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Lii If you need anything just let me know... I am here to talk ^.^ We are both kind of going through similar things so.... yea.... >.< Let me know if you need anything... I'm so sorry for your loss... I know you don't really wanna hear that right now... But still v.v I says it.... >.< Try and stay happy... -Hugs-
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OMG....>> XD My zodiac! I forgot again till now. And awesome previews!
OMG....>> XD My zodiac! I forgot again till now. And awesome previews!
Your zodiac...? o:
And I would totally be interested in throwing one of my Heskil's kittens at Lucifer, once they arrive and if you're interested. ninja
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I wants number blue! I mean... color one! I mean.... um.... the first one who is blue. >.< He has my clouds. O.O There will be another kitty with the clouds yays. O.O
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Tipsy Kitten

      Thanks Sesshi. emotion_bigheart
      I'll certainly keep that in mind.

      Now, happier things!
      I love...a certain one...in that raffle. ninja
      Totally gonna buy so many tickets...
I like the male best! Not sure why. Maybe because he was easiest, or maybe it's the asymmetrical face/head.
Yes, I think it's that. I might have tooo... put something about asymmetry in my quest thread. Hmm.
Morning, folks! <3 Glad you're all enjoying the mini-event preview. :'D

and I'm very sorry for your loss, Lii. My family does the exact same thing to me though, so I can relate to that infuriatingly thing they do. e.e; -Snugglyloves.-

-Takes the cake Sesshi set out.- emotion_awesome
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Tipsy Kitten

      I love the details on the raffle trio.
      Like seriously...that must have taken forever.

      /snugs Maus
      In my mom's defense, she said she hadn't told me yet because she didn't want to do it over the phone.
      Instead, she was going to take me out to lunch...Equally a bad idea.
      Still....my grandma's been dead a week....I think after that long, you should just call me up....


Fffff. owo
-Shares her Boston cream-filled donut thingies.- ewe
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Shirtless Receiver

Yuss! 8D -Shares some with leef, too!- heart
Goob finally got some self-control and didn't eat them all. ;w; -Hugs the little bag.-
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Shirtless Receiver

I'll take the rest. xd

Nuuu! xDD -Runs away and hides with them.-
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Tipsy Kitten


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