character!

@Pinkdog: Yup, it just ended though. Might do another game of it in the future. (like.. after I finish my nice big workload @_@)
L ii a t h

      Ooh, yes!~
      Very interesting babies.

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Tipsy Kitten


      whee Would you prefer to start RPing now or after the first breeding slots are over?

      Speaking of ARRRPEEE, I need to stop dilly-dallying and reply to my current ones!
I think the one Ren is planing on rping him with is a kitten right now ouo so I think he can rp with both of them at the same time x3

do you want to start?
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Tipsy Kitten

      Gotcha, gotcha!
      Sure I can start it - working on tags for Ren right now, so I'll get our tag to you either later tonight or tomorrow~

      Renshu Li

      EDIT: Two tags for you!
      One is really short. T~T
You don't get quote notifications that are edited in. >.> I woke up and thought I had no RPs!
I'll reply later. At the moment my laptop is set up at the desk and it's painful to sit up. >.> But I will definitely reply to all my outstanding RPs soon!

Well kitten RPs count towards breeding RPs. And RPing a young Maneki Neko can speed up growth, so she'll probably be grown before we finish our three, even if we went super-fast. xP Just so you know.
Would you like to start for me? Or I can give it a bash later, perhaps.

...Although everyone seems to have hopped off, so "later" seems pretty okay. >.>
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Tipsy Kitten

      You don't?!
      Weird...and noted.
*Flop-death.* I'll have my fiance move the laptop to the bed soon and take some time to reply to RPs.
Back to work tomorrow. Took about four days off templating to focus on life stuff, but really need to get back to it.
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i like that shop but i don't really roleplay with characters so i didnt stick around in there O;
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L ii a t h

      I won the bingo game, so the prize is yours!~

Eee, really? Yay!

Thank you so much heart heart heart
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Tipsy Kitten

      You're very welcome!

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